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Welcome To The Masquerade Party: A Multidimensional Party! 15. 10. 2012 - By Lisa Gawlas

"I sit here staring at my computer screen trying to figure out how to start this sharing.  There are a million things I want to share all at once, but even that feels like untangling a ball of yarn.  So what I will do is give you an image I do see so consistently as I sit here and stare (for the last hour!)

We have entered an elaborate ballroom, everyone in here is dressed to the nines. Some of the women have those eye masks on a stick.  The lights are not fully on, yet, and it feels like everyone is still orienting themselves to this new environment. There is such a strong feeling with this scene I am viewing that most of the participants of this grand ballroom event have no idea why there are there. However, that does not take away the fact that YOU ARE THERE!!

What I am feeling as this visual continues… we are the ones who arrived early.

As an early attendant we also arrived with responsibilities as well.  First and foremost, we have to turn on all the lighting!!

This is indeed a masquerade ball, and our guise is our human attire.  I am hearing rather loudly that “in this ballroom, nothing is as it seems.”

I have a feeling too… that is a massive understatement.

As I continue to watch, the attendants wander around seemingly aimlessly, some area’s of this vast room are dimmer than others, making it harder to see clearly in those areas.  There is no power outage happening here, quite the opposite really. But it is the attendants themselves (you/us)  that are the power source of all that shall happen in this divine, endless room.

My eyes are trained on a lady (that i have a feeling must be me) whose attire is out of the 1800′s (as is the waistline….smile)  The long hoop style gown on with a long stick with a mask at the end (wonder if they are my reading glasses…smile.)  The light is dim around her/me, but there is enough to see whats surrounding her/me to about 5 feet out.  So I wander… and can see long stretches of tables with every conceivable food items upon them…. mostly I see the dessert and pastry tables (now I know that is me!!)  What I feel with this is… endless.  With this, there is such a strong and deep feeling that no one shall ever be hungry again, and even that goes way beyond our thought of the stomach   Every conceivable delight is here… and the food is not just food.  I so get a relationship with Alice in Wonderland. Equally I hear, it is not enough to know this abundant supply of nourishment is before you, for it to be of any use, you must actually eat of it!!

It is funny to watch this play out here, first of all, I never wake up with a vision like this that continues to unfold as I type…. but as I watch myself move around in here, it is like the walls themselves move to accommodate my placement in this ballroom. With that, I also hear “there are no limitations in this place, the perception of walls are there to keep uninvited guests out, not to limit the attendants in any sort of restricted movement.

For me personally, there is a feeling of awkward orientation to this place.  I have arrived here so accustomed to boundaries (walls that do not move out of my way so I can continue walking, lol) that now I/we must realize our limitlessness and use it!

I am looking around to see where the band might be.  Ya cannot have a party like this without music!!  I feel (but at the present, do not see) various types of bands in what could be perceived as the corners of this vast place.  Even moving to these various corners with my little night light aglow (smile) I cannot “see” anything.  With that quandary within my own mind (why can’t I see what I feel is there) I hear, just because I can see the initial layout of this ballroom, it is not my responsibility to turn everything on (phew… that takes a lot of pressure off…lol.)

Now that you/we know that we are Here, we must equally be active and co-creative participants in the ballroom of Life!

What a wonderful way to kick off a morning and a sharing!!  You can actually take this entire above sharing into meditation.  Orient yourself into the ballroom of Life!

As that little movie ends, I suppose we have another one to add to the collection!!

As we share the imagery of the double torus with you, only to orient you to the layout of your field of Life.  Simplicity is the best key of orientation.  Like any clothes you wear, your field moves with you.  You do not take three steps and your clothes fall off behind you… neither does your field of creation.  it moves with you, stretches and vibrates with you.  There are no walls, nor any limitations, except those created by your belief system.  

You have heard stories of people being able to walk thru walls, move from one place to another just by thought.  It is all true.  Walls exist only in your concept of your reality.  So if you see a wall in front of you, it is because you created it and keep looking at it as if it is real.  And with the power of your mind… to you it is real and you limit yourself.  

The same applies with re-location of your energy vessel (the body).  You have become so programmed to believe in order to get from on place to another you must use a car, train, plane… in reality, our reality, you are the train, the plane the vehicle that has no speed limits.  But until you see and experience yourself as That, you remain dependent to the outside world for all your needs and desires.

We hear you already with those so familiar programmed words in your mouth.  ”But I don’t know how.”  Remember when you were a child and you received your first two wheeled bike?  You didn’t know how to ride it, to maintain your balance on two wheels.  Yet, you have seen many others riding their bikes and you were determined to learn how to ride yours.  Why not take that same drive within yourself now?  

Do you realize there was a time when two wheeled bikes did not exist?  Who do you think brought the bike to your reality and learned to use it??  It was YOU!  

You think of yourself as singular, alone, adrift in a story that seems to work for everyone else except you.  You are an intricate part of a highly intelligent mind.  Use it for the freedom that is beneath your feet and above your head… stop creating limitations for yourself!!

(Alrighty then.  Obviously a different commentator took over, definitely male…. I could hear his voice as he flung the words out of my fingers… without a single typo mind you!!)"   forts.

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