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Mira the Pleiadian: Readiness is Key 2012 JULY 31

Mira the Pleiadian: Readiness is Key  2012 JULY 31
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As channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ July 30, 2012


"Greetings, I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council on assignment with the Earth Council. I greet you with much anticipated news of the developments for your highest awakening. Every moment we come closer to the tipping point of what is needed for the Light to prevail and Higher Consciousness to reign in the majority of the population on planet Earth.  We are so close, dear friends. Much is waiting to transpire. You are so close to meeting your Galactic friends. Many of you have reached out and many are waiting for contact. 

The atmosphere in your hearts approaches the necessary climate for this meeting. We have contacted many of you in your dream state and we have contacted many of you in your waking state. You are feeling us closer. You are accepting us more. You are eagerly awaiting further contact.  Please keep your hearts open and your desires focused on the reunion with us. Your prayers and mass meditations are tipping the scales towards the needed Light quotient for a peaceful and exciting reunion."     forts.

Montague Keen July 29, 2012

Montague Keen July 29, 2012

"It is exciting, my dear, that so many from all over your world are connecting with you at this most auspicious time. This is as it was planned before you returned to Earth; that together, you would restore your planet to the light of truth and justice. You chose to enter different countries and races, knowing without doubt, that one day you would all come together, recognise each other, and work together to awaken those who are lost in the control system, frightened to think for themselves.

2012 is the year that the Transformation must, and will, happen. You will overcome the obstacles which the Cabal will put in your way. Look at them as stepping stones. The Cabal will not go easily. They like their way of life, in control of planet Earth. Some of them may even try to embrace the Light, but most will be defiant to the end. They still see themselves as superior to the rest of you, but nothing could be further from the truth. Many of them are now gathered in London, believing that they will achieve their hearts' desire - a New World Order, with one government for all and the removal of all humans who are not required by them. This is most certainly not going to happen. They may still attempt their FAKE ALIEN INVASION, but as you were told, there will be several friendly, large cloaked ships over the larger venues, preventing any shenanigans regarding alien invasion scenarios. The Spirit World and your friends from other planets will not allow this to happen. We have given you this information over the last few years, so it did not come as a surprise to hear the government's claim that there may be an alien invasion; despite having insisted, over the years, that aliens did not exist ! Surely people cannot believe what they say on this matter.

Every day, exciting information is brought to your attention that completes the picture. You were surprised to learn that when the Irish people, who are the ARYAN RACE, followed the Sun to Egypt and made the link that is obvious to researchers; that on their return to Ireland, having wandered in the desert trying to get back to Ireland, they had difficulties. So some settled in what is now known as IRAN. You will find some in ancient Germany and Austria but only in ancient times. Many in Iran have the same DNA as the Irish.

You rightly ask why was all this hidden from you? It was done to control you - to keep you ignorant of your true history. Research for yourselves. The answers are there. It is time to forget all that you were taught. Start again with a clear mind, as children. Disregard those who have lied to you, such as your religions and the education systems. To them, the truth is whatever they chose at any particular moment. Be prepared to face the truth, no matter how shocking it may be. We have been preparing you for this for many years. Be excited, because you are about to achieve what you came on Earth to achieve."   forts.

"Exciting times, my love. Forever your adoring, Monty."

Monday, July 30, 2012 The Plan and What You Can Do

Monday, July 30, 2012
The Plan and What You Can Do

"I have received new intel about the Plan.

The Event will be a multidimensional breakthrough for planet Earth that will send waves of Light across the Universe. The Event will be spiritual and physical in nature. It will encompass a breakthrough in removal of non-physical negative entities, mass arrests of the Cabal and drastic increase of sightings of positive UFOs. It will be an unified effort of the Pleiadians, the Resistance Movement, Positive Military, White Dragon Society and other positive groups.

The Event is scheduled for October this year or later.

The Event is only the beginning, then things will go as fast as humanity can integrate. First Contact operations will proceed along with the restructuring of the system. New financial system will be very short lived since after the First Contact money will become obsolete. The Ascension will NOT happen on December 21st. Humanity needs a lot of healing and December 21st is just the beginning of the Ascension process."   forts.

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/29/12 ‘Planet Terra’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/29/12 ‘Planet Terra’
As channeled through Greg Giles

"Terra is the name given to your world that many of us here on our side of the veil use to refer to your planet, what you refer to as Earth. We have named your planet Terra, for it has many subtle and hidden meanings within this name. Terra sounds a lot like the word terror, does it not, dear ones? And it is terror that many of you have experienced here on many different levels for many eons. War is terror, death has been terror too, and even love sometimes can be quite terrifying for some of you. There are many different stages and levels of terror and fear, and each of you has gone through an initiation, if you will, of all of these differing levels of your education and advancement in this universe. That's what your road trip, your field trip to Terra has been all about in the largest sense, in the greater picture, for without the education that you have been blessed with here in this oftentimes frightening world, you could not have evolved as quickly, as sharply, as strongly, as wisely, as seasoned, as committed and determined as you have emerged from all of these lessons and experiences here on ‘Terror’.

It was never meant to be a place that can frighten an individual out of his wits, as you say, however, certain aspects of your world came as a result of choices that the occupants of this world had made and your world today is a result of some, not all, but some of these choices. Some of the aspects of your world have been designed and created by us on this side of the veil to assist you in your learning process, for this is what you asked of us, this is what you desired. You wanted to come here to learn, to grow, to be able to forge your wings that would fly you to freedom up in to the higher realms of this universe. You did not come here for a vacation, or for fun, or for relaxation, or enjoyment or for pleasure dear ones, you came here to increase greatly your learning curve and this entire world has been honed as a very productive tool specifically for this purpose, to reach this end.

What you have been doing here has not been a joy ride, has not been a pleasure cruise. We understand this, and often our hearts have broken for you as you struggled through tumultuous twists and turns in this often dark, unfriendly, unforgiving, unrewarding, unloving and undesirable world, but we had to allow you to continue your journey here unencumbered by our hearts offering of assistance to you. We could not always bail you out of trouble and we could not always furnish you with the choice that would bring to you a less harsh and more pleasurable experience. We wish we could so often as we love you dearly, but this would not help you in the end and would make so much of your efforts here simply a waste of your time, your effort, your energy and your struggles to survive, to go another day, walk another mile and learn another lesson."    forts.

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/30/12 ‘Time Conquered’

Det er om å gjøre å fatte begrepet 'tid' og hva det er for noe.  Opplevelsen av tiden er knyttet til hvilken dimensjons frekvenser du bærer - høyere eller lavere.  All opplevelse avviker fra 3d når du åpner opp for at høyere bevissthet får komme inn i systemet ditt.  Du åpner portaler ved å forstå.

