søndag 31. august 2014


            Beloved masters, will you pause with me for a moment and take inventory of your recent accomplishments, and what may seem like defeat or failure to you?  I would like for you to take a closer look and come to a better understanding as to what the initiation and ascension processes are all about.  You are getting a clearer picture of the workings of cosmic law and the magnificence and complexity of our Sub-universe as the veil of forgetfulness is lifted and you begin to tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self and Super-conscious mind. However, you still have doubts and are confused when you are confronted with some of your old fears and emotions.

            All humanity, without exception, is progressing by leaps and bounds-yes, even those who seem to be stuck or mired in victimhood, and karmic interaction of cause and effect, the drama of good and evil or duality/polarity consciousness. Deep within every sentient Being there is a discontent, a yearning, a feeling that changes must be made-that they cannot continue in the same old painful patterns of existence. As you are witnessing, some will choose to vacate the physical vessel, returning to spirit form to await an easier, gentler time to return and continue the journey of physical expression.  Others are becoming bold as they reach out into the unknown and find we are waiting there to assist them-and so, they begin to hope and dream as they take control of their destiny.

            Just as you must acknowledge, clear and release all negative memories and energies within your physical/etheric, mental and emotional structure, so it is with your Mother Earth as well.  This is the source of the "destruction process" that you all fear so much, but it need not be as radically cataclysmic as has been predicted and as you have been led to believe. True, all that is not in harmony with the higher frequency vibrations of the new age must be transmuted, transformed or lifted; however, this can be accomplished by becoming aware of the core beliefs which do not resonate with the more rarified higher fourth- and fifth-dimensional awareness of the future. As you are aware, your Mother Earth is also striving to attain a higher level of God-consciousness. In order to do so, she must clear the negative stream of core memories within the astral plane/her auric field-the maelstrom of negative mass consciousness beliefs of humanity from many past ages.  This is where many of you are having difficulties.  You are not yet able to discern which are your own core beliefs rather than those created by the many different races, cultures and religions over the many ages past.

            As you begin to become aware of and dip into unity consciousness, which creates great wonder, joy and a sense of no longer being alone, it also opens the door for you to tap into those ancient memories of fear, failure, betrayal and shame that others carry in their auric field.  You do not get just the positive energies, beloveds; part of your mission is to assist all humanity in becoming aware of its self-limiting beliefs, and the negative, destructive thought forms and actions.  That is why there seems to be so much senseless violence, why so many are lashing out in anger and pain. The world of form seems to be crushing and bruising those who cannot face their own creations and acknowledge that they have, indeed, created their own hell-filled world of fear and suffering.  They blame everyone and everything but themselves. For without allowing the soul or Higher Self to assist in the healing process, it is just too painful to face their creations, and the ego-desire personality becomes even stronger and more in control of the thought processes and behavioral patterns.

            That is why we are "pulling out all the stops," you might say, in order to assist those of you who are the vanguard, those who are opening the way and creating the path for others to follow.  The process must be clear; it must be simple and not complicated as the ancient wisdom teachings were, for in the past, the ascension process was designed for the select few.  Those of you who are the teachers and the Wayshowers have had or are experiencing all the emotions, fears and setbacks that will confront humanity at large.  Many of you have made a great sacrifice and agreed to pass or experience many tests that were not of your own making (but an accumulation of the memory/energy patterns of other parts of your vaster Being).  In other words, many of you came with energies composed of many different facets or expressions, which you did not directly experience as a soul, but which you agreed to have placed in your energy (auric) fields and your DNA so that you would have to balance and overcome these imperfections.  So, beloved ones, do not judge a beautiful, awakened soul who seems to have had much more than their share of adversity.  Honor them; emulate them, for they are smoothing the way for you.

            And so, we ask you to observe the patterns of fear and doubt that are emerging, that which is keeping you from moving on to the next level of en-LIGHTEN-ment.  Each level has its own tests, trials and pitfalls, and many of you are hindering your progress because you cannot let go of old deep-core energy patterns.  Many are still caught in a struggle for power, on the one hand, while creating and performing great deeds of goodness, but still trying to control or force their truths or ways of thinking on others.  Many of those who still feel they must serve and sacrifice in order to grow spiritually are being taken advantage of by those who have not learned that what you take from others unjustly,  ultimately, you are only taking from yourself.  Many are still imprisoned in relationships which are hindering and hurtful, rather than supportive and allowing growth and expansion.  They are afraid to step out of the status quo or take responsibility for their own spiritual growth and well-being.  So many are afraid to face their nightmares and bad dreams, for they may come to realize they are of their own making, and that they are responsible for their own personal transformation.  Stagnation and a sense of futility are the formula for death, beloveds: death of the emotions, death of mental alertness, hopes and dreams, and eventually, death of the physical vessel.

            What are your greatest fears right now, dear ones?  What obstacles are keeping you from opening that next door to higher awareness and mastery?  Before you can accept and wield the gift of the First Ray of Divine Will, you must face and conquer your fears and demons.  We have endeavored over the past years to give you the tools and wisdom to accomplish this, but ultimately the task is yours alone.  These next years are critical, and we have said this many times before; however, it is important that you become aware of just how quickly the process of evolution, or the ascension of humanity is progressing.  If you are to stay on track and keep up with the frequency acceleration of your planet and with those who are reaching for the stars on their way back home, you must come to terms with yourself, with your fears, and your sense of being disconnected from your Higher Self and the realms of Light.

            Allow me to give you a gift, an exercise which will help you break through the restrictive walls of your fears and doubts and help you release those patterns that no longer serve you.   We wish to impress upon you how harmful the energies of fear are--energies which are keeping you from claiming the gifts of mastery--and how simple it is to move through them.

            Stand before a mirror or hold a mirror in your hand and gaze into this mirror as you bring into your mind that which you most fear.  Just as we have taught you to fill your body with Light, I now ask you to allow this fear to build as you create and imagine the worst scenario possible that has to do with this fear.  Feel it begin to permeate your body, feel it especially in your heart and solar power center, as you move your consciousness throughout your body and feel the restriction, the stress, the crippling energy creep in and permeate your Being.  Now look into your own eyes, see the pain, study your facial expression as it changes and ages.  Feel the pressure build until you know you can tolerate no more.  Now, beloved masters, take several deep breaths as you move deeper and deeper into your Sacred Heart Center and draw forth the Sacred Love of our Father/Mother God from within your Diamond Core God Cell--a precious gift that is always available to assist you through every trial and test.  Call upon your OverSoul-Self to fill you with the healing frequencies of the Violet Flame, and with all your senses become aware as this wondrous gift pours through and around you.  Can you hold on to the fear or does it dissolve into nothingness as this magic elixir of loving energy permeates your Being? 

 Again, look in the mirror and see how soft your eyes have become; how youthful is your countenance.  Feel the expansion in your heart and the release of the stress and strain within your body and muscular structure.  Fear cannot exist where there is Light-where there is love.  Breathe in the gift of life--breathe deeply of the Essence of Creation that is being offered to you.  When you are in fear, you restrict and cut off the flow of the Pranic substance of life.  This may seem like a drastic exercise, but in truth it is a great gift, for many of you cannot progress until you face yourself in the mirror, and allow your fears to be reflected back to you.  You will become aware that the fear does not originate "out there," but from within.

            More and more of you are becoming aware of your life mission and how important it is.  Do not fear to boldly step out, dear ones.  Because you are assisting in the healing and resolution of the negative frequency patterns of your ancestral lineage. As you move upward on the Path of Light, you will also have available to you the wisdom and wealth of positive experiences from all the many lives of your soul companions.  This is the wonder of unity consciousness.  Have you not noticed how many teachers and messengers are bringing forth almost identical information, for they are experiencing the same emotional ups and downs, as well as receiving the same thought impulses?  Many of you have gone to gatherings where you felt a deep sense of coming home, of being reconnected with long-lost family or friends.  Just as many of you no longer feel in harmony with your physical family, nor seem to have anything in common with friends of long standing.  Do not judge; become the observer-allow your Higher Self to supply you with the wisdom you need to move through or overcome any situation or obstacle. 

            As you move into nonjudgment and are willing to allow the highest outcome to occur in all situations, you will break free of the bonds of fear, and life will become a constant source of wonder, joy and thanksgiving.  Claim the gifts that are being offered to you, precious ones, you have earned them.  Move through the fog of fear into the Light of the dawning age.  Walk boldly with a spring in your step, a smile on your lips and joy in your heart-those behind you are watching, my brave warriors of Light, do not falter now.  Show them, as we have shown you; take their hands and support them, even as we have done for you.  Tell them that you cannot take on their tasks or burdens, but you can give them the benefit of your wisdom and experience.  You will not have to make claims or state what level you have attained.  You will not have to try to impress or dominate, for you know within your heart who you are and that is enough. 



