mandag 22. oktober 2012

Edgar Cayce's Meditation for Everyone - By Greg Giles

Personlig har jeg ikke den store sansen for meditasjon til visse tider, det er mulig å leve i en medtativ tilstand - alltid. Kan noen gjøre det, kan andre også.  Pust langsomt og dypt, så er du der - ikke tenk, men la kroppen ordne opp.   

Her er Edgar Cayce sin metode.

"Although meditation has long been an accepted practice in the East, it wasn't until the 1960s that it gained acceptance in the West. Today, clinical research has proven that meditation has positive effects on an individual's overall health, and many physicians now recommend it as a way of helping their patients learn to lower their blood pressure. Interestingly enough, Edgar Cayce was recommending meditation in the late 1920s and 1930s.

These, as we find, are slow, yet sure, if there will be kept, not only the corrections made occasionally, once a month or such, might be the more often but the meditation; and in the meditation, don't meditate upon, but listen to the voice within. For prayer is supplication for direction, for understanding. Meditation is listening to the Divine within. (Cayce Reading 1861-19)

In simplest terms, meditation is the practice of quieting our physical bodies and our minds, and focusing our attention inward instead of upon the world around us. As you begin to practice meditation daily, it will become easier. You might also notice that the sense of peace inside you during meditation will begin to carry over into the different parts of your day. Although some schools of thought suggest that the mind should be blank when you are meditating, Cayce's material suggests that the mind is a constructive force and allows for the closest attunement possible if used in the right way.

Meditation promotes coordination at three levels: physically, we begin to relax; mentally, our busied thoughts become quiet and focused; and spiritually, we get reenergized and are able to deal more lovingly and effectively with the people and events around us. By following a few simple steps, anyone can learn to meditate; even beginners may experience the calming effects of a few moments of purposeful silence.
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