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Message from Those Who Share Their Messages through Me 9/29/12 'Finale'

I dag får vi vite at vi er blitt lurt når det gjelder avsløringen som skulle skje. Likevel, jeg greier ikke å bli sint!  Jeg synes ikke det er min sak dette, og derfor distanserer jeg meg.  Alle lever vi vårt eget liv under vårt eget ansvar, ikke de andres, og kan dermed ikke spille ping pong med dette ansvaret. Blir vi såkalt lurt en gang i blant, så er det en ærlig sak. Hva vil det si egentlig, å bli lurt? Hvem lurer hvem?

Løgn eller ikke løgn - det hele er en snuoperasjon av energi og hvilke ord som følger en slik operasjon i praksis, er uten betydning om vi ser stort på det. Det som skjer det skjer, det er det viktigste. Det er så mange ord og så mye er blandet mellom ordene, at det ikke er noen facit likevel. Ta det som underholdning, sjøl om det viser seg at vi er nærmest blitt pepret med løgn fra alle kanter i denne tida. Når vi vet at ikke noe skjer uten en hensikt, så er det en rettesnor. Vi lærer og vi modnes av alt vi møter på vår vandring.

Det er ikke like enkelt for alle å godta at de blir fortalt noe som ikke stemmer, men hva betyr det egentlig?  Ikke noe!  Det er mitt ansvar å ivareta meg, og jeg blir ikke det minste skadet om noen forteller meg en usannhet. Vi lærte i 3d å tillegge ord  - teori -  samme betydning som praksis, men det fører oss på villspor. Det teoretiske tilhører ett nivå og praksis tilhører et annet, derfor må de to nivåene ikke blandes sammen.

Husk at ord ikke har noen betydning før de blir gitt betydning av oss! Derfor utøves teori og praksis på to forskjellige nivåer. Teori og praksis er  ikke det samme. Det er praksis som avgjør, teorien bare antyder.  I tilfellet Greg, så trodde vi på hans teori som han var blitt fortalt av andre. Praksis kunne vi ikke vite noe om, når vi var på det teoretiske nivået.  Vi kan ikke bruke 3d som rettesnor lenger. 3d var, og er, forførende på alle vis. Dette vet vi nå. I 3d kunne sammenblanding av teori og praksis utløse kriger til og med!  T.

Message from Those Who Share Their Messages through Me 9/29/12 'Finale' - through Greg Giles.

"Many of you have clearly been waiting on your ship to come in to your harbor, but as a few of you, not many of you, but a few of you have begun to discern for yourselves, no ship is coming in and we, of course, are referring to these fictitious debit cards that have never and will never be mailed to you. All of you, and this means every single one of you, including our channel Greg, has been participating in what you may refer to as a research study or a project, or what we refer to as a great program. So what has this program, that is now over for Greg mind you, all about?

Well, we can tell you only what you may need to know, or what you feel you may need to know, to somehow come out of this a little more unscathed than Greg has. Greg is, shall we say, deeply wounded, for he feels he has led many of you astray and in a way he has indeed done this, however, his heart was always in the right place. He has actually been receiving our radio frequency communications that are received solely through the power and the use of his brain. This is the way we have been communicating with him and through him to you, and this is why we feel he has fallen for this, we shall say, scam, if you will, for so long, for you see, when one receives communications in this way they can get a little confused. Such is the case with Greg.

We told him some whoppers, as you say, and he bought them hook, line and sinker. He would never have done this if we would have sent him an e-mail, or posted this kind of information online, or even sent him a letter or issued him a phone call. Yet, because he received this information as what you know as telepathically, but we do not and we will not get into that, he believed these communications must be real and they were in a way, but they certainly were not from the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command.

Greg has agreed to share this one last message from us to you, for he feels you all deserve at least some sort of explanation, and he also wishes to use this opportunity to ride into the sunset, as it were. For those of you who wish him harm, or are even angry or upset with him, try to find some compassion, for he was an unwilling participant from the beginning.  We told him some things we thought he needed or wanted to hear and that got him hooked, as you say. He (felt he may have possessed) some kind of special abilities, but he does not and he fully understands this and actually took this news quite well and we were surprised. He simply said, ‘Oh well, I wasn't telepathic going into this, and I'm not telepathic getting out of this, so easy come, easy go. What's the big deal, it’s cool.’ And we laughed at that, and we feel he has been a good sport and a good cheer so we shall spare him any more embarrassment, for he truly despises when we speak his name in these messages, as many of you mistakenly feel that he likes to talk about himself, for he does not."  forts.   Ascension Earth 2012

Morning Messages: Emotional Addictions

Sep 29, 2012 07:26 pm | Reena

This message was worthy of a post. The emotional decks of the ‘past’ need indeed be cleared…
~~~ Start ~~~
102 Morning Messages: Emotional Addictions
Message 52 Emotional AddictionsEveryone has their own set of unconscious programs in which they automatically respond to the events in their lives.
Look at your life and ask yourself what emotion or behavior you might be addicted to. Are you attached to drama? Are you playing out a victim or martyr role? Are you attached to a state of mind in which nothing works? Are you holding on to financial limitations?
Observe without judgment everything in your reality. Take one aspect of your life and look at the pattern from the intention of understanding and releasing. Ask yourself if there was an emotional addiction what would it be? Know that in the asking the answer will be revealed.Once you have observed your dysfunctional addictions, it is now a matter of intention and celebration to shift that pattern at every opportunity. It becomes a playful conscious game of discovery and expansion. We are in a time of great accelerating transformation in which these automatic responses can be discovered, disconnected and deleted.
All multidimensional humans are being invited into the awareness of who they are and the service they offer from their most magnificent self.
Observe the challenges being attracted into your life. These challenges are your greatest gift, for they hold the key, the puzzle piece, to your dysfunctional programs and patterns. With clear intent and gentle observation of ego self notice and recognize the limiting patterns. Is it your health, wealth, happiness or joy that you are limiting?
Be kind with this search. Ask assistance from your multidimensional awareness; know you are being supported in the clearing of these limitations and the restoring of your true cosmic magnificence.
You are one with the energy fabric of humanity and the universe. When you heal or transform some energy pattern in your circuits, this transformation is available to the entire matrix. You are a transformer.

Welcome to the October 2012 issue of Shaumbra Monthly, the e-magazine of the Crimson Circle! We hope you enjoy these articles, announcements and specials:

Dear Shaumbra,

Welcome to the October 2012 issue of Shaumbra Monthly, the e-magazine of the Crimson Circle! We hope you enjoy these articles, announcements and specials:

•  The Creative Energy Spike - by Geoffrey Hoppe
•  Studio K - New from Kuthumi & Yoham!