You must learn to identify the source and deal with your own negative thought forms. Often your negative feelings are picked up from those around you, especially if you are a very empathetic person.  Learn to surround yourself in a sphere of Golden/white Light in which nothing of a lesser vibration can enter and disturb your tranquility.  Everyone on Earth is in the process of clearing ancient memories and thought forms of the past.  Be a passive observer when these feelings roil up within.  Do not claim them, just observe and state to yourself: "This is anger I am experiencing," or fear, depression, guilt or any other dis-empowering emotion.  Envision a blazing ball of Light descending from your Higher Self, bursting into a million tiny, crystalline diamonds rippling throughout your body, transforming and balancing all discordant energies within.  Do this as often as necessary. 
Shut off your mental auto pilot, and become the director of your journey and your experiences.  Tune into your own mental receiving station as you seek thoughts, vibrational patterns and sounds that are uplifting and empowering. Negative, critical thinking is composed of lower, disruptive frequency patterns.  If you don't like what is happening in your world, lift your thoughts and change your mind so that you are projecting "balanced, uplifting frequency patterns of thought and intention."

Learn to think with your whole brain--meaning, use both your linear, analytical outward- focused left brain, along with your intuitive, creative, inward-focused right brain.  Tap into your genius potential or the Light Packets of wisdom stored within your Sacred Mind, which are attuned to the higher dimensional or the cosmic storehouse of knowledge.    
Do not always express or project your emotions toward others. Allow yourself to feel and express whatever emotions you are experiencing, but first analyze and resolve them within your own sacred space. Speak and share only to clarify or clear up a misunderstanding, and always share your thoughts through a filter of love and compassion. This is the way of a master.            

Beloved Bearers of Light, as you integrate more of the plasma of renewal and become harmonious purveyors of Light, we are now able to more freely interact with you, and to work through you to create wondrous new things. By agreeing to do so, miracles beyond your greatest imagining will abound. We enfold you in the Light of Life from the heart core of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. I am ever near to guide and protect you. I AM Archangel Michael.

Mennesker - menn og esker

Ja, hvorfor ble det slik en gang?  Hvorfor ble menn de enerådende med hjerne, mens eskene bare ble som esker flest, brukt til innpakning av det de med hjerne mente skulle bare anes og ikke ses. At det ble slik den gangen da analfabetismen rådet, er så, men det er jo på akkurat samme stadiet idag også. Vi som alltid har fylt eskene med innhold, er med på det. Vi fyller på med innhold idag som vi alltid har gjort. Jeg bare spør, hva har menn vært uten eskene og innholdet deres?  

Når det imidlertid ble maket til på denne måten, så var det ingen som ble stilt i forlegenhet.  Og det er visst alltid bra, eskenes plass er i forlegenheten, men det er det ingen som tar noen skade av. Ikke eskene, men av og til mannen. Er det noe her som ikke stemmer, eller stemmer alt? Det kan observeres på så mye av dette som vi snakker om akkurat nå. På klesdrakten ikke minst. Menn er i stramme mørke dresser og eskene i uskyldsblått blomstret forglemmegeistoff.

Mannen presenterer seg sjøl ved alle anledninger, mens esken blir presentert av mannen eller noen andre - alt ettersom.  Nei, akkurat det der er ikke så blånøye - en eske er en eske, må vite.  Men en mann er en HERRE-MANN.  En mann har svart hatt med pull, en eske har forglemmegei både foran og bak.  Det er så enkelt og det er så lettfattelig slik. Ingen trenger og forundres over hva som er hva eller hvem som er hvem - eller noe annet som viser seg litt småfortærende der og da.

I ly av denne spøken kan mye skje.  Jeg tenker på mannen og pidestallen og jeg tenker på esken og innpakninga.  Hva er det denne esken må pakke inn og hva er det denne mannen har pidestallen til? Ja, si det.  Til bunns kommer vi vel aldri i dét spørsmålet, tenker jeg, men vi kan jo grave litt - som de sier journalistene. Pidestallen ble sikkert oppfunnet da størrelsen på mannen var på buskstadiet.  Han var busk og nettopp derfor måtte pidestallen finnes opp.  Hva med esken da?

Hva med eskene - jo, de skulle buskene framheve seg på, mente de.  Busker er små runde og tjomslige, mens esker er firkantet og ufarlige. Med en slik framtoning av de to når de opererte sammen, så kunne alle se, og de kunne til og med forstå hvordan denne framtoningen skulle tolkes. Tolkninga ble på en annen måte når de var begge i nærheten, enn når esken ikke var der for eksempel.  Det ble alltid det beste resultatet når esken ikke var synlig tilstede.

Det forstår vi!  Eskene skulle, og skal, alltid utgjøre staffasjen.  Det er som seg hør og bør. Var de ikke synlige noen ganger, var de kanskje inne i skyen av røyk fra den kjempestore Havanasigaren som også hørte bildet til. Slik er livet for esken før den blir slitt og frynset opp i stofftilfanget sitt.  Når det har skjedd er ikke esken å se noe sted hvor busken befinner seg. Busken liker seg best når den får boltre seg med sine venner buskene aleine - kanskje med noen esker som ikke hører noen til.  

Sånn er sikkert livet for busk og eske.  Jeg vet ikke om dette er riktig skildret, men det er mulig å mene at også denne varianten viser seg ved noen anledninger. Variasjonenes muligheter er sikkert legio her som ellers, så det er ikke nødvendig å tverre det ut mer enn det som er gjort.  Jeg takker Busk og Eske for denne lille titten innenfor et tenkt forheng.  Jeg pakker sammen og ønsker god tur videre til alle som er i den slags modus. Må hell og lykke følge på alle stier.


lørdag 30. august 2014

Bevissthet - Persepsjon

Tenker vi enkelt og positivt, kommer vi igjennom alt på letteste måten.  Enkelt og positivt - det er nøkkelen for å komme gjennom denne forøvrig kritiske perioden. Vi er på slutten av syklusen og ikke bare dét, det er slutten på den gamle tida!  Tenk det!  Det er på slutten av hele den lange og trege perioden som vi har brukt til å utvikle oss som gagns menneskje som det heter.  Det var ikke helt igjennomtenkt nei, da vi startet på dette rittet, men se oss idag.  Vi har da greid oss tålig bra, vil jeg si. Jeg ser oss som Peer Gynt der vi legger bak oss den ene strekningen større og brattere og villere enn den andre, over li og hei går det i en forrykende fart.  Vi har jo mange milliarder år å fly igjennom, men det visste vi ikke i utgangspunktet.  

Nå har vi kommet til siste etappen - den om Bevissthet og Persepsjon.  Det er enormt mye som skjer, det gamle systemet på Jorda holder på å ta farvel.  Vi skal stå igjen etter at det gamle har dratt sin vei.  Vi må bare oppføre oss anstendig i avslutningsscenen, kanskje tørke en tåre også for langt vennskaps skyld.  Så skal vi snu oss rundt og ta imot full BEVISSTHET.  Full bevissthet som også er lik fullstendig persepsjon. Snart vet vi alt og snart ser vi alt like klart.  Full bevissthet - full visshet - fullt syn.  Da er det ikke mer å hige etter - alt er vekket opp inne i oss. Det er det som har skjedd.  Vi har vært igjennom en oppvåkningsprosess.  Vi har vært igjennom hele kroppen, rusket i organer og vekket og vekket alt som sov.


fredag 29. august 2014

Det ligger forandringer i lufta

Ja, det gjør det virkelig.  Det kjennes veldig godt og det merkes på så mye annet også - enn det jeg opplever og det jeg tenker, jeg merker det på andre mennesker rundt meg også.

Før var vi ett sted som føltes som det, ett sted.  Der var vi hele tida. Det var livet på Jorda og det var Jorda.  Nå er vi hele tida i siget virker det som, men vi har ikke flyttet oss fra Jorda.  Sagt med andre ord, er det vel tida rundt oss som beveger seg kanskje.  Jeg vet forresten ikke noe om hvordan tida lever, eller om den er i en annen tilstand rundt meg.  Jeg vet ikke noe om tida, eller om den i det hele tatt bærer navnet TID.  Men det er et ord vi alle er kjent med og som vi tar som en selvfølge og som vi hører uttalt hele tida fordi vi bruker det alle sammen - hele tida.

Kanskje er det ikke noe som helst, men bare noe mennesker opplever og har brukt for å gjøre seg  forståelig - til alle tider. Det kan jo godt være slik også, uansett hva såkalte spesialister ville korrigert  akkurat nå, i dette øyeblikk, hvis de hadde hatt muligheten. Men saken er at jeg er så glad for at jeg ikke har noen jordisk utdannede spesialister til å arrestere ord og uttrykk her nå. Supert er det at de ikke er her og kan blande seg inn.

