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Johnsmallman's Blog Our Spiritual Destination Any loving thought or word creates an eternal effect 10/31/2012 by John Smallman

"There is no one presently experiencing life on Earth who is not to some extent feeling the changing energies that are enveloping you.  They are growing powerfully each day and increasing in intensity, because they need to, as the moment of awakening draws ever closer.  You are not alone!  You are in receipt of enormous help from the spiritual realms because you have asked for it, and we always deliver.  Keep talking to us because it helps you enormously in your task by reminding you that you are being constantly helped and are never left alone to sort things out on your own.  It would make no sense to try as it would be engaging in illusory and meaningless activities, because as we are all one — always — to do something alone is impossible.  Engage with us through prayer and meditation and we will ensure your awakening.

When you do so you are opening your hearts to receive the abundance of God’s Love for you in a most creative and uplifting way, raising your spirits and sparking your enthusiasm to work with Him through us to bring this stage of the ongoing divine plan to completion.  This is why you are on Earth right now, and you do know this even though your awareness of it is not as clear as you would like it to be.  You are aware of the importance of being loving, accepting, and forgiving in every situation in which you find yourselves, and that must show you that you know that all are one.  If you truly believed in the separation of individuals, one from another, as the illusion would have you believe, then you would be content to soldier on in the old ways, just looking after number one.  Not only are you not doing that, but you are very much aware of how unsatisfactory a way to live that is, which is why you no longer behave in that fashion.

Humanity has already advanced a great distance along the collective path to awakening, and the rate at which you are continuing your progress is accelerating daily.  Pay attention to this fact because it helps you to be optimistic and positive in preparation for the final release of all negative thought-forms that hold you back and attempt to delay your awakening.  Obviously, in Reality, your eternal Home, there are no negative thought-forms.  The divine Presence is an all-encompassing energy field of infinite, positive potential, offering limitless, creative opportunities for your constant enjoyment.  No lingering doubts about the wisdom of your actions will ever again assail you, as you delve ever deeper into the wonders that Heaven displays in an infinite selection of entrancing and beautiful activities for you engage in, using your marvelous creative abilities, because in the celestial realms nothing can occur that is not in complete alignment with the divine Will for the supreme happiness of all.

Love and life are one in the abundant and eternal outpouring of the divine energy field that embraces all of creation.  The fulfillment of all your hopes and desires is its purpose because your Father wants only your infinite joy and satisfaction to complement His own.  At present you can have only the haziest of ideas as to what that could possibly mean, but that hazy idea is the motivating force that has enabled you to follow your paths through numerous lifetimes as humans on planet Earth, as you incarnated again and again to continue the process of learning the divine lesson: All you need is Love.

When you truly embrace, share, and extend love as individuals the effects are eternal and quite magnificent.  Any loving thought, word, intent, or action in which you engage creates an eternal effect that is forever shared unconditionally and indiscriminately with all sentient life.  If it is not completely free from egoic ambition and self-serving agendas, then your loving Father purifies it because He knows you, He understands you, and He divines your true loving intent which your egos often attempt to subvert.  You are truly far more loving than you give yourselves credit for, and you frequently try to hide that truth from yourselves and from others.  Remember, you are perfect divine beings having an illusory experience of a very temporary nature, and nothing within the illusion can in any way change that.

Continue to fully engage in your task of bringing your individual energy fields into alignment with your Father’s, and by doing so assist all the unawakened ones, including those who seem to be in a state that is far deeper than sleep – the ones who are utterly committed to maintaining the old, outdated order through deceit, betrayal of all ideals, fear, and conflict – and whose path to awakening is proving somewhat longer than your own.

Your Father loves all of His creation infinitely, and He knows that His Love is returned by every sentient being He ever created.  He is infinite Love, infinite Patience, infinite Acceptance, infinite Harmony, and infinite Peace.  No part of creation will ever be lost or destroyed; all will be brought lovingly Home to eternal joy.  Knowing this, as you most certainly do, let go of all your fears, doubts, and worries.  Look forward expectantly to your awakening, and remind yourselves frequently that all is divinely taken care of."

With so very much love, Saul

Whenever You Feel Attacked, You are Allowing the Unreal to Affect Your Mind 10/28/2012 by John Smallman

Saul, as channeled by John Smallman 

"One of the many delightful things that you will discover when you awaken from your rather long sleep is how bright, clear, and enthusiastically alive everything appears to be, and this will not just be due to appearances, for those are of the illusion.  And as you become more in alignment with being fully awake, fully conscious, the strength of those sensations will intensify as your ability to experience them grows.  It will not be an instantaneous awakening into the full brilliance of God’s Presence because that would be overwhelming for you at first; instead the brilliance will increase gently at the pace that is most suited to your growing abilities to align yourselves with them.

You will know that you are Home because you will know and experience the Reality of creation as part of yourselves, and yourselves as part of creation — eternally inseparable, one with your Creator — and the joy of that is beyond description.  Reality is a truly amazing experience from which you have collectively shut yourselves off for far too long, and that is about to be put permanently to rights.  You were created one with God; His Will and yours are eternally in alignment; misunderstandings of any kind are therefore utterly impossible; and your awakening will return you to that magnificent state.

Your path Home has been arduous because with your powerful collective imagination you were able to build into the illusion a vast selection of distracting “attractions.”  They only seemed attractive at first, until you began to discover the enormity of the chaos and confusion in which you had decided to envelop yourselves by immersing yourselves within it.  Now your collective desire to return Home has become far stronger than the desire to play at being deluded, and so that is where your are headed.

The state of delusion has long been one of the most distracting and confusing conditions that the illusion has imposed upon you.  You have all known someone whom you would happily describe as being at times deluded because you observed him behaving in ways that made no sense.  But, within the illusion, most of you have spent incredible amounts of time in a deluded frame of mind. Whenever you feel attacked, misjudged, or offended you are allowing the unreal to affect your mind.  It is a fact that you are each eternally one with God, utterly inseparable from Him or from each other, but you have become unaware of that because you chose to enter the illusory state, where nothing is as it seems.  Being one with God you are perfect divine beings, fully alive in Love, where nothing assails you or could even conceive of doing so.  The fact that you do not experience that state demonstrates quite clearly that you must be deluded.  And your awakening will put a permanent end to that unhappy condition.

Everything that disturbs your peace and causes you anxiety or fear will be gone because they are all totally unreal.  The suffering that you have been experiencing has played a major part in distracting you, and in making the illusion seem so real, because you could for the most part only experience happiness momentarily before some thought broke into your awareness and distracted you.  In the illusion you live in an almost constant state of “what if?” and worries and anxieties cloud your every moment and influence your every decision.

