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Lisa Gawlas i dag ; The Inner Workings of Our New Life! Beware: Acceleration Ahead!

The Inner Workings of Our New Life! Beware: Acceleration Ahead!

Boy, just when I think I understand a fraction of where we are, I stand corrected!!  Of course, when something is only three days old (to my view) it has a tendency to expand and more details fill in as my eyes and consciousness adjusts.

I am seeing something that I so wish I could paint for you, but alas, all I have are my words and the simplicity of my use of paint.  So at least let me give you a very simply visual and I will fill in the details of  what I see and what it means (again, always subject to change as we move deeper and more fully into this new created space.)

If you can look at the outer circle as earth itself.  The edges of the circle represent the magnetosphere.  We can look at this area too as the inner astral plane of earth.  It is where all levels of consciousness exist.  It is where all of life starts out in this game of life.  The coloring shows I how I am now seeing it from a distant view (when I am not in a reading but processing all the readings together and what it means to us.)  The dirty yellow is both spirit and the untamed ego together in the atmosphere.  The black spots are the area’s on earth (no specific location intended at all) that still need cleansing/awakening.  In the grand scheme of things… we have come a long way baby!!  This is actually a time for universal celebration.  Even just 20 years ago, the color scheme and blotches would have been the opposite.  We are indeed a world enlightening…together!!

The black line around the outer circle represents the actual magnetosphere.  It serves to filter the energy of the sun as it comes inwards towards earth and all of her creation.    It is what the CME’s (coronal mass ejections) from the sun must go thru to reach us.

Now that egg-shaped area is colored a blend of blue and violet, I could not find a true color to represent how I see this area, but this will have to suffice.  It is this area I now refer to as our deep west field.  It represents the new earth, the new energy, our new story.  The colors are a mix of both our spiritual mastery (violet) consciously shared outwards (blue.)  We also have a magnetosphere as the outer edge, but in contrast to the way it is working in the larger area, we are the very ones sending the energy outwards.    The inhabitants of this space have a direct link to use to its fullest potential with both the earth and sun energy in pure radiance.  Because of this, the vibration is intense here.  The manifestation from thought to creation… getting close to instant.

Deep inside this area, not with everyone, but with most of the people here, we are coming up to what I now understand is an acceleration bump.  It seems we have been given about two weeks to be here in this new fully usable and functional place of new creative energies and orient ourselves to whatever it means to us, then we get hit with an acceleration of our own vibratory rate.  From what I understand, we will hit these bumps frequently thru the rest of the year as we assimilate more and more of our mastery within our created space I am just gonna call the new earth.

I had assumed (shame on me, I know better) that we can only arrive in this space if we cleared all of our debris (stuff we are still working thru or hanging onto that no longer serves us.)  Yesterdays readings showed me…. not so at all.

The way I am understanding how this all works right now is thru magnetic pulls.  Our individual bodies are magnets.  Most of us start out as very weak magnets (brought in so much to work thru which dulls the magnetic flow of energy.)  As we clear more and more of our debris we are naturally pulled to other places on earth that we are magnetically aligned to.  Often times these movements are also soul retrievals  where bits and pieces of your soul energy (purposely) remained to keep (whatever) vibration alive in that area until this precious time on earth.  As we allow ourselves the movement, we are also integrating more and more of our soul energy, wisdom, and abilities into our human representation of now.  (Geez, glad there was rhyme and reason to all of my moves!!)

Then, if you are allowing your own movement thru the landscape of earth, you will eventually find your own power spot.  Here is a really good way to look at it as I had a conversation about this with my landlady yesterday.

The Guardians have always been here.  Thru time longer than we can imagine.  Waiting….

My landlady bought this precious place 10 years ago, like so many of us, an experience that just came together against all odds.  She moved here 3-4 years ago and set up home.  If you can image the landscape was very much like a car.  Built and ready to do what it was created for… but humans are a crucial part of the story.  The car, without a key in the ignition is just a car that looks pretty.  Put a key in the ignition it comes alive.  You can hear the purr of the engine, the song of creation itself.  My landlady is that key.  Trust me, the landscape knows it and appreciates and loves her to the high heavens.  I so felt that when she went to visit her sister last week.  Her energy was missed by all that is here!!

