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"Love is the teacher, love is the challenge, love is the point, love is what you are, love is what needs to be expressed. Love, my dear friends, is the point and the purpose of your journey in life, and that is it!"
Dr. Peebles

"The November "Seasons of the Soul" teaching by Dr. Peebles! Now on sale!
Excerpt (and, if you like this excerpt, you should hear what Dr. Peebles has to say in this teaching about working at McDonald's... :) ): 
When you think about it, my dear friends, the only existence that you experience is on the inside. It's happening inside of you. Happiness is in you, it is not exterior to you. Joy is in you, not external to you. Love is within you, not external, my dear friends. Love and appreciation of self is where it all begins: to thine own self be true.

Now, the way to understand this, in a very simple manner is to realize that you were not put upon the earth to do anything in particular. You were not put upon the earth to become something. You were not put upon the earth to create fabulous healing centers or to build skyscrapers or to send a man to the moon. You were not put upon the earth to be the president of the United States. You were not put upon the earth to do any thing in particular other than, my dear friends, to love and be loved; that is it! That is God's plan for everyone; to love and be loved. Not to attain, and to achieve, and accomplish, and have power. Not to be here upon the earth to manipulate, to, if you will, gather as much money as you possibly can in the coffers. It has nothing to do with those things, so stop putting the power in the external life. Those are just things that happen; stuff to do while you're loving the world and being loved by it! That is all that is, my dear friends!"

Montague Keen - November 4, 2012

Nå renskes det ut over en lav sko, i Jorda og i menneskenes Kropp. Det er tydelig, det er nødvendig og det er smertefullt til tider - fordi prosessen foregår i den fysiske kroppen.  Det ytre er bare en speiling av det indre, så den egentlige arenaen er i våre kropper.  Derfor florerer det med sykdommer og indre arbeid nå på slutten av dette året.   Det er aldri trivelig å være i ildlinjen, men igjennom det må vi.  Vi går veien fra Atlantis til Nå.

"My dear, what changes you are observing in this time of revelations. All will be exposed and removed so that only light remains. One thing I feel that I must point out is that those who refuse to accept the reality of the situation your world is in and close their eyes to everything around them, actually become accomplices of the dark. You must learn to embrace change, for nothing can go forward until you do. The Cabal is using every trick in its arsenal to fool you into accepting GM crops, vaccinations, the fluoride in your water supply, etc. NO is just a simple, two-letter word, but it is effective in refusing to be treated like sheep. When you come together and say an emphatic NO, they will not have a leg to stand on. Their game is up. You now see through it and your eyes are open. It is time to take back everything that is yours. 

It is good to see that so many are taking back their sovereignty. Soon, you will be able to get a Universal Birth Certificate. That will free you from all religious control. Then you will no longer be slaves. You will become free spirits having an experience on Planet Earth. Many of you are aware that you have a purpose. It is time to fulfill your purpose. You will be guided. It is all in your hands. Together, you have the power to change your world completely from dark to light. 

Many of you who were great in times past and achieved much, chose to return to Earth to be part of the Transition. You are all finding each other and working together. You are even recognising each other from past lives, in some cases, just as you and I did, my dear. The right people are now in place in many parts of your world. They are exposing the dark ones and all their sinister plans. As a result of this, children will live their lives in the future without fear of abuse from any quarter. This abuse has come from the top down. This is why it was not exposed, for the control the Police and the Press, and until now, they were not answerable to anyone. So for years the abused had no voice. 

All this is changing now. Brave people have come forward to reveal their truths. This exposure will shock many of you but the truth must be told. It is all part of the healing process. Some of you have come a long way and are eagerly wanting change now. Help others to get up to speed, for they are holding you back. 

The deliberate destruction of the ley lines in every country has kept you slaves in darkness. It is important to understand the great importance of the Energy Grid. It must be reinstated as soon as possible. It will make a tremendous difference to the energy of your world. They do not have any right to cover and destroy this grid. This is an extremely important part of the Transition. There are those who are equipped to carry out this work. It must be done. So help will be provided. You just need to ask. 

My goodness, what an exciting time to be on Earth. We can only watch and assist. My dear wife is doing much to expose and remove the Dark and the Corrupt. Her computer was hacked into on two occasions, which has caused her many problems. There are too many people working for the Light now for the Dark Ones to deal with all of them. This light is spreading far and wide, especially in that dear land of Ireland, where the Transition must begin. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It is just a question of facing the truth and being FEARLESS. 

Believe in yourselves. Take back your power. The so-called power structure that has kept you in slavery has no power over you without your acceptance of it. When you do your own research, it will all become as clear as a bell. You will wonder how you could have believed such blatant lies for so long. I remind you, once more, that "nothing is as it seems". The one hierarchy rules the whole world. It also believes it owns the world and everyone in it. Well, it will be interesting to see what happens when the penny drops and it is all exposed. Watch this space ! It will not be long. It is gathering pace. The corrupt have reached the heights, so they have a long way to fall; and fall they will, as it is time for new beginnings. 

Open your hearts and minds to the truth. It will set you free. 

My dear, you are tired. Do try to relax more. I know it is exciting to watch the dam burst and the truth flowing from all quarters. Our gratitude to all who share truth with others. This is a very important role to play. It is all coming together very nicely. 

