torsdag 27. januar 2011

Den siste Olje ... ?

Cannaler: Navajo
27. januar 2011

Everything and everyone has their part to play, even, maybe especially the Dark Lords!

Matt Simmons, Oil & Energy Specialist, was assassinated in his home for telling the truth about the Gulf of Mexico. From the moment of the Gulf Oil “spill” back in April of 2010. Matt Simmons went on record as saying the “spill” was a total hoax, a lie, a fabrication made up by BP and upheld by the shadow government of the United States. He could see from the video and evidence being presented on the television that something much more disastrous had occurred. The oil spill, in fact, is not a “spill” at all, but a gusher, a volcano of oil from another well that blew out for over a mile and has never stopped spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Never! Not to this day in January 2011.

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