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/30/12 ‘Time Conquered’
As channeled through Greg Giles

"In harmony we will rise to any challenges set before us as we together begin the renewing of our bonds, our ties, our relationships, our love and service to each other, to this universe and to our Creator, the Creator of all things that we enjoy, that we love, that we cherish, that we save within our memories that have brought us happiness, pleasure and even pain sometimes, as all our experiences have brought us closer to the oneness of it all in this universe, closer to each other, closer to our higher selves and closer to our Creator who began all this for us to enjoy, to learn, to grow, to experience existence, experience life here in his magnificent universe. 

It is time to now begin the next steps on our journey together, steps that will bring you into a brand new world, a brand-new universe, for you will be leaving behind everything that you have come to know as your reality, for nothing will be the same for you once you step out through that door in the near days ahead, days that are approaching very rapidly for you as time is quickening. Can you feel this, dear ones? Can you feel that time is collapsing on itself, that it is becoming powerless against you and your will? Time is disappearing, evaporating, vanishing, and will very soon for you matter no more as time will have run out, if you will, and you will find yourself emerged in more of a ‘timeless’ state of being. This is what you have to look forward to, and we suggest to you to not count the minutes, days and hours until all of this begins for you as when you do this you are empowering time, you are giving time power, you are giving time domain over you. You are giving time a right it does not naturally possess, for time is not a governor, is not a ruler, a king, a God, a Creator. Time is but an abstract, an aspect, a product of yours and our creation.

We, the beings that inhabit this wonderful universe created time so we could experiment with it, to better experience and understand our universe, ourselves and each other. This is all time is. Time is no more than this, but it is also no less than this. We say to you do not make time more than it is. Do not believe for one moment that you cannot conquer time, for time is already conquered, as we have created it and we have never given time any powers over us in any way as this was never part of our dream and vision for this particular creation. Releasing the shackles of time will be incredibly liberating for you, for you will not age as you do at this time, you will not tire as you may at this time, you will not have certain deadlines that you struggle to meet, although you will still have remnants remaining of what you have come to know as time, we wish to be clear on this."  forts.

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In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey

Dear Friends,

I feel that I should give my views as to what I feel about Disclosure as referred to in SaLuSa's message of today the 30th. July. It should answer questions that are being asked, and hopefully give out more Light through a better understanding of what is behind these events.

Naturally I did contemplate what type of message I would get today, as it would have seemed odd if there was no reference to the earlier messages about Disclosure. I found that mine came through very strongly which made me feel confident that it was genuine. After receiving it I naturally mulled over it's contents, and it seemed to me that there was definitely a concentrated focus upon the Olympic Games in London. Also that it was no coincidence that the live Sky T.V. coverage of the opening ceremony,  revealed a Space Craft observing it and clearly seen in the background when the fireworks display was taking place.

It was also claimed in someone else's message, that the higher plan was for the Olympics to be held in London, and I recall it was because Great Britain is considered to be the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth. Whatever the outcome is I believe the Light will have become much more powerful as a result. I also feel that it will have provided protection against any attempts of the dark Ones to interfere with the Olympics, and what could be better than such an occasion being used to bring Disclosure to the public's notice.

As I see it the only possibility that the proposed day for Disclosure would change would be by Divine command and as we often say, it is not written in stone. SaLuSa indicates this be so by referring to the Disclosure date of Saturday the 4th. August as being one of "intent" thus allowing for change if it was proved necessary. The dark Ones would clearly like to use the event for their own agenda, and it has been said that a fake alien attack was planned using real craft and holographic projections. However, one would like to think that it in no circumstances would it be allowed. 

On the other hand it might be so if it was stopped in its tracks, to reveal to everyone that it was a false flag attack by the Illuminati. Either way the truth about UFO's and Extraterrestrials could no longer continue to be denied, and I hope that some Leaders will come out with the truth as requested. For me nothing would be better than it to come from President Obama, who I still firmly believe is a great Being of Light, and would be giving a lead to the rest of the world.

These coming days will be filled with anticipation and excitement, and I hope we will witness a great step forward to fulfill our expectations. 

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa & Mike 30-July-2012

SaLuSa  30-July-2012

"Dear Ones as you are learning from a number of sources, the point has been reached when Divine instructions have been given that action shall be taken without delay to announce our presence. We have shown extreme patience and given your leaders plenty of opportunity to take the steps called for to release you from the control of the Illuminati. We know that they too are also  like many people in fear of them, but that has to be put aside to allow the truth to come out. The Olympics is the window that is being given world attention, and we cannot think of a better way to make it known. Time is fast running away and we must be given the opportunity to make ourselves known to you.

Some will still choose to disbelieve our messages, but that is their free choice which we honor. However, there is the important matter of Ascension and much to do in these final days, and we cannot wait any longer. Our allies have gone as far as can be reasonably expected, and they need complete freedom to go surging ahead with their final responsibilities. So very shortly the clearing up process will be able to proceed without further hindrance from the dark Ones. Your lives are to some extent to be turned upside down, although many people are already prepared for it. We hope that some leaders will heed our request and not wait until we are forced to intervene, but if we have to we are fully ready.

The coming period will show those who are of the Light, as they will be able to step forward with our blessing and take the reins from those who are not. We want to stop all actions that are happening or proposed, that are purposefully directed at you the people to limit what little freedom you have left. You do have good souls of the Light that are here at this time to handle such matters. Hitherto you have had too may people in high places that have become corrupt, and do not know who you can trust. That must change and we are the ones to help you, as we know exactly what level of Light people are at and whether they are honest and proven to have the interest of others at heart."   forts.

Messages from Spirit by Mike Quisney

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American Kabuki – Bank Arrests – New List – 28 July 2012

American Kabuki – Bank Arrests – New List – 28 July 2012
Posted on July 28, 2012 by lucas2012
Cindy has graciously taken on the task of collecting reports of banker arrests into one list.  You will find a permanent link to her web page at the top of my blog under “BANKERS ARRESTED”   http://consciouslyconnecting.blog.com/2012/07/25/bankers-and-brokers-and-inside-traders-arrested-oh-my/

"Out of curiosity I Googled bankers, brokers and inside traders with arrested and July. Here’s the results:
Bankers and Brokers and Inside Traders Arrested, Oh My!

6/23/12: Social welfare ‘scam’: Two bank officials arrested Muzaffarnagar, India Jul 23 (PTI) Two officials of a public sector bank were arrested for their alleged involvement in a multi-crore Rupee scam in the Uttar Pradesh social welfare department, police said today. The bank’s branch manager Pramod Sharma and cashier Rajender Sharma were arrested yesterday in this connection, SP (City) Raj Kamal Yadav said. He also said that a hunt was on to nab Anil Verma, the main accused in the scam that took place during 2008-09. A former district welfare officer, Rinku Singh Rahi, had alleged a multi-crore scam in the social welfare department by staging a dharna in Lucknow seeking reply to an RTI query in connection with the “scam”. The Samajwadi Party government had ordered a probe into Rahi’s charges after coming to power in March this year.

