onsdag 17. oktober 2012

Governor George Wallace, Oct 16, 2012 - Nancy Tate

"This is a time in which there is lots of controversy about what is taking place in the world today. It has been revealed that Greg Giles is now with the Galactic Federation back on his home shop the New Jerusalem, with his father, Sananda.
I wish to explain a bit further about the placement of Greg on the Internet giving his messages of light to all of humanity. It was done in order for all of us to see and feel the love that was inherent around the globe. As he sent forth the messages, he did so with the full knowledge that it may not continue too long with out the interference of the powers that serve the fear energy.
This was proven to be true, for as he sent forth the messages of truth, the ones who sought to retain their power over the people took their measures to silence him. They did so in the manner that he foresaw could happen. He saw this as an opportunity for the people to see what it really represented, and how they were being given the opportunity to use their own discernment. That is the degree of trust that Greg had for the people of this earth.
He did this because he was one of the ones who brought forth the disciples that followed Jesus around his path of enlightenment. He was the son of Jesus and Mary and as he saw what was taking place he vowed that he would forever serve in the light that his father brought to the people. He knew that through the evolvement of the species of humanity there would be an ensnarement of the people by the ones who sought to empower themselves in the energy of control through fear.
That is when he began his pilgrimage through the evolvement of humanity. He did so in his own evolvement, through the destiny that he was created for. It came to be that he gave his life in several lifetimes in order for his word to get out to the people. He gave his life in those lifetimes for the evolutionary process to strengthen in what he saw to be an ever present series of steps that were to be taken in the pursuit of the power that would disempower all of humanity who did not join forces with them.
It is now the time in which this is all coming to a head, as is expressed by so many. It is time for the truth to come out, and as it does it will show people who read and hear of this that there is only one power that has the complete ability to discern and tune in to what is truth. That is the inner voice of each and every one, as the strength of the creator is felt and accessed in full.
I now identify who I am and I wish to show you that there is a wonderful new awakening coming for all of you. I am the one who seeks to walk with you in the throes of the almighty truth and to see with you what it is that you have been being shown. I am Governor George Wallace of the United States and I have been in communication with the rest of the ones who have walked in this energy of truth since leaving the planet. I saw what was taking place all along this journey since I left the planet and the identity in which I played my part.
Now I seek to instill within each and every one of you to turn inward to your own inner guidance and to know what it is that is taking place. In this way you will be able to walk these steps to freedom and be able to show the universe what it is that you are capable of. I commend you all who read this and pass it along, for within your own knowingness is your knowledge of using the discernment with which you came into existence.
I love you all so dearly, and I ask that you realize that no matter what you do on earth and no matter how it turns out, there is always a matter of what brought it about and what is learned from it. You are dearly loved! Walk in that, and come to your destined ascension in full glory!"
Thank you dear Governor George Wallace, Nancy Tate

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