Men over til tida vi begynte med.  Ofte snakker vi om tid som om det er en konkret størrelse vi kan ta på.  Det er det jo ikke. Tida er et spøkelse som vi har tatt til oss som noe vi hver enkelt eier. Alle merkedagene vi har hver enkelt, det er våre dager. Et stykke tid som vi kaller dag og natt, og klipper ut som våre liksom!  Tida er i allefall noe alle er opptatt, med og av, fra oppvåkninga tidlig på dag til innsovninga en god del timer seinere.

Hver enkelt kan tenke videre på dette fenomenet som har opptatt en stor del av våre tanker fra vi begynte å stavre å gå her på planeten og til vi har nådd milliarder av år seinere.  Dette livet, dette livet. det har mange varianter.

torsdag 28. august 2014

"Faderen" av Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson - min tolkning fra 1979 - av Bjørnsons fortelling

Dette er ikke den fullstendige fortellinga Bjørnson skrev i 1860, men min tolkning av den - fra 1979. 

"Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson skrev "Faderen" i 1860.  En liten fortelling med stort perspektiv.

Fortellingen går ut på å strukturere maktfaktorer i samfunnet som var rådende på den tida, og hvordan den enkelte selv opplevde sin maktposisjon. Hadde en mann mye penger, hadde han også posisjon og dermed stor utøvende makt.  Fortellingen viser at denne makten kunne gå nokså langt, men at den allikevel hadde sine klare begrensninger.  Videre viser fortellingen oss helt tydelig hvilken holdning som utviklet seg i et slikt samfunnssystem.

"Faderen", heter Tord Øverås, bonde og den mektigste i sitt prestegjeld. Allerede i første linje forsøker forfatteren å antyde begrensninger i maktens omfang.  Bjørnson lar oss forstå dette når han ordlegger seg slik: «... den mektigste i sitt prestegjeld.» Tord selv har tydeligvis ikke tenkt seg noen begrensninger i sin myndighet. Han går til prestegården og presten med sine befalinger, og får det som han vil, men han passer alltid på å holde seg innenfor den kristne referanserammen. Han har Gud's velsignelse!

Første gang Tord kommer til prestekontoret, er når han skal få sønnen sin døpt. Selv sier han det slik:  "Jeg har fått en sønn."  På prestens spørsmål om hva sønnen skal hete, får han til svar:  "Finn - etter far min."  Ikke hvem som helst kan være vitner i en sak som denne, derfor er fadderne "... bygdens beste menn og kvinner av mannens slekt."  Det vi på vårt moderne språk kaller kjønnsrollemønster, er her nokså ensrettet.  Det er mannen, sønnen, farfaren, presten og "... fadderne skal være av mannens slekt."

Tord har flere ønsker med hensyn til sønnens dåp. Han vil bl. a. at sønnen må bli døpt for seg selv, altså på en hverdag.  Det vil si: "På lørdag førstkommende, 12. middag." Storbondens sønn måtte ikke menges med massen. Døpevannet måtte han også være alene om! Presten følte han ville gi Tord noen ord med på vegen. Han gikk like bort til Tord, tok hans hånd og så han inn i øynene: "Give Gud at barnet må bli deg til velsignelse!"

Her møtes vel egentlig kristendom og hedenskap. Bønn og ønske om det gode, om velsignelse, i all denne egoismen og selvopptattheten rundt jordiske verdier. Med prestens ønske om at barnet måtte bli han til velsignelse, gikk Tord, og kom ikke tilbake før etter 16 år. Denne gangen er han igjen avhengig av det kristne rituale. Sønnen skal konfirmeres.

Da Tord står i prestens stue, sier presten: "Du holder deg godt, du Tord." Tord svarer: "Jeg har heller ingen sorger."

Vi legger merke til at Tord ikke har forandret seg på alle disse årene, og det skyldes, mener han selv, at han ikke har noen sorger. Sønnen hadde blitt en flink gutt, slik faren ønsket det. Alt var som det skulle. Han hadde ikke noe å bekymre seg for. Tord måtte allikevel være klar over at sorger kunne forandre menneskene. Han kjente kanskje noen som ikke hadde det så godt. Men Tord's mentalitet hadde ikke plass for slike tanker. Nå var han mer opptatt av hvilken plass på kirkegulvet, sønnen hans skulle få. Til tross for at han var den rikeste, ville han ikke betale noe til presten før han fikk vite hvilken plass sønnen hans var tiltenkt. Da faren hørte at sønnen skulle stå som nr. 1, betalte han 10 daler til presten. Dette var som det skulle være. I Gud's Hus ble alle plassert etter fortjeneste!

Presten spurte, denne gang som forrige gang: "Er det ellers noe." Svaret var det samme som sist: "Ellers er det ikke noe."

Og årene går, denne gangen 8.

Det høres støy utenfor prestens kontor, mange menn kommer, Tord først. Denne gangen vil Tord begjære lysning for sønnen sin, han skal giftes med Karen Storlien, datter av Gudmund, som også var med. Presten utbryter: "Dette er jo bygdens rikeste jente." "De sier så," svarte den mektige bonden. Presten faller i tanker som flere ganger tidligere, men fører navnene inn i sine bøker, og mennene skriver under. For dette betaler Tord tre daler, det til tross for at det egentlig ikke kostet mer enn en daler. "Han ville gjerne gjøre vel," som han uttrykker det.  Sønnen var hans eneste barn. Presten tok imot pengene og sier: "Det er tredje gang du på sønnens vegne står her nå, Tord". "Men nå er jeg også ferdig med han," sa Tord, la sin tegnebok sammen, sa farvel og gikk - mennene langsomt etter.

Vi føler med presten nå, han er fortsatt i stor konflikt.  Selv representerer han en større makt enn den bonden representerer, men han kan ikke snakke bonden til rette. Han kan ikke moralisere. Han velger hele tiden å la Tord bruke det jordiske som han selv ønsker, uten innblanding. Men vi aner vel her en nokså klar problemstilling, i det presten sier:  "Det er tredje gang du på sønnens vegne står her nå, Tord." Presten tenker nok på alle fattige i prestegjeldet, alle dem som danner grunnlaget for at noen få fortsatt kan være store og mektige.

Med Tord's ord om at han nå mener seg ferdig med sønnen, gir Bjørnson oss en pekepinn om at noe uhyggelig er nært forestående. Det egentlige vendepunktet i Tord's liv begynner vel her, uten at han selv er seg det bevisst på noen måte. Han sier han er "ferdig" med sønnen, fordi han som god far for sin sønn, har gjort det han mener har vært riktig. Sønnen er blitt behørig ført inn i kirkens bøker for hver gang, slik at formalitetene hele tiden er fulgt. Betalt har han også gjort, dog har han ikke sløst med pengene. Presten hadde nok tenkt seg større beløp, men de kom ikke. Faren mener seg ferdig med å bygge grunnlaget for gutten sin, nå kan han trygt giftes bort og fortsette der faren slapp. 

14 dager etter denne dag, er faren og sønnen ute i båt - på stille vann. De skal til Storlien og samtale om bryllupet. Da er det sønnen finner ut at det er noe galt med underlaget. Det synes sviktende. Det er toften det er noe i vegen med, sønnen reiser seg i båten for å rette på toften, men da glir tiljen han står på.  Sønnen slår ut med armene, men faller i vannet. Denne gangen nytter det ikke med penger, ikke posisjon heller. Faren prøver med en åre, men sønnen når den ikke. Han stivner. Da er det faren roper:  "Vent litt."  Sønnen velter bakover, ser langt på  faren, og synker. I denne situasjonen, som for sønnen var livsfarlig, kunne ikke faren gjøre noen ting for han. Han ba han ta tak i åra, og han ba han vente litt, ingen av delene hjalp.  

Det steg noen bobler opp der sønnen forsvant. Boblene ble til en stor boble - som brast. Sjøen lå atter like speilblank.

Farens håp for sønnen brast, lik vannboblen.

I tre dager og tre netter soknet faren etter sønnen. Tord verken spiste eller sov. Den tredje dagen, om morgenen, fant han sønnen og bar han med seg, på ryggen, opp bakkene til gården.

Et års tid etter dette, kom Tord tilbake til prestegården og presten. Denne gangen kom Tord stille, famlet varsomt etter låsen. Presten åpnet døra og inn trådte en høy, foroverbøyd mann, mager og hvit i håret. Presten kjente han nesten ikke igjen. Da alt gikk som det skulle, holdt han seg uforandret over en lang periode på 16 år, nå var det skjedd store forandringer på bare ett år. Nå hadde han sorg.

Nå er vel vendepunktet blitt reelt. Nå vet Tord hva sorg er. Han vet hva det vil si å føle seg fattig. Fattig er vel mennesket når det ikke har det som det føler mest behov for. Faren mistet sønnen, men han fant han også igjen. Derfor oppsøkte Tord kirken denne gangen. Ikke støyende, men med ærbødighet i sine bevegelser.

