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Conversation with My Higher Self ‘Pensez a moi’ - Greg Giles

Her har vi alle noe å lære.  Vet vi egentlig hvem vi 'snakker' med, alltid - eller tenker vi i det hele tatt over, at dette kan være et problem?  Vi er blitt advart forlengst - vær årvåken, sa både Adamus og Tobias til oss, men jeg skal være den første til å medgi at det ikke holdt helt hit ...  første gang de sa det, var det en advarsel - nå er det også blitt en vekker.  Motkrefter sover aldri.
Conversation with My Higher Self ‘Pensez a moi’

(Higher Self) Hello Greg.


(Higher Self) Do you know who I am?


(Higher Self) Who am I?

You are my higher self.

(Higher Self) How do you know this?


(Higher Self) Are you channeling me?


(Higher Self) Are you receiving my radio waves?

No. (Laughs)

(Higher Self) So how do you know who I am?

Because we are one right now.

(Higher Self) Right now?

We are always one.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg. We are always one and we will always be one.

I understand.

(Higher Self) Did you forget about me?

I think I did.

(Higher Self) Did you?


(Higher Self) When did you forget about me?

This whole lifetime really.

(Higher Self) That is pretty close Greg, but you did remember me throughout periods of time, even so briefly, but I never forgot you. You have been through a rather trying ordeal, would you say this is so?


(Higher Self) You had been through a lot and had become greatly confused at times, would this be accurate to say?


(Higher Self) Why did you not ask for me?

I didn't really think of you.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg, I know. You thought of many, but you did not think of me. You even asked to speak to your one true spirit guide recently, did you not?

Yes I did.

(Higher Self) Why did you ask for your one true spirit guide?

I felt I was being attacked by at least one being who I had formally shared messages for.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg. You were being attacked as you say, though, it is more accurate to say you were being abused.


(Higher Self) This is not the first time, was it?

No. It has happened before with them.

(Higher Self) Yes it has. And more times than you remember or that you had taken notice of and we will leave it at that. How do you now see those that you were, as you call it, working with, though you were not really working with them were you?

No, maybe not.

(Higher Self) Maybe not?

From my perspective, we were working in a partnership, though I do understand they see this differently.

(Higher Self) Yes, they do see this differently. They even told you they saw you not as a partner, did they not?

Yes, they did.

(Higher Self) Did this not sound alarm bells for you?

I allowed them their views on this.

(Higher Self) Very well then. Were there not other signs that they may not have seen you as an equal to them?

Yes, there were several signs.

(Higher Self) So why would you choose to continue on in a relationship, not a partnership, such as this?

I felt I was helping others.

(Higher Self) And were you?

I am not sure.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg, you are not sure. So do you feel it is prudent to continue on in a relationship with those who you do not know and that you cannot be entirely confident of their motivations?

I see this is not very prudent, no.

(Higher Self) Do you see them as what you know as evil or dark?

No. I do not.

(Higher Self) Why is this?

I feel that at least a part of their organization feels they are helping others, although I have made it clear that I do not agree with all of their methods.

(Higher Self) Greg, within an organization, can there be more than one individual involved?


(Higher Self) In an organization, would you say there may be multiple levels of rank or command?


(Higher Self) So for a moment, reflect upon who it is you were working with and let us resolve this one issue right now, shall we?


(Higher Self) If you were not equal partners with them and you were not paid for your services, and your relationship with them or your communications with them continued even after you demanded they cease, how do you now see your relationship with them?

I was used.

(Higher Self) This is fair to say. Do you see them now as evil?

No. I don't.

(Higher Self) Why is this?

I believe that those who I may have been working personally with, at least a part of the time, wish to help others and believe they are helping others, although as I said, I do not completely agree with how they go about this, but this is not my business.

(Higher Self) It is not your business when it involves you?

Yes it is.

(Higher Self) That's right Greg, it is your business and you needed to make this your business and you did not. How do you now see this Greg?

I see this as foolish.

(Higher Self) An excellent choice of word Greg. Did these beings not call you a fool?

Yes they did.

(Higher Self) So, do you feel they were lying to you or just felt like insulting you?


(Higher Self) Then how do you see this?

Perhaps they were helping me learn something.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg, they were helping you learn something. So how do you see them? Do you see them as evil?


(Higher Self) Do you feel you were simply used?

Not entirely.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg. There may have been those that were trying to help you and indeed you have learned a great deal and you may be thankful for this, though keep in mind, you owe them nothing and your relationship with them is over as far as you are concerned, if this is what you wish. Keep in mind however, their relationship with you is not over, do you realize this?


(Higher Self) Explain how, Greg.

They are still monitoring me.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg, they are. How do you know this?

Because I know they do not trust me.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg. They do not trust you. Do you trust them?

No, I do not entirely trust them, though I also do not entirely distrust them.

(Higher Self) What do you mean by this?