My love surrounds you, my dear, and those who help you fulfil your role in these new beginnings." 

Always, your adoring Monty.

SaLuSa 5-November-2012

"Dear Ones what a grand assembly of people took place in Sedona, with the coming of the 2012 Scenario Conference. With no hesitation hundreds took off to meet for 3 days, to listen to speakers well known for their dedication to spreading the Light. They were treated to a feast that brought out the love and Light of all concerned, and created a focus for it that spread out all around. It remains as a beacon that calls out to other souls, and signals the intent of raising the vibrations even higher than they were before. It also increases the chance of the first City of Light emerging very shortly. Those dear souls who were involved are true Lightworkers who answered the call to join arms, and bring Ascension to the notice of more people than before.

We watched the Light growing not just from above, and our representatives with Angels were also present to witness first hand the beauty and joy of your gathering. We also ensured your Conference was not interfered with, because such an explosion of Light attracts the dark Ones who would wish to extinguish it. It is as well all of you who are of the Light take care to protect yourselves, and a simple visualization of placing a cocoon of Light around you will keep you safe. What you learnt was that where there are many of a like mind and intent, there is an instant bonding and a freedom of expression that is uninhibited by social custom or practices. You felt unrestrained and able to accept other souls without question. In your future that kind of acceptance will be the normal way that you will interact with others.    

We have mentioned many times, you are much more powerful than you realize. Have faith more than you have ever had before, and know that nothing is impossible. If you have the intent and belief in your own powers, miracles will happen. Be forward in your thinking and try to not look back, and set your sights on all that is whole and of the Light. Ascension is assured but do not sit back as your help is now as important as it ever was. There is still cleansing that is necessary as you are aware, and you can help keep its affects to a minimum by sending out your Light to Mother Earth. She has no desire to cause damage and death, but her Ascension is just as important as your own, if not more so. Think upon her need to be every bit as ready as you are, as Ascension is a time when you join together and ascend as One.

Life on your present Earth is coming to an end and of necessity, because the cycle of duality has all but completed its course. Nothing stands still and all is in motion and change to take up a new position according to its vibration. Separation of the souls on Earth is therefore quite a natural occurrence, as the Law of Attraction is always in action. Do not worry about anyone's path as all are destined to follow one that has already been planned. You will all find yourselves in the right place to continue your evolution. Think not of losing your contact with those you love, as there will always be one with them wherever they are. In the higher dimensions, time and distance are no barrier to travel or communication.

In the U.S. the Presidential elections are coming to a close, and President Obama will return to power to take you all into the Golden Age. So far you have seen little of his real abilities or desire to bring about World Peace. The dark Ones may have used their methods to appoint their choice, but we of the Light are not without our way of making sure our choice succeeds this time around. It is a victory that is assured, and then you will really see things taking shape. Indeed you will be taken quite by surprise by when things really start to take place. There are but few weeks left to carry out whatever is needed for you to enter a new period in your lives. Be prepared for the changes so that you are able to accommodate them without any difficulty. They are not intended to make your life difficult, but improve it beyond your wildest dreams.

The Storm Sandy was a natural occurrence needed by Mother Earth to prepare for her Ascension, and will take place wherever there are deep rooted negative energies. On another level you are aware that this type of cleansing is going to happen, and when as a result people pass on it is not accidental in the way you normally perceive it. We say again that nothing happens by chance but all is pre-ordained. The raising of the collective consciousness has overcome the need for a more drastic cleansing, so you are to be congratulated for bringing it about. What you now understand is a clear example of your power to create your own reality.

As you must realize the next few weeks are so important to you, and should at last show you the way home. We cannot wait to get started in such a way that you are aware of what is happening, and that we can commence to work together. Once those Beings that stand in your way are removed, we will all be much freer to move around as we wish. Then many more changes will be introduced so that you are able to travel more quickly to any destination on your world. All of our promises are to fulfilled in fairly quick time, as we have been ready to go ahead for a very long time. Our plan is one that encompasses worldwide changes and we have the back-up to commence in many parts of the world at once.

Understand the fact that you have done so well in establishing the Light upon Earth, has lessened the need for the traumatic and catastrophic changes. There have been numerous prophesies going back many years that have been based upon the "probabilities" that are played out by you. The further you go back to say Biblical times, the more cataclysmic the prophesies were. However, some people cling to those old ones maintaining a time line that still exists today, but it does not carry the energy to affect the end times. So you will understand that no one is "wrong" but has become attached to a certain outcome that no longer applies.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank Lightworkers all over the world for their continual commitment to Ascension, and Michael for having the confidence to bring through a message at the Conference. I refer to him as Michael because as with anyone else, the full name carries an energy that is specifically for that person. Joyful blessings to you all."

I am SaLuSa
Thank you Mike Quinsey

søndag 4. november 2012

Planet Alert November 2012 - Special Report By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on November 2nd, 2012

"On Friday morning October 26, 2012 a voice said to me “The Ark of the Covenant has been activated”. I thought about that for a while and tried to figure out what that meant. I thought to myself, does this have anything to do with the storm Sandy that was heading for the East Coast? Then the words from Revelation came to me and what it says is: “The seventh angel blew his trumpet and there were loud voices from heaven, which said. “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever”.