Besøket finner sted en sen høstkveld, og presten spør, etter at han endelig har gjenkjent Tord:  "Kommer du så sent?". "Å ja, jeg kommer sent," sa Tord."

Det er vel tenkelig at det er det symbolske i spørsmålet, både presten og Tord legger størst vekt på. Presten har ventet på dette besøket i mange år. Tord kunne egentlig ikke komme før, i dette ærend. Før var ikke Tord der han er nå. Han oppdaget de egentlige verdier sent, for sent. Dette ville han nå rette litt på. Han hadde solgt gården. Sønnens gård. Halvparten av pengene ville han gi til de fattige, det skulle gjøres til et legat og bære sønnens navn. Med dette synes han at han liksom får gjort opp for seg. Han får knyttet sønnens navn til noe positivt, noe som skal gjelde dem Tord selv ikke hadde tanke til overs for i sin velmaktstid. Nå identifiserer han seg med de fattige, og først da er han i stand til å hjelpe. På sin måte. Med penger.

Nå fikk presten sitt ønske oppfylt, fordi nå kom pengene de fattige så sårt trengte.

Dette siste besøket hos presten, gjør at en assosierer Tord og sønnen, med FADEREN OG SØNNEN. Han, FADEREN, tapte også sin sønn, for at de mange skulle få det bedre. Dette at Tord mistet sin sønn, går i favør av de fattige, som Tord tidligere ikke tenkte på. Nå kom de pengene som presten mente burde komme de fattige tilgode. Hadde ikke Tord tapt sin sønn, hadde han heller ikke forandret livsoppfatning. 

Det at sønnen forsvinner mens far og sønn er ute i båt, blir en ekstra stor belastning for faren. Han sitter der som tilskuer til det verste drama som tenkes kan.  Oppe i en liten båt, på stille vann, lar Bjørnson de store ting skje.  Dette avsnittet i fortellingen er så dyptgripende og så konsentrert at det vanskelig lar seg utdype tilstrekkelig.

Forfatteren viser oss, hvor fullstendig feilaktige farens vurderinger har vært med hensyn til livsverdier. Etter egen mening har han bygget det beste grunnlag for sitt barn. Det holdt ikke på blikkstilt vann en gang. Faren hadde jo gått systematisk til verks. Han hadde hele tiden passet på å ha kirken og kristendommen som 'fadder' rundt det han gjorde. Mente vel dermed at han hadde Gud på sin side. Gjorde som kirkens forordninger befalte. Tragedien i båten viser at grunnlaget svikter, etappe for etappe. Først toften og så tiljen. Sønnen gjorde som faren, tenkte på seg selv og reiste seg opp i båten. Han tok ikke hensyn til omgivelsene. Denne gangen reagerte omgivelsene, som var sjøen. Den tillot ikke dette.

Øyeblikket som danner grunnlag for endring i livsoppfatning, er vel når faren sitter og stirrer på den flekken på sjøen, hvor sønnen nettopp var forsvunnet. Han skjønner ennå ikke riktig det som har skjedd, tror det liksom ikke. Venter at sønnen skal komme opp igjen. Vi føler med faren i dette øyeblikket. Kjenner hans desperasjon og deler hans tanker. Hvordan han har kunnet kjøpe alt og alle hele tiden, men ikke nå. Han har kjøpt presten i Gud Hus, ikke for noe annet enn for å gjøre det best mulig for seg selv og sin etterkommer.

Det startet med dåpen. Sønnen ble døpt, ikke sammen med andre, men alene på en lørdag. Presten gjorde som bonden befalte. Det resulterte i mange "stille stunder" for presten, men han lot "overmakten" - den jordiske - bestemme.

Neste fase er konfirmasjonen. Her måtte også faren og sønnen bli tilgodesett. Presten hadde allerede satt opp sønnen som nr. 1. Visste at noe annet ikke ble godtatt. Ingen tenkte på de andre, den gang. Men nå, når faren sitter i båten og stirrer i sjøen, tenker han på alle de gangene andre måtte vike. For bare 14 dager siden hadde han igjen vært hos presten - for sønnen sin. Sønnen skulle giftes med bygdens rikeste jente. Faren hadde betalt tre daler til presten, mer enn han skulle. Sønnen var livsverket hans, ingen ting skulle det skorte på. Trodde faren, og mente at det han gjorde var det eneste rette og det aller beste for sønnen. Vannboblene som sprakk, var ubarmhjertige, de slynget farens hedenskap midt i øynene på han. Ingen andre kunne lastes, det var bare han selv nå. Det som hadde skjedd, skjedde uten innblanding fra noen andre enn han selv. Han var den eneste som visste hva han tidligere hadde tenkt og følt. Han var den eneste som visste hva han i dette øyeblikk tenkte og følte. Han hadde plutselig bare seg selv å ordne opp med. Ingen visste noe, ingen kunne hjelpe.  Dette måtte han greie selv. Men, han måtte ha tak i sønnen! Alle tankene ble til en eneste besettende tanke. Sønnen måtte finnes. Han rodde og rodde, i ring, og soknet etter sønnen sin. Måtte finne han. Slik han hadde bruk for sønnen mens han levde, slik hadde han bruk for han nå også. For sin egen del. Sønnen var alene i døpevannet, sønnen var også alene i dette vannet.

Tredje dags morgen fant han sønnen. Tord tok han over skuldrene og bar han opp bakkene til hjemmet.

Nå er det som om vi står på høyden, på gården Øverås langt oppe. Vi ser faren komme oppover med sønnen over nakken. Denne gangen kommer de begge nedenfra. Sønnen var ufrivillig kommet inn i en prosess faren hadde skapt. Faren hadde kjempet og tapt, når det gjaldt sønnen og hans liv.  Nå måtte han vinne en annen kamp, kampen med seg selv og sin fortid. Til det trengte han også sønnen, og han fant han. Han bar han nå hjem, opp bakkene. Den tyngste børa faren har bært, men også den viktigste, likevel kan vi vel si at det er den døde sønnen som i realiteten bærer sin far hjem. For uten sønnen hadde faren blitt der "nede".  Han verken spiste eller sov i den tiden han desperat lette etter sønnen.

Denne tragedien danner så grunnlaget for et legat som skal komme de fattige til gode. De mennesker i prestegjeldet som man bare aner har vært der, med sin fattigdom og sorg. De har vært en nødvendig støtte for Tord, slik at han kunne opprettholde sin posisjon ved deres arbeid.  Disse mennesker har nå makten over Tord, uten at de selv vet det og uten at de ønsker å bruke den. Vissheten Tord har i sitt innerste er verre enn noe annet.

Bjørnson sier det på denne måten:

Presten ble sittende i lang stillhet, han spurte endelig, men mildt: "Hva vil du ta deg for."   "Noe bedre". Tord måtte langt ned før han innså at det fantes en "bedre" måte å leve på enn den han kjente til fra før.

Presten får igjen en av sine stille stunder - denne lengre enn noen av de andre. Så sier han sakte og langsomt: "Nå tenker jeg at sønnen din endelig er blitt deg til velsignelse".  "Ja, nå tenker jeg det også selv", så Tord.

Vi skjønner så godt i dette øyeblikket, at han har mistet alt, men også vunnet alt. Dette får Bjørnson fortalt oss på en mesterlig måte. Vi ser faren for oss i begynnelsen av stykket, han er høy og alvorlig. Deretter heter han Tord Øverås og er den mektigste i sitt prestegjeld. Vi er allerede svært langt oppe, sammen med Tord. Fornavnet forteller om styrke, etternavnet om høyde. Til tross for at fortellingen er meget kort, får den oss til å føle det som om vi har vært igjennom flere liv, fordi signalene går i alle retninger. Sønnens navn, f.eks. får fram de konstruktive tanker. Det skal jo også vise seg at navnet har relasjoner til det "å finne". Faren mistet sønnen, men fant både han og seg selv etterpå. Han fant også de fattige!  Dét var en heller ukjent gruppe mennesker for Tord tidligere. Han fant de edlere livsverdier. Ved å selge gården, og la halvparten av pengene komme de fattige til gode, fant han også fred i sinnet igjen.

Flere navn brukes som virkemiddel. Karen Storlien. Vi er hele tiden høyt i terrenget. Hun blir framhevet som "bygdens rikeste jente." Faren hennes heter Gudmund. Vi må igjen tenke høyt - eller svært langt opp. Denne faren nevnes kun en gang, derfor har han fått et navn som får leseren til å huske han som noe stort og høyt - han bærer Guds navn i sitt eget.