6/25/12: Ex-SMBC Banker Arrested Amid Insider Trading Probe - Tokyo, A former SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. executive was arrested yesterday, becoming the first banker from a major Japanese brokerage to be detained for suspected insider trading since 2008. The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission and Yokohama city prosecutors are investigating former SMBC Nikko executive Hiroyoshi Yoshioka, 50, and three other people, the financial watchdog said in a statement.

6/25/12: Indonesia: Sumatran city of Medan ‘turning into terror financing centre’ – Jakarta, 25 June (AKI/Jakarta Post) – Indonesian officials said Medan, in North Sumatra, is turning into a centre for terrorism financing, following the arrest of five suspects with assets worth nearly Rp 8 billion (US$848,000), allegedly used to fund paramilitary training and terrorism operations. A suspect led police and armed anti-terrorism personnel to seize four houses, one shop, three cars and seven motorcycles in three locations that were purchased using funds the arrested suspects got from hacking a multi-level marketing website.The members bought the account numbers of bank clients in and outside the country. Some terrorist suspects posed as multi-level marketing members and sought more customers. “The hackers transferred the credit points to their accounts, and then sold them to brokers, who transferred the money equivalent to their bank accounts.”   forts.

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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/27/12 ‘Time to Begin Project 1’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/27/12 ‘Time to Begin Project 1’
As channeled through Greg Giles

"Mounting problems and difficulties in you world precipitate a faster move-up of some of the projects we have earlier discussed with you, dear ones. We have convened, and we have reached a decision that we will at this time begin our many projects with you, one at a time and in order of their urgency and importance. What we would like to see today is a showing of hands, if you will, of those who wish to take part in our first project which will be the strengthening and re-fortification of seawalls of your shorelines in strategic areas of your world where your shores are not adequately protecting communities inland. We would like to see you leave your names under our message today wherever it is you find this message and we will duly note your names if we consider you a safe prospect and an addition to our team that will be a positive.

These are primarily the two prerequisites, although we have accumulated a short list of names of those who we feel we would not prefer to work with at this time. We hope those of you who are on the short list understand and also see that the reasons for this have been the way you have treated others and spoken to others throughout your online communities over the past few weeks, months and years since many of these changes and our messages have become aware to you. We simply feel it would not be fair to those who you have treated in negative ways to be working side-by-side with you as you have shown no proficiency and willingness to treat others with kindness, with caring, with love, with fairness, with decency.

For your own sake and for the possibility of your future employ with our organization, we suggest to those of you who do wish to work with us and even those who do not wish to work with us to better treat those around you, for not being included in our work with us is merely one negative result of your behavior, as there are many negative results of your behavior that flow like an uncontrollable river, damaging yourself and others in its wake. Do you understand this? Do you understand that there are better ways to treat others than to slam them with your insults, your heated opinions, your tirades, your name-calling, your slandering, your obscenities, your hatred, your anger, your dismissal, your one-way rhetoric?"   forts.

SaLuSa & Mike 27-July-2012

SaLuSa  27-July-2012
"Look around you and keep your eyes and ears open, as you will see evidence of the arrests that are beginning to spread around the world. We have often urged our allies to speed up their actions, but at the same time we have allowed for the need to make sure everything proceeds as is necessary. The weight of evidence against those who have corrupted the banking system is overwhelming, and it is therefore the right time to strike. These are some of the most important issues to be dealt with, and our next moves hinge upon the outcome. It is clear that the old system must be totally changed, and currently the banks are far too big and powerful. Ultimately they must be reduced in size and made more accountable to the people they serve. By far the biggest problem is debt, and the giving of more bail outs only compounds the situation that now exists and threatens total collapse. That however is a blessing in disguise, inasmuch that the position is irretrievable and we have the solution which they will be forced to accept. There is no other way than debt forgiveness for all of those countries that have had to take crippling loans. It can then be extended to many personal situations, but not where money is owed for services rendered.
You cannot expect to move on and take in the changes that are going to lift you up, unless the rubbish has first been swept away. So Dear Ones if you find it possible to enjoy the demise of the cabal, do so knowing that they will soon be unable to dictate your life style to you any more. The misery, poverty and lack will be changed by the coming of abundance, along with the restoration of your freedom. It is what you have been waiting for and will go ahead once governmental changes have taken place. Just bide your time and let the predictions of catastrophic events pass you by, as you have far more to look forward to that is positive and for your benefit. Have we not told you many times that all is well, and you are already on the path to Ascension which will see the final end of duality. You should know by now that if you are ready to ascend you will be successfully living your truth, and act from a position of understanding of the Oneness of all souls and treat them accordingly. Perfection is not expected whilst you are still learning to raise your vibrations, therefore intent is a very necessary requirement."   forts.

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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/26/12 ‘Time Portal Earth &Time’ As channeled through Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/26/12 ‘Time Portal Earth &Time’
As channeled through Greg Giles

"Do you see now why we have not yet begun our many projects and programs with you dear ones? Do you understand that the playing field must be cleared of what we feel are sufficient numbers of your criminal cabal so that we may feel secure entering your world to begin working with you on a personal level? At this time, there are still far too many ‘loose cannons on deck’, and we wish to see far more numbers of those of your criminal elements apprehended and incarcerated before we set a foot on your soil that at this time we feel is unsafe and unprotected ground. We have all the confidence in the world this will indeed change, and we are monitoring this situation around-the-clock and day by day and we will keep you abreast of any and all updates regarding this matter. We will not keep you in the dark for one moment longer than you have to be, as we firmly believe and it is our philosophy that the people of worlds have a right to know about everything that transpires in and around their world and also throughout the entire universe, for we share this universe and what happens in one area of space and time affects all areas like a pebble dropping into a stilled pond. 

Do you understand this metaphor, dear ones? That one tiny splash in one corner of the galaxies affects all other reaches of this entire universe, no matter how small the splash or the pebble. Understanding this may help you better understand why we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here knocking on your door with offers of our assistance to change the structure and the nature of your planet, for your pond is connected to this great ocean of our universe and we feel your pain, we experience your losses and struggles, for we are connected to you. You are our kin, our brothers and sisters. You are, in another way, a very important way, us and we are you. Do you understand yet that there are those of you who are younger shades of some of us? Not all of you hold this distinction, we wish to make that clear, and we feel this will clear some question, confusion and mystery.

