fredag 7. januar 2011

Can We Talks?

Channeler Aruna Byers & Ascended Master Saint Germain; Can We Talks?

Jeg viser til denne kanaliseringen av Ascended Master Saint Germain v/ Aruna idag 07.01.2011. Jeg tar ikke stilling her, men jeg mener det er smart å tenke igjennom alle eventualiteter i floraen av kanaliseringer.

"Follow most channels, and be convinced that things are getting to ascension right on track. Most are saying that hearts are now open, and love has become the more dominant commodity. To be connected to one's neighbors has no consideration in these comments."

My dear ones, these deceivers are getting more and more outrageous in their claims. Now is the time to be gathering together in groups for consultations about how to manage during hard times. "Cancel these dismal calls for destruction", say the deceivers, "WE are going to take care of all your needs, and alter the consciousness that created these disasters". "Cancel these negative concepts, and live as though all things are normal, and great things are coming", say the deceivers. Yes, great things are coming, after the difficult, great destruction that is being controlled by a cabal of not very caring beings. All of the claims of the deceivers, who are using channels that are not aware of their deception, are false. What does the channel have to do with this? They are non-aware co-conspirators, who are duping the public into giving no thought to changes that are now needed."

"Can you claim to be able to take care of your needs during major change? Needs, like a place to gather to live if one cannot keep their home? Adequate meals to eat? Companions for those who are alone? Care of homeless? Care of children who lose contact with their family? Are you able to keep up an adequate health condition during natural disasters? Are there enough beds to let others lie down and get some sleep? Are there dreamers who cannot accept their new conditions and are not capable of caring for themselves? When the dam breaks, will there be ample caring beings around to assist those who need aid? Africa is no longer the continent needing the most aid. The North American continent is, only its citizens don't accept it yet."

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