Symbolske tall forsterker inntrykket. Tallet tre, kjenner vi fra kristendommen. I denne fortellingen går dette tallet igjen stadig vekk. Tre begivenheter, tre daler, tre sentrale personer osv. Virkemidlene er enkle, men meget virkningsfulle. De som snakker er meget ordknappe, men de sier meget ved bevegelser, taushet og måten de kommer og går på. Fortellingen dreier seg nøkternt om konkrete ting, men leseren blir tvunget til å tolke fortellingen i overført betydning. Men, nettopp på grunn av det jordnære og kjente blir denne fortellingen noe eget for den enkelte. Tror nok Bjørnson med denne fortellingen ville gi de "små" i samfunnet en utstrakt hånd. De kunne her assosiere seg med innholdet, både det nevnte og det unevnte.

Bonden, som i begynnelsen av fortellingen er høy og nådeløs, er i avslutningsfasen bøyd, med tårer på kinn. En bøyd kraft som umiddelbart får oss til å føle stor respekt og sympati.


Fredsprisen - var det bare en vits?

Obama - kan du huske du var i Oslo for noen år siden - kan du huske hva du tok imot?  Det var Fredsprisen!  Du har tatt imot Fredsprisen, og så forteller du verden etterpå at du også vil starte kriger etter at du har fått Fredsprisen.  Hva feiler det deg?  Vet ikke din venstre hånd hva den høyre gjør?  Er du så pill råtten, som dette tyder på?

Nå må dere menn, uansett hvem dere er, slutte med å legge folk og land øde rundt dere.  Dere har hoppet på venner og uvenner verden rundt i tolv tusen år minst og kavet og slått og maltraktert kropp etter kropp.  Har dere ikke mer å tenke med, enn hva denne framgangsmåten tyder på?  Eller MÅ dere bare tenke negative og degenererende tanker og legge alt øde rundt dere?


onsdag 27. august 2014

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy - from PAO - 3 Ben, 11 Uo, 11 Ik

The world is ready to accept the first events that are to move you toward prosperity, a global jubilee and new governance. This, of course, is to lead to disclosure and events, which mark the arrival of your Spiritual and space family!

Dratzo! We return with many good things to talk about! The most important is the rising flow of funds throughout your globe. The ancient families have begun disbursements, which are to lead to the global exchange of RV and a major currency reset. In addition to these events, there is the disbursement of funds from the prosperity programs and the world humanitarian projects. These things are built around two other events. First, there is the proclaiming of a global jubilee or debt forgiveness, and secondly, the rise of the many GESARA governments, starting with the one in the USA. These various new governments are to pave the way not only for prosperity, but also for the moment of disclosure. Once you have discovered that we exist, you can be ready for announcements from your cousins in Inner Earth and from us. Your living planet is hollow and has a very special core or central sun. This inner sun is responsible for the auroras that you see nightly in the extreme northern and southern parts of your surface realm. This phenomenon is part of the many mysteries, which exist across your world. We are here to explain them to you.

Your world is part of a vast solar system that is several billion miles in diameter. Despite its size, this system of planets is rather small. Yet it wondrously contains the remnants of four water worlds. This makes it unique in this galaxy. One of the things, which are to occur, is the restoration of these worlds to their former states. When this is accomplished you are to be part of a most beautiful and unique home for humanity. Your primary stewardship is to watch over this magnificent place and to welcome many to your home worlds. Beings from across physicality are to come to create organizations to spread the Light and the sacred decrees of Heaven. The dark had this galaxy in its charge for literally a billion years. Now, the Light is to come and learn from your accumulated wisdom on this matter. You were plunged by trickery into the horror of limited consciousness. The dark used your new limitations to create a race of slaves to work their darkness upon you. You had no choice but to obey. Yet within you was a Spirit, which chafed at this reckless domination.

This spirit caused your off-world dark masters to destroy your global societies not once, but three times. You retain only a vague remembrance of this in your inner memories and in your jumbled histories. The Ascended Masters are to come and, in divine time, teach you this and more. We are to come to act as mentors and stewards to the process, which you are only in the beginnings of experiencing. Our mentors need to literally look you in the eye and teach you about yourself. You possess much that you barely acknowledge. This requires a drawing out process. At times, this can be emotionally and mentally quite painful. We understand how hard this is to be. Nevertheless, you need to face your demons and learn how to truly let them go. This is something we face in between our lifetimes, and when we work daily with a specially trained counselor. We have a process built around the Four Laws, which is sacred to us. We seek to refine our spiritual aspect and to vastly improve its relationship with its integrated physical aspect.

We understand how vital it is to practice Love and to use the wisdom of the Light upon each other and ourselves. We live long lives, set up to explore physicality and learn immense wisdom from the stars. This wisdom is passed down in what we mutually call our Book of Understanding. Millions of years ago, we first faced the dark and learned of its ways across this galaxy. The Anchara continuum taught us numerous things. We took these and asked our heavenly counselors for advice. It is a series of answers, which has sustained us. Heaven gave us the Four Societal Laws and the beginnings of our Book of Understanding. We come to mentor you and show you how you can begin your own book of wisdom and understanding. We cherish what you are to teach us. Prophecy foretold long ago what is now occurring across this galaxy. We therefore come to fulfill this prophecy and shepherd the instrument, which returns you to the Light and to full consciousness. The events, which follow, are simply the means by which all of this happens!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with much to say!

You are approaching the next steps in your divine march to full consciousness. The next set of Ascension symptoms is to concern the new balances between the new chakras and the old. These alterations also concern your body’s meridian system. Up till now, you have had the new chakras come online and affect the natural balance in your physical self. These changes need to start to realign how your body reacts to different kinds of stimuli. This allows your brain to be able to better regulate the new equilibrium being created by your various body guardians. During this time, we can start to develop new patterns, which can help your body lessen the stress produced by the introduction of 4 new body chakras and two that balance your connections to the divine female and male. Thus, your body can start to repair some of the distress created by the preparations for your coming Ascension.

This blessed series of alterations is readying you for the introduction of your mentors. During our last lifetimes before our Ascension, we were given the opportunity to receive a better understanding of what we had elected in Heaven to achieve. You are now to be given this same opportunity. Each of you requires a better feeling about the transformations that you are going through. Heaven asked us to explain this to you and to ask you to request assistance from each of us as needed. Take this time to address us with your prayers and meditations. We are ready to show you what you are going through and provide means for alleviating your pains and sorrows. This assistance is a divine intervention. It is to permit you to gradually heal and prepare for the time when you are to meet your assigned mentor. Until then, we can assist you in a meaningful way. You are our blessed army of the Light!

What Heaven is doing is to assure each of you that you are here for a sacred time and need to better understand this. You are not being punished. Instead, you are being blessed by the gentle energies of Heaven. Each of you has a special life contract and you need time to heal and to be touched divinely by our heavenly hosts and us. So do not forget to send prayers to Heaven and to us. It is a time for healing and a time to re-dedicate yourselves to this sacred cause. When the various gift programs pay out, you also need to look deep inside and once more pledge yourself to the Light! Look upon these as times in which some amazing events are to happen. See all of this as merely items which prophecy brought forth! You are here to bring the Light to this realm and to collectively vanquish the dark and its vile ways. Rejoice and accept the righteous gift of Heaven! Hossana! Hossana! Hosanna!

Today, we continued our messages to you. The world is ready to accept the first events that are to move you toward prosperity, a global jubilee and new governance. This, of course, is to lead to disclosure and events, which mark the arrival of your Spiritual and space family! Many great things are indeed ready to happen. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

tirsdag 26. august 2014

En Snakker - En Lytter

Leste en artikkel av Steve Beckow, hvor han framhever fordelen med å lytte til samtaler framfor å komme med gode råd til mennesker som vil snakke om et eller annet vanskelig i sitt eget liv. Bare lytte. Innta lytterposisjonen og hold på den. Den som trenger å snakke får dermed det som er viktrigst akkurat da - nemlig et annet menneske som tar seg tid til å leve seg inn i det den andre prøver å formidle uten å bli avbrutt av velmente bemerkninger. Den som trenger en tilhører har ikke først og fremst behov for å være lyttende, den personen trenger å snakke. Jo mer jeg tenker over dette, jo riktigere blir det.  

Vær som et annet Jeg for det mennesket som trenger en som lytter.  Mennesket som vil bli lyttet til har noe meget viktig å si, noe å snakke med deg om, noe som er så viktig å snakke om akkurat da. Noe som ikke trenger svar. Da gjelder det virkelig å lytte og ikke bare høre på hva som blir sagt.  Det kreves lytting, stille og klok lytting, mellom to mennesker i tillit. Det vil alltid oppstå en tredje dimensjon i slike situasjoner. Denne dimensjonen kjenner begge to som er med i samtalen, både  den som snakker og den som lytter. Den som snakker får med dette visshet for at den som lytter virkelig lytter og ikke bare hører.

Om å tolke det som er her før natta tar det med seg

Atter en dag som virker som om den ikke vet hva den vil.  Det er ikke været som er ustadig og heller ikke er det noe annet som vakler, men det er liksom det ligger et ubestemmelig teppe over hele denne tilstanden med tilhørende natt.  Det er som om den vil si at den kan komme med nye påfunn hva tid som helst. Og det tror jeg på, sjøl om jeg ikke har truffet denne dagen før og blitt kjent med den.  