There are some of you who are younger forms of us, if you will, of beings who are at this time standing here with us as members of our organization. Some of you are parts or pieces of another being that is here working with us on this side of the veil. Many of you reading these words could even be writing these words and sharing them through our channel. Do you understand this? Do you understand that there are multiple parts, multiple facets of your being, as you are a multi-dimensional, multi-time, multi-space, even multi-universal being? Are you starting to get a clearer picture of what is possible for you dear ones? Again, not all of you hold this classification or distinction. Some of you are you. In other words, the total sum of ‘you’ is contained within your physical vessel at this moment in your time. Some of you do not have higher parts in other places and other times at this moment, of what you consider time anyway. Not all of you come from the same places, not all of you are made of the same aspects of creation, of form, of spirit."


"As we move closer to the 5th Dimension, we are learning to come from the Heart, rather than the Mind. This can be a challenging transition, for we are programed from an early age, to rely on the mind. Yet its the heart which speaks our inner truth & soul yearnings. The heart leads the way to our true purpose & fulfilment. We are learning that the mind can be a trap of illusion, ego, materialism & empty desires. The mind of course does serve a great purpose, for analysing & the ego IS actually necessary - after all, how else would we get the confidence to achieve great feats, do new things & take risks? The mind & heart working together in balance, is our ultimate goal. What wonders we will create in the world, when this is achieved! Below are some interesting facts about the heart;
The heart's electro-magnetic field is the most powerful created by the body and is 5000 times more powerful than that created by the brain.

Your heart is the strongest biological oscillator in the body and therefore tends to  influence all other body systems.

Your heart's energy field radiates two to three meters.

It is hard to break old stress patterns and responses as they tend to be deeply imprinted on the neural circuitries. Therapy that only deals with the mind may provide us with relief through insight but doesn't always heal deep wounds.

Practices that access the wisdom and healing power of the heart are the most successful at transforming anxiety, stress, fear, anger and grief.
Interesting isnt it? There is so much more on the hearts energy to explore but for now, just a short sharing.

Sending you all love & wishing you all an open heart xx."

Message from the Ashtar Command 7/25/12 ‘Strengthening Your Shorelines’

Message from the Ashtar Command 7/25/12 ‘Strengthening Your Shorelines’

As channeled through Greg Giles

"We are movers and we are shakers, universal in size and scope. We come to worlds that we feel could benefit from our assistance with big ideas on our minds, big plans, big dreams and big hopes for a better world for those we have come to with offers of our assistance. We have come to your world with a vision for a bright new start for all of you and for your mother planet as well. What we have planned for you is something so spectacular, so beautiful, so enormous that it will indeed take some time to complete, but even in the early stages of all the plans that we have for you we feel you will reap at least a few benefits from our presence here and our willingness to offer you our assistance, our manpower, our technologies and wisdom.

Many of you with eyes that see look around you and see a world that has surely hit a dead end stop, for your eyes have vision, they have clarity, they see what others do not see, others cannot see, others will not see, for some others are not yet prepared to see, do you see? Not everyone has reached the same level of evolution as some of the others. That's all. This is not a war between those awakened, those un-awakened and all those somewhere in between. You are all friends, neighbors and family. You are all in this together, and you have all been in this together for a very, very long time. If you understood how long many of you have indeed been neighbors, family and friends on this long and what seemed a very isolated, dark and dangerous journey, we feel you would all begin to treat each other a little differently, better than some of you are treating others at this time.

We do not wish to say that all of you can do with treating each other a little better, as some of you show others kindness and respect, love, understanding, patience, tolerance, a sense of humor, fairness, justice, honesty, charity, mercy and forgiveness very often and this warms our hearts so, and this is why the time has come to visit your world and offer you the gifts that we possess. It is because of those of you who have learned to treat each other in these ways that we, along with other Galactic commands, are here knocking on your door with flowers, presents and large smiles on our faces. We have come here with our friends and family, children and pets too. We have come here with our entire families."

Vi fantaserte om Jorda som skjulested

Min fantasi om fantasien ...

Vi skapte en gang en illusjon som skulle gi oss følelsen av frihet uten noens inngripen eller styring.  Vi ville stikke oss bort ved hjelp av en drøm.  Vi fikk ordnet det slik at drømmen ble spunnet inn i en planet, som fikk navnet Gaia / Moder Jord. Den var ment som skjulestedet hvor friheten skulle sette dagsorden.  Det ble grepet inn fra universet (uten vår viten), og det ble opprettet en illusorisk dimensjon for oss som ble kalt 3d.  Den var ment å forsvinne over tid.  Nå har vi vandret uendelig lenge i denne en gang så etterlengtede drømmetilstanden, og 3d oppløses når vi forstår stadig mer - det var forutsetningen da det ble grepet inn bak vår rygg.  

Flere av oss våkner opp og ser endringene i øynene - et helt nytt perspektiv former seg.  Vi forstår nå at Jorda og 3d ikke er et sted hvor fortløpende utvikling av tankeevne eller andre evner, kan skje.  Vi har bare gått i ring og repetert i uminnelige tider - dette demrer for oss nå.  Vi har ikke ekspandert, men vårt system er nå topp utviklet og krever ekspansjon av seg sjøl - uten at vi helt er klar over hva vi vil.  Vi ser oss rundt etter nye utveier, nye vinkler å forstå verden fra, nye måter å sette sammen tankene på og nye metoder for formidling og utvikling ut over det individuelle univers.  Dette opptar mange av oss idag, uten at vi øyner dybden i det vi holder på med.

Vi har drept hverandre og også oss sjøl (selvmord) hele tida - nå er vi lei av det.  Vi ser ikke at denne virksomheten er tegn på mer utvikling.  Vi oppdager også at relasjoner brytes fort ned av egoisme som kommer inn og legger det øde, som er i bevegelse.  Tillit er noe som fortsatt henger løst mellom oss aktørene på spillebrettet.  Vi ser ikke så klart at en spesiell fødsel er igang, en fødsel hvor vi er både den fødende og det som forløses. Slik er det likevel.  Vi er den som holder døra åpen og tar imot - samtidig som vi er den som kommer.  Vi forlater ett oppholdssted for å innta et nytt. Den bevegelsen er vi i nå.


onsdag 25. juli 2012

"Neglected personal issues are arising, sometimes very forcefully indeed."

"Neglected personal issues are arising, sometimes very forcefully indeed."      07/25/2012 by John Smallman

"Awakening — the fabulous event to which so many are looking forward with great expectancy — is on course and on schedule to arrive precisely as intended by humanity’s collective will, which is now sufficiently in alignment with God’s to ensure that there will be no reversals or turning back.  The end, the destination, is clearly defined and cannot be avoided.  Therefore release all your worries and anxieties.  What you are hoping for, praying for, longing for is not an insane and imaginary concept, dreamt up by a few wishful thinkers.  It is Reality, your eternal Home, which the illusion has kept shrouded in fog and hidden from you for far too long.