“And the twenty-four elders, who were seated on their throne before God, fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying: We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, because you have taken your great power and have begun to reign. The nations were angry, (war in the Middle East and all the people who are just plain angry) and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who honor your name, both small and great – and for destroying those who destroy the earth”.

“Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the Ark of the Covenant. And there were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake, (7.7 quake Queen Charlotte Island, B.C. – so far) and a great storm.”  There were actually two great storms, one on the east coast and the other in China.  Our bodies are also called our temple. Could this mean we are being opened to a higher frequency?  Revelation chapter 11 verse 15

Then Revelation goes on to say: “When the Red Dragon saw that he had been hurled to the earth, he pursued the woman, which is New York and the Statue of Liberty. Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. But the earth helped the woman by swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth”. The Red Dragon is a Dreamspell glyph and rules birth. I would say the water just broke and the birth is fast approaching, which comes with several contractions.

Revelation says It is time to reward the servants (those with love in their heart) and for destroying those who destroy the earth. Isn’t New York the financial capital of the world? Isn’t that where the main control center, like Wall Street and the main banks are located? What impact will this event have on our financial system? What impact will it have on our election? What impact will the next storm have that is on its way to the east coast right now?

The 20 chapter of Revelation talks about the fall of the dark side, or the people who choose to try to control everyone. Control will not work anymore, it is obsolete. We are in the age of manifesting from the heart. We are fast approaching the New Heaven and the New Earth which is on a higher frequency.

There have been several events that have transpired this past month.  Columbus Day saw the last of the Reptilian controllers, and the Veil went down. Mona called me Sunday night October 28 and asked to channel for me. The Pleiadians are the ones who gave us the following information.

There was a belt of negative energy that surrounded the earth for a long time, which was called the Veil. All of our negative thoughts got caught in that belt because the powers that be would not let those thoughts go out into the Universe. Do you realize the impact of this event? I believe that part of the reason for those two large storms were our negative thoughts coming back to us to be cleansed and transformed into light. Keep your thoughts positive because we don’t want to build another negative belt around the earth. If a negative thought comes into your mind call on the violet flame to transform it into the light." forts.

19 September 2012 at Riga, Latvia "Message from Goddess Freya" Greetings dear ones, for I AM Kryon of Magnetic Service.

På veien til bevissthet er det mange feller og mye motstand ... 

Note to the reader:  Express the intent to be "in the NOW" at the channelling, and for your energy to be combined with the group that was present. 
Kryon ~ Channelled through David Brown

"It is wonderful again to be in Riga, in Latvia for there is much love and much change coming to this small Baltic country. In fact there is much love and much change coming to many, many places. The old powerful countries will do what they can to hang on their power but as the people learn the power and knowledge of the existence and relearn the secret mystery of the Holy Grail the world will once again begin to be free, and human beings will once again be free; free from a system that doesn’t work for anybody, even for those that seem to be winning with the system. Your essence is of love; the only thing that will make you feel whole and complete and happy is love, it’s becoming and being whole and complete. Knowing you’re on the journey to become whole and complete will make you content. Being whole and complete you are permanently content. When you are whole and complete the love is always flowing, your vibration goes higher and higher and you are moving to a space of expansion, into a place of love, and the joy and the freedom keep flowing.

So, once again we are back in Latvia, and this country is very close to the pagan gods. The last time the mighty Thor spoke, and this time you will speak with Freya, a Goddess. We are reintroducing you to your Gods. There are many more gods than just one, and there is a reason to have more than one God. Number one is that you are here to heal your entire family constellation. You are created in the image of the Divine. The Divine is both masculine and feminine, it’s both male and female. And there are many aspects to masculinity, to male, and there are many aspects to femininity or the female.

So we are going to introduce you to a feminine God – Goddess Freya, and she will explain to you about love and the free flow of love.

“Greetings dear ones for I AM Freya. I am a Goddess of Love and I will bring you love in a special, a flowing and loving, way. I am feminine, like a water in a river, and I have many different flows. I have many different aspects to myself, like a raindrop falling from the sky, like a little bubbling brook, or I could be like a mountain stream or a waterfall or I could be like the Daugava in Riga, moving slowly towards the ocean, with much power, much force but still in constant flow.

The new world is coming, dear ones and we, your true Gods, are returning. I am the one that will teach you to love. I am the one that will teach you about men. I am the one that will teach women to love men and men to love women; how to flow with the masculine, for love is feminine and this is the feminine flow. That’s why we started this channeling speaking of water and the different kinds of flow. Once the river gets close to the ocean, it’s a much slower flow. For there, you can save there the journey that you’ve come along. You can look backwards and see how far you have come. You can observe your trials and tribulations as you move slowly back to the oneness.

We are not here to speak bad things about other gods but you have been cheated. You have been cheated out of love. The empires in which you live don’t tolerate love. They hang it on a fishing line in front of you, tempting you with sexuality and beautiful objects, beautiful cars and beautiful homes. But love is only a reflection of these things. And love is a feeling; in its feminine form it is a feeling. Always feeling good... letting the love always flow. And, because you’ve been cheated out of love for so long, you have lost your way and lost your path, lost your footing. And things are like a figure of 8, turned upside down – nothing is as it seems. This earth plane is nothing that you think it is. Your consciousness is so low that you don’t understand love. You’ve been led by people that are greedy, and they don’t love either. They don’t know how to love. And so the first ones that learn to love will teach the others how to love. And this will be your job; most of you in this room will learn to love very quickly. You already have an inkling of how to love.