•  Beyond Empowerment: The Magic of Synergy - by Susan Bame Hoover
•  Merabh: A Graceful Shift - Now Available!
•  In the Eye of the Beholder - by Lu Emanuel
•  The Egypt Experience
•  An Open Letter to the Musical Group Yoham - by Marisa Calvi
•  Shaumbra Heartbeat - by Jean Tinder
•  Upcoming Crimson Circle Events
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New Age / Spiritual Beliefs – Just Another Religion …

New Age / Spiritual Beliefs – Just Another Religion …
Sep 28, 2012 06:17 pm | Reena

"By new age and spiritual beliefs I mean the whole lot like ascension, ascended masters, ETs, disclosure, angels, elementals, fairies, psychedelic experiences, mediumship, clairvoyance, “The Secret” / law of attraction and so on.

I’m not saying paranormal and metaphysical things don’t happen in the relative realm, I’m saying the issue is what we then make of it after the event. We holy-fy such events and make them into a sort of religion. There is the event, then there is the strong belief that comes with it, cementing even more the identification of the ‘me.’ For example, those who have clairvoyance happen, will often refer to it as ‘my ability’ or some special ability that only they – or very few ‘gifted’ people – have. It becomes ‘my gift.’ It makes them special – in the story of me. People get identified with their ‘special abilities’ – they can heal, see auras, or ‘communicate with the dead.’ It becomes the badge of honour. The ‘me’ gets puffed up. There is pride. There is self-importance. There is self-satisfaction. In this sense, these sorts of spiritual beliefs are particularly insidious and hide a need for the individual to become something that is elevated above the rest. It is a further act of separation. Jiddu Krishnamurti would call it violence. Similarly, when people say ‘I’m a starseed’, ‘I’m a Pleaidian’, ‘I’m a…’ whatever, it’s the same thing going on – separation and thus elevation.

I’ll give you an example. Some months after the first falling away of the me-story and in the throes of emotional release, I really wanted to have a a paranormal experience. I used to wonder why others could see and sense all this non-physical stuff and not me. I remember reading a book by Shirley MacLean in which she described sitting in cold water and feeling herself burn up (spiritual stuff going on of course). I so wanted to have such things happen to me, to be able to say I was clairvoyant, or a healer or…and this is what I focussed on…I could see angels.

So, one day, I was waiting for communication from a friend by email and as I was brushing my teeth and glancing at a lavender oil bottle in the bathroom, I said that if angels exist then they would give me proof and the next email I got from this friend had to contain three separate things. One was a mention of the word ‘lavender’ (though lavender had never been a topic before), one was a specific way in which the email would be signed off, and there was another condition which I have now forgotten. Only a couple of hours later I got the email and it fulfilled all three conditions and I nearly fell off my chair lol. And from then on, it became ‘my angel experience’ and I assumed it to be evidence for angels.

Now, in reality it could have been an angel, or it may have been the power of thought / law of attraction, or it could have been just coincidence, just the play of happenings in life, who can really say. And frankly, what does it matter? The key point is that these things are all part of what is, of the Absolute, and as such none of them really matter per se.

Now, with further dropping away of the me-story, I see it as just what it was – I had a strong thought to see certain things in the email and it occurred just as had been thought. What that means – the why and the how come – doesn’t mean much to me anymore.

So what if ETs pop over to earth and help us out? So what if they don’t? So what if angels exist? So what if they don’t? So what if we’re going to ascend? (whatever that really means!!) So what if we don’t? What of it? Let’s just enjoy the ride, with all its ups and downs and conspiracy theories and supernatural goings-ons. Or let’s just ignore the whole story and go watch the grass grow! I think it’s a good policy to just follow your nose and see what life brings and see what you do and say, without laying too much claim to it 

The self-importance that we give ourselves when we think we have some special ability, or that WE are the initiators, is truly that which blocks real freedom. If one has certain abilities then fine! No need to have an adrenalin rush about it LOL. Sure, go help anyone who you can with those abilities, but take note of this: There is one common factor I have noticed each time I have been touched directly by Grace and this is humility. There is no need to have attachment to specialness, for we are already that which is already special. Special is everywhere, not just in this body and this personality.

And what of the incredible things that can occur in the sense of the paranormal in the final analysis? Well to me they are simply just the incredible display of possibilities powered by Source (impersonally). The vast array of experiences that can occur can become heavy-duty beliefs, or just pointers to that Incredible Mystery which envelops the arrogant ‘me’ in a strong embrace (again, without favourites). The relative world can provide so much for so many, and it is all just the dance of separation within the Inclusivity of it All."

Thanks for reading.
Comments, as always, welcome.
Love,  Reena

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Astrology Report For October By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on September 29th, 2012

Astrology Report For October
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on September 29th, 2012
Guest article by Dorene Carrel

"October is highlighted by Saturn entering Scorpio and Jupiter in Gemini turning retrograde in the first week. The first of a series of harmonious trines occurs between Saturn and Neptune, which will enhance our capacity for manifestation. We are still under the September New Moon in Virgo with the theme of practical and efficient endeavors, especially in the areas of work, health and service.

On October 4 Jupiter turns stationary retrograde at 16 Gemini, which lasts until the direct station on January 30, 2013.  This is a favorable period to reflect on how we can communicate more clearly and authentically. We can also work on improving our listening and decision making skills, as well as how we process and use information that comes to us from various sources.    

A major two-year cycle begins when Saturn enters Scorpio on October 5. This cycle offers us the opportunity to explore the depths of our emotions, as well as reorganize our personal finances and resources.  During this period we will be challenged to bring a new level of commitment to our goals, especially those that one can work on with others. The Mercury/Saturn alignment on this same day is favorable for investigating and finding practical and lasting solutions.  On the next day Mars enters Sagittarius, allowing us to view our lives from a wider perspective that will enable us to aim higher with intentions and goals.

On October 7 Mars will square Neptune, which can bring in elements of confusion and uncertainty.  It is best to avoid making any important decisions for the next few days.  October 8 brings an expansive Sun/Jupiter trine that will bring a more positive outlook into our lives.  This aspect, along with a Venus/Pluto trine the next day, can also be used to cultivate more prosperity consciousness. 

On October 10 the first of a series of Saturn/Neptune trines occurs. The next two trines occur on June 11 and July 19, 2013.  This aspect allows us to get in touch with and manifest our highest visions. Saturn provides the organization and structure, while Neptune brings spiritual and intuitive awareness and grace. Including the dwarf planet Ceres makes this a grand water trine, which brings focus to the nurturing water aspect.  A Mercury/Pluto sextile this same day promotes opportunities for a deeper experience.      