If you watch young children playing and completely absorbed in their games you can see that they are at ease and at peace; no anxieties disturb their focus.  As they grow, your various cultures impose increasing restrictions on them, leading them also to start worrying.  And how often have you told your own children not to worry, that they are worrying unduly, because to you their issues seem so inconsequential and unimportant?  Who is fooling whom?

You are divinely loved and cared for.  The illusion is just that — and you will awaken.  Focus on that truth; remind yourselves of it every time anxiety invades your peace and contentment.  When you do, it does bring you some peace because you know it is true.  Yes, while you remain within the illusion its distractions will continue to arrest your attention, but by reminding yourselves of its temporary and insubstantial nature you prepare yourselves for your awakening and your energy field has a peaceful and calming influence on those with whom you come in contact.  They see you as you are – a warm and loving soul offering comfort and stability in a world gone mad – and to be who you are is your reason for being embodied at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution. And for this, as you know, you are greatly honored."

With so very much love, Saul

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Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

This time is to be the moment when the great sword of Heaven rises up and sets to right all that has become disordered and wayward on this most long-suffering Being called Gaia and in this battle-scarred solar system!

1 Lamat, 16 Tzec, 9 Eb

"Selamat Jarin! We return! Much continues to happen around your globe. New governments are preparing their personnel, and announcements are to come quite shortly. Also, several financial institutions are busy preparing to convert the present fiat system to gold. These changes signal that a new fiscal system is ready to replace the old. Since the end of World War I in 1918, the switch to a fiat currency was introduced surreptitiously at first and then gathered increasing momentum with the huge panic of 1929. This led quickly to a massive depression that was used by those in charge around your world to foment World War II. This great conflagration was created to bring America globally to the forefront and to be the reason behind the decades-long Cold War that followed. In this way, the illuminoids and their Anunnaki masters laid the fertile groundwork that was intended to be the means to overthrow the various edicts set up by Heaven when Atlantis fell. As you now know, these dark momentums are failing fast, and Heaven is bringing in her new reality for your world.

The last few decades have not gone as the illuminoids had so arrogantly assumed. Heaven was working incessantly to bring forth a new reality, in which Earth's humanity would be able to return to its former fully conscious condition. As part of this goal, Heaven sent a vast first-contact fleet to this solar system and this move was then serendipitously aided by the sudden change of heart of Anchara's dark continuum when it joined the forces of Light. These events transformed the landscape and charted a new primary path for Gaia's future. This meant that the dark cabal's elaborate schemes for total global domination began to unravel fast. The Light's agenda was further favored by the multiple collapse of all alternate timelines for this planet into one, which was in essence that of the Light. Predictably, the illuminoids lost no time in throwing all they had into staunching the encroaching plans of the Light. But the dark received another setback when several of the now-peaceable Anunnaki returned to offer their wisdom and assistance in service to the Light! The Galactic Federation and its allies were forming quite an effective conglomerate to counter the ongoing stratagems of Earth's dark ruling families.

Indeed, the end of the dark's 13-millennia-long hegemony on Earth was looming. The major royal illuminoid families deeply believed, partially out of habit, that their latest plans to maintain dominance would succeed. However, now a series of sudden reversals had plummeted them into an angry sea which threw up one setback after another. At first this did not faze them because in the past such incidents had always been easily resolved by their major leadership. But for the first time this leadership's skill and derring-do was not working as before and it was at a loss. Major moves were being contested and the dark's puppet governments that usually stopped such goings-on were being challenged by a combination of spiritually oriented wealthy royals and various powerful secret societies. These forces had loosely coalesced under a leadership that had direct contact with Ascended Masters and the Inner Earth Agarthans. Also, the dark's hitherto 'supreme' advanced technology was being stymied and trumped by the technology of the Galactic Federation.

These deepening dilemmas were further compounded by the enormous amount of wealth available to this coalition of the Light. The dark's familiar superiority in all these areas was gone and the playing field on Earth was leveled for the first time. Outmaneuvered on all fronts, it was just a matter of time before the dark was compelled to give up its 'charges' and let an unprecedented transformation of surface humanity take place. After all, the complex goals of the Light are under the aegis of no less a power than Heaven and AEON, and because the illuminoids had chosen to stand out against the tide of Heavenly change, their time to 'pay the piper' for their transgressions was at hand. This reversal of fortune is now clear for all to see, and the dark's ruling structures are baffled by the speed with which such a massive shift toward the Light had happened. Thus we arrive at this watershed moment in your history. Our sacred allies stand poised to bring you your freedom, your sovereignty, your prosperity, and a return of your space and spiritual families.

Blessings, dear Ones! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with more information. Our many associates are busy engaged with our Inner Earth allies to manifest a new reality. Nearly two and a half centuries ago, a special committee was formed whose main purpose was to bring into being a variety of movements to spread the ideals of liberty and personal sovereignty around the globe. Our intent was to use these emergent momentums to create the energy for what would become a new epoch of freedom for the world. These concepts would also form the foundation of a spiritual renaissance that looked beyond 'religion' to a new contract between the Creator and surface humanity. Many nations have been born since this spiritual committee came into existence, and our intent remains to continue pushing forward with our broad-based tasks to produce the realm of Light so eloquently laid out by the Creator's decrees.

It is this requisite for a new foundation for humanity's growing consciousness that so zestfully drives us. The dark cabal and its former off-world masters, the Anunnaki, established a number of cleverly adulterated and recast belief systems intended to fractionate and permit massive manipulation of the world's populace. Our fervent objective is to reverse this travesty, and show by example how all of this nonsense can be returned to source and its effects quickly rectified. True spirituality leads to an acceptance of all, and to a collective will to unite with all peoples of this realm. The validity of these divine truths is what we dearly wish to communicate to you. To this end we have set in motion a way for us to shortly walk freely among you and teach you our truths. We have so much collective wisdom to share with you, and we look forward with great joy to doing this.

Gaia is in the throes of a most difficult series of changes and she wishes you to know that these changes are being carried out well below the optimum level of intensity required. Indeed, many 'more normal' changes are also happening well below the level she prefers. A timetable is in effect and it is essential that certain changes be done in a more concerted and speedy manner. We have made our associates understand that these present times demand action! Heaven and we have blessed these transformations and we intend to do our part in ensuring that these prescribed changes go forward as planned. Our sacred word has been given to Gaia and to our sacred cohorts. This time is to be the moment when the great sword of Heaven rises up and sets to right all that has become disordered and wayward on this most long-suffering Being called Gaia and in this battle-scarred solar system!

Today we brought you another weekly message, explaining what is happening on your globe. These communiqués are intended to inform you and to prepare you for what is to come. Your realm is to change, and to do so "in the twinkling of an eye"! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)"

Å fly mot høyere dimensjoner ...

Fritt etter kanalisering fra, Kris Won, 29. 10. 2012.