So, close your eyes and go inside. Love comes from the heart. Allow your hearts to open even more than they already are and let the love flow from your heart to everybody’s heart in the circle, and receive that love into your heart from all those that are around you. Love also has another flow – from Mother Earth through your bodies and back to Father Sky. And then there is another flow – from Father Sky through your crown chakra and all the other chakras into Mother Earth. And when you become very conscious these two flows begin to merge and to flow, and to create. And this is high consciousness. It’s very easy to block the flow of love. Love takes a lot of understanding. At the same time love is very simple – love is love. Love is a flow." forts.

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Steve Beckow: Thank You, Everyone! Farewell, Sedona! → We Won NOV 3 Posted by Wes Annac Written by Steve Beckow

"This is my personal statement only and should not be construed as binding the other conference organizers.

Well, I’m back in the Northern temperate rainforest of Vancouver, out of the warm red-rock desert of Sedona, and I still don’t know why it is that we love our own area of the world.  Be it ever so modest (and my place is truly modest), there really is no place like home.

I have Pachelbel switched on, I have a hot bath running, and I plan to sleep for twelve hours.

But I wanted to review what was accomplished at the two conferences before closing down for the night. From a personal standpoint.

I think for me the lesson is at last sinking in that love is all there is. Love is the essence of everything created, the building block, the solvent, the residuum, the ocean into which all dissolves again.

I was surprised at the amount of love that was generated at both conferences. I still can’t quite explain it. But I know I, the rest of the speakers, and I believe I’m correct in saying those in attendance were ready to open ourselves to love in a way that we never were before.

Yes, a great part of that is the rising energies. A great part is what Matthew Ward, Archangel Michael, and the Divine Mother called the expectation produced by the countdown. But there was something else that I’m having trouble putting my finger on and I’ll try my best to see if I can put it into words.

And, in doing so, I have no interest in playing up something that isn’t there. You know I prefer the truth to positive thinking and I have no need or desire to puff or boost things. So this is not some kind of pitch. If the conference fell flat, I’d be the first to say it.

But not only did it not fall flat; it soared. And here is one big reason, I think, that it did. And it comes from listening to you.

You know that I heard you talk about being recovering Catholics and recovering Mormons. I heard you discuss the terrific illnesses that you’ve battled. Some of you were managing MS, chronic fatigue, chronic poverty. Others have left jobs and relationships to live in the knowledge of what is occurring.

I looked back on my own recent life as well. In the course of my musing, I remembered  Archangel Michael saying in his address to the conference that Hurricane Sandy was in part aimed at removing cabalistic negativity in Washington and New York City.

And I thought to myself that you and I and everyone at the conference have been through a war together. That’s how it showed up for me.

As communicators and lightworkers, we’ve fought the cabal to see that no second 9/11′s could occur, that HAARP was exposed, and chemtrails, and assassinations, and thrown elections, and so on.  We’ve been part of overthrowing the cabal and ending their influence on Earth.

And we’ve risked our lives to name the criminals in the cabal and their crimes, make disclosure of our galactic family when government leaders were afraid to do so. And behind the scenes we’ve been working on NESARA and other projects that even now cannot be revealed (but soon will be).

We’ve been through a war to end elitist control of this world, to focus on the inequity that sees efforts to create universal medicare foiled, to end unequal  taxation or the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, to prevent a nuclear Third World War, and to bring peace and harmony to the planet.

And we’ve succeeded in that war. Certainly not without the help of the invisibles and the galactics.  But we put everything we had on the line and we triumphed.

It wasn’t a war of our making or desiring. It was a war that was thrust upon us and one we didn’t even know was transpiring until it was almost too late.

There was at Sierra’s two conferences a tacit recognition of what we’d all been through. How many times did I hear people call this blog and others like it, or InLight Radio, a “lifeline”?  We’ve offered each other lifelines to get through a time of unprecedented restructuring of the world and we’re just weeks away from celebrating our victory.

I liked what Graham Dewyea said at the conference, when he asked what if all this was hogwash? He confessed that he had grown so much in recent years that it wouldn’t matter and he added that the way we’ve been leading our lives in the run-up to Ascension is the way he’d choose to live his life anyways. And I agree wholeheartedly.

This planet has come alive in recent years. We’ve shaken off the dumbing down which the cabal perpetrated on us through chemtrails, food additives, fluoride, television transmissions, educational starvation, and every other means they knew how to employ.

We defeated a military-industrial complex that had overwhelming force in its favor and never hesitated to eliminate its enemies.  We defeated governments who resorted to such death machines as the School of the Americas and hybrid super-soldiers.

And, without any need to punish those who would have enslaved or killed us, we stand proud of our strength today and rejoicing in the triumph of freedom, democracy and love.  I say without any chauvinism, false pride or exclusivity: We did it. There was at the conference a recognition that we’ve been through a war together and we won. Without strutting, or posturing, or belaboring the point, we know we’ve won. And because we’ve won, peace has won on the planet and love and compassion. The two conferences were a celebration of love – of the power of love, of the irresistible force of love, of the healing and soothing nature of love.

