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In the Coyote Den together By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on October 7th, 2012

"In the Coyote Den together
By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on October 7th, 2012
Guest Article by Jon Waldrup.

Saturn into Scorpio, October 5th 2012. In the Coyote Den together.

Over the last couple of years, you’ve become very aware of things you want to change. Things about you, your life, and the world you live in.

You’ve been caught in a field of polarity between experiences or awarenesses that feel good and make sense and experiences and awarenesses that feel wrong and don’t make sense.  It would be nice to say that there is a simple way to choose the “makes sense and feels good” side of the equation in a way that kept you there, but that’s not the way it has worked out.

The future of the Earth and humanity is here, and we’ve been feeling the death of everything that used to be as well as the birth of everything that will be. And what will be, what is coming, is simply humanity in a consciously healing vibrational relationship with the Earth, as the Earth, for the Earth. We are becoming aware of what an honor and pleasure it has been to inhabit these bits of Earth we call bodies, so that we can chose to give to that relationship.

In the past, in the 20th century, a long time ago on a planet far away, it seemed like we were these individual people walking ON the Earth, between each other. And it seemed like what we were trying to do was figure out how to do all of that well as individuals.

And what we are doing now, what is happening, is that we are realizing we are walking IN the Earth, together – that we seem to inhabit bodies which can touch each other but that really we inhabit a shared vibrational matrix that is where life is really taking place.

There are these shells between us – or at least there have been. We’ve been enclosed, sort of like little submarines floating through life, bumping into one another occasionally.

During the last two years, these shells have been getting dissolved by the polarity experience. It has been necessary to feel so good and so bad almost simultaneously to open our hearts wide enough to encompass this next thing, this next way of living.

And today is the day when it all begins – the day when we walk away from all that ever has been ever before simply into a new existence, a new world.

So I just want to say “Good Morning” to you. I hope you can see the sunlight glistening in the frost like I can. I hope you have someone in your life who you can reveal yourself completely to – and even more that you chose never again to do anything but reveal yourself completely to the world around you.

When you were a child, you had a sense of being disappointed at how shallow it all seemed. You watched your parents living in this way that felt like a make-believe story of half-smiles and half-hugs. And that’s really how it was. We were all little submarines of pretend individuality, separate entities seeking separate identities. That’s how it was.
Now it’s not that way any more.

Now we are one being, each of us with an ability to make this being better simply by being ourselves. The model for what we are doing exists in nature, already. Go walk in a forest to become aware of the contribution each facet of nature makes to the whole – simply because of its existence, the forest makes the world better every day.

Humanity has that potential. That we haven’t lived in to that potential has been killing us and the Earth, but it’s okay because in order to really inhabit this place we needed to learn what pretending to be here felt like. We needed to learn to yearn, the way a doe yearns. We needed to experience our power to destroy so that we could cherish our capacity for love. We needed to walk to a brink of disaster so complete that we could learn to be together in our need to survive this time.

The experience of drastic extremes has come to an end and now it is time to experience the power of this change. We needed to try fighting against everything else. So we can now burrow into our hearts to find each other in there.

We are becoming a tribe again. I think of a litter of coyote pups in a den – the way being outside the den can be so scary and the joy of family within the den can be so incredibly love-filled. The warmth of the mother, and her life-giving milk. The vibrational matrix inside that den – what is it about? What matters, really?

Saturn has entered Scorpio, leaving Libra behind. This vs that becomes an intense awareness of what is. And what is here is the brink, the edge. Everything that can be and everything that can’t be and our grasp on hope. Can we live in the kind of hope that the coyote pups have? Hoping to chase butterflies in the sunlight and to not be poisoned by some subdivision developer?
All of us are in here now, in this den, this coyote’s den.
What will we find when we crawl out?

As Saturn enters Scorpio it also enters an exact trine with Neptune in Pisces. We are all dreaming the same dream now. As you can, please give it your love. Please choose to give it your love.

It may be that I can support you in finding yourself here. Maybe it would help you to learn how you have written your soul’s biography so that you could enter this matrix, this den. Please let me know if you would like to talk about that."

With love,
"You are sensing these openings, into which love can be born. May you fill these with your blessing, for you are ready to do this.
Now is the time, and you are the one."
Thank you,

Jon Waldrup

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