Evolusjonsmessig gjør Mennesket nå et enormt sprang. Det er vanskelig for det samme Mennesket å fatte omfanget av utviklingsspranget det er med på, da en evolusjon ikke lar seg registrere like lett som en handling. Utviklinga går sin gang, men skjult for det øyet som ser handlingen.  Dette Mennesket er nå iferd med å tre ut av sine åpenbare begrensninger hvor det famler mer eller mindre uvitende omkring. I en slik tilstand er det ofte lett å ty til den alltid nærværende frykten som ligger lett tilgjengelig.  Likevel, Mennesket skal agere fritt og fryktløst.  

Det er mange medarbeidere i prosessen. Mennesket har ikke greid seg uten den hjelpen og assistansen som tilflyter fra de usynlige riker. Mennesket forstår ikke betydningen av denne hjelpen.  Mennesket dreper og lemlester derfor mange av livredderne som kommer. Det er slikt som skjer på de lavere nivåer. Dog, mishandlingen tilfører Mennesket noe positivt. Det får fart på mange av Menneskets stillestående, mentale mønstre.  Det gir evolusjonen frihet i Menneskets store sprang. De som vet, hjelper de som ikke vet. 

Evolusjonen skjer i ly av de hjelpende hender og tanker. Utviklingen skjer på alle plan, det fysiske, det eteriske, det astrale og det mentale. På terrestrial utside og i dypet av havet - til og med i de indre områder av planeten. Det er ingen grunn for Mennesket til å gråte over den verden det forlater. Mennesket flyr mot høyere dimensjoner. Mennesket skal ta det med ro i dyp kjærlighet og takknemlighet over det som skjer. Mennesket kommer stadig nærmere de høyere verdener, hvor innbyggerne venter med åpne armer. 

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Joan Tollifson: Free Will, Predestination, the Purpose of Life

"I get many questions from people asking about free will vs. predestination, or responsibility vs. powerlessness, and also about the purpose of life.

The first thing to notice is that the confusion over these questions arises only when there is thinking. They are conceptual problems. We have different conceptual maps of how life works and each map shows us a different version of reality, and so we are confused. We wonder which one is correct. But no map is ever the territory it describes. Even the best and most accurate map is only an abstract representation. Maps are useful, but we get confused when we mistake them for the territory itself.

Opening and closing your hand is not confusing until you begin to think about whether it is an action that happens through free will or whether it was predestined to happen or what purpose it has. Then you get tangled up in the imaginary problem, the imaginary dilemma that thought has just created. But opening and closing your hand is simple and not confusing. It happens quite effortlessly.

Conceptually, as a map, we could say that the urge to open your hand in any given moment — the impulse to do this, the ability to do it, and the execution of this action depends on and is the result of infinite causes and conditions. It could not happen without your brain, your muscles, your nerves — none of which would be here without your digestive system and your lungs, and without sunlight, water, air, your parents, your grandparents, the food that kept your grandparents alive, the soil that made the food possible, and so on and on — in short, opening your hand could not happen at this moment without the whole universe being exactly the way it is.

And if we look closely with awareness for the “you” who takes credit for being the initiator and the author of this action, can anything substantial or persisting or separate from the action actually be found? “You” turn out to be a kind of mental image, a character in a story — a conglomerate of ever-changing ideas, stories and beliefs that have been learned and practiced: “I am so-and-so, a separate person with free will. I’m this gender, age, social class, ethnicity, and so on. I am the thinker of my thoughts, the doer of my actions, the maker of my choices, the executive at the helm of this bodymind, the one calling the shots and steering the ship.” But can this executive actually be found? In fact, the source of every action, when we look closely, seems to be nothing at all, or absolutely everything!

Still, it would be ridiculous to deny the ability to open your hand seemingly at will, because obviously, that ability is present. But where and how does this action begin? Who is the “you” that initiates this action? Where does the urge and the decision and the ability to carry it out come from? Can you find a source? Do you know what your next thought or your next urge will be? Did you decide to have the taste in music or food that you have, or the sexual preferences that you have, or the interests that brought you to this website? Can you choose which sources of news and information seem trustworthy to you and which ones do not?

Upon closer examination, we discover that “the self” is more of an ever-changing process than an enduring object, and that this process is inseparable from the entire universe. We find that there is no actual boundary between inside and outside, between self and other. We can describe our actions as choices we have made or as choiceless happenings in the flow of life, but both of these are descriptions of a reality that cannot ever be captured by words or concepts.

The purpose of life is an idea added on to the actuality of life. The actuality of this present moment simply IS. Thought can conjure up any number of purposes — but really, we don’t know what this is or why it’s happening or what’s going to come next. We have ideas about it, mental pictures and stories and maps, some of which are useful, but really, we don’t know. That only sounds scary if we think we need to know. We may need to know practical things such as what bus to take to reach a destination, but we really don’t need to know why this universe is showing up. It simply IS.

So if you are training an athlete to compete in the Olympics, you will probably use a map that emphasizes choice and response-ability and empowerment. If you are talking to someone about the nature of reality, as I do in my writings, maybe you will use a map that emphasizes the absence of a separate self and the choicelessness of everything that happens. If you are recovering from an addiction, you will find some recovery methods that emphasize powerlessness and others that emphasize your power to make a choice. Both can be useful. There is no One True Map of reality. By their very nature, maps (words, concepts) are abstract, dualistic, frozen representations of what is actually undivided, seamless flux from which nothing stands apart. Subject and object are one event. They are seemingly divided only in thought, by words and by a conceptual boundary line that has no actual reality. In reality, there is no-thing to be predestined or to have free will!

All our confusion is in the map. What we are seeking is already fully present. It is the territory itself, this-here-now that is unavoidable and totally obvious, ever-changing and ever-present. Even the maps (as maps) are an aspect of the territory. Mapping is something the universe is doing. Nothing is excluded. But if you notice yourself getting paralyzed or tangled up in confusion or despair over imaginary problems like free will and choice and the meaning of life, simply return to the sounds and sensations of this moment, the simplicity of what is, and the vast listening silence beholding it all. It really is that simple."