Somehow, at some level, I think we all knew it and recognized it.

Now we have an election to win and a new economy to birth and our good friends from space to introduce to the world and then a banquet to set. And then, when that shift has occurred, whether it occurs all at once or gradually, we can all rest and smile at each other and spend an endless time as we did at the conferences, hugging each other and cheering. We fought a war together and love has won. Peace has won. The planet has won.

Thank you all, at home and in Sedona, for sharing our celebration with us."

fredag 2. november 2012

Message from Sananda

Greetings from Galactic Heart. . .
"The following message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin provides a different way of looking at hurricane Sandy. There is only one sentence which I do not resonate with~~and that is Jupiter becoming a Sun. Having said that, this message made me stop and think. It provides some insights which may seem foreign to you. Just allow yourself to ponder them and discern for yourself. Sananda offers some information and interpretations into the many levels of events as they continue to unfold~~leading us all Home. The old is being dismantled and the new is being birthed."

Selamat Ja! 

Message from Sananda
Greetings. This is Lord Sananda.
"A very large storm on the East Coast of the United States with anticipation of changes and Inner Knowing all combined, are causing a lot of Light Workers emotional turmoil. Cries of What is HAPPENING!?! Is being heard from near and far.

I would like to explain what exactly is happening and that requires setting aside disbelief about our advanced technology and how it is used. It will also require many of you to drop your programming that the cabal technology is greater than ours and interfering in your lives. For those who still buy into that notion, this explanation will not make sense to you and will cause further turmoil, disbelief and anger. Breathe. You are right, a lot is going on. This messenger has seen it with her own eyes and is willing to share what she has seen to those with eyes that see and ears that hear. The others will come behind seeing the truth, quickly or slowly, as they desire, but eventually the truth shall be apparent to each as they are ready to receive truth.

Our Galactic Federation Ships used technology (with this weather opportunity) with wind currents and the sea, as each cell [is] a sentient Member of Earth Ascension having heard the clarion call for change and caused the eye of the storm to hover for a much longer period than it would have on its own. This is nothing to fear. There have been very few deaths and a lot of disruption. Disruption which has multiple purposes.

We set the targets for power outages. There are many obvious advantages and others which often go unseen.

To begin let us review the interface which will happen at changeover when Earth goes to Zero Point.

Earth has an energy grid in place. Inside Earth is a diamond tetrahedron crystal core and this supports Inner Earth's blue Sun which emits the Aurora rings of colored light from the North and South Poles. The diamond crystal core also supports the Atlantean Crystals now rising again which are in caves around the globe. This crystal core, the Silica Shafts in caves in Mexico and the Arkansas crystals of different types, called the Master Crystals are the wiring system, as it were, to the electromagnetic crystalline grid which surrounds Earth inside and out and also keeps Earth in space connected to the other globes of this Universe.

Earth also has an elaborate switching system as it were, attached to the wiring system which regulates energy flow in and out of the electromagnetic crystalline grid. This switching system, or in other words, this which regulates the ebb and flow of energy in and around Earth includes her sacred sites, portals, Inner Earth tunnels, StarGates, Ziggurats, Obelisks, and Pyramids with the Zero Point Modulators. Most Planets in this Solar System operate with similar systems in place and the diamond crystal tetrahedrons have been determined by scientists to occur on the Planets at 19 degree parallels.

These Planets all have inner Suns and these have been repeatedly shown on NASA images with Jupiter [the Violet planet] being our next Planet to evolve into a Sun. It has the brightest inner core because it is functioning from the 12th Dimension at this time. If you search infrared images this will be clear. This is the point at which One must suspend all disbelief. It is important to the Mission that as many people as possible open their hearts to unknown potentials to help lift the vibration. Simply remind your ego that it has been reading false flags - stories which are not true and have no basis. Remind your ego the true story is so so so much more love than could have been imagined at this moment.

Sandy, the hurricane is named for the Sand Man. The dream, the illusion is being stirred up and changed. This operation was put into play to initiate October Surprise. You helped bring this about whether you recall your cooperation or not. This is a joint effort in Oneness. October Surprise is commenced and underway. There are several more days and surprises wrapped inside as will unfold over the next week as we come to 72 hours past the full Taurus moon. This is a time for Conquering, Dissolving, Burning to Ash and Forging New Deals. Meditate!

Your Mission

We have reviewed the interface which will happen at changeover; now let us review your role:

Your Mission, your ONLY MISSION is to bring Earth up in her Ascension past the 5th Dimension. All of the changes you desire happen only in the 5th Dimension and above of No Time. The 4th Dimension is Time. The 5th Dimension is No Time.

In Hinduism it is called Kali or Time - the Kali Yug - We are ending the Era or Yug of Kali - we are entering NO TIME. Wrap your mind around that. Now imagine you are standing at the Godhead. From there your lifestream streams down and descends into your body on Earth. The energy stream - that spark from Source or the Central Sun - holds on the stream all of your lives happening in the past, present and future in this now moment. Look up from your vantage point on Earth all the way back to Source and you will see all your parallel and multidimensional Avatar lives happening this NOW. Changeover has already happened and you are standing here as witness. See it from a loving place of detachment. Hold the love light in your heart facilitating the changes as Source On Earth.