I moved in and found the gas peddle!!  Granted, the first few months here I crashed all over the place.  Of course I brought the last two of my “unfinished business” here to Heaven.  My (no longer) consistent worries about money as well as being taking care of in all my life endeavors   We don’t adjust anything if we don’t suddenly crash into the wall of our own making so we can get rid of it once and for all.  Let me say, both no longer exist within me!!

The same applies to all those who have magnetically moved into the space of the new created earth.  Those that brought their unfinished business with them will see it manifest bigger, stronger more in your face than ever before… giving you the chance to free it once and for all.

Here is something to really feel with too.  It is not the landscape that has changed in this move, but the energy field itself.  So those of you who feel like nothing big has changed around you… just wait!!  Your walls are still going to look like your walls, the birds and trees will still look the same as well, because the change is in the air.  The energy in which you manifest and build with.  You are now giving the air the instruction set, magnetically charged by your emotions what to bring you next.  Until now, we had a filter in place… that filter is gone!

I want to give you a wonderful and positive image of what this really means.  My last reading of the day yesterday was of a man across the pond.  I had seen him like I had seen several other people over the last three days… moving forward, heading to this huge thing in front of him (as shown in the center of the picture.)  The line going up is not straight or smooth… I drew it as I have been seeing it, with nooks and crannies.  He was not walking forward at all, he was on a conveyor belt, gold in vibration, just moving him forward.  Meaning, other than wake up every day, love with all his heart, there is nothing more he needs to do to hit this acceleration bump.  He too was jogged the future as well.  I had thought there was two aspects of us… but no, we are literally living out of time.  It really is a space of no-time.  What I am hearing right now is…if we were still “in-time” then we would be dealing with a delay in our energy.  That is where the buffer (as needed) is when it comes from thought to creation.

As I watched him glide forward his body was just radiant.  He was emitting so much light he glowed forward.  Then there was this metallic confetti like energy, every sparkle of the rainbow was mixed into this energy just oozing from his entire abdomen area and went out in front of him (never disconnecting from him) and upwards just over his head.  I understood it is his creating energy.  But I know there is so much more to that.  Several months ago I was starting to see this metallic energy, but it was coming from outside and towards the body.  I am going to have to go back and read what that metallic energy represented, it is important because we are now emitting that vibrancy outwards.  Let me assure you, just because I write about anything doesn’t mean it all sticks to my brain in conscious recollection!!  I am learning here with everyone too.  I need a bigger hard drive!! lol

I also did understand (kinda sorta) as we move deeper and fuller into this new reality we are now in, the metallic like energy will grow fuller.  Altho no one is telling us how to use it (yet) I am excited to really understand the depth and detail of what it means to us.

I did try to move him beyond that acceleration bump, but spirit was not having it!!  I loved the analogy they gave us as the reason why.  If you can imagine yourself life a freshly baked cake and were just pulled out of the oven all hot… we must have a cooling off time or we would crumble (that is why I was not allowed to touch or move anyone  further than what we are looking at now… at least in this new space.  This does not apply to anyone still working towards this space, we can still move around and gather greater info to get you to this inner space of creation.

To change the subject just a wee bit… I have been having serious internet issues since I came back from Virginia that seemed to amplify over this weekend.  Lately I can barely load a webpage, make a call on my phone (which is wifi dependent since I have no cell coverage here) even loading google voice to place a call thru them has been challenging at times because I cannot load a webpage.  I finally called Windstream (my internet provider) and I found their information sooo timely and a mix of not so pleasant news with really really good news.  They are finally upgrading all the wiring to all their customers in the area.  They are building new substations that will give us full internet juice once they are completed.  But while they are changing out the old lines to the new ones… there is going to be frequent  periods (at least thru October) where my internet just doesn’t seem to exist.  Due to this information, we have delayed opening The Soul Gym until November 1st.  My internet connections are way to unreliable now and will be thru this month.  But, with everything on this great earth… all in divine timing.  If we are cooling off our freshly baked cake… can’t cut it up and eat it for a couple weeks… then the gym itself would need to wait too.   Then we can eat and exercise all at the same time!! lol

Well, time to start my reading day.  I am soooooo utterly excited about just everything!!  Thank you sooo much for allowing all of us to understand this clearer thru your desire to learn more too.  I would be so lost without You!!  You really are our internal roadmaps into Heaven!

Big big big exciting (((((HUGZ))))) to All!!  Welcome Home!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

Due to the enormous and ongoing change in our lives and our reality, I am making the 3-4-2 Special a constant reality for ALL sessions.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

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