søndag 28. oktober 2012

Den Galaktiske Føderasjonen av Lys taler

Denne artikkelen er klippet fra Nyhetsspeilet - forfatter Frank Aune.
"Hver uke finner man en statusrapport på Paoweb som hevdes å være levert av stjernenasjonen Sirius på vegne av de som kaller seg for the Galactic Federation of Light. La oss ta for oss denne spesifikke formen for informasjon det finnes så mye av på nettet.
Jordisk mottaker på Paoweb.com er Sheldan Nidle som har skrevet en rekke bøker og gitt ut et titalls DVD-er med foredrag om samfunnets illusjoner og jordens overgang til et galaktisk fellesskap med utenomjordiske vesener. Han forteller at han henter sin inspirasjon fra sin oppvekst med utallige turer på et moderskip fra Sirius, samt telepatisk kontakt via en avansert implantat i hodet som gjør det teknisk mulig for han å kommunisere direkte med denne utenomjordiske føderasjonen.
Den Galaktiske Føderasjonen av Lys (GFL) oppgir at de er tilstede over jordkloden i en høyere frekvens som kun er synlig via UV-kamera under spesielle forhold. Deres formål hevdes å være å beskytte og assistere menneskeheten i en oppvåkningsprosess frem mot 2012 og forbi. De sørger for blant annet å forhindre bruk av atomvåpen samt å assistere menneskeheten med en overgang til full bevissthet i 5. dimensjon.
Jeg har tatt en nærmere titt på Sheldan Nidles bøker og DVD-er for å forske nærmere på informasjonen han har gjort tilgjengelig. Blant de foredragene han har lagt ut finner man DVD-en «Tour a Sirian Mothership» som tar for seg en rekke detaljer om hvordan det er på innsiden av et svært avansert moderskip, «Inner Earth, your future home» beskriver hvordan menneskers fremtidige liv vil utarte seg i den indre jordkloden som befinner seg i en parallell virkelighet og «Landings 101″ forbereder deg til masselandingene (First Contact) fra de utenomjordiske og hvordan denne prosessen vil bli gjennomført i detaljer før og under den første uka og så over de nærmeste fire månedene.
Dette materiellet er ytterst spesielt og intet kan bevises naturlig nok, så om du krever dokumenterte beviser for det han presenterer så kan du se bort fra dette stoffet. For andre så kan det være interessant å ta en nærmere titt, spesielt for sci-fi-fans. For de som kjenner til Iliuka så kunne han tidligere i sommer bygge opp under at informasjonen fra Den Galaktiske Føderasjonen av Lys som legges ut hver uke er sannferdig.
Sheldan Nidle viser videre i sitt materiell en god innsikt via GFL i menneskets historie (som er en helt annen enn hva som står i historiebøkene), menneskets opprinnelse og hvordan verden egentlig styres av den mørke losjen (negative utenomjordiske), Illuminati og «the Secret Government» som omtales med fellesbetegnelsen kabalen.
Den siste oppdateringen fra GFL finner du nedenfor. Gjør deg opp en mening selv. Dette er informasjon som enten faller deg til hjertet eller som du med letthet avfeier som eventyr."

"Etter en slik særdeles spesiell oppdatering med en enda mer spesiell kilde så må man stille seg et spørsmål: Hvordan kan vi tro på noe slikt? For å få svaret på dette så må du bruke hjertet i stedet for hodet. Du må kjenne etter og finne ut selv hva som er sannheten for deg. Noen har et indre ønske om å være en del av oppstigelsen så mange snakker om, mens andre velger å ha et kritisk blikk på slik informasjon og gå en annen vei. Menneskets frie vilje gir deg mulighet til å velge selv hva du ønsker å tro.

Vær samtidig bevisst på din rolle. Den usikre prøver å latterliggjøre informasjon og påtvinge sitt synspunkt på andre og dermed overstyre menneskets frie vilje. Mesteren greier å akseptere at andre gjerne har et annet synspunkt enn seg selv og forstår at dette er en del av hvert enkelt individs læreprosess i nåværende liv. Begge to har derimot valgt dette som sin bane og ingen av de er bedre enn den andre.
Om oppdateringen resonerte i ditt hjerte så finner du flere oppdateringer fra de som hevder å være fra Den Galaktiske Føderasjonen av Lys hos Paoweb.com. Der kan du blant annet lese at føderasjonen består av over 200.000 ulike stjernenasjoner og har over 4 milliarder offiserer, noe som trolig gir en flåte med et mannskap på rundt 100 milliarder. Fascinerende lesning er det uansett hva man velger å tro.
Det finnes også mange andre som hevder å kanalisere fra GFL. For mer informasjon så gjør noen enkle søk på internett. En av de mer kjente er entiteten som kaller seg SaLuSa. Merk deg at noen kanaliseringskilder ikke nødvendigvis består av ren informasjon basert på faktorer som at personen som tar ned informasjonen kan være farget av egne meninger, ønsker eller at evnen til å skille egne tanker fra den telepatiske informasjonen ikke er perfeksjonert.
Hvis man velger å tro, og tolker hovedlinjene som Den Galaktiske Føderasjonen av Lys gir oss, så ser vi at ut over det å se gjennom illusjonene i samfunnet så er essensen en åndelig oppvåkning til full bevissthet. Det er ditt Lys og evnen til å akseptere andre uten bedømmelser eller fordommer som plasserer deg på stien til opphøyelse. De utenomjordiske vil assistere menneskeheten, men vi må selv gjøre jobben med å rydde opp i verdens kaos og finne den indre mesteren i oss selv."

lørdag 27. oktober 2012

Moon~thly Psychic Guide for Scorpio 2012 – from Zooey - Posted on October 27, 2012

"Happy Halloween, everyone! Do you have all your pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins out for the kiddies? This is such a fun time of year and that’s what I wanted to express first in this guide: have fun this moon-th!

As adults, I think we forget the excitement we used to feel as children too often. Yet at this time of year, we remember that feeling again. We see kids in colorful costumes and pumpkins on porches, and we recall what it was like to dress up and be silly, too. We think back on all the fun we had with friends and family, to jump when things went bump in the night, and what it was like to laugh out loud in spite of ourselves. Halloween was the time of year when anything seemed possible.

This is the feeling I would encourage everyone to experience this lunar cycle because, indeed, magick is afoot! On October 28th, a day before the moon goes full in Taurus, Venus enters Libra.

What a wonderful time to let our hearts be free to experience the Samhain holiday. A Libran Venus will bring out the love in everyone while the Taurean Moon reminds us to festoon our homes with festive decorations. I can’t express enough that we all should get out this year, do a little trick or treating of our own, and let our hearts be young again.

Jupiter has just gone retrograde in Gemini and it’s a good time to begin to expand our minds. To focus on things closer to home and what makes us—and life—tick. The Full Moon in Taurus tells us to start by being more playful. And when Mother Moon talks, you gotta listen.

As I mentioned in my solar guide for the month, we are about to experience a moment out of time. The day of the full moon itself, October 29th, Mercury enters Sagittarius while Venus opposes Uranus, Mars opposes Jupiter, and the Moon opposes both Saturn and the Sun. When the full moon rises, our fire-charged minds will be between six opposing pillars of Order and Chaos, Expansion and Contraction, and Masculine and Feminine.

The wise witch will be standing in the middle when those forces open a temporal portal on Gaia. The veil is especially thin this year (I think we have all felt that, or at least seen it—I know I have been seeing flitting shapes for over a month) and it will allow us to see forwards and backwards in our lives. Our center will become perfectly still for a few moments and we will know who we are and what to do. Afterward, we will be able to move forward with the perfect knowing of the next step.