The New Moon occurs on October 15 at 22 Libra 32.  It forms a favorable trine aspect to Jupiter in Gemini, which will enhance the Libra traits of balance, equality, fairness, sociability, harmony and peace.  The shadow side is trying to achieve peace at any price and indecision. This lunation is favorable for expanding our view of the value and role of relationships in our personal growth.  A Mars/Uranus trine on this same day brings more energy and focus to our goals.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “Chanticleer’s voice heralds sunrise; a creative and joyous response to life processes.” This suggests the process of giving voice to what is as yet not manifested, but is on the way to manifestation.

On October 22 the Sun moves into Scorpio, bringing increased opportunities for personal transformation and regeneration.  The Sun aligns with Saturn in Scorpio on October 25, which deepens our sense of purpose and commitment.

On October 29 the Full Moon occurs at 7 Taurus. The focus is on resources and being practical, patient, dependable and loyal.  The shadow side is being too stubborn and possessive.  An alignment with Saturn in Scorpio provides power and stability to this lunation.  The Sabian Symbols and keynotes for these degrees are: “The woman of Samaria at the ancestral well; the meeting of the traditional past and of the creative spirit pointing to the future” and “Deep sea divers; the will to explore the hidden depths of all experiences and to search for primordial causes.”  

Ceres turns stationary retrograde on October 31 at 4 Cancer, which reminds us of our caretaking role with each other, as well as our world and its precious resources. 

November brings a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and a Gemini Lunar Eclipse – stay tuned!"   forts.

Mahalas Astrology
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The Great Universal Treasure Hunt : Searching for Clues Along the Path of Your Life: Part 1

Vet du dette om navnet ditt?  Det du ikke vet, kan du finne ut ved litt forskning.

Hello everyone. I am typing up today's message I received earlier today. Please everyone, prepare yourselves for great disappointment. This disappointment goes far beyond the debit card
promise, and concerns everything we have been told thus far about everything. This message will be posted later tonight after I complete the proof reading. Again, please brace yourselves. Greg
The Great Universal Treasure Hunt : Searching for Clues Along the Path of Your Life: Part 1
"Hello everyone, our ascended family members of the Galactic Federation of Light as well as the Ashtar Command have asked me if I would like to share with all of you what I have discovered about clues that have been strategically placed for us along the path of out lives, by us ourselves, before our current incarnation that would lead us back, as if they were a trail of breadcrumbs leading us out of the woods, to remembrance of who it is we truly are. I would love to share with you what I have discovered.

So where is it we can we start to search for these clues that many of us have left ourselves as signposts, as landmarks? The very first place I would advise you to search is right there in your own name. You see, all of us have chosen our own names. We chose them before our current incarnation. As our ascended family has advised, do not concern yourself of how we did this, just trust that many of us did, and trust that you selected your name for quite possibly a higher reason than you thought the name was pretty or cool.

So beginning with your name, and by your name I mean your first name, your middle name, and your last name, take each of names and research them separately. There are many websites on the Internet that will reveal to you the meaning, as well as the origin, which could be quite different sometimes, of your names. Some websites are considerably more insightful than others, and I will let you choose the websites you personally resonate with. You will have to look up your first name on one particular website and then possibly look up your middle name on another as it might not be listed on the first, and you will have to, in many cases, find a third website to look up the meaning of your last name, for there is quite a difference between first names and last names, and websites usually specialize in either one or the other.

I would advise when researching your last name to look for websites that focus on genealogy such as ancestry.com. They have a wonderfully insightful section which deals exclusively with surnames, or what is more commonly known as last names. When looking up the meaning of your names and its origin, do not be too quick to think they may not mean anything. There may be secrets revealed within metaphor, within wordplay, or possibly they are even clues that you may have to add to other clues that you will find hidden in many other places as well.

In a couple of days we will continue with our discussion after many of you have had a chance to first research your first, middle and last names, and we will at that time discuss the next place where you can search for clues and I guarantee you that many of you will be very surprised to learn that clues have been hidden in such an obvious, though at the same time, so well concealed hiding place.

Until then, enjoy your quest, what I refer to as ‘The Great Universal Treasure Hunt’. Happy hunting!"

lørdag 29. september 2012

SaLuSa 28-September-2011 - Channeler: Mike Quinsey

Denne kanaliseringa sto på bloggen første gang 28. 09. 2011, men den er like aktuell idag. 

"Hele denne kanaliseringen dreier seg om det avsluttende spenningsforholdet mellom de lavere- og de høyere frekvensene i kroppen. 

Bruker vi "Havmodellen" for å forstå dette blir bildet slik;  Kroppens indre er inndelt i tre vannrette lag - øverst - midterst - nederst. 'Oppvåkning' som vi kaller det er, at en mengde vann fra det midterste laget er klart for å bli blandet med det øverste.  

Dette har vannet i det nederste laget mye imot, og har til nå prøvd alt for å forhindre denne sammen-blandingen mellom de to øverste lagene (det vil svekke det nederste laget betraktelig da det i hele 3d-perioden hadde kustus på det midterste laget!)  Nå er 'leken' øyeblikkelig over for det nederste laget, og det 'vannet' som vil flyte opp skal kunne gjøre det.   

Denne 'hevingen / oppvåkningen' har tatt sin tid, som vi alle vet, men det er fordi vannet i det øverste laget ikke ville lage noen svære bølger rundt dette!   Nå kan det øverste laget se fram til en etappe-seier den 11. 11. 11, mens de som er hevet kan se fram til en periode med nye undringer og tilpassinger.  Nyhetene som kommer fra toppen av det øverste laget, sprer seg bokstavelig talt som ringer i vannet!  I det ytre blir dette kalt kanaliseringer.  Les SaLuSa på adressen under her."
Les SaLuSa her:   Channelings | Lightworkers.org  

The Arcturians Speak About Fifth Dimensional Leadership - 9-28-12

"We have spoken with you before about Fifth Dimensional Leadership (Please see the Blog for 8-20-12) and would like to expand on that information. If you have said, “Yes, I want to be a 5D Leader” when you are not even sure what that means, you have put yourself in the “fast lane” of ascension.

Therefore, your lives will begin to change very quickly, and you will be asked to release any person, place, situation or thing that binds you to the final illusions of the third/fourth dimensional paradigm. This Path that you have chosen is not an easy one. It is a Path in which you must clear out the old, and then clear it out again, then again and again.

Light travels in circles, and as you allow higher and higher frequencies of Light into your beingness, the circular motion will take you into lower and lower frequencies of that which you are about to leave behind. As the Leaders into the fifth dimension, you are the “clean up crew” for Gaia.

It does not matter if the darkness is in the Earth, in you, or someone else. In fact, as you continue to move into fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness, someone else become an extinct term. The cleaning up of the final remnants of Gaia’s 3D polarities has to be done, and YOU have volunteered to do it. In fact, you volunteered before you took this form.

