mandag 22. oktober 2012

Hvordan forstå den emosjonelle kroppen

Kjent er den fysiske, mentale og åndelige kroppen, men kanskje mindre den emosjonelle. Kahu Fred Sterling gir her en definisjon på den emosjonelle kroppen.

by Kahu Fred Sterling

"It is easy to explain the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies; yet nearly everyone struggles with a clear definition for the emotional body. Does this struggle have anything to do with the complex nature of the emotional body? After all, it is through the emotional body that we can balance the physical and mental bodies. This is awesome.

Working with the emotional body is more important than we realize. The emotional body knows only love, and in this dimension love is a little tough to deal with, because it's conditional and often connected to the mental body. When we experience true love, we have much more access to the power of our emotional body, which is the supreme balancer of the other bodies and gives us energy to create.

When we love, when we are truly in our emotional body, our thoughts flow easily from one to another through our raw emotion. Another example of the power of the flowing emotional body is that split second between sleeping and waking when a moment of clarity exists. If we don't hold onto it, it can slip away. When we allow it to elude us, we become out of balance.

Whether we know it or not, the emotional body is a small area of magnetic energy that surrounds our physical body. It separates us from the determinations of our mental world. If we spent even a little time with the emotional body, we wouldn't need to sit and cry; rather we would find the courage to take another step along the path.

There it is my friends, another adventure into the world of our truth. In our moment of solitude, we discover how to join our four bodies and arrive at a new level of conscious awareness."

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