It is, and 
always has been, your intent to awaken (you had just lost your way temporarily in dreamland), and the moment for that to occur is fast approaching. Your will is to awaken, and God’s Will is for you to awaken; you just allowed yourselves to be distracted from Reality by the enticements of the illusion for a moment or two, and now they no longer hold any interest for you. You intensely desire to awaken, and as the intensity of that desire spreads throughout humanity it will no longer be denied.

Every human is engaged in the unavoidable process of addressing the personal issues that he has neglected or denied, whatever the reason maybe, as they break into his conscious mind, sometimes very forcefully indeed.  For those who have been unaware of their spiritual side — or who have been avoiding considering the possibility that they may have one! — these issues, arising in their awareness unbidden, can be very alarming.  Some may think they are going mad, others may feel that they are about to have a nervous breakdown."

Messages from the Angels; "Don't worry, be happy ..."

Så sant, så sant - det har ingen hensikt å bekymre seg eller være lei seg for noe - glem det, vær heller glad.  Det er forsøket verdt!

Messages from the Angels
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Don't worry, be happy..."

"Why waste your time on worry dear ones? It is a learned habit that unfortunately serves no purpose but nonetheless plagues a great many of you upon your planet earth. Children don't worry. They cry and expect to be cared for. Animals don't worry, they exist in the present moment surrendering to the instincts within them and the world around them. Humanity is unique in that it is the only species that feels as if fretting about the future is actually a way to demonstrate love and responsibility. It is in truth, a way you avoid responsibility, and a rather awkward demonstration of love at that.

We've said this so many times Your world operates according to the laws of vibration. Like sonar, you send out signals and receive the honest echo back into your lives. When you worry, you are sending out fearful signals. "I am worried that I cannot pay my bills," you say, all the while commanding the universe to make it difficult to pay your bills. "I am worried about my health," you say, all the while putting out signals that you are not supporting your own vibrancy. "I am worried about my children," you say while picturing them in woeful circumstances and surrounding them with fearful energies. Dear ones, if you could see the effects of your worry, you would see that worry is a weak poison in your lives and the lives of those you worry about.

Far better to say, "God I'm having trouble paying my bills. I don't know how but You do! I have faith that you love me. If I have something to learn, teach me gently, otherwise I know you will bring me my miracles!" Far kinder to yourself to say, "I'm scared about my health. Can you comfort me, and guide me to do and crave things that are healthy for this body?" Far better to say, "I love my children God. Uplift them, keep them safe, and if by some chance they are choosing tough lessons that will be hard for me to watch, comfort me and let me know how to best support them." Dear ones, put love into the world with your prayers. Don't poison your world and the world of others with worry. We know it is a habit so many of you have learned, and like any habit, it can take awhile to change, but we have faith in you, and we love you, and we are there to assist.

Truly dear ones, "Don't worry. Be Happy." You are loved. You are eternal. And your earth is just a school for the soul. Everyone eventually will find their way back home." forts.

Duality and the Triune Force – A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon, July 2012

Interessante refleksjoner over aktuelle tema.

Duality and the Triune Force – A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon, July 2012
"You live in a dualistic universe. This is its very nature. It manifests as the principle of opposites in that forces tend to have equal and opposite reactions. This applies to the physics of your universe and to the very nature of dualistic consciousness itself.

This dualistic nature of your universe is being affected by the Time Acceleration that you are going through. One net result of this is an increase in duality or the polarization of human consciousness.

Polarized conflicts between nations, communities, religions and persons are on the rise. This unfortunate state of affairs is to be expected as planetary and galactic energetics increase.

Our message deals with a strategy for navigating through the difficulties of increased polarization. Indeed you may have already discovered that in some of your social circles there is a type of hostility and polarized views of situations.

The strategy we suggest is called the Triune Force.

It is an attribute of spiritual mastery and will allow you to move through polarization with greater efficiency and a greater likelihood of manifesting what you desire as opposed to being “caught up” in the dramas of polarization and conflict.

The principle is simple. As a human being you tend to be attracted to persons or situations, or you are repulsed by them. This tendency to fall into attraction or repulsion is, for the most part, an unconscious act.

You may encounter someone and feel drawn to him or her, and the depth or intensity of the attraction may cause you to delete other information about the person. Likewise as situations arise around you, whether they be social, political or religious, you may likewise find yourself drawn to these situations without other information that would be helpful in determining if a given situation was “right” for you or not.

The same holds true for repulsion. You may find yourself repulsed by someone, or a situation, and likewise, identify with the repulsion, thereby cutting yourself off from other information that might be helpful."

Tre Top Bank Execs Arrested in European Bank Fraud

Lenge har det blitt annonsert at arrestasjoner av korrupte bankfolk, ville starte - nå ser det endelig ut til å skje.

3 Top Bank Execs Arrested in European Bank Fraud

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"While many search the web for evidence of the arrests of members of the criminal cabal, one such story has surely broken through the cabal imposed media blackout. Three of Ireland's leading bank executives, former Anglo-Irish Bank chief Sean Fitzpatrick, ex-Finance Director Willie McAteer, and managing director for Ireland Pat Whelan were arrested on Tuesday, 7/24/12, for their crimes that led to Ireland's largest ever bank failure. Three others, who happen to be among Ireland's wealthiest residents, were also implicated for their roles in these crimes. 

In other news, former International Monetary Fund and Bankia chief Rodrigo Rato was arrested on 7/6/12 and charged with criminal fraud for his role in the bankruptcy of Bankia, Spain's 3rd largest banking institution, which is at the center of the country's economic crash and occupy movement which was motivated, in part, after Bankia, which was only in business less than two years, received a bailout from taxpayers of over 19 Billion Euros.

Former International Monetary Fund and Bankia chief Rodrigo Rato

On the Asian front, the elder brother of South Korean president Lee Myung-Buk has been arrested on corruption charges, leading to a possible regime change as elections for the country are later this year."

SaLuSa 25-July-2012

SaLuSa 25-July-2012

"We have been with you for a long, long time and like you are looking forward to the end of duality. You have faced tremendous challenges but responded to the Light and Love that has been directed towards you from many different sources. The higher powers behind the Plan for your enlightenment have been proved to have made the right decisions, as you now stand on the threshold of Ascension. No two of you have had identical experiences, yet so many of you are now ready to take those final steps of upliftment and ascend. As your race slipped down into the Dark Ages what little Light that existed was suppressed, and individuals were kept quiet with the threat of death for speaking out.

Today you have much more freedom of speech, yet those who tell too much of the truth are still in fear of their lives. Naturally we will support and protect such Beings, as long as it does not interfere with their life plan. We and also the Angelic Kingdom can give complete protection if necessary, and some extremely important souls have had to be saved more times than you would possibly expect. Of course in your own way, you are all important and each one of you does have Angels that keep with you throughout your life. There are no coincidences where happenings are of major importance to you, yet you may not even be aware of what has taken place.

