onsdag 17. oktober 2012

Conversation with My Higher Self ‘Astronauts’ 10/15/12 - Greg Giles

Det er ikke mulig å vandre gjennom livet upåvirket av andres tanker, de når oss som ringer i vannet.  Når du leser denne setningen, så se for deg det store bildet.  Hva eller hvem er du - hva eller hvem er de 'andre'?  

"I wish to speak to my true higher self and no one else at this time. Is this possible?

(Higher Self) Yes Greg, it is possible and it is done. What would you like to discuss this evening?

A lot of people that have been following the messages shared through me are very confused and don't really know what to expect now for their future, either immediate or long long-term. Can you shed some light on this for those that wish a greater understanding about where it is they may be heading?

(Higher Self) I can and I will. Remember Greg, there are billions of individual incarnated souls in your world. Not everyone is there for the same reason, and therefore not everyone will be experiencing the same things either, today, tomorrow or anytime in the future. When you ask such a broad or generalized question, specific answers cannot be given, though this is okay. You see, each of the souls incarnated within your reality have many miles of railroad tracks before you and there is not but one track that lies before you, but countless, what you refer to as timelines. These are the possible paths for all of you. There are no more possibilities for you than the tracks that have been built just for you to choose from and to travel upon.

So how many of these tracks lie in front of you? As I said, there are countless, but to be more specific, there is absolutely no limit to these tracks, which means there is absolutely no limit to your possibilities. There are tracks that right now are very far from you, and I do not mean in your future, but they are very far from you, let's say from your perspective, to the left of you or to the right of you. Some are so well concealed that you will really never find them even if you were looking for them. This is a metaphor, of course, and what this metaphor signifies is that there are future possibilities for you Greg and for everyone reading these words and for all those who would never read these words that are, what you may understand as, statistically highly improbable. This is because some of you just cannot become astronauts, and I'm speaking of course of the astronauts of your space programs in your reality.

Some things are just not in the cards, as you say Greg, and because you say this Greg it is a part of my vernacular, for you see Greg, a part of me is you. From my perspective, you have re-merged with me or re-joined me or reconnected with me, though from my perspective, you were never a different part of me, but from your perspective you are an astronaut. You see, I surprised you there purposely. All of you are astronauts, exploring a foreign, and for many of you, a very strange planet indeed.

Do you see how important perspective is and how vital it is to understand perspective? One of your deepest thinkers was a man named Albert Einstein, and Mr. Einstein hypothesized his theory of relativity which, although comprised of many theories, none could ever be truly proven as law. There can and will always be only be theories, as there really are no laws of science or anything else in your reality. All is a matter of perspective and nothing can ever be proven as the ultimate truth, and even that statement can never be proven as the ultimate truth either. Reality, no matter where it is you are experiencing it within this universe, is an ever-changing and fluctuating series of cause and effect, and yes, even happenstance or accident, though again, these are only seen and understood in this light due to perspective, as all is a product of cause and effect.

At times, the root cause of an event is so far removed from the effect that, from your perspective, an accident has occurred. Well, the same holds true for this entire universe. We must always honor one's perspective when they, although nestled within a civilization or a planet that may even be so far remote from other planets that they too, like many of you, believe they are alone in this universe, believe they have experienced an accident when something happens to them that they can't explain or understand as anything more than a chance, and at times, unfortunate occurrence. The true cause, however, the catalyst of this event may have been instigated far removed from their reality. The same holds true for you, and that is why each and every one of you inherits the responsibility of his or her thoughts and actions at all times.

Many of you believe your thoughts and actions have no effect on others around you, but this is merely your limited perspective. From a higher perspective, and yes, you see where I am going with this, from a higher perspective your thoughts, words and actions are affecting others around you just like a pebble dropped into a stilled pond. The waves reverberate out a great distance around you, the pebble, and effect many more souls than you could count or you have even ever met. This is important, as many of you are wondering now and are quite unsure of where it is you are heading and what it is that may await you when you ‘round the bend’.

What awaits all of you are the ripples that have been created by you and by all of those around you, and when I say all of those around you, we are talking far more than your family and friends and even your planet mates. Yes, the thoughts, words and actions of even those far removed from your planet can and will affect your future, and they are even affecting your present. This is a very important fact that you all must realize, as many of you feel that there are no outside forces affecting the current state and the current changes affecting your world and your reality.

There are others affecting your reality, and we shall refer to them as ‘others’ to make it easier for you to understand who we are speaking of, though I wish to remind all that no one from my perspective is an ‘other’ and many of you will soon share this philosophy, as many of you will begin to see things and experience your reality from a higher perspective than your current one. You may consider this ascension, as there is no better word for this in your reality and there is no better word for this in my reality either, so you may keep this word ascension within your heart and know that, although none of you will be whisked away from the rest of your family or your friends or your wonderful furry little companions, your consciousness will ascend out of the depths of its current confines. This, from your perspective, is ascension.

There are very few of you who wish to be whisked away from their wonderful, loving and supportive families and friends, and many of you would be utterly heartbroken if a time came when you were separated from your cherished pets who many see as members of your families.  And if you think about this for just a moment, did you really think you were going to dematerialize while sitting in your living room and leave behind everything that you know as your reality? Your reality can change and it can change in a heartbeat, this is also a fact, though reality is rarely changed so abruptly and so quickly.

Realities change gradually over great periods of time. Your reality has been changing forever. That is not a metaphor. Since the moment of the conception of your reality it has been changing, altering, experiencing metamorphosis through growth, through expansion, through experience, through a lot of pain and hardship it's true, but also through love, and it is through the love energy which is charging through your reality that your reality is changing and is changing for the better.

Your reality is also changing at a faster pace than it has ever changed before, as there is no force more powerful, not even close, than the force of love. All of you will be experiencing some kind of change in your lives, and when it comes down to it, the cause of this change is the powerful properties of the purest energy in your universe. Just remember that when you are thinking to yourself or you are discussing with others what you may need to do to ascend, or you are discussing what kind of changes you can expect and who is implementing these changes. You are implementing these changes, and the powerful gears that are throttling your engine of change is right there within you, shines with the color of passion, and beats to the perfect rhythm of love."

As spoken to Greg Giles

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