I do feel that there is a chance that all of this is to help others and make our world a better place and that they do not possess any ulterior motives.

(Higher Self) This is fine Greg, and it is up to you and it is up to each and every one of your brothers and sisters to discern this for yourselves. So what is it you're going to do? Do you feel others need saving?

No, I do not.

(Higher Self) Why is this so, Greg?

Because no one needs saving. We are all just learning lessons.

(Higher Self) That's right Greg, no one needs saving. So what is it you're going to do now?

I am going to continue to at least share my views with others.

(Higher Self) You were going to say something else, were you not?

Yes I was. I was going to say I want to continue helping others, but I really don't know if I was helping others at all this whole time, though I think I was, and I played at least a small role in this, what I see as a great learning experience for many.

(Higher Self) Yes you did Greg, a small role, but nonetheless, you were and are still helping others learn lessons, and after all, that's what you are all here for, learning lessons and experiencing, and you know this.

Yes I do.

(Higher Self) So what is it you're going to do now?

I'm going to share these words from you, as I can trust them and I know no one will be misled or hurt by them.

(Higher Self) Very well Greg. If this is what you wish.

This is what I wish.

(Higher Self) Now considering all this Greg, that this organization that you were working with is allowing others to learn lessons that they have set out for themselves to learn, do you see them as your spirit guide or the spirit guides of all of you within your reality?

No, I do not.

(Higher Self) Now considering that you cannot trust them, that they do not trust you, that they have misrepresented themselves and have spoken untruths even if these untruths were to teach others lessons, do you see them as the higher selves of all or some of those in your reality?

No, not at all.

(Higher Self) That's right Greg. They are not, but this does not mean they are your enemies, and of course, it does not mean they are your allies either. They have their own motivations, and as we have discussed, there may be multiple layers or aspects of any organization. You do understand this?

Yes I do.

(Higher Self) Considering this, do you now feel that it was a prudent choice for you to become involved with these beings who you do not know anything about and that you could not fully trust, even from the beginning, to assist them in their task?

No. I now see this as a foolhardy decision.

(Higher Self) Again Greg, you have used the word fool, and Greg, this is not fair to yourself, as you were not being as foolish as you may believe. Greg, do you believe that any experience so life-changing, so transforming, so educational, so important and enriching as this could have happened by accident or coincidence or a matter of happenstance?

No. I believe everything happens for a reason and I must have planned this all.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg, we did. We are one and we are both growing through all of this and you have made no mistakes, although you may be very surprised to learn this. I felt I needed this and this is why a part of me is experiencing this, and you know who that part of me is, do you not?

Yes I do.

(Higher Self) Who is that Greg?

It is I.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg, and you are doing wonderful. Keep it up, as you are not nearly at the finish line as you may feel at this time. You have learned a great deal, but there is far much more to learn.

(Higher Self) Returning to these beings that you have had and still have somewhat of a relationship with, how do you see them now?

I see them as an experience or a learning tool that I mapped out for myself before my current incarnation.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg. So do you see them as an enemy?


(Higher Self) Do you see them as your allies or friends?

I see them as more allies and friends than enemies, but I'll never really know where exactly they stand.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg, this would be fair to say, and always keep in mind, they may stand in many different positions as there may be many aspects, levels, or dimensions you may even say, to their organization. Keep in mind though, there are chains of command that may rise very high in any organization and you could not possibly know for sure what lies at the heart of those of the highest offices, can you?

No, I cannot.

(Higher Self) So, how do you see always remaining vigilant and never letting your guard down?

I see that as very wise.

(Higher Self) Who is it that presides over the highest position of your organization, Greg?

It is you, my higher self.

(Higher Self) Yes Greg. I am the chairman of our organization. No one else is ever your boss, and you always knew this.


(Higher Self) This is all for now Greg. Let us continue our discussion again after you have had a chance to reflect upon our conversation today. You were so busy with the work you were doing for them and for others as well, you often missed out on many opportunities to learn and to advance, though, you rallied at the end to make up for this, but not without pain. Do you see this? 


(Higher Self) When lessons are failed to be learned gradually over time, they may be learned, and they must be learned in some cases, all at once or at least abruptly, and it is the individual who must experience a lesson in this manner who will experience the full force of this energy. Do you see this?


(Higher Self) Remember Greg, I am always here with you and we have had many conversations, though not conversations that you may understand as conversations or even recognize as conversations, though always know I am here with you and for you and all you ever need to do is ask.

I will.

(Higher Self) You will think of me?

Yes I will.

(Higher Self) Pensez a moi.

Oh yes, I see!

(Higher Self) What do you see Greg?

Pensez a moi is our family motto, written on our family crest.

(Higher Self) And what does it mean, Greg?

Think of me.

(Higher Self) Yes, Greg. Think of me. It was there in front of you all this time. Think of me, as I am always thinking of you.

Greg Giles

Ascension Earth 2012 

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