tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

Make the call for assistance and you will receive it!

Message from Saul from John Smallman ~~ October 7, 2012

"In the spiritual realms we have been delightedly observing your amazing progress on your path to awakening in this the final year of the illusion. It may well seem to you that very little progress has been made. Perhaps you even think that humanity has been sinking back towards the old confrontational ways of attempting to resolve issues, as you observe the news presented by the mainstream media. This is not the case. Great progress has been made and will continue to be made as you approach the year’s end.

Many of you have been utterly dissatisfied and dismayed by the incompetence and corruption being demonstrated daily by those you elected to serve and represent you, and you are determined that intelligent and compassionate ways be introduced to settle the issues which presently appear to be insoluble. No issue is insoluble; it just requires a thoughtful and civilized approach by all concerned, coupled with a respectful listening to all views to ensure that every aspect of the issue is completely understood by all involved. This takes time, but it is essential; otherwise any solution will only be temporary.

Because of the power of Love enveloping the planet those who would formerly have attempted to disrupt and prevent agreement from being reached are finding that they are being intuitively guided to let go of uncompromising and inflexible behaviors, and their intuition is winning out over their egoic impulses. Consequently, a true intent to resolve issues smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of all is becoming humanity’s guiding principle, making positive and intelligent resolution achievable. Open your hearts to those who are or who have been making difficulties. They are being strongly influenced by the divine Love field, and your acceptance and encouragement helps them enormously in their struggle to go with their intuitive and spiritual sense instead of with their old disruptive ways.

The divine Love field enveloping the planet is available to all. It is there to assist you by merging with your individual energy fields so that your hearts may open in unconditional love and acceptance of all of creation and of yourselves. It is the infinitely inclusive and eternal field of Love in which you were all created and from which absolutely nothing is separated or excluded. When you awaken, the magnificence of this will fill you with joy and wonder, as you fully and finally understand that you all truly are essential components or aspects of the Supreme Being, God, the infinite creative Source within which everything has its eternal existence lovingly and securely maintained.

However, over the eons, negative energies resulting from your sense of separateness have established an atmosphere of fear in the illusion, and it has become very pervasive. You do need to make a very positive intent to open your hearts to the Love surrounding you and to release those fears which serve only to divide you from one another. And it is an intent that you need to maintain — by being aware that you can and do make the choice between fear and love in every moment. Choose love and release your fears. At first it can seem very difficult because it appears that there is so much to fear; and this is when you need to ask for and will receive immediate assistance from whomsoever in the spiritual realms you call upon.

Assistance to move from fear into love is constantly with you — waiting only for your call. So don’t hesitate! As soon as you sense anxiety or fear invading your energy field, make the call for assistance and you will receive it! While you are experiencing physical existence within the illusion, your bodies keep drawing your attention to your separateness; it is their purpose. And so you do need help to maintain your awareness that all are one and that bodies and their sense of separateness are distractions of the illusion. You have been under their influence for so long that it can seem insane not to react spontaneously to their demands for your attention, but the further you move away from fear and towards love the less power they have to influence and move you. And remember, the power that they do have is the power that you have given them.

Your choice to embrace the Love field surrounding you is the way to access your power and bring into your conscious awareness the realization that no one and no thing can or does control you. You are one with God and so His Will is yours. The small will that you chose to have and use within the illusion is as nothing compared to the Will that you share with God. Embracing the field of Love that is all around you will confirm this and enable you to engage with your true power: the divine energy field in which all sentient beings have their existence."

With so very much love, Saul.

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