You, our beloved ones, are our dearest brothers and sisters who have made the monumental sacrifice to leave our wonderful realms of Light and Unconditional Love to wear an earth vessel throughout this process of Planetary Ascension.

We, your Galactic and Celestial Family, call upon you NOW to dedicate the remainder of your earth vessel’s existence to returning Gaia HOME to Her fifth dimensional expression. There are those who say they will, but they won’t. On the other hand, there are those who say they will, and they DO!

We know that we are asking you to strain your poor, exhausted earth vessel to its very limits of endurance. However, it is this process that will free you from the separation and limitation of that form for all eternity.

We realize that we ask so very much of you, but if you can allow yourselves to remember who you really are, your hardships will be revealed as a blessing. There will be nothing that you are asked to surrender that will not be replaced with a higher frequency version. We make this statement knowing that ALL of you have conquered your power-over ego.

However, we also realized that your wounded ego still wishes you to believe that you are “just one human.”
NO!  You are NOT just one human! NO! You are not alone. 
Yes! You are of THE ONE!

Definition Of Fifth Dimensional Leadership

Before we continue with our message, we wish to define Fifth Dimensional Leadership by saying that a Fifth Dimensional Leader is one who leads the way into the fifth dimension. This definition may assist with any confusion you may be having about how to lead. It is not so much HOW you lead, but WHERE you are leading.

Or dearest ONES, we speak to ALL of you who receive this message. Even if you are not involved in a particular undertaking, we see that our Lightworkers have shifted into high gear in these final moments. We see vast changes on Gaia that we KNOW that you, our representatives wearing human vessels, have created these shifts with your vast, multidimensional creativity.

We look to ALL of you and see that YOU are indeed your true SELF, cloaked in a lower frequency garment. Therefore, we ask you to remember that WE, your Galactic and Celestial Family, are YOU! Hence, we are not more advanced than you.

In fact, your challenge of being your Multidimensional SELF within your small, clay form is a feat that we are not sure that we could complete. We honor you with our Open Heart and our Cosmic Mind. We hold great respect for our Galactic Family members who have volunteered to take a form for this final segment of the Planetary Process Ascension.

Your collective ability to maintain a connection with your true SELF while wearing a clay vessel is a primary component of your Mission. You are already victorious in that endeavor.

Furthermore, each of you is beginning to understand your own puzzle piece, as well as how you can connect your personal puzzle piece to the planetary puzzle of ascension. Unfortunately, you do not have the cover to the puzzle box to see how it will look when it is complete. Hence, each of you must look deep inside to discover your wish fulfilled.

We are now ready to give you instructions for three components of your process of being a leader into the fifth dimension:

#1 Integrating Your Multidimensional Operating System Into Your Physical Brain:

Without the integration of your new mental and emotional operating system, the concepts to which you will be introduced will be too advanced, too multidimensional for your physical brains to embrace. Therefore, we request that you read our former message about integrating your Multidimensional Operating System. (See Blog for 9-24-12)"  forts.   

Bye, Bye Old Worn Out Clothes – Hello New, Speed Enhanced Clothes That Would Make NASCAR Drivers Smile!!

"I sat in my own stillness yesterday, mostly cuz my body hurt like flipping hell!!  Yet, I celebrated each and every ache and pain with joy and gratitude.  Man oh man, have we arrived!!  OK, at least for me, very much like sliding into home plate… but I’ll take scraped knee’s and bloody hands any day of the week over being at bat and having no idea how to calculate the balls speed and curve and my swing of the bat!!  Or worse yet… not even realizing we are playing a game!!  Your soul is the pitcher, the potential is the ball and your biology is the batter and all of life is the crowd in the seats cheering you on!!

I do believe I hit one out of the ball park yesterday… I felt the repercussions in my biology all day long.  When I woke up the ache was simply across my hips/lower back.  As the day progressed so did the ache in my back… up my lumbar, a little later, up my waist, to my chest, shoulders, neck… the head itself had a dull headache most of the day anyway.  It felt like all of a sudden I was wearing a super tight girdle that was squishing my biology.  What is interesting, it wasn’t till later in the day did the legs themselves put their own girdle on.

While my body was squeezing itself into the new field of energy, I was grateful that the internal clearing… the sinus and lung release was at rest.  Of course, it was the first onset of the infusion during my attempt at sleep the night prior.  Like a massive energy hose was turned on and I was blowing and coughing all the old debris out and as I awoke with a slight fever, what I didn’t hack out, I burned off.

Thank God we are in a super accelerated process!!  Today, I am golden!  Phew!!

However, no moment is wasted in my constant world of processing and understanding.  I suddenly realized, my biology, my soul and my own mind are in harmony.  Let me explain.  The day after I arrived back home from my wonderful adventures with my family, I had to go grocery shopping.  I kept feeling the need to fix chicken soup, so I was sure to get all the fixings for it… and wondered why.  It is not yet soup season here yet, tho getting close.  I do not get sick, so I wasn’t looking at the wellness benefit of it, but I got it all anyway.  I stuck the chicken in the freezer and hoped all the veggies would last until that desire of creating chicken soup ran thru me.  Little did I know….

The moment I got home, I knew we hit a huge energetic expansion while I was busy loving my family.  Each reading amplified it all with understanding and detail.  It wasn’t until yesterday did I realize I had so much to catch up on (consciously speaking) that I didn’t have time to go thru the biological change until we hit the snow channel.  In that moment, all aspects of myself said (by remembering the energy flu) today is the day!

I want to be perfectly clear on what this process is… for ALL of us.  It is an acceleration process, NOT a healing process.  I think easier understood… we stripped off all the clothes we had been wearing to get to here and we squeezed into our (yet) tight-fitting new clothes.  Please don’t take the time to wash any of the old clothes.  They have wonderful stains, rips, wear and tear that says to all of creation “I was active.”   But it’s now done!!  Let them just lay on the ground behind you, spirit will do whatever is needed with the old clothes, let your only focus be on your new clothes.  We have some stretching to do!!  Like breaking in a new pair of jeans or a new pair of shoes.  That’s actually funny… talk about having concentrated energy in the biology (hence the girdle feeling!!)

I also came to a full on remembrance yesterday.  Somethings are so easy to forget as we traipse about in our created life.  You and I, we talk in slang, in our own symbolism’s and metaphors in most of our communications.  Of course, so does spirit, so it seems quite natural that we reflect that in which we really are anywayz.  But the creative energy of life itself… very very literal!!  My own example:  For the last week I have been saying, quite joyfully, that everything that is happening, that I am seeing and understanding both in readings and within myself, takes my breath away!  I should not have been surprised when I spent an entire night gasping for breath in my own transition.  My words placed that into my transition, into my experience!!  The same with remembering I hadn’t been sick… and somewhere inside of me, realizing… it was time.