October Surprise began a few nights ago when the Ones being removed from timelines were permanently removed from this Universe.

What is the purpose of Sandy?

Multifold. Initially assessing the damage it will appear like a scene where often it is said “God is punishing us.” That is silly rhetoric from ego mind. That is programming.

Oneness called this into Being. The greatest thing that is being called for at this time is COMPASSION. The cabal had ego minds wrapped up in us vs. them mentality since well before September. A storm like this refocuses the mass consciousness to their fellow man. Before this the War in Syria was overshadowed by the lies of us vs. them in Israel and Iran, Jordan and Iraq, Germany and France, Spain and Greece. Now those lies have been wiped off mass media and our hearts focused to COMPASSION. Beautiful. This gives us time to help the mass consciousness UNGRIP FROM THE LIES.

The vast majority of you reading this absolutely refuse to stop watching, reading and blogging the news. No matter how many times I have commented on this in the past few months it continues unabated. THIS PERPETUATES THE FEAR AND HOLDS YOU PRISONER BY YOUR OWN HAND CUFFS. This storm cuts you off fully from those lies and stories for a few days and that absolutely changes the energy.

The number of physical deaths from this tremendous storm have been very small and the property damage large. There will be speedy help forthcoming setting the physical damage (property) right. When we have changeover the structures of that part of the world will be changed radically as it is. There is no reason to cling to the old ways, the old structures, old technology. We must tear down the old to build the new.


The emotional turmoil caused by Sandy is for a purpose. Only by being thrown into the fire does one become stronger and prepare for the next steps better understanding what to do. The emotional turmoil forces decisions long procrastinated, forces relationship changes and a re-ordering of priorities. This is a very positive change.

Technology. Period. Unseen Forces of Light are changing over your energy grids and so why the power is out. This same thing happened to 700 million people in India last summer. Nanite technology and other advanced technologies are being impregnated into the power structures of the very large energy grids preparing for Zero Point. While this is happening the satellites are being re-calibrated to handle the new technology in areas where there are very large populations.

Beside the energy grids are telephone communications, street level video taping, maps, computer servers, intelligence, banking records, prison records, hospital records, military records and much more which are being uploaded, downloaded, cross matched and simplified. A new system of keeping this information stored is being implemented. Advanced technology is being put into place. It does not take Ship computers very long to make such upgrades so the delay of the power outages creates the necessary illusion to get all of this done without disruption or emotional upheaval. The mind calls it a power outage and believes creating as little negatively perceived impact as possible. By the time the changes are garnered and understood then they will be as intentioned - a great improvement over what was there.

Shift of Focus:

In the midwest where the weather is unaffected, advanced military technology is being moved. Amid all the chaos large rockets and other technology are traveling the back roads as a massive equipment reshuffling is taking place. Out with the old and in with the new. On the west coast banking executives as well as air line companies are restructuring their communication protocols as their east coast partners are otherwise occupied. That may all sound a bit covert, but I assure you it is all part of the plan. It is going off beautifully.

In the Skies key large Ships are on the move. If you tune in you will see them. They are effecting changes we have not detailed here. More information about this will be forthcoming. These are the parts of the operation kept in secrecy to protect the Ones carrying out the work assisting to bring it to completion.

Birth of the New

We have been saying that the old world had to be dissolved before announcing the new. What exactly does that mean? Dissolution means an end to karma. An end to suffering. An end to history. It means wiping the slate clean and building a foundation of abundance, love, peace and beauty.

The thoughts you hold on to at this time can hinder or speed the Birth of the New. Hold happy thoughts and see through the illusion. Appreciate the largeness of the changes and anticipate more happiness as this Op October Surprise continues. We are There. We Are All Going Home."

Namaste. Sat Nam.
This is Lord Sananda
through Elizabeth Trutwin, October 30, 2012.

torsdag 1. november 2012

SaLuSa, October 31, 2012 - Mike Quinsey and Steve Beckow at the Sedona Conference

Steve Beckow:
"At the end of his speech in Sedona on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., Mike Quinsey gave an impromptu message from SaLuSa. Mike did not give it as SaLuSa speaking directly, but as Mike reporting what SaLuSa was saying to him." 

Mike Quinsey:
"Thank you, dear ones, for coming to Sedona. I’m speaking for SaLuSa who wants to say that they’re more than grateful for people coming to Sedona. You’ve created much more light than previously which will go around the Earth and help to speed up evolution around the planet.

The forces on the motherships and other craft are so near to us now. They’re monitoring everything that goes on around the Earth. The consciousness levels have never been as high as they are now and when they reach critical mass there’ll be an explosion of light on the Earth.

They want us not to make the extraterrestrials superior in any way. They come as equals and when they come we’ll have a great celebration. They’ll continue to be with us after Ascension. They want us to become part of their plans for the future and they have a lot to offer us and will lift us into the higher levels they have described.

They want us to meet them without fear. When they’ve come to the Earth, they haven’t done anything that would harm us or put people in a place of fear. But they do realize that the dark ones have always set about to bring us fear of their presence.