It’s also the Witch’s New Year. It is a time for wisdom. It is also a time to listen; for the wise ones speak, but they only speak in whispers. When you see the Full Moon rise this moon-th, be attentive—it will reveal many things to you.

Venus trines Jupiter Rx on November 9th and 10th allowing us a couple of days for our hearts to grow. It’s a good time to plan ahead for the holidays, to enjoy the company of our close friends, and to let our love do the driving.

Finally, as it is the New Year, I would like all good witches to wish for something better this year—something better for everyone—and, in light of the holiday, something fun!

The Tarot card meditation for the moon-th is the VII of Cups to remind us of the choices in our lives, the paths we all take to get there, and how the best rewards are those closest to our hearts."

So mote it be.
Peace and Empathy,


The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies - 26:10:2012

Greetings from the Federation:

"Today we begin with a recitation of events which have led to this place, this time, this now.  We are here and have always been guiding you through these times. You have been expectant of things to come as you should. Time draws closer to the inevitable. There is much to do on your world and so little time to do it in.

The entire planet has been engulfed in a plasma field which has recently been activated and acts to keep in higher forms of vibrational energy while allowing darker, more heavy, and lower vibrations to leave unhindered. Once out, they cannot return. It is the beginning of the final phase of purification of your planet. One delay keeping this from occurring sooner was occasioned by your space station which was in an orbit too close to be unaffected by the operation of this field. An agreement has been reached to move this orbit so that the grid can be made operational without adverse affect to humans.

As this energy becomes activated, you will find less and less influence of the Illuminati over your everyday affairs. At first not detectable by your masses, eventually someone will “test the waters” with an act known to be against the ways of the Illuminati and, in doing so, will find no resistance which otherwise would have been expected. This will embolden more to further “push the envelope” until it becomes apparent that the Illuminati, who none could actually see or discern but who knew were ever present, are no longer there, or if they are, are not adverse to the actions taken. As this knowledge becomes more widespread, more and more advances for the good of all mankind will begin to take shape on your world. As that occurs, you will see an ever increasing avalanche of human created movements unimpeded towards that which you all desire--to thrive, to be free, to explore, and be told and find the truth.

It will be a gradual occurrence and yet not gradual at all for decades and millennium will be wiped away in a seeming instant as your people realize they can lead a free existence unimpeded by the control of those who seek to enslave you. As scientists create technologies for the benefit of all and as these things make it to the mainstream and are not “shelved” by those who do not want you to have them, as the financial institutions cater to the needs of the people and not corporations, as politicians create fair and representative laws for all, slowly, but surely, you will see this new world develop.

Our hand in this has been almost invisible, but we have been there. We have set up the field to prevent negative energies from circulating around your planet. We have taken out various negative other worldly groups who had taken up camp in your world for selfish goals, we have prevented other races from coming here during the crucial time of the transfer of energy fields around and on your planet, and we have guided you through this process so that you have remained informed, in touch, motivated, and aware of what is transpiring on your world.

As these matters develop, and as the grip of the Illuminati becomes fainter and fainter, you will learn your true history and will gather strength from its message of hope for all of you. Indeed, you have begun to see it already as discoveries of long lost civilizations begin to emerge in your media. And as all of this dawns upon you as a people, and you become aware of the larger picture, both on your world and throughout the universe, we will come, with open arms, in love and respect for your journey. The process has already begun and we are overseeing so much more on your behalf.

What could be more joyous than a gathering of those who would see these things through to conclusion. And we say to you, look upward and we will be there with you, in love and mutual respect. Our mutual journey has given us much joy."

Be at peace.


Dear Arcturians,

"I have been awake since 3 am after only sleeping an hour at a time for most of the night. Sleeping is not normally a problem with me. Also, every time I woke up I thought of you. I tried to get a dream message, but could not. Therefore, I am asking now that I am awake and at the computer. Is there a message for me?

Our Dear Ascending Ones,
There is always a message for you, as well as for anyone who listens to our Call. It is just a matter of you tuning into the message and documenting it on your dimension. This morning there were too many messages for you to retrieve in this manner, so your sleep was disturbed by your inability to grasp on to information you could carry into your waking life. 

There are many decisions that are being made at inner levels of your world government. There are some countries that are fully ready for the shift and some that are not. On the other hand, ALL the awakened ones are ready and waiting. The biggest problem we are having is with many of the governments and those who are unable to awaken.

Clearly, all humans will not be able to make the shift, but we are trying to take as many as possible. Once money as you know it is taken from your world, the shift will be much easier, as greed is the main problem at this moment. Having things has been the pacifier for unhappiness for many lifetimes, which is the reason why greed is so rampant.

The irony is that everyone can create anything they want on the fifth dimension.

Continuation of message received the day before:
Where we left off:
The irony is that everyone can create anything they want on the fifth dimension.

If those who are grasping onto that which they feel has worth could loosen their hold, they could better find their own inner worth. Some will have to create a disaster scenario of ascension, as that is the only way in which they will be able to release their tight hold on the things that means so much to them.

At the other end of the spectrum, those who have become ONE with their Multidimensional SELF have found such peace and harmony in their daily life that they are already resonating to the fifth dimension. These Ones are the Openers of the Portals for they have already created and opened their Personal Portal into the true, multidimensional world. Since they have opened their Personal Portal, they are able to open Planetary Portals. 

Personal Portals are of course, personal. In other words, the individual has come into Unity Consciousness with his or her Multidimensional SELF. Within this Unity Consciousness there is no fear, or even hurry to ascend for they are already merged with their own ascended expressions of SELF.

It is through connecting with your personal expressions of SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond that you will remember the Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love that
is necessary in order to find other humans with whom you can merge in Unity Consciousness.

The Planetary Portals will best be opened by a group of Ones (human, non-human, Galactic and Celestial) that can deeply love any given area of Gaia. Just as every person can become a Personal Portal, every place can become a Planetary Portal. If a group is formed with persons who have opened their Personal Portals, they will easily be able to join into Unity Consciousness to open a Planetary Portal.

The state of consciousness of each person is more important that physical location. In other words, if you all focus on a given area, you do not have to live there. At the same time, please remember that wherever you live at thistime in your 3D reality is where you chose to be when you created your pre-birth contract.

Therefore it is beneficial if some of the members live in the area in which the group is focusing, as they have the deepest alignment with that area of Gaia’s body. It is appropriate at this moment of the NOW for our ascending ones to practice opening the Planetary Portals. The ascension-coded frequencies of light are already streaming into Gaia’s body, as well as each personal body and the all inhabitants of Earth. Hence, it is vital to make use of these energies.

We wish to explain our definition of Portal, as it may be different than other descriptions. We define a Personal Portal as a state of consciousness through which one can connect with their myriad multidimensional expressions of SELF. We define a Planetary Portal as a given area that has been connected to Gaia’s Multidimensional Matrix.

