søndag 7. oktober 2012

Our Initiation into October

Written by Wes Annac
"These past few days have been absolutely amazing for me. I have reached a personal inner-shift point that is just unparalleled in the amount of positive effects it is having for me. I have reviewed every aspect of my Life and seen where I was holding myself back, and a simple shift of perspective really does change everything.

How often have we heard from our channeled sources that much of the transmutation-work we have set out for ourselves involves simply changing our perspective to a more Lighted one? They have meant it when they said this and I can see why.

The previous article that I wrote, ‘Infinite Horizon of Potential’ focused on the importance of turning within for our ascension rather than looking only outward toward various different channeled sources and truthseekers, but there is a deeper aspect behind the need for us to simply turn within. It is very easy to say that we need to turn within but it can be harder to do so than some may realize, and at first it was a bit harder than I realized as well.

Once you begin to really turn within, you notice everything about your Life that has been fed to you by your willing employment of external sources. You begin to feel things about yourself that may have seemed normal yesterday but that you now realize could be more out of alignment with the heaven we wish to return to than you thought.

There has been a lot of upset recently over a favored channel and it seems that we have reached one of the most important catalysts as a Lightworker collective that we will have to go through. We have reached a shifting-point and I personally think that the closing of September and our initiation into October 2012 has a lot to do with it.

We can’t utilize the benefits of a shift-point until we go through the necessary formed catalyst that will further initiate us into the shift point, and the point we are all now reaching is being attained collectively and individually. We are being given individual lessons to undergo and at the same time, as has been extremely apparent these past few days, we are being given a collective lesson as Lightworkers as well.

Where do we go from here? We are reaching increasingly, a wonderful heaven wherein all of our dreams and desires will be fulfilled. The ‘problem’ if you wish to call it that [I don’t] is that this heaven won’t be delivered to us without any effort on our part. It just won’t!

When our channeled sources speak of the abundance of heaven that is coming our way, they do not speak as if they are delivering it to us and rather, they remind us unendingly that it is we who must bring this future to ourselves. It is time now for those of us who are on the path of looking within and appreciating but not hanging on external sources, to further the inner-work we are doing and to see that heaven is all around us.

I have read a recent message through Taryn Crimi that has reminded us all that heaven is all around and that there is nothing that can stop our reaching heaven, and rather than it being a physical ‘place’ – it is within us. (1)

This truth has been delivered to me tenfold in the past few days and this is one reason that I have been flying so high. I went through loads of catalytic depression these past two weeks to get me to this wonderful, blissed-out point and you dear readers could likely recognize that I did not give a single channeling last week.

This was in part because I was feeling the lowest of the low of Lightworker emotions that many are just now beginning to feel; depressed, waiting and wondering and truly inquiring if I was on the right path. I met plenty of lower astral entities who worked very hard to try and convince me that I was on the wrong path and that I should change the work I am doing but I stand here today to proudly affirm that their efforts were in vain.

I have personally never been surer of the heaven we are heading to and I can feel the souls helping us to attain this reality. They have been working so hard to help us reach the heaven that we are growing toward and while their names and Federations may have been smeared more recently; they are absolutely real and Loving and it is imperative at this time that we not let ourselves be swayed by any lower influences who are making their last stands.

You will all be tested in the days ahead to keep the faith of the ascension you are heading toward. Articles and deeply-held issues about December 2012 may arise and the result of such things will either see you dismayed and temporarily off of your path, or more sure of your path than ever.

Those who have had very little faith from the beginning could be weeded-out by their own beliefs leading them away from the ascension movement [and they will always be unconditionally and wholeheartedly welcomed back] and those of us who have always known and felt with only small slivers of doubt that our ascension and the realms we are returning to are real, will be more assured than ever upon finding revelations similar to what I have in these past few days. Call that a prediction if you like!

Some could be wondering just what it is I’ve personally felt that is leading me to these revelations and is strengthening my belief and faith in the Divine. For me, it’s because I’ve discovered a supreme dissolving of my own instated barriers that have kept me from perceiving the fact that the inner realms are with us at all times and for us Lightworkers and awakening souls who are just discovering our Multidimensional nature – we are the higher realms anchored upon this Earth.

The above words came to me in a Divine revelation upon entering one of my many daily states of meditation. We are the literal pillars of Light whom sources we’ve looked externally toward predicted would show up and guess what, we’ve shown up!

We are strong Light that is existing on this Earth in the form of a human body. Every person we interact with is uplifted by our energies, even if they don’t realize it. I’ve long wondered why nearly every person I come into contact with seems to be so happy to see me and I’ve realized that it is because I and you all are carrying the pure Light of the Creator within and this Light again, uplifts all who we come into contact with.

Each of you reading this is a pillar of Light and you are carrying the strongest and most infallible Light within that this Earth has needed for quite a while.

There is no way this can be put lightly; you are going to be tested. That strong Light that you hold within is making itself known now more than ever but we must work through our Earthly selves before fully accessing this Light and the vast astral landscapes that are delivered to us upon us discovering our true selves.

“Channeled” messages will come out that are clearly not from the source they are supposed to be from and such sources will try to dismay you and convince you that everything you are feeling within has been fabricated all along and for many, this will catalytically ignite feelings of unworthiness and feelings that we are just daydreaming this all up.

You need to surface these feelings within yourself, so that you can look upon them in the freshly re-realized Light of the Creator that you hold within and upon doing so, you can see how distorted they truly are and how real everything we have been growing toward truly is.

A part of me feels like I could keep writing forever because I just feel so great and even while feeling this good, I know that I will be faced with challenges, unhappy times and times that will test my faith of everything I have laid out for myself to achieve. The difference is that I am now scrutinizing everything that occurs in my Life through readied higher dimensional lenses and any problem or doubt that I have just seems to fade away when looking at it from a purer perspective.

Our initiation into October is already seeing some very fresh and pure mindsets birthed in all of us who are willing to open ourselves up to them and accept them while only utilizing outside sources to a balanced extent and yes, I refer to channeled sources when speaking of some of the external sources we’ve employed to help us to ascend.

Our channeled sources wish us now to turn within and have only allowed lower astral forces to initiate the collective catalyst we are now undergoing in an effort to get us to realize that the energies of any genuine channeled source we’ve been following who has helped us exponentially and will continue to do so, is so much more attainable by finally and clearly searching within ourselves.

I know that the ‘turn within’ rhetoric could sound redundant and repetitive by this point but guess what, it will continue to be repeated and drummed into our beautiful, expanding minds and hearts until we realize the validity and importance of this truth in our own unique ways.

It is time to ask yourself at this point: will your faith dwindle or will it take you to intensely-pure and real higher dimensional realities that you will find from your internal seeking? Only you can make that choice and it can only be made within."

Wes Annac- Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC (and happy to admit it!)

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