Det er noe som sier meg, at den snakker sant.  Jeg tror de fleste dagene vi treffer nå, er av det sannferdige slaget. Tar vi hele verden i betraktning, så er det nok noen dager ennå som ikke helt er til å stole på, men de er ikke så mange og heller ikke er de så ofte på vandring. Du kan bruke litt tid på å finne ut hvilket land de eventuelt er fra, det er kanskje ikke så vanskelig å ta en tipperunde på dét.

Det er kanskje lurt å heve seg litt over hverdagen, kanskje vi kan si alle dagene, sånn til alle tider vil det være lurt, eller ...?  Jeg tror jamen flere gjør det nå.  Det ble tatt seriøst opp i en avis nettopp, at det var for mye flying.  Hva er det som gjør at nye tanker som detter ned i en person, plutselig er i alle på det samme tidspunktet.  Er det tegnet på at vi er én?  Eller er det noe annet som forteller sin historie?

Og hvorfor vrimler det av oss hvis vi er en, det vil jeg vite. Har vi øyne med innlagt vrimling, eller er det noe fjernstyrt noe som vrimler.  Det er så mye rart nå om dagen som kan settes i bevegelse, så det er ikke godt å si hva neste vrimling er.  Før var det mye rart også, men det var oppe i lufta, men nå har noen tatt det ned på bakken. Hvem tok det som vrimler ned på bakken? 

Så er det noe som nesten er det motsatte og det er svarene politikerne skal gi.  Det er sjelden vi får høre at de svarer nå, fordi noe nytt er på trappene.  Et spørsmål stilles til en politiker, men ingen svarer på dette spørsmålet.  Journalisten som spør venter på svaret, tilhørerne venter på svaret og andre tilfeldige som har hørt spørsmålet har blitt interessert, men svaret uteblir.  Alt blir fjollete på høyt nivå.

Den siste jeg hørte nå, som av en eller annen grunn sto fram som om han hadde et avhengighetsforhold til en ukjent type, følte ingen forpliktelser overfor oss og lisensen vi betaler for å høre nettopp på slike som skal utspørres og gi svar gjennom det vi betaler for å lytte til.  Denne politikeren var så klart en høyremann som hørtes ut til å ha lang erfaring i å ikke gi sannhetens svar. Er det slik det er der?

Fra tilhørerbenken minner det om krigstid og frekvensene daler.  Spør heller en annen gjøk, da får du iallefall et goko - det fineste svaret du kan lytte til.  Nei, la oss legge vår verden i tretoppene, der er det et mye sannere, hederligere og mer rettskaffent liv enn ved treets andre ende.  Så kan høyrepolitikere og andre i samme sekken bare gå der å passe alle de hemmelighetene vi andre ikke skal høre.

Interessante er de så allikevel ikke - verken svarene eller svarerne!  Jeg tror det er på tide at vi stiger i mange slags former og på mange slags nivåer, så holder vi oversikten sjøl.  Da kan alle de andre retningene være så usannferdige de bare ønsker og tror de må være, vi er der oppe og blir overgitt de svarene som befinner seg der.  Alle forstår at det er svar fra høyden - noe annet er ikke etterspurt.


mandag 25. august 2014

LIVE KRYON CHANNELLING - "Physics in the Next 500 Years" - This live channelling was Given in Moscow, Russia - Saturday May 17, 2014

Visste du dette?

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Moscow, Russia, May 17, 2014.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Approximately three hours ago, I gave information to my partner about the subject of tonight's channelling. I always like to warn him in advance if we're going to have a science channelling. This is a test for him, to see if he can avoid being nervous. So, indeed, this channel is about physics. It's not going to be a very long channel, but it's going to be remembered. I have selected this time in this place [Moscow] to give this information.

There are always those who would ask, “What does this have to do with my spirituality? Why does an angelic form come in and then talk about science?” Before I am done with this information, I think you'll know. Dear ones, are you really willing to separate physics from God? Is the bias of your three-dimensional existence so structured that you would leave God out of creation? Of course not. But when we start to put these together, there are some who are not interested in the scientific portions. So we're going to make it simple.

My partner often becomes nervous in these discussions because his background does not include physics. So each time we begin to speak of these things, he thinks he's out of his league [not trained]. He is far more comfortable speaking of things of the heart. When we speak of the love of God and the personal attributes of love that each Human has, my partner sees and feels it. He knows it and experiences it. But when we start talking about atomic structure, he gets nervous.

What do you know about physics? Most of you will say, "Very little", but for some of you, "Quite a lot". So for most of you, let us simplify and demystify the attributes of what we will speak of tonight. Physics is the way physical things work in your reality. So up to now, it has not encompassed more than that. For instance, you don't have a segment for spirituality in physics, and in all fairness, you have yet to see a correlation for this. So there are no classes for that in your schools. In the "boxes of study", your institutions separate chemistry and life science from physics, but here will come a time where the very center of all learning boxes will start with physics, because eventually it will be the common denominator for everything.

I would like to attempt in these few moments to present to you the potentials of your physics discoveries for the next 300 to 500 years. These things happen slowly for you, and right now you think that is a long time, dear ones. However, the lifespan of a single Human Being in what we would call the first-world countries of health is creeping toward an average of 80 years. If you take an 80-year life, how many of those would you have to live to make approximately 300? The answer is less than what you would count on one hand. So in those terms, it's not really that long, is it? Four lifetimes for you. So let me tell you what may occur in that span of time, or what you you might see only returning three more times.

You've heard of quantum physics? Let us simplify that and not use the quantum that often. Instead, let us substitute multidimensional physics. So today, most of your physics is single-dimensional physics, up to four dimensions. You live in four (even though you call it three), and it is your common reality - linear 4D physics. The quantum physicists' work beyond the four with multidimensions. Simple. So right now, as you sit here, you're used to certain kinds of things and the way they work. This is about to change.

I'm going to present to you four major discoveries to come, and I'm going to simplify each one so that anyone can understand them. I won't go into the technical minutia of them or the hard science of them. Instead, I'll explain the concepts of them.

Intelligent Design: A New Premise

My partner [in his lecture] mentioned a physicist and astronomer who has looked at the development of life in general and the evolution of the Universe, and he realized it could not have happened in the way you were told [random chance]. The math overwhelmingly proves this new discovery and the statistics of it happening through chance are off the charts. More and more, scientists will start to realize this. At every stage of the evolution of your Universe, your galaxy and all planets and life, there will be a realization, from the staggering statistics alone, that there had to be a design or bias. Therefore, the term that was used, intelligent design, actually represents a future discovery. We'll talk about that one later.

The ones who visit you from other star systems are smiling, for they know what I'm about to tell you. The "hidden physics" is the basis of their ability to travel and be here. It is also the basis for their ability to have enlightenment. You see, it's multidimensional physics and it is the core of their reality and spirituality. They also know that you won't understand most of it, since it is beyond what you currently will allow yourself to perceive as truth. Where do I begin?

The Quantum Lens

Let us begin with what I have told you before. The first major discovery, which is not that far away, is what I have been talking about for two years. It is an idea that is not new, and it's the ability to see and measure quantum energy. Let us rephrase that. It's the ability to clearly see and measure patterns in multidimensional physics. As soon as you get out of four dimensions [your reality], the perception of it is like a non-defined swirling bubble of things that don't make linear sense - and it's very confusing to anyone who simply wants to stay in 4D. Can you imagine seeing things behave in ways that are "impossible"? This would be a multidimensional reality. The brain must get used to this, and it will. Imagine telling a citizen living in New England only 200 years ago that eventually they could throw voices and moving pictures through the air, and the entire world could hear and see them instantly. Today, you are not impressed by that, for it is your reality. But they would not even believe it, and you would be considered unbalanced! It simply wasn't in their perception of reality for what they were used to.

Human Beings want to count the dimensions. They see many potentials, and they group them into boxes with numbers attached. Now, this is a linear concept and not accurate at all for multidimensional future thinking. However, it's fine to do it, for it suits your "physics comfort level". It helps you to identify the energies that you're feeling and helps you to compartmentalize things. But the truth is this: When you get past four dimensions, everything that follows modifies itself constantly. It's all dynamic, so it may seem uncomfortable for those who need consistency of linearity. It is not linear and it is not countable [you can't count dimensions past the four linear ones you have]. It is a soup of dimensional energy that is constantly changing and interactive with itself. You will eventually see these energies as "quantum patterns".

These quantum or multidimensional patterns will be seeable with an instrument that will be designed with a quantum lens. This will involve what we will call cryo-energy. This is the technology of super-cooling and we've said before that the science of super-cooling has the potential to allow this invention, and the actual lens will be made of plasma. Now, this is part of what we have discussed before, so it's not new. What is new is that we are putting these things together so you'll see a better flow of what is coming and why.

