onsdag 26. januar 2011

Lyset bryter igjennom ...

SaLuSa fra Sirius 26-January-2011
Channeler: Mike Quinsey

"The world is in two phases and one is outgoing as the old paradigm breaks up and can no longer hold the people in bondage. The incoming phase is helping the shift to occur, as it establishes the new paradigm that is shaping your immediate future. It causes confusion and chaos as many people cling to the old ways, having little or no concept of what the future holds. Yet when the opportunity arises to bring out the truth, it will gradually be accepted and the people of the world will become united. Of course some will not change their beliefs, and will leave the world without having any desire to be part of Ascension. Almost every day you are learning of more revelations regarding the ways in which you have been deceived, and that brings out a burning desire to move out of these times. The basis for such changes requires a legal framework, and the support of those who are keen to help mankind. That is where we will come in and both help and protect those who will lead the campaigns for change. There is a need to restore your sovereignty, and provide laws that will ensure it is done."

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