lørdag 20. oktober 2012

Zero Time = Heaven On Earth = RAPTURE Underway! … Unless your still feeling with / looking at yesterday

Vi er ikke alle på den samme Jorda lenger, sier Lisa Gawlas, det ser bare slik ut.

"We really have become the farmers and custodians of the New Earth.  I read for a man yesterday and I don’t think I appreciated the fullness of his reading until this morning.  This morning I have actually been sitting here for over an hour now pretty much going over a “contrast” review.  Maybe better said, a timeline review.  I received an email yesterday about a global meditation coming up this month.  The more I read of it, the more I kept feeling… this has already been done with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  What the global meditation is set up to do, has been done or we could not be here, in this new world/new earth energy.  So I have been pondering the contrasts between what was seen with my man yesterday and the details emerging from our timeline called 2013 and those still seeing and being concerned about the “dark entities  within the astral plane.

Of course, spirit has been saying all the timelines are now piled into a heap on the center of creation (earth) so we may walk any given one at any given time.  Each one taking us into a slightly different reality, or version of earth that coincides with the deepest collective of that time.  Because of our brains construct, it is as if they are all playing out on the same earth as each other.  That is not quite true.  Because they are all happening at once doesn’t mean it is all on the same earth… it just looks like it due to the super thinning of the veil.

I found an image of how I see this, kinda sorta.  The lines are much more spherical, but this image I am sharing caught my heart-strings and really gets to the heart of this sharing.  If you can look at the bird feeder inside… that is our new earth.  Our place of creation… outside (or maybe, inside lol) of the strands of time.

When we shift from one plane to another, we are leaving trails of information behind for the others that will step upon that timeline.  Some will get the information that this timeline has been cleared and follow the energetic information to the center of creation where we are now… and others will pick up the preceding information that this timeline needs to be cleared.  All is absolutely perfect.  We are all trail blazers leaving energetically encrypted information behind as we go!  Those needing the skill sets of any given timeline, when they are ready, will start to open the encryption for their life and the others that need it as well.

Now I really understand what spirit meant when it said that we can move out of the center at any given time.  The mental mind is wired to all timelines.  The mind is a processor of massive amounts of encrypted information at any given time.  The heart on the other hand, is a magnetic honing device.  It resonates with pure love and seeks that zone!

When you allow your heart to lead, the mind already knows the way.  However, when you allow your mind to lead, it gets very lost and confused along the way.  There is something happening in every timeline… and often times, the mind gets caught up in all the chatter (keep in mind, the mind is a fear based entity, so it naturally gravitates to where fear is strongest.)

We have navigated a tremendous maze of energy/timelines/thought forms to arrive at the bird feeder in the middle.  There, life is abundant, nurturing  fear of any kind cannot sustain itself Here.  In this precious place I am now going to call the mirror of Shambhala, where heaven resides fully within the heart… love is all there is.

So yes, you can look up in the sky, see a chemtrail and transmute its energy into love.  Remember, YOU are now the Alchemist, alive and well and working!!  You can take a GMO seed and restore it back to health, to its original flawless design by nature.  Unless of course, your afraid.  That robs every ounce of pure power within your Self.

That wonderful mind of ours… powerful!!  If someone says, this is not good for you… instantly we become afraid of it.  Fall in love with whatever “that” is, it becomes the greatest vitamin on earth… which of course is the energy of love.  So let me tell ya, in my world… all is good and wonderful!!  When I encounter something that would have an undesirable effect on my energy field (lets say, the debates for instance) my body throws me an unmistakable signal that simply says, don’t go there (for me, puking is a big unpleasant thing, not that I puked, but felt like I was going to, that’s enough for me to walk away.)

Another thing I had wondered about too (I promise you, I will get back to the story of the first sentence of this sharing lol) every single person I read for is in this new earth and yet, when they ask questions about others in their life, rarely are they in this place.  Granted, we do live in a field of like attracts like and that is really a deep inner resonance within.  Together, we have actually opened a portal of energy that goes from the various timelines to this center bird feeder place (smile… I smile especially since I really do have bird seed out in the length of field you show up on.  Somethings can be as literal as they are symbolic.)  So the moment we connect, we are indeed here together (and that also includes those that read the sharings every day of the energy that is being emitted from it all… please do not think for a moment you need to have  a reading to be Here… not even!  I share every day to make sure we are all in the breeze of wonder and bliss!!  And WE ARE!!)

Which really gives me understanding as to why the field no longer looks at the past any longer (more or less anywayz) because it no longer exists energetically.   The true energy is NOW and how we can amplify our way forward in the best possible way without hitting too many mental landmines!!

Which gives me even more understanding from my precious man (from yesterday) with the most amazing booming voice I had ever heard.  He had opened the reading with a conversation from the last reading we had, moving from Georgia to Colorado, he had once felt the pull to Colorado, but now is realizing the reasons he really shouldn’t look at going there (cold, expensive…)  There was a time, had we not arrived Here to this new earth, his energy path (heart) had him going there, that is no longer the case.  So now his heart is changing the channel of his mind (this is so kewl to see how this works within us.)"  forts.

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