Why is this invention so important? Let us reveal yet again that when this invention happens, this quantum lens, it will not simply be used for physics. It will actually start with astronomy. But eventually, when it is smaller and when it is turned to look upon life, science will see quantum patterning everywhere! Humanity will see it in all of nature and it will be seen in the Merkabah of the Human Being! Imagine seeing an 8-meter wide quantum patterning around each Human! Can you see the beginning of some new, basic science questions? "Is it life or physics? Do we have to re-define life?"

Two More Laws

The ability to see quantum patterning will lead to the second major discovery in physics - the discovery of two more laws. Those laws, as we have told you, are a strong and weak multidimensional force. This will bring the laws of known physics to six (you only have four now) and will bring the concept of multidimensional laws into being. These missing laws will begin to explain a current mystery - missing energy in the cosmos. It's also the beginning of understanding spirituality in physics, but that's going to be later.

These two new laws will finally give a full explanation of the energy you see in the Universe and in your galaxy. Now, I'm going to give you some information that we have not really explained before. You tend to use the word Universe and galaxy as the same; they are not. The physics in your galaxy is not necessarily the physics in all galaxies. Therefore, my advice to you is to constrain your knowledge and your study to your own galaxy. Believe me, there is plenty to see here!

What do the two new laws bring you? The first is the explanation of what dark matter is in the vastness of space. Multidimensional energy is powerful, but it does not match linear models. In the past, the dark matter attribute was seen to be vast energy [based on what it did to things around it], but it was mislabeled as part of a Newtonian 4D-based system, and it's not. It is a nonlinear system that is part of multidimensional physics. The multidimensional part of the atom is not yet understood. There is energy there, tremendous energy, and the truth of it will explain that which the astronomers see in the sky as dark matter.

The second thing will be the acknowledgement that these two new laws of physics will finally bring you what you have always wanted - Free energy. You have known it intuitively, have you not, that the energy you create on the planet is accomplished in an archaic way? Digging into the earth to burn things for heat is archaic. Everything is about heat, isn't it? Everything is about creating motion with heat, isn't it? These are the things that you understand to make energy. I'm going to make a statement. Everything you think you know about energy right now will someday look like the time when you invented the wheel or even fire. It's that archaic! When you unlock that portion of multidimensional physics, you'll be able to create unlimited energy in a very refined way, without explosions or heat.

Now, there are those who would say that certain inventions on the planet right now have already done that. Not even close! Believe me, not even close. You don't understand the finesse of how to tap into multidimensional forces. You don't have the instruments and you can't see what you're doing yet. You're simply not there yet. "But Kryon, we know how to unlock the energy of the atom. We have nuclear power." [Kryon laugh] Really? You know what nuclear power is? It is a controlled explosion so that you can make heat! It's not elegant, it's dangerous to you, and there are byproducts that can hurt Human Beings. Is this your idea of a good thing? Just think: It's controlling a very dangerous explosion to make steam - the world's most expensive steam engine! Nuclear power. You have no idea.

Let me give you an example of this. Let's say that someone on another planet discovered a piano (pretend with me). They discovered that it could make a very interesting sound. Let's say that this sound was new to this space creature that had discovered it and he found that he could really make this fun sound happen if he pushed the piano off the second floor of a building! The crashing noise, and all of the strings breaking, made music. That's nuclear power. You don't have the elegance to know how to play the keys of the atom. You don't know how to find the multidimensional vibrations that work together, which slowly and elegantly release as much energy as you'll ever need - a concerto of coordinated energy! Now listen, because here's a hint for a physicist who will read this message in the future: You're not going to release energy to make heat. Instead, you're going to make energy that pushes objects around. You will be controlling mass! Imagine that.

Coherence with Create Source

The third discovery will be what I call coherence with the creative source. It's the attitude of benevolence in creation - intelligent design and more. It's in atomic structure. It's "God in the atom". It's a discovery that will be so profound that it will rock the religions of the planet, and not in a negative way, for God will simply get bigger for everyone.

The discovery that God literally has a part in physics will be provable. Coherence with the creative source creates a benevolence in the way physics works. Physics with an attitude! There will be acknowledgment of divinity in matter. Oh, this is just the beginning! I can't tell you when it's going to happen, for this is the beginning of proof of God in everything.

"Kryon, is that going to upset organized religion?" No! It's going to bring it together. The planet is already a monotheistic planet - one God. In all of the doctrines in all of the religions, one God. You're very ready for what comes next. Religions all over the planet already acknowledge creation from one God. This will be music to their ears! The proof of God in all matter will not upset spirituality, but rather it will bring it together. There will be commonality to celebrate and doctrines will slowly change. Commonality and synchronicity of belief. You see? Now, before this can happen, however, there must be a coherence with each other. These things will not occur while you are still killing each other and hating each other on a large scale. But then, you knew that, didn't you?

What happens to Human Beings when they have nothing in common? They tend to separate and even war with each other. What happens to Human Beings who find they all have something in common? They tend to unite, share resources, and celebrate what they have. Do you see how this might affect planet Earth? Do you see how this might affect you? Old soul, this is what you've been waiting for. Did you really expect it might come from physics? It will! Why wouldn't it? Why wouldn't it? If the study of all things and how they worked revealed God in everything, wouldn't it unite? It makes sense. The common denominator for all things is love.

The Physics of Consciousness

The fourth major discovery on the planet will be the one that happens perhaps last. It will be the realization that Human consciousness will be an attribute of multidimensional physics. Human consciousness, that elusive energy, will be seen as multidimensional quantum physics, with laws and rules that can be understood, applied, and used.

Do you see how far you can go? Do you see what the Pleiadians have done already? Do you understand why those from the stars will stand back and wait until you discover the things they know? They are not going to give them to you. With free choice, you have to make these discoveries into your reality. But the potentials are already there. These new discoveries in physics have been waiting for you, but you had to pass the marker of the precession of the equinoxes. This was the marker that indicated you had passed an old energy and were able to start a process of solving Earth's problems. This would include the potential to actually change Human nature, allowing for very little propensity for war.

We have told you before that there will be a flurry of old versus new energy and smallish wars all over the planet between both old historic enemies and old historic consciousness. It's after these have finally been settled that these discoveries will take place. Don't worry about the timing, since often an older generation with old ideas has to leave to allow the clearing for the new. We've said it before. The reason why these inventions can only be given to you in a new energy is because with a more mature Human nature, you won't have the propensity to weaponize these things! Instead, you will have the propensity to find out how they can feed you and clothe you and create energy for a population that has decided to live side-by-side in cooperative tolerance.\

It's beautiful, isn't it? If you could ask a Pleiadian, they would tell you what it's like to have these things and draw them right out of the atom, including the benevolence of God.

Finally, you'll also have to look at chemistry as a branch of physics. After all, all chemicals on the planet, all substances on the planet, follow the laws of physics. The quantum lens will show multidimensional life in all things, so the chemistry of biology will follow new physics rules. DNA is very special. It is a combination of all the sciences on the planet. It has multidimensional attributes; it is quantum and it has the seeds of the creative source within it. It locks into its memory all that you ever were and will be. It is the most complex multidimensional creation on the planet and, eventually, you will make another discovery - coherent DNA.

Ah, the doctor wants to know [referring to Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, who is present] what this is. Coherent with what? "You can't leave it like that, Kryon. You can't say coherent DNA without labeling what it is coherent with." So I will reveal a little of what he has already seen in his work. Multidimensional DNA, if it has coherence with certain specific dimensional attributes, will create what you see as magic! You would call it magic because you will see Human DNA start to seemingly evolve. The differences literally will extend life up to four-fold. The difference between DNA working at 30 percent and 90 percent is a dimensional alignment that we will call coherent DNA. Now, I know most of you didn't understand any of that, but he did, and that's the reason he is sitting here, and also for those who will listen to this message in the future.

Finally, let me tell you this: The channels of Kryon will be held [archived] forever. They'll never go away. Long after my partner is gone, there will be an esoteric library, and among the things in it will be the channelling I give you today.

Now, old soul, here is your challenge. When you return, I want you to find it, and I'll give you the reason. It's because the things that I have told you about today will be the proof that this is a real communication. If you see even one of these things come about in the way I have told you, it will push the envelope of discovery - and then you will look for the others. You may not understand any of this today, but within the next life or perhaps the next one, you will. This information will never get old. In the future, there'll be ways of hearing, seeing and reading this message that you cannot even conceive of. The future will be very different, but this information won't go away. The things that I'm saying and presenting today will be proven in time and you will be here to see it. When you hear the word “Kryon”, I want your Akash to ring! In this way, you'll go find out what that word represents, and then you might even be reminded of the energy of this day, in this place, in this meeting, where I told you that there would come a time when you'd discover God in everything.