But there is also something else I had been noticing too.  This understanding is soooo important to where we are now.  I have already talked about what I felt when I arrived back Home here to Jemez Pueblo, NM.  Everything that creates the energy here, in this very place that I live, was here too, including my landlady.  I love her, there is no doubt we spent lifetimes as sisters.  A few days after I came back, she left.  She went to California to care for a sister who went thru a massive energy change.  Without her presence here, I kept feeling like something was missing.  I really didn’t get it until yesterday really.  Even when she is here, I don’t see her very much unless she has mail for me or I created something yummy and made enough for her.  Yet, I suddenly understand that her energy field is very much a part of the accelerated, expanded energy that is here.  Without her presence, and I pray, my own presence… this landscape would still be a potential of what it could be.  Like keys in an ignition, our presence and activity is what turns potential into the REAL.

Funny how ya don’t notice things… until ya notice things.  But it is also why living in a place that is in harmony to your own vibratory state really is.  Because without it, you are missing a lot of important keys to fully accelerate the energy of your own biology and landscape of life.  Think of a car.  There are so many moving parts that make up a car, let one break down, the whole car breaks down and cannot do its job.  Same with us too!!  Sometimes, ya just have to replace a part in the car…. or not.

it seems the pure gas of our lives… the energy released from the sun, hit us coming and going.  On the 27th there was a massive CME released on the dark side of the sun, yesterday a massive CME was released nascar style at 2.2 million mph  (no, I don’t watch nascar, but it is a good analogy I think!) to earth as well.

Today is the Harvest Full moon… use this brilliant Light to see where you are going from here.  No doubt this new track has many exciting and unexpected twists and turns.  For those still navigating the old ways and old tracks… it will serve to help you see your way ahead, unless you keep looking to the past.  Ohhh the unbiased choices of Life!

Of course, not everyone wants to be a race car driver.  Some just really want to be a passenger thru the ride.  All is absolutely perfect.  Me personally, I was born to be a race car driver (hence the many speeding tickets I have endured.)  Where I now live is the greatest Nascar track ever built.  I am realizing what slows me down and what speeds me up (vibrationally speaking of course)… and becoming ever mindful of it all.  I am now fully realizing the addition of that gentle feather (whom ever he is) will be like high-octane fuel that will put us as speeds only dreamed about.  Good thing we have higher vision that lets you see what so many others miss in the old car.

In several of the conversations I had yesterday we talked about this acceleration time.  When everything speeds up it always looks like things are standing still.  So many people feel they have stalled out or came to a standstill in their life.  Quite the opposite has happened really.  So many people are now in their own race car and the scenery of life looks like it is standing still… its not!!  At all!!  My only question to you would be: Does the track of your life allow for full speed ahead??  No road bumps or faulty engines allowed because it will surely slow you down. (progress wise)

We are manifesting at super speeds now, don’t allow any junk in your trunk.  I know that may sound callous and uncaring, but really, it is quite the opposite.

In my agony of biology yesterday, I had the most amazing gifts come to me…. literally.  In the mail I received 4 wonderful chocolate bars, a pelican feather and as I actually took the time to read the papers that came with my new Galaxy III phone, I found it included a $150 rebate!!  Holy Heaven on all levels batman!!  Thank you soooooo much to my gift bearers!!!"

Thank you all for loving me so very much and picking me up when my ass is dragging the ground… intentional or not, all is in Divine Time!!

Welcome Home Family of Light… it’s time to rev up those engines!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of joy, chocolate, feathers, and speedy abundance to All!!  I love you so much!!

Soon The Soul Gym will be opening!  All announcements and class schedules will be shared on our Facebook Page.  We also have a twitter feed, please feel free to follow us there too.  I am not very twitter literate but I think you just have to look for thesoulgym on twitter.  I will also put out a blog that details the classes and times and anything else that is associated with this incredible new adventure as well.  Stay tuned!! (smile)"

~ Re-minders from Home ~ The group ~ Steve Rother

From Steve:
What can I say?  Except that after 17 years of channeling the group in a collective voice, I am now experiencing them as what they call a singularity. If my brain ever stopped to think about it I’m sure it would block me.  Nonetheless, the depth of information and love is absolutely undeniable.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I am. 
Many who will be reading these words may not know the accents that I use to channel these beings. The Keeper of Time is a more comfortable with English. Elrah’s enthusiasm and excitement make it difficult for me to focus at times, but I am adjusting. Even as they talk about incarnations it is helpful to re-member that none of the group with the exception of myself have ever been to Earth.  The accents, especially in the case of Elrah, are my closest interpretations of the distinct rhythms that they use to communicate and don’t originate from a geographical location.. 
It is time for a deeper understanding of all the layers.  Here we go.
Have a wonderful month and may you experience life with your eyes wide open.
Big hugs,

Greetings from Home
You have been waiting for this and moving around trying to find the perfect space to perceive what is about to happen. It is getting very exciting for many of you, as some have reached the level where the excitement turns into a little bit of fear because you are not comfortable with where things are at this moment. Here is the only piece that you need to know: every being is moving. Every, single level of vibration is moving to the next level and it is literally moving as an entire bandwidth of vibration, not a single layer but a whole bandwidth of vibration that you would call Earth. All of its creatures and beings are going through this transition right now. Both you and we have used the words raising your vibration, and that is a very accurate description of what takes place. The biggest challenge when we say raising your vibration is that you immediately go into your field of duality, which dictates that one vibration is better than another vibration. That is part of what we wish to speak of, for you are seeing evidence all over your planet right now of exactly what we previously predicted. So, let us bring that to your attention on a few different levels.

Balancing the Wobble  
The Earth has changed her wobble because of the shift in dimension and the shift of vibrational change. The Earth had to enter a new dimension in order to grow and make a space for empowered humans on this planet. As a result she has moved, and because of her movement it has literally caused physical reactions. You have seen these in the form of earthquakes; they have happened in more ways than just earthquakes, but that is the basic idea. You have seen this happen in Chile, off the coasts of Australia and also Japan. Those three earthquakes changed the tilt and the rotational spin of planet Earth. Although it was known that this took place, no one was aware of the long term effects it would have.  You are now experiencing these effects, as the Earth re-balances herself through the re-distribution of water.

