onsdag 17. oktober 2012

Conversation with My Higher Self 10/17/12 'Up and Away' - As spoken to Greg Giles

(Greg) Many are feeling down after learning many of the changes spoken of will not take place, and there are those who question this assertion. Can you speak of this today?    

"(Higher Self) Certainly. There are those that we shall refer to as members of your enlightened communities, though there are many that, although consider themselves enlightened, have quite a few lessons left to learn before they can truly be what is considered the accepted standard of enlightened in your world, who have become somewhat disillusioned through our recent conversations that have suggested changes to your world are not coming in the way many of you have come to expect through what you understand as channeled communications. It is true and it would be accurate to say that, yes, your balloons have been overinflated somewhat and even a great deal in some cases, but there is no reason to jump out of the basket of your hot air balloon simply because it is losing some of its air and its altitude. There is a master plan at work, and although most of you will not understand who or what is behind all these changes that you seek, these are changes that you will experience, as change is the air that fills your balloon and will keep it afloat up into the higher altitudes.

Yes, there have been overblown promises, assurances and possibilities dangled in front of your nose like a carrot at the end of a stick, and many of you are left scratching your heads as to why this was done. It was done because you are being tested. Humanity was and continues to be studied to discern many different things, as there are many hands in this pie, though in its most simplistic terms, humanity was being gauged for your response to change, as it is change that these artisans have in mind for your world. There are changes coming to your world, this much is true. So for all of you who believe that this one who continues to share messages with you is not the real Greg but is an imposter because you are not resonating with the fact that many of the changes spoken of will not come to pass, you can be at least assured that changes are coming, though they are going to be considerably more gradual than you have come to believe, and it is even fair to say that you have been led to believe.

You have been led to believe these changes would be quick, almost overnight in some cases, as again, you were being tested. You were being gauged as individuals and as a collective to determine how you could handle change and what kind of change you could handle, meaning, how much of it in how short a period of time. This was felt very important by those who have the power to initiate these changes in your world. They felt they needed to understand humanity better before they went ahead and began to implement some of these changes, as they do not wish to disturb, or rock the boat, of the human collective psyche. They have been monitoring humanity for a very long time, thousands of years now, and they have always been very careful not to disturb the pond of your reality too greatly.

The tests that they are conducting are in no way over and can be considered to not even have begun, though that is a metaphor, as many of you understand that this testing has certainly begun, and in reality, this testing has been conducted on a continual basis since before any of you reading these words were even born into this lifetime. This testing will continue as, although some of you believe that there are so many of you who have awakened from your sleepiness, the truth of the matter is your entire spiritual, or what would be more accurate to refer to as conscious community, is but a pebble in a great quarry of sleepy stone. This is one of the reasons why change will be far more gradual than many of you had expected, though there are other considerations as well that have little or nothing to do with you, so do not feel it is humanity that takes the blame for this rather slow process.

Change on a scale that these planners have in mind would take many years on any planet in this universe, so do not feel singled out or slighted in any way, as this world will receive these changes and it will receive them at a very suitable pace, meaning some of these changes just cannot transpire any faster without too much stress being put on current systems that already stand upon very shaky ground. Changes will come. They will be very slow and gradual and in many areas cautious, as this is perceived as the safest and most productive way to proceed.

For those of you who are so disheartened by this and feel wounded just as my sole extension Greg felt wounded upon this news, just know that all has not been a great lie, hoax or con. There is a wide ranging plan in the works for your world, though always keep in mind, this does not mean all of you will find all of the aspects to this plan of your liking. How could you know this? You have no idea what the plan is, do you? Remember, there are always concessions to make when you are bartering or dealing with someone, is there not?

The best advice I could give from my perspective at this time for you and your people is to go slow. Just think about what kind of changes you feel are most important in your world and how you could go about implementing these changes effectively. Forget all those dreams of overnight changes, as none of the changes you may have in mind will be implemented overnight. None of them. There is also a plan to strengthen your financial systems, this much is true, but that's about it in regards to your personal financial well-being. There will be no prosperity funds, no financial assistance, no government refund checks, nothing of that sort, though many of you already understand this and there is even a large percentage of you who never really bought into that talk in the first place and that is good for you. You saved yourself quite a letdown.

So again, the changes that so many of you seek for your world are very much still possible for all of you, though it is the timeframe that these changes can and will be implemented that may leave at least some of you feeling deflated, though remember, your balloons are climbing in altitude each and every day, and there will come a day at the resolve of this incarnation when your brightly colored balloon pops through the highest layer of cloud and floats majestically over your new home within the heavenly realm."

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