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Acclimating to Expansion & 10-10-10 Qualities Re-Visited Sanat Kumara gennem Meredith Murphy okt 2012

Her kan du lese om det siste, store kvantespranget, som skjedde i vårt indre - en ny port åpnet seg.

Greetings Dear One,
It is so good to connect with you and have this time to share and be in communion.
This meeting on the inner planes which we do with you, when you turn your attention to this, is a profound joy for us and also allows us to transmit to you, meaning, understanding, energy as information and attunements–all properties of accessing the gifts of larger contexts, or dimensions.
The 10-10 alignment is being felt already for those on Earth. As you re-visit the alignments of the crystal grid that have occurred on these triple portal days, there is a felt sense of the incredible momentum underway toward the 12-12-12 FULL ACTIVATION of the Crystalline Earth Grid. There is so much excitement about the wave of energy that will be released and permeate the planet as a result of this completion! And each time you progress through one of the prior triple date alignments which were, and now mark, huge milestones of completion and expanded circuitry being established in form, each time you spiral through this alignment you are uplifted by the knowing of the fullness of creation.
Life exists in wholeness. The wholeness of an energetic transmission exists at the moment it begins. Beginnings and ends are simply linear structures of communication. It’s also dynamically informed by experience and choice, but these in effect actually transform the beginning and thus create a different ending and this can occur from the “middle” so to speak, or anywhere along the continuum of expression. I know this is a conundrum for you to grasp and yet many many of you now simply know the truth of these kinds of principles, for the soul level perspective of your own being is more active in your experience and helps to hold the felt knowing of truth, without needing to use your mind to logically spell things out.
This is a great stride forward, an empowerment which is reflected in your increasing ability to tune to your own knowing regardless of appearances! This is such an enormous evolutionary stride for humanity and yet within the even larger aspirations of ascension as a planetary whole, this incredible surge into expanded wholeness has perhaps been a bit eclipsed! We want you to see this and to realize the implications of this, which are vast and deep.
You will increasingly exist authentically.
This means without apparitions that are not needed because your sense of self comes from within rather then from a construction in material reality that you in the past you used to feel created the presence you are. Without the need to spend your time envisioning and creating these structures of being in the outside world–all the material things and ways of behavior that subconsciously or consciously were used to establish a story about you–you will be shocked at the freedom you will find yourself knowing.
This freedom initially will create some anxiety as you will need to allow yourself to become accustomed to spaciousness. You may find you rush to fill it with the idea you need another pair of new boots for winter, or the idea that you ought to re-brand your website, or take a course on channeling–whatever the idea is that seems to pop up as a way to fill this space ask yourself this: am I doing this as joyous self-expression? If so, then go for it! If not, if there is in anyway an action being taken as a means to minimize anxiety associated with having MORE then you are used to containing and being, then try to rest with this awareness and learn to expand yourself and to grow accustomed to your own expansion.
Many of you say how very much you want to know more health, more well-being, more financial abundance, more love, more connection, more creativity, more ability to access spirit realms. We know these desires are sincere and we are not doubting them by the way we speak of this. What we want to point out to you is this: to do these thing means to let go of who you thought you were when you were not having these experiences. And the experiential part of this is that when you allow yourself to let go of all past cycles and become a new, revised, expanded, more thrive-capable version of you expressing, there is a sense of unfamiliarity and a habit of dissipating the “extra” or new abundance, energy, spaciousness you create and in doing so to return to the familiar.
The 10-10-10- alignment had energetic qualities of completion. There was a profound shift within that completion cycle of many enormous past cycles being completed. That is part of the energy of the 1 an the 0 combined in the sacred geometry of this convergence point. The 1 representing new beginnings, the 0 has the energy of everything, wholeness, eternity. As you re-visit this alignment you will be empowered by the focus of tuning to your life with the desire to understand how you are actually creating the new, and then quite rapidly dissipating this creativity and re-instating the old, because it feels comfortable or the habit of draining out this new expanded energy, feels like coming into equilibrium. Remind yourself this is coming into alignment with your OLD state of equilibrium and to create new experiences you will need to accustom yourself to holding and being more expanded energetically. 
In order for example to create ambitious dreams, to acquire larger sums of money to live as you wish, you will have to allow yourself to hold more energetically within your energy field without draining it out through paying lots of attention to other people’s challenges or by using it to construct artificial expressions of who you are that are not the true creative drives of your essence. You will easily recognize the true creative drives of your essence for they are persistent! They don’t come up once and you do not need to rush to write them down for fear of forgetting them. If you are not sure if something is a true expression, let it go. If it is–it will come again as inspiration. Invite it to do so. If you totally forget about it, it is not a vital pathway of being for you. The true, authentic, genuine, joy-filled pathways of being will show up over and over again, giving you endless visions for how they might be expressed. This is life!
What we mean by, “this is life,” is that you have an essence. It responds to the domain in which you are focused with desires to express. You receive this as inspiration, as ideas as longings, as dreams. And these visions of how you will express your essence will have countless variations! This is the joy of diversification. Of creating Source Energy into form in endless specificity so that All-That-Is and you within this, know the joy of expansion and expression and experiencing all of it! So you will not run out of ideas for expressing yourself as long as you are connected to yourself. If you find yourself not inspired, you might be simply in a gathering phase, where you are integrating and accumulating energy and making changes to your being. You will know this is happening because you will feel quite content to rest, to do nothing, to read a book, listen to music, play with your dogs or just be. When you feel frustrated or irritated, it may be because you have more energy than you can currently use–in this situation you will want to ground yourself. It may not be enough to sink into the Earth, or to eat downward growing vegetables or denser food–you may more and more need to move your body, to exercise, to breathe deeply to ground excess energies.
If you are still feeling irritated and frustrated, it may be that you are holding back the flow of your being, analyzing and being careful about doing what you desire, allowing your mind, your emotions to go into illusions of fear and hold you back from free expressing. Be careful in these situations to not dissipate this energy by getting angry or projecting it on another. Own your energy! Own the barometer of your energy. Own the feel of how much you are being–the amplitude and the volume of current you are flowing. Recognize this will be increasing more and more and the energy while increasing will also be accelerated energy–so you will be intensifying your energy, expanding your energy and the energy you are will be higher vibration–accelerated energy. You have to see this and recognize the various versions of this experience and tap into masterful skills with conducting and flowing, managing and handling these continual upgrades to your own energy field. This is the reality of spiraling through the 10-10-10 alignment: all past cycles are complete.
You are continually awakening into newness. Recognize this quite literally and begin to consciously use your focus to tune into the nature of your energy field, not just attempting as you have in the past to uplift your vibration, but also desiring to know the form and feel of yourself, to sense when you have expanded into greater expression and to allow yourself to accustom to this and recalibrate your self-understanding, thereby empowering your own thriving through expansion and summoning of greater energetic presence as light in the here and now!
You are becoming increasingly more brilliant!
It is a joy for you and for us.
Claim what you are with knowing.
This is your greatest gift thus far to humanity: to trust your own knowing above all else.
We recognize this incredible quantum shift in the human template expressed and we celebrate with you!
Enjoy your ride on this spiral of time.
Embrace the recognition of the 10-10-10 alignment being revisited and the theme of that energy deepening in your experience in new ways now.
It is a way to accelerate your own joy and to live weaving more light here and now.
All of which is the purpose of being.
I love you and live within your heart where we are One.

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