When you are calm and in a peaceful state your Higher Self can be contacted, but the problem is that very often people do not heed the advice they get. So if you stray from your life plan, it will not be for the lack of help from your Guides. Ultimately it is you who decides what you do, but with your decisions  comes responsibility for the outcome. Generally speaking it is your ego which you have programmed to act in your interests, that has control over your actions. When you are in the course of change and particularly when uplifting your vibrations, it can try to persuade you to continue in your old ways."

Messages from Spirit by Mike Quisney

Sheldan Nidle’s Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Sheldan Nidle’s Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy
The next series of disclosures is ready to go, as are the actions which will slip your world ever closer to its grand shift. Heaven has decreed that this is now to proceed and all impediments are to be removed. Many individuals, who are not widely known, are to make the announcements that usher in the transitional governments and liberate humanity from its eons-long involuntary servitude.

8 Batz, 4 Vayeb, 8 Manik


We return! Much continues to take place behind the facade of your world. The dark cabal's global banking system is crumbling at an ever-increasing rate, and a raft of banking CEOs is being forced to resign. Interpol and associated agencies are stepping up their investigations into the LIBOR scandal which now appears to have no clear boundaries, and indeed this operation is starting to threaten numerous governments in Europe and Asia with collapse. As the crisis grows, the BRIC nations and their allies are informing the cabal that its attempts to reinstate its electronic fiat currencies are banned forthwith. This is further exacerbated by a lack of available capital. The political situation in Europe and, shortly, in North America, is reaching a boiling point. Something has to be done swiftly, or the present economic construct is sure to collapse. The new economic system favored by the coalition of BRIC nations is now fully ready to be rolled out at a moment's notice, and pursuant to this, several nations in Asia have placed liens on a number of major western banks.

These developments are further complicated by the mounting turbulence in the Middle East and parts of South Asia, and this growing instability is also ready to boil over. Meanwhile, the interlocked financial crises in Europe and the rest of the world persist, and will remain unsolvable without vast banking reforms and global debt forgiveness. It is not a situation the world can just sweep under the proverbial rug, and this the dark cabal now realizes. As a result it knows that its power in the world is coming to an end. A series of events now underway will very shortly cause the downfall of the cabal, by first isolating its members and then removing them from power. This will bring in NESARA in North America and, like ripples in a pond, facsimiles of this act will spread across the globe. This new governance is to lead to the global liberation of humanity and the formal disclosure of our existence. 

Then we can begin the announcements that will transform your worldview and your reality forever!
As you approach this watershed moment, remember that a whole series of events needs to take place prior to disclosure. Our Earth allies fully comprehend what is now happening. The reality construct that has manipulated your lives and your world needs to collapse completely to permit the new system to take its place. This new system is currently being nudged into place by the same circumstances that are taking the old one down. This operation is happening at a very quick pace. The present system cannot sustain another extreme crisis, and such a crisis is very, very close at hand. Hence it was decided to put the new system clandestinely in place and wait for the right moment to reveal its constituent parts: new money, new banking, and new governance. The intention here is to allow the old system to be totally discredited and seen to be defunct, so that the general public will be disposed to welcome in the new. Our ships are monitoring all global flash points and will forestall the dark's usual tactics of solving problems by the use of warmongering and terrorism. This we will no longer permit!

In this world there always existed conditions and incendiary 'circumstances' that reliably led to 'useful' wars or even global conflagration. In these times we are delegated to prevent this, and to lead your globe into peace and prosperity. The dark is stoking a number of old conflict zones that it sincerely hopes to reignite. We need to inform them that, sadly, this is yet another plot that is not to be allowed! Your world is quickly shifting, and what Heaven has prepared is not to be undone! Our mission is centered on your return to full consciousness and this goal is on track. The next series of disclosures is ready to go, as are the actions which will slip your world ever closer to its grand shift. Heaven has decreed that this is now to proceed and all impediments are to be removed. Many individuals, who are not widely known, are to make the announcements that usher in the transitional governments and liberate humanity from its eons-long involuntary servitude."  forts.

Update for July 24, 2012 

tirsdag 24. juli 2012

Checking In on Our Timelines

Checking In on Our Timelines

Checking In on Our Timelines
by Miles Simons

The evolution of our ascension/shift to a new reality and full consciousness is progressing in stages. The enormity of the task requires scores of earth allies to work behind the scenes. We must understand that this is not a rescue mission: the Galactic Federation is here, not to liberate, but to assist and mentor us. The innumerable delays clearly indicate how deeply entrenched and corrupt our 3D system is. To implement change on a scale of this magnitude takes time. The logistics are staggering!

Because the allies are of Earth, it’s inevitable that some of them will not be trustworthy. It’s as if we were a classroom full of unruly children and the GF was our teacher. Managing our class chaos takes time. Gradually, the ‘teacher’ identifies major problems, patiently altering and correcting misbehaviours and bad attitudes. Delays occur because there are always a few more class ‘outbreaks’ to tame: these are dealt with by removing the most stubborn students who refuse to fit in; then the ‘teacher’ can keep mentoring the rest until they understand their ‘lessons’ and become a more receptive group. Once the class is ready and fully focused, their real work can begin.

At the same time that the Galactic Federation helps us, we are helping ourselves. We must all work together. Those of us not connected directly with the Earth Allies can significantly help the cause by holding the energy. This is why live Webinars are so important.
During Live Webinars:

• Galactic Federation teams heighten the energy fields around our planet. 
• All Webinar attendees are immersed in a special energy field. 
• Galactic medical teams attend to each of us. 
• The Ascended Masters bring in Angelic joy. 
• Sheldan does not channel his message; during each Webinar he is directly linked to the Galactic Federation.

The galactic viewpoint is that first contact must occur at precisely the right moment, and will only manifest when all the preliminaries are complete. Although most of the preparation for announcements is in place, the last-minute details that complete the steps needed to bring about announcements – cabal arrests – abundance programs – disclosure and mentoring by the Galactic Federation – must be absolutely fail-safe. This is because the vast majority of Earth’s peoples remain unaware of the coming Shift, and the Galactic Federation and Earth Allies have to be extremely careful to avoid mass panic. Above all, changes must unfold peacefully.
Although directly linked to the Galactic Federation, Sheldan’s mission is only that of a messenger. When he speaks, he carefully avoids mixing in his own opinions. By keeping it pure, he keeps the message true without adding his own personal agenda. Sheldan is in a very awkward position because people may mistrust his unshakeable loyalty and devotion to the GF. In private conversations, Sheldan often confides to close friends his concerns and frustrations at the repeated delays: in that way, he is just like the rest of us. When he asks the GF when Announcement Day will come, they will not, and cannot, tell him. If he knew, he would not be safe.