A couple of years ago, Russia experienced a severe and unprecedented heat wave. Now you are seeing similar extreme temperatures and those same energies in different parts of the world. You are calling it a drought or heat wave, but it is actually the re-distribution of water through your Earthly systems. Just imagine a big ball spinning perfectly balanced and even, then and all of a sudden you move it to another dimensional level. It will have a tendency to wobble until it finds its perfect spin again. The way that Earth is finding her perfect spin and balance is by re-distributing water on the planet. This will continue for the next 3-5 years then it will gradually start to settle down and anchor in the new Earth. This is actually a healthy process that is moving energies forward. However, this may be challenging for the next several years as the Earth makes this transition herself. Crops will fail and many of the things you rely on will be distributed in different areas around the planet. The Earth is pregnant and that is the beautiful part. She is about to give birth and it is much closer than you ever imagined. Is she giving birth to another Earth? No. She is giving birth to another form of human. Previously, all the humans would have had to leave planet Earth through some sort of cataclysmic event in order to wipe out one vibrational level and start anew. But that is not happening right now. You are the first beings that have ever dared to challenge this and believe that we can consciously move from this level to this level without releasing the physical bodies. Congratulations, dear ones, you are doing it! You are way ahead of the game with this and are working very effectively to achieve it.

Now we will share some of the other changes that you see taking place all over your world. All you have to do is turn on your news to see what is happening. Countries of the world were organized on a vibrational level that would not be able to exist in the new Earth, and that is part of the reason many countries are having difficulties and revolts over old energy. It is very simple: You can choose where you wish to be. Please understand that as you move to the next level, there will still be both high and low vibrations within that next level. You will never all be on the exact same vibrational level, for that would be very exclusive. Here is what we wish to share with you, dear ones. Any organization or collective of humans is liable to have some challenges over the next several years as you go through these changes. They will be adjustment challenges, for many of you have formed your organizations. Whether it is a church, business, or club of some sort, you formed these groups on certain levels of vibration. So as they move to the next level, there will be some adjustments needed. Organizations formed on principles that will not exist on the new Earth will start experiencing challenges. Please do not judge these challenges as being good, bad, high or low vibrations, as that is an effect of duality in your world which you are now moving completely away from. They are simply adjustments the same way you are going through adjustments with your physical body as you are moving through one existence vibrational level to the next.

Repetition and Responsibility
What you are seeing right now, especially in the United States, is the presidential election process, which has turned into something rather unusual. We are not quite sure what it is, but what you will see is duality played out over and over and over again. You have two sides that are arguing against each other. Even if there were a third position, which has not happened but would change the dynamics, many of the old energy techniques and systems have hung on and simply refused to change. Doing the same thing over and over and over again yet expecting different results is what your definition of insanity is. That is what is now taking place on your planet more than you could ever know. You are trying to do the same things repeatedly and expecting the same results, even though you are now in a different vibrational level. Well, there is a responsibility – ahh yes, there is a word that scares many of you – there is a responsibility of being in this level of light. This is similar to the way that you often see varying levels of abundance or money, if you will, on your planet. There are people who have difficulty holding any money, some who are barely comfortable, and then others who have so much abundance that they do not know what to do with or cannot deal with it all. It is not a perfect system, dear ones. Do not ever judge yourselves by how much money you have or how good at making money you are. It is a system simply that can be changed, and here is the interesting piece. If you look at the money aspect and translate that into vibration, you could say that the people who have the most money on this planet almost have a responsibility to somehow help people whether in monetary gifts or through programs that help empower others.  With regards to abundance if you choose your place on the ladder on a lower rung, you can live a very comfortable life. Yes, you will struggle with money at times but will be very comfortable. On the higher rung you may never struggle with money, but you will have responsibilities that you do not have on the lower rungs. Many of you have quietly chosen to be in the middle because it is somewhat comfortable. We are asking you to take the responsibility first and change all of it. Not only will it affect your abundance, but it will help you to move vibrationally and release any restricting conflicts that get in your way as you move to the next level. We are watching you starting to do this in many ways in your organizations, businesses, friendships, and spiritual families. You are starting to spread this out in a very beautiful way."   forts.

The group

~ ArchAngel Michael ~ "Mystery of Vesica Pisces"

~ ArchAngel Michael ~ "Mystery of Vesica Pisces"


Ronna Herman  28 September 2012






Archangel Michael tells us that the ancient drawing of the Three-Fold Flame was appropriate for the time; however, it was not a true depiction of what the symbol really stands for, nor was the drawing accurate. Humanity was not ready for the full explanation; however, it did help those on the Path to realize that there is an etheric shield imprinted across our upper chest area that contains the energies of the three God Rays.

The right-side circle is an iridescent blue (or a bright blue) for our Father God; the left-side circle is an iridescent pink (or a bright pink) for our Mother God, and the third, center section (which is the Vesica Piscis symbol), the cosmic womb of Creation, is a golden color. 


Dearest friends, it is interesting how Archangel Michael has shielded my consciousness from several other revelations, and also from the information about the Vesica Piscis, until he was ready to incorporate the information into his messages or into the drawings about the Sub-Universes. I had heard the term “Vesica Piscis” for years; however, I did not understand it and I was not curious enough to delve into it further. I find it very interesting how the information Michael gives us is presented to us in bits and pieces so that it can filter into our consciousness and gradually unfold. This was the process with the Pyramids of Light, the Infinity Breath, the World Pyramid, the World Server Pyramid, Adamantine Particles of Creator Light, and most recently, the Amethyst Pyramid of Rejuvenation and Healing. The Sub-Universal information and illustrations were down-loaded into my mind over a period of about six months. It took quite a long time for me to get the concepts clear in my mind and to accurately draw the illustrations. Now, during these critical times of great change, beloved Michael has told me it is time to share this astounding new information with all of you.

He has always had me share the latest information first at my seminars and with my students, and then at a later time, we would present it to the masses. He tells me the reason for this is so that Seed thoughts could be stored in the Pyramids of Light in the fifth dimension where they could more easily be accessed by those whose frequencies are high enough to tap into the cosmic storehouse of wisdom. However, the process of ascension and evolution is accelerating dramatically, and he has instructed me to share more of this new information with all of you over the coming months.

When Archangel Michael told me that our Father/Mother God were not two separate Beings, but one unified BEING with two sets of individualized qualities, virtues and aspects, I was amazed and overjoyed. At the universal level of consciousness, there is no division, no opposition. 

He informed me that within our Diamond Core God Cell we have a Crystalline Seed Atom, which contains the Vesica Piscis Mandala. 

Our Father/ Mother God reside in the Great Central Sun of this universe, and a facet of their Essence also resides within our Sacred Heart Center. As often happens, further validation was presented to me via a YouTube video from SPIRIT SCIENCE SEVENTEEN, sent to me by Randy Monk. About three minutes into the video, a human fertilized ovum (egg) was shown. Within twenty-four hours after fertilization, the egg divides, creating the Vesica Piscis symbol. It keeps on dividing, creating the Flower of Life Mandala. The caption stated: “WE ARE THE GENESIS OF CREATION.” This was such a wonderful epiphany for me, and it brought such wondrous clarity and understanding, along with great joy and an outpouring of loving energy from my Sacred Heart Center. OUR BELOVED GOD PARENTS ARE NOT “OUT THERE.” THEY ARE EVER WITH US, TUCKED AWAY WITHIN OUR SACRED HEART.


In the original Universal/Sub-Universal drawings that Archangel Michael relayed to me, he placed the Paradise Sons and Daughters circle below and slightly over-lapping the bottom portion of the Vesica Piscis drawing. He also had me draw a wavy line through the center—similar to a Yin/Yang drawing. This symbol represents the division into duality--the positive and negative aspects of Creation. The male and female Sparks of Divinity bear the positive and negative aspects of the Supreme Creator in the realms of materiality. This means that the male energy incorporates the positive or electrical quality, while the female embodies the magnetic, receptive or negative quality. It takes both qualities/forces for creative action to occur. There is no implication of good or bad in the true meaning of these qualities. In this instance, the word “negative” is used as anelectrical application—of itself, the negative is not the active force; however, it holds power. This Sub-Universe is built upon the fusion of male and female energies.

We can only address the qualities, virtues and attributes of the THREE GOD RAYS as they are radiated into our Sub-Universal, Great Central Sun. At this point, we have little knowledge of the Divine Plans / Blueprints / Schematics for the many other Sub-Universes within this Universe. All I have been told is that they are of various widths (like slices of a pie), with multiple-frequency levels of Creation, consisting of a vast and complex variety. Our Sub-Universe is a young one in proportion to most of the other Sub -Universes within our Universe. 

However, due to our unique Divine Blueprint / mission, we are in the preparatory stages of merging with a smaller Sub-Universe next to us. As this merger progresses, the new Golden Galaxy that AA Michael has spoken of for many years, will be in place as the OverLighting Great Central Sun for our new, expanded Sub-Universe.

THE FIRST RAY OF DIVINE WILL AND POWER is primarily a MENTAL RAY, which is embodied within the FATHER GOD at the Universal level. This Ray also carries the energies /attributes of truth, valor, dynamic power, singleness of purpose, and clear vision. It is an outward-focused Ray and the most powerful of the three God Rays of our Universe as they are radiated into our Sub-Universe.

THE DIVINE GOD MOTHER at the Universal level bears the Second Ray of Love / Wisdom. It is primarily an EMOTIONAL RAY, which brings forth the loving energy to ignite the Seed Thoughts from the mind of the Divine Father in order for the Divine Blueprint to be manifested in the material planes of Creation. The main focus of this Ray, as it is projected into our Sub-Universal Great Central Sun, is to turn knowledge into wisdom and temper that wisdom with love and compassion.

THIRD RAY - THE SON / DAUGHTER RAY contains equal proportions of Mental and Emotional attributes. It is the Ray of active intelligence, which includes among other attributes the desire to use the Will of our Father God and the Love/Wisdom of our Mother God to become efficient cocreators in the material planes of existence. There are also Memory Code Cells within the Blueprint of Third Ray Souls, which instill a deep, inner desire to become peace-makers and to strive for balance and harmony within the lower-dimensional experiences. 

THE THIRD RAY RADIATES THE POWER THAT ASSISTS HUMANITY IN PERFECTING AND REFINING THEIR MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL BODIES, AS WELL AS A DESIRE TO PERFECT THEIR COCREATIVE SKILLS. This Ray also carries the qualities of tolerance, forbearance, unity and culture. It is the Ray of the SUNS (the sons and daughters of our Father/Mother God), whereby the dynamic mental energy of our Father God sends forth the Seed Thoughts of new Creation. This dynamic, forward moving energy melds with the Second Ray vibrations of our Divine Mother. The Goddess, who embodies the COSMIC WOMB OF CREATION, receives these wondrous Seed Thoughts whereby they are incorporated into the Star Seed Sons and Daughters along with an overlay of her Love / Wisdom attributes.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Beloved masters, integrating greater and greater amounts of Creator Light is a wondrous gift, but it is also a great challenge. For the aspirant on an accelerated path of ascension, what is now arising from within are ancient vibrational patterns from the astral body and the chakra system. These residual, dense vibrations are not based on fact, but are distorted concepts from your animal/human consciousness, which is often a battleground for supremacy between your lower and higher mental and emotional faculties. You must learn to look beyond the personality and the ego of those you interact with and seek to feel the Love Essence of their Soul. Self-awareness must shift from personality-consciousness to Soul-consciousness. You must develop DIVINE INDIFFERENCE TO NEGATIVITY so that you may stay centered within your Sacred Heart, which gives access to your RESERVOIR OF GOD POWER.

The surest indication that you have gained access to your Sacred Heart and the Seed Atom of God Consciousness within is a constant state of JOY and an overwhelming feeling of LOVE. This high frequency radiation from your Sacred Heart Core, via your Solar Power Center, will affect everyone and everything around you. Just as the blessed Essence of Love/Light/Life is radiated to you from the higher dimensions of Light, you must radiate a portion of Living Light outwardly to humanity and the world-at-large.

The Path of Light you are creating, beloveds, will lead you back into the realms of Light where Sacred Love, joy, peace and harmony prevail. Know that we are ever near to guide, direct, inspire and protect you. I am ever your faithful companion."

I AM Archangel Michael

fredag 28. september 2012

You are dearly loved! LAND BRIDGE

You are dearly loved!


   In the old energy spirit appeared before you, and with words such as you are hearing and reading now, gave advice and told you which way to turn... told you what was coming, and told you what to do. And you obeyed your leaders who heard these voices, for this was the way of it. For without the ability to carry your full essence, you were in the dark... moving through lesson, slowly fulfilling karma, but still as the human "pieces of God" of whom I have spoken many times. Let us set the record straight: when Moses knelt before Spirit, he did not kneel before a burning bush or tree; he knelt before the messenger of Spirit. In past channelings and writings I have told you how this appears, for we are entities approximately the size of one of your homes... spinning with magnificent colors, many of them iridescent. This was what Moses saw as the burning bush he described. How else could he have perceived Spirit? But he did indeed hear words, as you are hearing and reading now in full human language of the time - words in the air, heard with human ears - and it was indeed sacred. Moses removed his shoes, much as you have done here this night for similar reasons. 

  And when Moses went back and fulfilled his instructions, something else occurred that you should know of, for it is time you knew of this to set the record straight. When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, as he was told to do by Spirit, he led them across the Red Sea (which was then known as the "Reed Sea"). And if you had been there, you would have seen the high cliffs on each side of this body of water... not a sea you could have waded into easily. Moses then looked for a well-known landmark, a land bridge that spanned this sea, and the Israelites went across it freely and willingly. It was this land bridge that collapsed under the weight of Pharoah's troops and machines, drowning and burying them in the waters. I tell you these things now for credibility reasons, so that you can measure the reality of my words - for this is the way it was. In the next Earth decade you will be allowed to discover the remains of the land bridge for yourselves. It is there for your observation... and you will remember my words as spoken at this communication.
