fredag 7. januar 2011

Hva mener du?

SaLuSa - 07.01. 2011 - Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa tar også opp spørsmålet om sannhetsgehalten i det som sies om et tema ingen Jordboere vet noe som helst om riktigheten av, egentlig - og nødvendigheten av å tenke selvstendig og ikke la seg forføre. Alle kanaliseringer kommer til Jorda gjennom menneskelige sinn - det er det verdt å ha klart når en leser noe.

"One certainty is that all in time will come to understand that the God you all worship is one and the same. Names are meaningless and even ancient history has to be read with certain reservations, as it goes back to days when much was handed over only by word of mouth. You cannot therefore take everything as read today as after many years it carries inaccuracies, and not least of all because of the number of times it will have been translated. Discussion therefore becomes a necessary and healthy way to become discerning and able to adjust to the true message. We must mention the false gods that were on Earth some 5000 years ago as they were responsible for misleading Man into believing that those who thought different to you were your enemies, and should be killed. That belief stands true to today, yet on examination and in respect of the higher teachings received over many centuries, we believe it will be understood that the One God is Omnipotent and is absolute Love. Furthermore, it has no religious connection and given to all souls regardless. It is a point to reflect on, because if you desire to ascend there is no place in the higher dimensions for anything but Universal Love."

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