They want us to evolve very quickly so that they can bring us the benefits of technology. The Sirians want to meet the Sirians among us, the Pleiadians, the Pleiadians, and so forth. After Ascension some of us will get the opportunity to return to our planets. It’s a choice we’ll make. Our real families are extraterrestrial, which we left when we volunteered to come to this plant to help with Ascension.

They know us well. In the nighttime some of us go meet them on the ships but when we go back they close off our memories because the memories of experiencing their superior technologies and the warmth and comfort would distract us too much from our work on Earth.

Even now they don’t want to upset the work of the end times. They’re very proud of the work that the lightworkers have done and even now they are very present with our spirit guides. They are as available to us as our guides and if they can help us in any way they will. What they do is when they are around us they try to influence us.

They’re not very much inclined to give us dates but all will come in the very near future. They prefer that we allow things to flow and accept things as they are because all of this is in our best interests.

SaLuSa thanks us for our warm interest. He is the voice for the original group that has come from the motherships. They don’t work separately. They work as teams. This teamwork will happen to us as well in the near future.

Mankind has worked very hard in the past frew years to bring all races together and become one. SaLuSa does not want to be idolized. He does not consider himself to be anything special. But he doesappreciate that we are helped by the messages. He appreciates that many of the messages have been repetitive but that is unavoidable.

He can see us now. He can see our love, our light, our auras. He sees beautiful people merging together and creating a wonderful impact on the people of the world. The galactics appreciate our efforts and are coming nearer and nearer and appreciate our efforts.

It didn’t exist some time back that people welcomed their presence. Previously fear was more prevalent than love but that has changed. The more love that comes, the easier it is for them to come.

This is where SaLuSa wants to end his message but he wants to come back on Monday and we’ll continue. It wasn’t originally my intention to pass on a message but when they speak upstairs you have to pass it along.

Maybe another time I’ll continue with this direct messaging. I’ve never been in a situation like this. I usually type into my computer and this has been for me a very different experience."

Source: The 2012 Scenario 


"Beloved masters, the God Rays of creation for  the Piscean Age, which contained the specific aspects, qualities, virtues and designs/formulas for the creative process of that ERA were beamed down upon the Earth and humanity for over 2,000 years.  Those Creator Rays are now in the process of being withdrawn and shut down. That is why the masses who are still stuck in the illusion and the vibrational frequencies of the imbalanced third- and lower-fourth dimensions are feeling as if they have lost their way; nothing is working the way it did in the past, and there seems to be no hope for the future. Old regulations, guidelines, as well as many well-established institutions and religious organizations are no longer dependable, and many are falling by the wayside. Fragmentation of almost all racial, cultural, social and political boundaries within the third- / fourth-dimensional paradigm are crumbling or are being challenged. The consciousness of humanity is on the rise, and nothing can stop the forward momentum. HUMANITY IS COMING OF AGE, and all must follow the flow of expanded awareness or fall into the trap of inertia and chaos.

Fortunately, more and more people are awakening to the process of turning inward in order to gain a heightened sense of Self-awareness, which ultimately leads to a desire for higher Soul-consciousness via the energies of Divine Discontent. Every cultural group, every race and every country on Earth are seeking direction or a higher philosophical path to follow on.  This phenomenon is due to the fact that the Seven Rays of God Consciousness for your Earth, which contained the Divine Blueprint for the Piscean Age,   have been almost completely withdrawn and are being replaced with the higher frequency, more-refined twelve Rays of galactic consciousness for the Aquarian Age.

In the beginning stages of awakening, before the Soul merge takes place within a person, there can be no interference from the higher realms due to the Divine gift of free will, which ultimately became a gift with great and burdensome consequences.  However, when a person attains an energetic signature which resonates with the Violet Flame frequencies of the mid-fourth dimension and above, he/she is ready to affirm: "Thy will be done.  I ask for my greatest good and the highest outcome for all," thereby aligning the personal will with the Will of the Higher Self and the Divine Blueprint for the Earth. As a result, a magical path of Light is extended to that Soul via his/her personal column of Love/Light/Life. This Pathway of Light, often called the River of Life, leads to an authentic Essence Consciousness, whereby each person who reaches the required level of consciousness will begin to receive his/her special portion of encoded crystalline Seed Atoms for the new galactic or Sub-Universal Divine Blueprint / Mission. These new Seed Atoms will also contain the advanced wisdom, talents, attributes and qualities necessary to qualify as a participant in the early-stage, creative process for the new Golden Galaxy of the future.

The process of evolution is changing; the bodily structure of all humanity will gradually be refined and upgraded.  There will be guidance and directions supplied to those who have attuned to their Sacred Heart / Sacred Mind and who have placed their personal will under the command of Divine Will.