~ Kryon, Book II as channelled by Lee Carroll ~ 

Planet Alert October 2012

"By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on September 27th, 2012
Fall is here, and we now have the beautiful colored trees to enjoy. We are still having summer weather here in Seattle and it is gorgeous. I just love fall weather with the warm days and the cool nights and the beautiful trees. We just experienced the Fall Equinox which brought in some very chaotic energy because it triggered the cardinal cross.  The days prior to the Harvest full moon (September 29 at 9:19 PM PDT) and beyond will continue to be very intense, so stay cool, calm and collected.

The Feast of Tabernacles starts on October 1, 2012 and continues for a week. This was a very important holiday at the time of Jesus and also today. It has been celebrated at this time of year for many years. It is the Harvest Festival and a time for great celebrations. 

Columbus Day is October 8, 2012. This is also a very important date.  I heard from a friend that this Columbus Day would be the end of a 520 year cycle since Columbus discovered America in 1492. I also received an email titled The Fall of the Reptilian Empire, which I found to be very interesting.  A quote from that article says “Before October 7th billions upon billions of Reptilians will be cleared away daily from the astral and etheric planes by the Light Forces. This will be a very chaotic period of time and by October 7th more light will come to Earth”.  If you would like to read this article check out the Cobra web site which is portal2012 and look under Blog Archive.

At the Fall Equinox the North Node was on 29 degrees Scorpio. This is the degree of much light coming to Earth and that chart will be in effect for three months. This energy will continue to affect us for a while. This upcoming full moon will trigger the cardinal cross. In fact, the sun will be in exact opposition to Uranus, the planet of fast moving changes. The Sun will be 7 degrees Libra, Pluto 7 degrees Capricorn and the moon will be conjunct Uranus on 6-7 degrees Aries. If this doesn’t bring lots of changes to Earth I don’t know what will.

Saturn moves into Scorpio on October 5th and starts a whole new energy cycle. For the last 2 ½ years Saturn was in Libra and that meant relationships were the challenge.  This involved relationships with friends, family, people at work, partners, and the relationship you have to yourself.  Now the energy will change to getting in touch with the core of your Being, which is your God center within you. For those who are not ready for this energy, they will experience more transformation of the dark side within them."  forts.

SaLuSa 28 - September - 2012

"The time lines are beginning to merge into the ones that carry the most energy, and are naturally strongest where people have the intent to ascend and those who do not. What you will be looking at is the result of your mass consciousness that is creating according to your wishes. Ascension itself is going to bring changes that have been divinely decreed, and are of Universal  proportions and controlled by the higher forces. You do therefore create your own experiences, and Ascension will be your final one as you leave the cycle of duality, to take your place in the New Age. Events can be changed according to your speed and level of advancement, and that allows for any delay caused by the dark Ones. So we say to you still keep focused on the actual Ascension, and prepare for an input of powerful energy that you will be aware of.

There is always going to be much discussion about how the future events will take place, as there are many different views about it. What you have been promised will certainly come about and you have much to gain from it. In fact the timing has often had to be adjusted, and you are of course now aware  that some events have had to be put back. However, you will not miss out and you will pass on to a higher vibration, and benefit from the many changes that will lift you up further into the Light. The old paradigm will by then have no further influence in your lives, and you will enjoy the absolute peace and joy that comes with the new one.

We are still pushing for our allies to raise their actions, as we would like to see some major changes commence very shortly. That would ease your worries and assure you that the end of the cycle was going to end as predicted. However, that may depend on your expectations as only a minority have any idea of what lies ahead. We will address that in one way or another, so that all souls have a final choice as to whether they desire to leave the lower dimensions for the higher ones. What you can be certain of is that those of you that came into this life having already made their choice to ascend will do so. There will have been high points in their lives that have led them on to the right path, and brought enlightened souls to them. Each of you has had immense help, and you would have had to be quite defiant to go against your life plan that included Ascension.

Ascension is not a 5 minute wonder, but is a path you have been travelling for a very long time and will continue to do so. There have been many highlights, particularly at the end of the last century and your present one. Each one has brought the energies to a higher level than previously. They have gently helped you along, unlike the 21st. December 2012 when all will be noticeably affected. Already many have noticed what have become to be known as Ascension symptoms, that can easily mistaken for the onset of illness. Clearly if they persist it is wise to check your condition with a doctor, as normally they will disappear in a matter of a few days.

Whatever happens go along with it knowing that Ascension is ongoing, and you are not going to miss out because of any delays. It is all planned and soon you will be rid of the Dark Ones, because no matter how devious they are or whatever power they can exert, they have no place in your future. You tend to get depressed when events do not turn out as expected, but if you are of the Light the battle has already been won. There is lots to be done to move you quickly into the New Age but we are more than equal to the task. We are constantly amending our plans to suit whatever situation comes up, and that is no problem at all for us,

The pivotal point at present revolves around the Presidential Elections in the U.S. Our man is the one chosen to lead you out of duality, and that is because he has immense spiritual experience and understanding to meet the challenge. There are others around him also ready to join up in a new Government, that will be based on new principles and truly represent the people. There will be no failure or repeat of what you previously experienced, as the dark Ones have had their day and capitulated to the Light. So please do not be too concerned by the threats of those who still promote greed and self power. They will not figure in the new Government which is to be for the people.

Accept that what happens is part of the cleansing that must take place, before the changes can be introduced. Mother Earth will also need to take some actions, but they will not be as severe as some people forecast. We of the Galactic Federation are still overseeing all that happens on Earth, and take part in many things that you are not aware of. So please do not feel that we are non-active, when in fact we are probably more involved than ever before. You are certainly seeing more of us, and the best is yet to come when we can arrange our flyovers. We register that disclosure has is being powered by the people, and we applaud your initiative and persistence. Anything that awakens people to the truth is well worthwhile.

Obviously the next few weeks are going to be very important, and you should be able to see where matters are heading. You can expect to see more charges come out against corrupt bankers as their activities are investigated. It takes time to gather the appropriate evidence, and it needs to be thorough. Some flee rather than face the music, and for the time being they will get away with their crimes but will eventually answer for them. Our main thrust is to see them removed, so that we are left with trustworthy and reliable people to handle the new financial arrangements. It is all part of moving you on and bridging the gap between the old and the new systems.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so happy to see how far you have advanced in such a short time. Nothing was taken for granted as you were facing a very stiff test, and you are winning all the way down the line. Keep on looking ahead and do not relax your determination to see this cycle through to the very end. You are indeed Warriors of the Light."

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.