Speaking from the heart, I have been working with the PAO since 1996. In all the years that I have known Sheldan, he has never wavered in his dedication to spreading the Galactic Federation’s message. Even though the GF are fully conscious beings, they are still learning about life and the tangled systems that control us here on earth. As Sheldan’s updates have revealed over the years, the GF have at times miscalculated our readiness for contact, leading us to believe they would arrive sooner than they were able. Obviously the GF have been dealing with a very stubborn cabal that will not be defeated easily, and adjustments to plans and timelines are inevitable.

Gaia is an extraordinarily complex planet. While most planets have just a single governmental system and only one religion, here, we have a multitude of governments, cultures, religions, etc., all of which must be unraveled and prepared prior to our reality/ascension Shift. As a whole, our Earth consists of people burdened with far too much baggage and, under ordinary circumstances; the GF could very easily have passed us by. Fortunately, this planet is part of a much bigger picture. Owing to Gaia’s status as a jewel in the galaxy, the GF and heaven have made a rare exception to help us. But it means that we still must go through the process, with all of its inherent delays, before we reach the Divine time for a Shift.

Unlike Sheldan, we do not have a direct link to the Galactics. To me, Sheldan is heroic because he refuses to let delays, personal attacks, or disinformation about his mission /message shatter his firmness of purpose. We are so fortunate that Sheldan has no ulterior motive: he does not use his connection with the GF to become famous, self-important or wealthy. As a person of discernment, I could not, and would not, continue to work with the PAO and Sheldan if I felt he were slick and self-serving. More importantly, I have read and been involved in other spiritual – scientific – religious movements that attempt to explain our past history and our futures. After a lifetime of searching, the Galactic Federation message is simply the only one that makes any sense to me, for humanity and for the future of this world. Is there anything else out there that is better? I haven’t found it: have you?

When I contemplate the sheer scope of this undertaking, I expect that the announcements for change will happen, suddenly, in an instant. When that moment comes, I, for one, will be ready!

Webmaster, PAO

Update for July 24, 2012

Sheldan Nidle Updates

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/24/12 ‘Why Do You Assist the Dark Ones?’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/24/12 ‘Why Do You Assist the Dark Ones?’

"All infinity of space and in time have representatives here in and above your world at this time as we, together with you, the people of Earth, carry out our divine mission in love and in service to our Creator, your Creator, the Creator of all things large and small, dark or light in this universe. We, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light and our organization itself stand for love, for peace, for charity, for good deed, for sovereignty, for joy, for freedom forever. We do not come to worlds for any other reason but to offer our gifts, our knowledge, our wisdom, our love, our light, our understandings, our technologies and our assistance to help worlds rise above their current states of existence, of technological advancement, of social, economic and political status.

We take great pride and care in how we deliver these gifts and introduce ourselves to the populations of the planets that we choose to visit and share our gifts with. You, the people of Earth, are special in your own ways, you are unique in your own ways, but you are not the only people that we have visited, will visit, or are even visiting right now as you read these words and as we are here in offers of assistance to you. We have large portions of our organization in orbit at this time around other worlds as well and we face the same challenges and obstacles introducing ourselves to them as we face introducing ourselves to you. There is no very unique challenge or obstacle here for us in your world at this time, we wish you to know this, and we are very confident we can rise to any challenge and with your assistance and your cooperation we will meet every challenge head on and defeat it, allowing a union of our two worlds, yours of the lower dimensions and ours of the higher and begin to offer you our tools to help you help yourselves make the changes that so many of your people want and know that are necessary to catapult your world into a new state of being, a state that is more joyous, prosperous, fair, honest, peaceful, sovereign, rewarding, adventurous, exciting, fun and new.

These are some of the aspects of your new world, and we feel many of you will be quite happy and overjoyed at your new choices and opportunities that are already presenting themselves to you. The time for all these projects, programs and changes that we have discussed with you is upon us. One of the greatest changes to your world is already in full stride and that is the removal of the criminal element we have referred to as your criminal cabal. This is the linchpin that opens the door to all the many projects and programs, upgrades and advancements that we have discussed with you, and we are very happy to report that these arrests continue through the day and through the night all over your world. We, just as you, have combed your internet searching for some kind of evidence of these arrests and we too find little pieces of what can be considered evidence, but we tell you to keep looking, keep your eyes and ears open, for the floodgates will soon open and they will start with a trickle, with a leak, before the news of this truly Earth changing event gushes forth and bathes your world."  forts.

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/23/12 'New Financial System’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/23/12 'New Financial 

As channeled through Greg Giles

Så blir det endelig mer fart i avviklinga av det gamle, korrupte finanssystemet.  Nå må både de nye aktørerene og de nye tankene florere, så det kan bli 'vei i vellinga' framover.  Stadig inntar vi nye horisonter i og med at vi alle holder tanken på det nye - dette fungerer helt etter skjema.

"No, there have not been large-scale changes to your financial system as of yet that will at least affect the man and woman on the street. Much is still transpiring behind the scenes and moves are being made, but these moves are large and they are slow due to their enormous weight of the effects that they will have on your world. What we see for your people is an entirely new banking, financial and monetary system. We see a new system based on fairness, equality and true earnings for work related duties which include services offered to your communities through your working cooperation with us, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light. What we see is a world where funds that are readily available are transferred from their current states of holding back to the people of your world who are its rightful owners and have always been its rightful owners, as money is not created by Gods, or by rich men of affluence, or by governments, or by banking institutions. Money is created by you, the people of your world who have broken your backs working so hard building roads and schools and dams and office buildings and factories and warehouses and your industrial infrastructure of your entire planet. Money is not created in a laboratory and its science is not difficult to understand once the proper and truthful information is shared with the people, and we intend to do just that. 

We wish at this time to explain to you how money is created. Money is created when a being chooses to lift even one finger and create something that is to be shared with another being. That is all it takes to create some kind of finance, some kind of collateral, some kind of financial backing, some kind of currency. That's it, that's all it takes and money is created. The actual printing of the form of currency a world will use is a different matter, as whether a society uses bills, or coins, or cards, or another form of currency, it does not affect the methods of how the money is created in the first place, and the money that is created in the first place is created by you, the people, and your willingness to give effort in the creation of something that can be shared with another individual, thus creating an economic flow of wealth, that is all."

mandag 23. juli 2012

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – The Sacred Mirror – 23 July 2012

"We are ancient galactic of birth, We are Sirian of Origin. We are beyond your measure of time and space.  We are beyond your understanding of what is genetic.  We are what the light yearns to become in awareness.  We are genetically encoded within the body of all earth. We live deep within the ancient flesh of human beings.  We come forth at this time as the alignment of the heavens and stars usher you into a Trans-portal of self. there comes a solar dimensional instability. All of the holographic nature of earth fluctuates and fades in and out of perception and sight.

