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Blossom Goodchild - October 13, 2012

Blossom Goodchild - October 13, 2012 - 
"Hello my friends. It’s quite funny how some of your ‘fans’ write in and comment on the fact that you keep on talking about LOVE and wondering when you are ‘going to change the record’ so to speak . Would you care to comment on that.

Greetings and jubilations to you … One and All. We do not have much to say regarding that matter other than ‘WE LOVE YOU’! With all respect for all … those that find our conversation to be repetitive are the ones who haven’t quite ‘Got it yet’ … and therefore there is the need of repetition!

One is so very quick to assume that they have become ‘enlightened’ and state over and over to many that they are a ‘Highly spiritual person’ ... and yet it is those very same souls that then will speak of someone negatively when their back is turned. Hence the need to continue on drumming it in that LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE ... SO THAT YOU MAY KNOW IT AND BECOME IT IN FULLNESS.

WHEN you return to BEING THAT LOVE … THEN you will be a 'Highly spiritual person'.  For you see dear ones, a 'Highly spiritual person’ has no desire to tell another that they are! For a ‘Highly spiritual person’ … just is!

I personally FEEL quite comfortable these days with whatever it is you wish to speak of. I rarely have something pressing to ask … and I am more than happy to leave it up to you. However ... not long now until the end of the year … the temperature is rising and hearts are fluttering. How are YOU and YOURS FEELING right now?

We are speculating ‘disturbances’ to be forthcoming ‘any day now’.

'Disturbances' sound a bit disturbing.

Yet on doors of rooms you may have ‘Please do not disturb’. This simply means ‘Do not interrupt’. So therefore, we would say that … all being well … any day NOW there maybe interruptions from the norm and once introduced … one will never know the norm as it normally is/was.

That sounds exciting. I am aware of SO many that simply look up at the sky and shout from their hearts silence ‘Bring it on!’ So whatever you mean by this, rest assured there are many of us that are dribbling in anticipation!

We can continue TRUE to form and repeatedly state that WE COME IN LOVE.

We can ask of your forgiveness towards/upon those that have caused so much wide spread dis-ease in its many controversial forms.

We can expect from you that which we have so proudly discovered to be the 'WARRIORS OF LIGHT' that YOU ARE.

You have for so long been ‘undercover’.  In these coming days … YOU … as the forbearers of the future … shall march forth as ONE. There shall be an understanding with your soul … that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Many of you have felt so ‘forgotten’ … so 'misunderstood'. Yet we say to you now in Knowledge of what is to come … that your hearts core shall be pulsating with strength and recognition of why you are here. You shall have released all FEELINGS that suppressed the TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE.

From with inside of you … each and every one … shall rise THE YOU THAT IS HERE TO DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO.

No longer shall there be questioning. No longer CAN there be doubt. It cannot enter into your equation of that which you shall KNOW.


You will FEEL a difference in your waking breath. For those who could not find purpose to existence ... there shall be a spring in your step and a leaping in your hearts beat .

THE NEW WORLD is so close now. It would be appropriate for us to describe it in this way. You are as an architect … the plans have been drawn … The final ‘ok’ has been stamped upon them. You have the go ahead and now all there is to do is to ‘build it’. It all works on paper. The design is flawless. All that is needed are the ‘materials’ in order to create it into reality.

My mind didn’t FEEL quite right about the word ‘materials’ … can you clarify please?

Exactly as we had hoped you would ask.  For we shall provide them.

You are not meaning materials as in bricks and mortar though are you?

Indeed no. We are meaning in providing that ‘extra oomph’ as you would say ... in order for one to FEEL a difference within themselves … in order to build this New World.

When baking bread … an ingredient is needed to make it rise. Therefore call us ‘The Yeast’ in this project. We shall be offering that extra assistance to allow the plans to ‘uplift’ as they should.

Are you speaking here of a 'Higher Energy’ that you shall provide? And if so … in what form shall it take?