Just as all humans are multidimensional in nature, so is Earth and ALL Her inhabitants. Therefore, just as your fifth dimensional self has infinitely existed, fifth dimensional Earth has infinitely existed. In fact, the entire spectrum of multidimensional reality down through the fifth dimension is beyond time. Without time, there is NO beginning nor is there an ending.

Only the third/fourth dimensional worlds exist within the cycles of time. We see that our ascending ones tire of these cycles, as they have expanded their consciousness to embrace the knowing of many of these cycles and are eager to return Home. Hence, we return to our definition of Portal.

When a Personal or Planetary Portal is opened, it becomes a passage into the higher frequencies/dimensions of that particular expression of life. For example, once you open your Personal Portal you are able to receive messages from your higher expressions of SELF in much the same manner as you might phone a friend. 

Unfortunately, your call may have problems “going through” because of many different factors. But, with determination and persistence, you will complete your connection to your Higher Expressions of SELF.

Gaia also has Higher Expressions of SELF. Your earth vessel is a component of Gaia’s many bodies. Therefore, you have the ability to open Gaia’s Portals. When you open a Personal Portal, you open a communication, visitation, experience, knowing, of your SELF in a higher frequency of reality.

In the same manner, when you open a Planetary Portal you open a communication, visitation, experience, knowing, of Gaia’s higher expressions, such as New Earth. Therefore, visiting New Earth is not a difficult task once you have learned to open your Personal Portals, as it is the same endeavor.

However, your Personal Portal will take you to any world or reality in which you are holding a form and/or have bonded with via your unconditional love. Conversely, opening a Planetary Portal will take you only to Gaia’s expression of SELF. Gaia is asking now that Her Ascending Ones begin to open Her Planetary Portals and practice visiting New Earth in preparation for Her Planetary Ascension."  forts.

torsdag 25. oktober 2012

Ropet om Frihet

Alt vi lever for, alt vi gjør i livet og alt som hender oss og som vi deltar i, handler om FRIHET, sier Adamus.

Akkurat nå er vi på slutten av en frigjøringsprosess - en frigjøring fra oss sjøl til oss sjøl, rett og slett.  Vi festet oss til sinnet en gang i tida - siden har vi gått i ring.  Nå har utviklinga ført oss på glid, rent fornuftsmessig.  Vi forstår.  Da må båndene løses opp.  Vi forlater det sårbare og åpner heller hjertet - lar sårene gro.

Ikke bare hjertet trenger fornying, sinnet må også åpnes og fornyes - fylles med nye impulser.  Sinnet er en hardere nøtt enn hjertet.  Et begrenset sinn er selektivt, med hensyn til lærdom. Vi kan avgrense erfaringene og holde dem på avstand, likevel, idet vi åpner sinnet kan det utrolige skje.  Vi møter oss sjøl som vi Er. 

Det er ikke bare det menneskelige sinn og hjerte og Jorda forøvrig som gjennomgår en forvandling - det angår også hele Kosmos og alt som Er. I tillegg til slutten på en æra for planeten og solsystemet, er det også slutten på en æra for selve Skapelsen. Ropet om frihet er enormt.  Mennesket setter seg Fri.  

Menneskets potensielle suverenitet, jeg Er-egenskapen, ble gitt oss av Ånden med ordene;  "Oppdag Selvet.  Oppdag Jeg Er."  Dette løftet er nå innfridd av samtlige sjeler på Jorda, men den individuelle frigjøringa varierer.  Menneskesjelene var midt i leiken da den nye beskjeden kom;  "Det neste steget er Frihet."

Frihet fra hva?  Frihet fra absolutt alt!  En grenseløs frihet.  Er det mulig for mennesket å bære - plutselig å eie sin egen 'Jeg Er-het'.  Sin suverenitet?  Sin uavhengighet?  Være helt Fri?  Hva skjer når denne friheten aksepteres?  Da blir mennesket den det Er.  Energien har nå sluttet å bevege seg frittflytende og åpent, den ekspanderer ikke lenger, bare surrer i ring. 

Vi valgte å komme til denne planeten for å forstå bevissthet og energi, og for å forstå oss sjøl som unike vesener, innenfra, i en veldig dyp opplevelse. Vi visste at ropet om frihet før eller siden ville nå fram. Dette er ikke bare slutten på en syklus, det er slutten på en æra med avhengighet.

Hva er frihet?  Frihet er uendelig.  Frihet kan brukes som du vil, den er Din.  Den er over alt. Du er eieren. Friheten er Fri. Friheten Er. Føl inn i Friheten. Kjenn. Gå som en Mester.  Etter noen runder, Er du en mester. Bevissthet inneholder ikke energi, sier Adamus, energien ble skapt av en dyp lidenskap og ønsket om å gå inn i Friheten. 

onsdag 24. oktober 2012

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy
Life in this universe is hugely abundant and all interrelated. You are part of a magnificent unity—a state that the Creator has graciously spread throughout the many realms comprising physicality. When you ascend, this glorious state of unity becomes the experiential basis from which you think and act.This oneness is a soul-stirring melody that flows through your very cells, birthing a never-ending sense of joy.

7 Imix, 9 Tzec, 9 Eb

"Dratzo! We return! Events, which our sacred allies have been working toward for centuries, are now about to happen which will forever change your world. The power structure that rules your globe is collapsing in on itself as the center can no longer hold together. The dark cabal has dreaded this moment ever since the Anunnaki left, at which time these off-worlders demanded that their on-planet minions return dominion of your reality to the Light. This recommendation by the Anunnaki was vetoed by a sizable majority of the groups that make up the on-planet minions of the dark; their leaders were utterly unable to fathom why they would be asked, for any reason at all, to give up what to them was their life-blood: power. Power is basically all they know. Under the aegis of their former off-world masters, the minions had run roughshod over Earth and surface humanity for nearly 13 millennia. Now they were being asked to give up, literally, their throne! To the dark ones this was unthinkable. And outrageous! No one, not even their former masters, was going to separate them from the one thing that gave them their very identity: their 'natural' superiority. It formed the core of their being. And for nearly 17 years they have struggled to retain the only world they know.

Meanwhile, our sacred allies requested that we use our advanced methods of negotiation to prevent these now-woebegone dark Beings from creating another world war as a means to maintain their status as your unchallenged rulers. These ones still feel greatly ill used at being commanded to leave. However, a series of events and a chain of documents are finally ready to achieve their most necessary removal. The time comes for the final 'swoop' that is to drive the dark from power. Then we intend to permit our allies to detain and put on trial those who so mercilessly controlled you, and the fears that have for so long defined your lives can at last be laid aside. Released from these fetters you will be able to joyously acknowledge our existence and to begin to create a society that favors the good and benevolent over greed and manipulation. Your new governance is to smooth the way to full consciousness by, first, rolling out universal prosperity and by ending all wars! These will not be so easy to accomplish as your world has been manipulated for millennia to view competition, hate, and strife as inevitable components of existence.

