mandag 8. oktober 2012

Contracting into Expansion - As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

"Everything in our existence was cooked in the same cosmic crock-pot.  All came from the same cosmic soup with the same celestial ancestry.  Every Being that exists between time and within time, is a part of the expressions of the Universe.  You are a multi-dimensional universe within your self, your cell structure, and your biology all is stardust.

This entire year has escorted humankind into doorways of thinking beyond mortal perceptions of time and space. There is no denying we have all shifted. Our true essence is no longer limited and linear, our true essence belongs to all worlds, to all universes, and to all Time.  Do not separate yourself from your experience, but pour yourself into your life.  The separateness that you have long felt as truth is no longer such.  For your world has passed the parallelisms of itself and it now creates a new sentence, a new understanding, and a new diagramming of the explanation of whom it knows itself to be.  By keeping separate in your thinking, in your workday, in your relationships, in your hopes and dreams, in your fears, and tears – you create a ripple effect of separateness.

Source has stretched itself to the very edge of its capacity to procreate from this angle of light.   Earth has stretched as far as she is able and now begins to contract in an effort to alleviate her growing pains and be propelled forward.  expansion is wondrous but in truth has placed many stretch marks upon the body of humanity and earth herself.

Earth feels this heaviness and her momentum is slowed just a fraction.  Your bodies will feel heavier as you move into your fulcrum.  After the next level of expansion, there will be a grand conjunction and contraction.  The balloon of life cannot be blown up anymore then it is without popping at the seems.  You will let go of the need for material.  In the expansion, you wanted everything. In the contraction, thoughts are fine-lined, expectations are thinner, knowledge is deeper, and remembrance is clearer.

As energies contract you will find yourself in-between spheres of consciousness, in front of a portal of instantaneous manifestation. You will move closer and closer to your original undiluted full strength form.  You will grow in might, in character, in knowing, and in remembrance.  As you contract fully to an expanded, yet singular thought of yourself – you will then be escorted into the next level of light.  Ascension comes in many layers many flavors, colors, sounds, and feelings.  Ask to be shown how to prepare your body, mind, and spirit to embrace Ascension as God knows it.  Ask to be divinely instructed into Ascension patterns of thinking, into Ascension patterns of loving, into Ascension patterns of healing, and into Ascension patterns of creation. 

Everything shifts for you as you 'contract into expansion'. You are contracting into expansion and into Ascension.  It is not something you do.  It is something you are.  It is not something that happens to you – it is something you are.  It is your birthright.  It is your destiny. Each of you has taken giant steps into evolutionary understandings.  Do not focus on your war, your famine, your hate, your fear, and your disease. Focus only on love and grace and peace and joy.  And then it shall be yours."

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