Earth stands at a sacred mirror portal.  The key that unlocks the portal is your own true reflection.  The framework key to unlock the portal is the reflection of Love in all her many splendored flavors: self-love, earth love, heart love; In your mind’s eye, see this mirrored portal.  As you look deep into your own reflection, what do you see what do you fell?  Is their beauty that stands in front of you?  Is their joy?  Is their distaste?  Is their love?

Between now and August 8th, do all that you can to place yourself in a garment of self love, for it is the canoe that will take you to the island  that you so seek refuge upon.  It is a solitary paddling that you embark upon in a misty horizon that you walk into, in a land where your perceptions are distorted.  As with Alice and the Looking Glass you fall down the rabbit hole of this portal.  You look in the back of the mirror that holds your reflection.  Who do you see? Is it a you that once was?  Or is it the you that you yearn to become?

The next placement of momentum takes the form of a labyrinth, a point of going around and around in a Fibonacci spiral to find the nautilus of you.  At that point of inner centeredness you will drop and rise simultaneously creating a dimensional flux, a bend in your future, a bend in your planet, and a bend in the light.  At that point of bending, you will then be offered an opportunity that comes only when you have initialized the codes of self-love.  Then and only then will you be allowed entrance into the center of your universe."   forts.

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"Our Spiritual Destination"

Love is now the dominating influence enveloping the planet

07/22/2012 by John Smallman

"As you all know, your awakening is divinely guaranteed.  So when your issues come up for you to address and release, bringing with them a variety of unsettling feelings and emotions, just observe them and let them pass.  Engaging with them by thinking about them and wondering what they mean is unhelpful, because it holds them in your mind and intensifies the feelings, thus making it more difficult for you to release them.  You may feel sad, angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, hurt, betrayed, exploited – the selection is endless and none of it is enjoyable – but if you engage and attempt to justify or understand those feelings, it just takes a lot longer for them to clear.  Many of you will feel very tired or exhausted while this is going on, so take time out and sleep, and much of the necessary release can occur while you do so.

Rest assured that relaxing into those feelings and allowing them to flow will alleviate the unsettledness that arises when they come to mind, and you will find yourself at peace in spite of the discomfort.  And of course your daily periods of relaxation and meditation are times during which these issues are more easily released.

All who choose to awaken will do so, and if you want to awaken then you have already made that choice.  It is very helpful to remind yourselves frequently, at least once a day, that you are indeed going to awaken because it confirms and strengthens your intention to do so.  Humanity is consciously making this choice with increasing determination each day, and it is this collective and determined intent that is bringing it on.

God knew when He planted within you the inextinguishable flame of His Love that the moment for you to awaken would be the inevitable result of that action.  He has left you free to decide for yourselves precisely when that moment would occur, and over the eons the intensity of your desire to return to His loving embrace has been waxing or waning in line with your alternating choices to embrace attitudes of love or hate.  Collectively you have now made the unalterable choice for love, and the areas where hate is prevalent are losing their cohesiveness, and the power it has maintained over so many of you for so long is rapidly weakening."  forts.

SaLuSa & Mike 23-July-2012

SaLuSa 23-July-2012
Channeler:  Mike Quinsey

"The longer we are held back the more you are becoming involved in the activities that are intended to release you from the hold of the dark cabal. That is in fact to be desired as we have always encouraged you to get involved. You have to see out the experiences you need as a Human Race, and it would not do for us to intervene while you are still able to go forward. However, we have our own agenda and there is shortly coming a point where our actions must come together. So we do our best to assist you whilst you still have the impetus to continue and are achieving results. Progress appears slow but in reality you are making very good gains, and people are getting mobilized in case they are needed.

Be on your guard in these closing times, as the dark Ones although severely weakened are planning a last gasp attack on you. We can help you repel them and lessen any outcome of their activities, and you can lead the way. The most positive assistance you can give is by keeping your focus on the Light and when many of you do it, it is a powerful force that minimizes the affect of the lower energies. Whatever rumors you hear, do not allow them to make you fearful as disinformation is intended to create conditions that favor the dark Ones. Obviously some will be based on truth but even so you can take note, and trust that the higher powers that includes us who are working hard to avoid any major incident.

At present you have a number of brave souls who have stuck their neck out at risk to themselves and they are leading the way, and we are behind them. So please identify with them and where you can assist be of help, and if nothing else spread the word so that others can draw some confidence from what is happening. The Galactic Federation of Light is now generally known throughout the West, but not necessarily understood as far as the role it is to play in the end times. It would be advantageous to us if you could help people understand that we are all One, and that we are not aliens in the true meaning of that word. We are you, but from your future and have our origin as you in the One God of this Universe.

We pose absolutely no threat to you, and have reached a high level of spiritual understanding that knows only love for our brothers and sisters on other worlds. When you have the opportunity to write your history up as it was and without inaccuracies or intentional distortions, you will find that we have often helped you when you have been in dire trouble. You will however find that past civilizations have been attacked by Space Entities or even been taken over, but these are not in any way connected to our Federation."     forts.

Montague Keen : 23 July 2012

Montague Keen :  23 July 2012 
Channeler:  Veronica Keen

"Knowledge is power, and sharing knowledge is essential at this time of great turmoil and change. The Cabal is searching for ways to keep you in the hypnotic slumber from which you are awakening. At the conference you attended, yesterday, you heard some of the most awake and aware people, who devote their lives to serving mankind. Their work is vital and must be brought to the attention of as many as possible. It is a team effort. Every assistance must be given to enable the message to get to everyone. The contacts you made will assist in opening eyes to what the psychopaths who “rule” your world are planning. It is, after all, their last chance to take over and create their New World Order.

They see the Olympics in London as their gateway to the New World Order. They intend to create mayhem; to create such FEAR that the people will agree to almost anything in order to feel safe. This is a TRAP. It is the same old formula: it worked on 9/11, it worked on 7/7.

This is THE BIG ONE. It is their last chance to create the New World Order that they have planned and worked towards for so long. They will try to use Project Bluebeam, fake spaceships; in fact, everything in their arsenal in this, their final attempt, to take over your world.

They failed to take your awakening into account. This is why they are now putting a more deadly fluoride into your water; the water that many of you drink, bathe, and wash your hair in. It is in the ice in your drinks, in the beer, and almost everything you consume. You need to protect yourselves and your families from this deadly assault on all of you. Have you given permission or agreed to this poison? Were you ever asked to okay it? It is a crime against humanity."  forts.

"Know, my love, that we are always there for you. Your adoring, Monty.
Montague’s Message for Sunday, 22nd July 2012"