These ways of keeping you divided are to be transformed into cooperation, peace, and Love. You are to realize and be able to fulfill your innermost needs for a joyously creative life. We are here, at this right divine moment, to be reunited with you, and begin some essential personal teachings with each of you as a requisite to your return to full consciousness. Part of this will be your introduction to a great book: The Book of Understandings. It is a compilation contributed to by each star-nation from the time they first colonize their home world. Each book contains an immense amount of wisdom about humanity and physicality, and is in essence a giant compendium of history and galactic anthropology. We intend to start you off with the works compiled on Mars, Venus, and Earth around the time when the Anchara Alliance made the destructive raid on your solar system a million years ago. The history of Agartha and the book that your new star-nation begins will be added to the whole, making a complete chronicle of your astonishing odyssey and of who you really are!

You are the wondrous Beings who have incarnated at this time to bring forth a new reality, and in consonance with this Heaven was very strict about who was allowed to embody here at this time. This is why we have come from so far afield to help, despite the fact that your world falls short of any of the usual conditions for first contact. Heaven summoned us here to use our fleets, at the divinely appointed time, to liberate you from your recalcitrant rulers. When Anchara joined the Light at the designated time, Earth's surface humanity was to move into the Light as well. But, as mentioned earlier, these calls from both the dark and from Heaven went unheeded by the dark earth-minions, who were in no mind to relinquish their insatiable power addiction. The result is this first-contact mission. When our fleets got here, we turned your solar system into a vast 'parking lot' and waited patiently for the divine signal to act. This mighty decree has at last been permitted to resound throughout Heaven and physicality and this clarion call will most assuredly be answered! This is the moment for your freedom to be secured!"

tirsdag 23. oktober 2012


"I remember, in 2005, being thoroughly exhausted from channeling so often while running my online institute "for the mind, body and spirit." I was having some physical problems related to channeling, one of which was random heart palpitations. It felt at times as if my heart was going to explode right through my rib cage. These episodes would sometimes awaken me at night, and I would sit up and fight to catch my breath. It was very scary, but not once did I consider going to a medical doctor. I had yet to learn about the fact that, in one university study, it was found that even a bad psychic uses more magnesium than an average person. Without magnesium the heart muscle can develop a spasm and stop beating. (See www.magnesiumfor life.com). Ever since taking 500 mg of magnesium on a regular basis, the heart palpitations have stopped.

One night I awakened to this strange and comforting sensation of my legs being rubbed in long stroking motions, by hands so big that they could not possibly be human. I smiled and let the warm massage soak into me, but then curiosity got the best of me. I had to look to see whether this was my imagination, or if some "one" was actually massaging my legs. I raised up from my pillow to find a bright blue angelic being at the foot of my bed, leaning over me like an angelic massage therapist, running his or her "hands" up and down the length of my legs. I was gently told to lay back down, and I clearly had the sense that I was somehow being revived by this experience. It wasn't just a surface massage, it was as if somehow my entire soul was being rejuvenated.

Some months later, still battling constant fatigue, I had a near death experience. Since it did not occur in a hospital, but in my own bed, my belief is that my heart must have stopped in the middle of the night. All I remember is that I blanked out when my head hit the pillow. The next thing I knew, I was flying outside of our atmosphere. If you have ever had an out of body experience, it was quite similar, but even more tangible, more real. There was no doubt that I was "there" in another realm, and that my spirit was flying. I was being propelled and pulled forward at the same time by a magnificent force. 

LOVE was calling me, and the further I flew, the more deeply I entered into that realm of unconditional love. The love intensified beyond anything humanly possible to feel, and then the thought occurred to me, "I'm dying!" One might think that this would have been a terrifying revelation, but on the contrary, it was exhilarating and comforting. In fact, it felt so wonderful that this intense sense of joy and peace welled up within me, propelling me forward even faster. I had the thought that maybe I should go back, because my parents and children would be sad to learn that I had died. But, then, my whole being smiled as I surrendered into this eternal embrace of love, and decided, "Oh well. They'll get over it."

The next thing I knew I was literally headed for a "doorway" of light, though I would have to call it more of a vast cavern of light; a huge, magnificent, arched gateway of blazing bright white light. And, Who of all beings was there to greet me? Jesus! He was standing there with outstretched arms, and I was in ecstasy as I surrendered to the awareness that I was going home! Now, I must add a note here: I was not raised with deep Christian beliefs. In no way was the idea of "going home to Jesus" a part of my consciousness. But, I did have an amazing encounter with Jesus in 1996, when He visited me in the middle of the night, appearing three dimensionally, surrounded by brilliant blue, white and golden light. And, there He was again, greeting me upon my arrival to the other side!

But, as I raced towards the finish line, He took His outstretched arms and suddenly pushed His palms towards me, stating calmly, "No. It is not time. You still have work to do." It felt as if He had thrown a gigantic, soft pillow of energy at me, and it sent me tumbling backwards, back into my body. I sucked in a deep breath of air. My chest felt heavy as my heart began to beat again. I sat up in the stony cold dark room, tears streaming down my face. I was amazed by what I had experienced, and sadly disillusioned that I had to return to this human life after having been embraced by such love."

October 21, 2012 - Montague Keen

"My dear, you are working so hard to fulfil your mission. Do not despair: though obstacles are put in your way, nothing will prevent the outcome. It was predicted hundreds of years ago that this would happen when the timing was right. It is inevitable. The time for this great change is now. The power of the 99% demanding change cannot be ignored. Up to now, they have been slaves to the minority, but they can now see the corruption for what it is, and they no longer want to be part of it. They are now seeing themselves as Sovereign Beings with freedom as their divine right.

It must be noted that when you vote for someone, you hand over your freedom to that person. I ask that you consider this fact very carefully. Do not get carried away by the hype and propaganda. Voting is a serious matter. You are entitled to write "None of the above". Everything that you do at this time of change has serious consequences for the future. Brainwashing is used to lull you into a false sense of security, and promises are made that no one has any intention of keeping. Slaves fall for this every time but the awakened do not. Go with your heart. Be true to yourself. The future of your planet is in your hands.

The Cabal will promise anything and everything to keep you under control. They are clinging on by a thread, desperately trying to hold on to their ill-gotten gains. Slowly but surely they are coming to the conclusion that they can no longer fool you. Their demand for World War III is being thwarted and this leaves them exposed and humiliated. It is time for the killing to stop in all countries. You are all brothers. Why would you want to kill each other?

The exposure of child abuse by paedophiles in high places is happening. I promised that the truth would come out from all quarters. As many try to prevent their names being revealed, the tide of truth cannot be stopped. These evil people will now learn what their victims went through for their pleasure. Do not take revenge. Exposure will suffice. Otherwise you would lower yourselves to their level. It is time to keep calm. The mob mentality lowers your vibration and keeps you in their control, whereas full consciousness raises you to greater heights that the Cabal could never attain. Their existence depends on your support for them. But you do not need them. Together, supporting each other, you are powerful Sovereign Beings. Everything is in place to assist you to take the final steps to FREEDOM in a world where everyone is equal and you can live with each other in dignity and with respect for each other. Love, not fear, will rule the day and freedom will be enjoyed by all. I ask that you visualise the future that will be yours. Create it in your minds, then it will become your reality. You have the power to do this.

You also need to prepare to take on board the true history of your world. This will upset many, but the truth must be told and understood. My dear, you saw for yourself this week, how the Dark tries in every possible way, to encroach upon the Light with the intention of destroying it. Even with all that you know, you were deeply shocked at the brazen way they seek to destroy all that is good and pure. Look at all the sacred sites in your world which the Cabal has shamelessly tried to desecrate and destroy. Now, at last, the good people of the world are taking matters into their own hands and are taking back what is theirs by right. The Cabal does not belong in this world - a world they abuse for their own ends. They wear a MASK that has served them well up until now; but as you awaken, you can see the mask slip, revealing all their vile darkness. Fine clothes and jewels will not hide what will be exposed. Pity them as they run for cover from the Light. Everything that was taken from you will be returned. The money that was invented to control you will no longer be necessary. It served to keep you in slavery and this was its purpose. Gradually, everything is being exposed and corrected so that slavery ends and freedom begins.

You have at your side, someone who understands the importance of your mission and will assist you in all that you do. I told you we would bring the right people forward and we did. Please get as much rest as possible in these very busy times. No stone will be left unturned. We will succeed.

Know that you are loved and cherished, and one day we will be together once more, to continue our work on this side of life. Your adoring, Monty."

mandag 22. oktober 2012


Nå lukkes syklusen fødsel-død-fødsel.  Avbruddene er over og vi lever evig.

10/18—10/21 -  Dear Arcturians,
Yesterday you sent me some information about meeting with the Galactics. Was I correct in receiving that message? If not, please correct me. If so, please give me more details.

The Arcturians Speak:

Dear Ascending One,
"We know that some of our information takes a while before it can work its way through your wounded ego. We wish to assist you in the final release of this ego, for it will be more and more of an interruption to our transmissions as we share increasingly unexplored topics and units of information.

Therefore, we wish to take you back to when the human was first born and you, the Arcturian, were training to download its circuitry into the form of this tiny infant. Why was this infant, a seemingly insignificant child of a dancer and a musician, chosen? Neither parent was awake, nor was the child slated to be special in any manner. She was just a normal, post-war baby in California, USA.

However, the body almost died of crib death at only six weeks. The constitution of the baby was still strong, and her soul still over lite her form, but had not yet entered it. Suzille, the Essence from Arcturus, saw a chance to enter this human form, which appeared to be healthy enough to survive until the Great Shift.

Hence, YOU the Arcturian, entered this form before it expired. There was minimal brain damage from the lack of oxygen, but you were able to repair most of it. The damage that remained was perfect, as the child had to think from her right brain in an imagistic manner.

You, Suzille the Arcturian, entered the form and faced many years of “time” as the grounded one worked through human issues of life on a hostile planet. Fortunately, the survival was so difficult that the human element had to surrender her fears to you, the Arcturian. Thus, at a very young age, you were her comfort and insight. However, the child did not know to whom she was surrendering.

Now you, the Arcturian, and the owner of the form have become ONE Being. Suzanne has become Suzille, and Suzille is returning Home to the higher dimensions of reality. Yet, the wounded ego still battles doubt. Because of this, we recommend that Suzille take the helm of this earth vessel in every way. How will this exchange occur?

This question is important, for the “changing of the Guard” of the earth vessel is a vital component of ascension. Of course, as with every process, this release of all ego can only be accomplished by total surrender.  Your Arcturian SELF will not abandon the small earth vessel that it inhabits. Nor will it abandon the wounded ego that suffered through many years of deep depression and over-whelming challenges?

Do you remember when the young child was allowed to go Home to Faerie? Do you remember when you the wounded teenager was lovingly sent to study in the Mystery Schools of the fourth dimension? Do you remember when you released 
the all-suffering wife who could not find her SELF while minding the rules of being married in her generation?

Do you remember how these releases allowed your human element to surrender these portions of wounded self to a higher frequency of reality, so that the earth vessel could be more fully inhabited by light?

Now you, Suzanne and Suzille, can release the last wounded portion of the human identity, the wounded ego. Just as Suzanne sent her children off the college knowing that her relationship with them would never be the same, you now send the wounded ego off to the higher Mystery schools of Venus. On Venus, this persona can be fully healed and transmuted into light.

Observe as the vapors of the ego, in fact all ego, drifts away? The one who suffered, but always continued, the one with courage and tenacity to fulfill her obligation to Earth in order to ascension, as well as many other traits, thoughts and emotions have been transmuted into the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.

These components of the human ego will remain with you, the SELF, because they have risen in frequency to the ever-escalating resonance of your true, Arcturian Nature. You, our Arcturian family member, have assisted the wounded one for 65 years. Now, much of that wounded has been transmuted and will remain in form for the final duties of ascension.

However, the frequency of ego that cannot survive the frequencies of reality to which you will return is being lovingly surrendered back to the ONE. In reality, without Suzille the Arcturian, the form would have expired long ago. Because the human element of the earth vessel was able to perceive the Arcturian, she could allow her Arcturian constituent to repeatedly heal her form of clay.

Suzanne now merges her human, clay form with her Arcturian body of light. Just as she sent off her children to college, she now surrenders her wounded ego to the Mystery Schools of her beloved Venus. YOU, human and Arcturian, can FEEL the unconditional love that escorts the wounded ego to Venus.

YOU both have embraced all the loving, human relationships and will happily continue them. However, YOU will no longer be encumbered by the wounded ego who was created by myriad incarnations. What remains, as the inhabitant/creator of the earth vessel is YOU, the composite of human and Arcturian.

YOU are the one who first took a form on Earth at the close of Atlantis. YOU are the ONE who has visited your other Galactic realities during meditations and in-between incarnations. Hence, YOU are the one to close this cycle of birth-death-birth to return to infinity.

Now, with the surrender of the doubts, insecurities and limitations of the wounded ego, all karmic debts are paid and all cycles are completed. Thus, YOU, Suzanne/Suzille, are FREE to assist others to release their wounded ego and return to their SELF."

Do you have any questions?
Suzanne/Suzille Speaks:  I have NO questions.  I am ready to meet with the Galactics NOW!