onsdag 3. oktober 2012

Swirling energies…Short thoughts Posted on October 3, 2012


The incoming energies are intense these days and swirling about us like the dry autumn leaves in a puff of wind. We must not get caught up in the drama of them. We can view them from afar, feel them in our own bodies, but stay away from the drama of others playing out wildly right now. A great many folks are feeling the instability as their realities begin to move and slip away from beneath them and they are acting out the insecurities they are feeling. The energies are powerful at the moment and are assisting us in the changes we are creating within ourselves and for the new world that is soon to come. It is best to make the effort to go with the flow of these energies and not try to resist them. They can be exhausting to the physical body as well as emotionally, but they are greatly needed. Learn to swirl about with them, dance in the wind with them like the autumn leaves and be uplifted by them for they are bringing in the light we need to continue on with our journey. Marvel at their abilities to bring about change, do not fear them, be thankful for their presence and embrace them. They are speeding up the process we are going through and should be welcomed by us all for what they bring to us. Thank them and know we are well on our way to our long awaited freedom and release to finally be who we have always wanted to be. Rejoice! Blessings to all….VK

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