Do you see how this begins to shape an ascended planet? Once you have discovered this, you cannot deny it. You cannot erase what you find out. You cannot suppress it, for everyone will know together, and no one can ever use it against you. The whole planet will slowly start to change its view on who is here and why.

Ask a Pleiadian, for they went through all of this. You might ask, "Do they have these inventions? Do they know all these things?" Of course! These and many, many more. I didn't tell you about the following 500 years! [Kryon smile] The next 500 for you is good enough for today.

There's so much here and it all revolves around you. All of it. It's the Human who is going to make the discoveries. It's the Human who is going to benefit from the discoveries. You have waited a long time, old soul, for this beginning. Celebrate it!


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Montague Keen - August 24, 2014

Det er god grunn til, eller også meget fornuftig, å reflektere over hva Montague Keen sier her.

You are coming to the end of your struggle for light and truth. You are now seeing the results of your ley line work. All that was hidden is coming to the surface and being exposed, and there is a greater understanding of what was done to keep you in slavery. Now you can see what you need to do in order to take back what is yours.

You were shocked, my dear, when you learned in MICHAEL TSARION'S video, THE ORDER OF THE BLACK SUN, that ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE HAD VACCINATIONS, LATER DEVELOP CANCER. Just what is that telling you?

You trust your doctor to give you the care you were taught to expect. So ask yourself, who can you really trust?

You owe it to yourselves to investigate everything thoroughly before agreeing to any medication whatsoever. Michael Tsarion painted a very clear picture of what is happening in your world. Take stock of what he has revealed, for it will help you to abandon the mistaken belief that you are being looked after. You each have to make decisions that will affect how you live your life. You are now learning that all those whom you were taught to trust and revere, want only one thing: the takeover of your world and the removal of two-thirds of humanity. In the past, you believed all the propaganda about wars and the absolute necessity of invading whatever country in order to protect the people. If this is the case, why are they not doing just that, in Palestine?

What you are witnessing everyday is a HOLOCAUST: the total destruction of not just the country but the RACE known as the Palestinians. Who is defending these poor helpless people? Are you turning a blind eye to this slaughter? And if so, WHY?

Ask yourself these questions, as they will help you to see clearly what this plan of destruction entails.

Your world must change. Each and every one of you must BE THAT CHANGE. It is in your hands. We in Spirit, want to work with you, to enable the changes to be brought about. We hope that you will contribute to the Centres which we hope to create, so that you can go forward into a new age with all the knowledge and help you will require to ensure that you have all the assistance you need.

You know that the banks will fall soon. Money will become a thing of the past. You now have an opportunity to put it to good use, by preparing for your future. This is your time of preparation. Once the collapse happens, what use will money be to you? It will become obsolete. Make use of it, now, by planning, and preparing for your future on Earth.

There is no magic wand. You, yourselves, have to prepare. Please help us to acquire the building in Ireland. Then other Centres will follow. But Ireland is the key that will unlock everything. So it has to start there.

There is one on Earth who needs your help. He is being mind controlled, poisoned, sleep-deprived, etc. in order to prevent his work on Earth. He is presently in the USA on a visit. The Cabal is trying to prevent his safe return. He needs you to send your energy, whether through meditation, prayer, light, or whatever method you prefer, to ensure that he is released to complete his mission. It is in the interest of humanity that you do this. Do not ask his name, for that would endanger him. In time, you will know him. Now, he needs your help.

Please continue your work on the ley lines. You can now see that you are releasing your planet from bondage. You have taken the power into your own hands, realised just how powerful you are, and what you can achieve when you work together.

The Cabal is falling fast as a result of your ley line work. Did you expect that when you started out? The more effort you put into this work, the quicker you will remove all that is dark and corrupt. It is in your hands. You are not helpless sheep anymore, obeying orders from the corrupt. You are now lighting up the world by releasing all this beautiful energy that was hidden from you for many years. Your work is of the greatest importance. Please add this young man to it. Believe in yourselves, for you are succeeding.

I ask that humanity puts all past differences and difficulties behind it, and works together as one, to create your future. Pool your knowledge and expertise, for this is the purpose of our Centres. All information will be shared. This will make the Transition so much easier. Experts are on hand, ready and willing to do this.

I have a message for all those involved in the Killing Industry, be they in uniform, producing weapons or making parts for them, or advocating war in any way. I ask them to meditate on what they do. Can they honestly look at themselves in a mirror and say, "I am an honourable man. I am not involved in the destruction of the human race."

You do not have to actually drop the bombs to be guilty. The manufacture and sale of any parts makes you guilty of the slaughter of your own kind. Those who advocate war have a very dark agenda. YOU are not included in their plans, but YOU must carry them out. You are not one of them. You are being used.

Peace should be what you strive for. Not war. War just makes the Cabal richer and more powerful. Your kind is what you need to protect and preserve.

Together, my dear, we will create a better future for humanity.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

Always Together - From Kryon Channel, "The Way Synchronicity Works" - August 2013 in Asheville, NC

You are a multidimensional being and part of you is on the other side of the veil. Get used to it. Your soul is not separated out, but in 3D it seems like it. There is not a soul somewhere with your face on it on the other side of the veil, tapping its toe waiting for the rest of it to come home. You are always together. 
 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

søndag 24. august 2014

Hilarion's Weekly Message - by Marlene Swetlishoff

Allow your channels of creative energy in whatever forms they take to be expressed and you will soon find your selves in a much happier and more joyful space. When you are in a joyful space, the creative ideas flow into your awareness in an explosion of inspiration, expansion and delightful synchronicities...

Time as you know it is in a state of flux and many times each of you feel that time itself has stood still which then quickly changes to the acceleration of it. You are arriving at a place where your body processes are being more intensely recalibrated so that your physical bodies can more comfortably transmute, renew and regenerate in alignment with higher dimensional energies in order to further your ascension process. This will help you to absorb more light into your etheric energy field and ultimately this will affect every cell to regenerate your entire human operating system. It is helpful to feel and state your intention at the start of each day to attune yourself to the essence of wholeness and youthful perfection while feeling and surrounding yourself with the violet flame. Spend as much time as you are able visualizing and surrounding your entire auric field with the violet flame. When you can see this in your mind’s eye, hold this focus for as long as you are able. This will help tremendously with the clearing process if you daily practice. Take a moment to also visualize the Earth surrounded by the beautiful violet ray before completing this exercise.

In all things, speak your truth. The time is now past for shrinking your light in order to please others. Yes, speaking your truth may offend some who are used to pleasing others in order to meet with their approval, but it is important now to maintain your own integrity by being totally honest within yourself. When you are totally honest within yourself, there is no room for confusion or illusion and you avoid the pitfalls of being sidetracked from your path of service to the light. To thy own self be true! One does not have to be rude in this discipline - your words can be spoken with love and compassion for the other. Sometimes, the truth will come out with an angry burst of energy and it is important to realize that the one speaking is under the influence of the transforming energy of kundalini rising from their root chakra and this energy is very powerful indeed. This is why we advise that each of you ground yourselves into the Earth each day, as it will help to keep you balanced and in equilibrium. If there is excess energy that makes you feel tense and irritable, being out of doors enjoying nature whilst walking or hiking will help to calm and balance the auric field.

Attuning to the Earth beneath your feet will bring stability in all areas of your life. When the energy levels within you are very high, expressing your creative side by taking action can help keep you attuned to the energies of peace and harmony. Open yourself up to writing, poetry, painting, channelling, creating music, singing and even humming. Allow your channels of creative energy in whatever forms they take to be expressed and you will soon find yourselves in a much happier and more joyful space. When you are in a joyful space, the creative ideas flow into your awareness in an explosion of inspiration, expansion and delightful synchronicities. Follow your inner guidance and promptings and make your life a wonderful adventure of discovery. The world is your oyster – find the precious pearl!

Those who have been on the spiritual path for a long time will begin to feel a sense of renewal, peace, harmony and joy. If you can keep your energy field from taking on the energies of others, this state of being can be maintained no matter what is happening around you. Keep an open heart and mind and stay focused on that which you wish to create and achieve. Have patience and faith that you are connected to the highest vibration that is safely possible for you during these times, keep a loving attitude and enjoy the journey for the universe will help you to manifest your dreams. Instead of relying on what others say, follow your own intuition and gut feelings as this is the guidance coming through to you from your own soul. Whatever obstacle or challenge is in front of you, know that it will work out well for you. Begin to accept all of who you are, as you are and you will see your life transformed in perfect and divine order.

Avoid getting caught in outside appearances and distractions of life, find the true substance, the true essence of what you desire and accept that everything is in a state of divine order. Be clear about your own boundaries and where you end and another begins. Own your emotions and let others own theirs, for it is important to have a healthy sense of self-esteem. Be proud of all of your accomplishments and celebrate each small victory. Make conscious choices that create and maintain balance in your life and which also creates conditions and possibilities that lead to the fulfillment of your best life yet.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion