torsdag 13. januar 2011

Det er Løgn, sier Adamus


We are all born within a system; whether you consider the system a matrix of
thought, belief systems, restrictions, do's and don'ts or from any other angle,
this system does not allow the human being to be FREE.

"The Matrix, grand friends, is a Lie. It's nothing more or nothing less.
Tell me, what makes a lie into a truth you end up believing?

Some big old nasty wolf out there? Some fancy reptilian purse perhaps?
No. The one and right answer is that YOU keep it alive by believing it.

In this workshop, I will shake these attributes off you and allow you to
open your eyes to the beauty of this magnificent planet we all call Home.

It will be my honour to, at the end of these 5 days, throw the outside
doors open once again and see you fly into the sunrise of FREEDOM."


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