Heretofore, the masses have lived in a world of veiled, illusional awareness, and it seems they are now facing a future that feels much like a ship that has been cast into a stormy sea without a rudder.  That is because the Primal Life Force energy that has been available to all humanity over the past age is no longer filled with God Seeds of great potential from within the old Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe. The masses will still receive the vibrational patterns they need to maintain the status quo. And, we assure you that the loving energy of our Father/Mother God and the Beings of Light will always be available to humanity; however, in order to tap into the new Divine Blueprint that is awaiting each Soul, there must be an attunement to at least the mid-fourth-dimensional frequencies of Light. Our Father/Mother God's greatest desire is to see all facets of their "Beingness" return to Self-mastery so they may enjoy the love, peace, joy and abundance that is every Soul's Divine Birthright. There will always be help available from the great Beings of Light, and the angelic realm will always answer calls or pleas for assistance.  However, there are immutable universal laws that must be adhered to, and it must be each person's choice as to which path they will follow: the Path of Light or the path of shadows.

You, the Star Seed, who have balanced and harmonized the vibrational patterns of your four lower bodily systems so that your Soul Song is resonating to the fourth sub-level of the fourth dimension and higher, are now beginning to access the HIGHER FREQUENCY RAYS OF THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE FUTURE.. There is a new Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe and for each person who is ready to don a shining cloak of many colors-a refined auric field of Light-signifying a readiness to receive the virtues, qualities, talents, abilities and aspects of the New Age. These wondrous gifts are programmed within the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, and they are now available to those of you who have attained the required level of Self-Mastery." forts. 

Planet Alert November 2012 » Astrology Report for November By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on November 1st, 2012 Guest article by Dorene Carrel

"November is a very dynamic month, with a solar and lunar eclipse, four planetary stations and challenging Mars transits. The retrograde and direct Mercury stations both occur this month, along with the direct stations of Neptune and Chiron.  This period contains much transformative energy, with the potential for drastic change triggered by the upcoming Eclipse/SuperMoon. At present, much of the Northeast US is flooded and shut down from a hurricane.  Mercury in Sagittarius turns retrograde on November 6, and travels back into Scorpio until the direct station on November 26.  Mercury retrograding in Sagittarius is a good time to re-examine one’s long-term goals, although it can be a challenging time for travel.  Mercury re-enters Scorpio on November 13 for the rest of the cycle.  This period can be used for emotional release work and re-examining one’s finances, debts and shared resources.  

It is best to slow down during this cycle and allow for complications, breakdowns and delays.  On November 10, Neptune in Pisces turns direct, which allows us to receive more grace and clarity about our spiritual path.  Since Neptune can also bring some confusion, keep your focus in the present and simplify your daily schedule. The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on November 13 at 22 Scorpio. Eclipses are powerful cycles that can signify major beginnings and endings. Those in Scorpio can bring deeper feelings, needs and fears to the surface for re-examination. Eclipses can influence events three months before they are exact and up to six months later. This Eclipse is also a SuperMoon, which intensifies emotions, events and earth changes.  Wherever this degree falls in one’s natal chart can activate a planet or angle and bring greater life changes to that area over the next six months or longer.  (See Eclipse Special.)

The Sabian symbol for this degree is “Hunters shooting wild ducks; the socially accepted release of an individual’s or a group’s aggressive instincts.” This message can also suggest the transformation of destructive impulses and bringing more light to darker areas.   On November 14 Chiron turns direct at 5 Pisces, which is close to the Neptune station. It also forms a grand water trine with both Saturn and Ceres. These combined forces can signal a period of greater receptivity to healing energies.  This week would be favorable for scheduling special healing treatments, especially for more resistant physical conditions or old traumas. The Sun enters Sagittarius and forms a challenging square to Neptune on November 21.  

It is beneficial to watch out for self-deception and overextending oneself for these few days.  Venus entering Scorpio today will allow us to go deeper with our relationships.  The favorable trine from Venus to Neptune the next day can attract some spiritual and soul mate connections.  On November 23, Mars in Capricorn forms a challenging square to Uranus in Aries, which can trigger rebellious urges and sudden disruptive changes. Mars also goes on to conjunct Pluto at 8 Capricorn on November 27. This combination, along with the Lunar Eclipse and Mercury station, could likely bring one of the most powerful and eventful times of the year. Be prepared for more political and earth changes. On the personal level, it is best to avoid risks and confrontations, but instead cultivate harmony and cooperation.    

Mercury turns direct on November 26 at 18 Scorpio.  Now we can slowly begin moving forward with our plans and goals, but it is still wise to proceed with caution due to the other volatile transits this week.  Venus in Scorpio is aligned with Saturn today, which can bring challenges to our relationships and self confidence. On November 28, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs at 7 Gemini.  Gemini rules our communication, perception and sources of information.  It widely aligns with Jupiter and forms a challenging square aspect with Neptune and Chiron.  These aspects can expand our feeling awareness, but also result in mental confusion and deception, as what we are drawn to now can appear quite differently later on.  

Lunar eclipses tend to bring out hidden feelings, urges and desires. Thus it is a favorable time for journaling or other inner work that brings greater awareness of what we would like to attract into our lives at this time.  The Sabian symbols for these degrees expand on the above Jupiter/Neptune themes: “Cupid knocks at the door of a human heart; a stirring up of individual longings for romantic love,” and “A well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees; man’s primordial faith in the hidden sustaining power of life.” On November 28 and 29, Venus forms favorable sextiles to both Pluto and Mars, which helps us to attract more opportunities for love, prosperity and creative expression. In December the Mayan Calendar ends and Uranus turns direct.  Stay tuned!"

Mahalas Astrology