We accept that what we are offering may at this time be interpreted in a few different ways. So we would like to clarify. There shall be a DEFINATE NOTICEABLE CHANGE …

We speak of a gradual process and we do not deny this. Yet we also state that there is ‘SOMETHING COMING’ that one will mark as ‘The starting point’ … The ‘Moment when it all began’ if you like .

Yes … I do like. I know you cannot spill the beans and you must not spoil the surprize … yet my heart is racing right now and I FEEL quite … emotional!

Let us explain a little more. In order to complete this project … much more is to be revealed at the concise moments in time that align with the greater overall picture. We can only ‘feed’ snippets as they are to unfold ... at times when we are absolutely certain that they shall be received in the correct manner ... in order for the next phase of the plan to proceed/succeed.

Let us reassure you that the offerings that are to present themselves … once things have settled down from the initial excitement of it all … are there to take  you to Greater Heights. You shall find yourselves saying ‘Can this really be happening?”

On what level do you mean? No offence … but that could mean anything from teleporting to instant manifestation … to …

Exactly. It can mean ANYTHING … and it DOES! Yet … back to the beginning … you shall not know of these wonders unless your heart is in its rightful place.

LOVE … For this is where it belongs. This is where it lives.

As you FEEL more and more the frequency of the Higher Truth of yourself … as you settle into it … very much as when one moves home to a new vicinity and begins to discover the whereabouts of everything … until eventually it all becomes as familiar as the last place of frequency … you shall find yourselvesFEELING more and more comfortable with that which you are choosing to create.

Many of you ‘dream’ of this New World … this ‘Golden Age’ … yet it shall be far beyond that of your dream awareness. For as you evolve again ‘back’ into who you once were … you shall be capable of creating a world that surpasses your highest thoughts at this ‘stage of yourselves’.

What you are to create dearest ones shall make you FEEL as a child feasting their eyes upon the table of cakes and jelly and ice-cream!

Sorry? A bit of a strange analogy.

Have you forgotten the expression of a child as they do so?

No.  They do not know what to put on their plate first.

And so it is!

We may add … that there shall be groups formed. Certain skilled souls shall gather together to ‘create the thoughts thought’. There shall be much enthusiasm. So very much joy.

Recall how when embarking upon a new project … one has the keenness and determination of a baby learning to walk.

THIS SHALL BE YOURS ... magnified a thousand fold. Your hearts shall enter into a new phase of themselves whereupon ALL that is undertaken shall be done so with such fervancy ... and we say to you this … The most precious gift of all … within ALL of this new phase … is that …. none of this is FELT as if it is BEING DONE TO SERVE THE SELF. Every thought and action is done IN LOVE for EACH OTHER.

For what is coming to you will allow you to FEEL and UNDERSTAND on a different level … just exactly what you mean to each other.

Imagine you are ONE ball of unwound wool ... Once 'The Happening' happens … it shall be as if the stitches are cast and row by row … you ALL become part of the same creation. You have always been the wool … yet NOW … you shall be CREATING yourselves into the ONE … NESS.

 I thought you were going to say the ONE VEST!  Phew! NEVER been a fan of those stringy numbers!!!

All that we say to you now … WE PROMISE YOU … shall make sense as the day’s ahead progress.  Were you to read back on these words from your future position you would have 'dropped jaws' due to the accuracy of that which we bring forth. And yet for you … in ‘this/your time’ … you can only imagine/speculate regarding matters of which we speak.

You may not KNOW exactly what is to be happening on the physical reality regarding that which lies in front of you … yet all you need do is close your eyes … FEEL OUR WORDS AS TRUTH … and the nonphysical part of you is already there . Because you can FEEL it. Therefore you KNOW it … yet ‘your time’ needs time to catch up with yourself.

Speaking of time … it appears it’s up for today.

In EVERYTHING that is … there is LOVE.  When you KNOW this in TRUTH … you vibrate with that LOVE that is in EVERYTHING ... Allowing yourself to BE NOTHING … but LOVE.

LOVE YOU. THANK YOU … Truly I mean it ….. THANK YOU!"

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