tirsdag 23. oktober 2012


"I remember, in 2005, being thoroughly exhausted from channeling so often while running my online institute "for the mind, body and spirit." I was having some physical problems related to channeling, one of which was random heart palpitations. It felt at times as if my heart was going to explode right through my rib cage. These episodes would sometimes awaken me at night, and I would sit up and fight to catch my breath. It was very scary, but not once did I consider going to a medical doctor. I had yet to learn about the fact that, in one university study, it was found that even a bad psychic uses more magnesium than an average person. Without magnesium the heart muscle can develop a spasm and stop beating. (See www.magnesiumfor life.com). Ever since taking 500 mg of magnesium on a regular basis, the heart palpitations have stopped.

One night I awakened to this strange and comforting sensation of my legs being rubbed in long stroking motions, by hands so big that they could not possibly be human. I smiled and let the warm massage soak into me, but then curiosity got the best of me. I had to look to see whether this was my imagination, or if some "one" was actually massaging my legs. I raised up from my pillow to find a bright blue angelic being at the foot of my bed, leaning over me like an angelic massage therapist, running his or her "hands" up and down the length of my legs. I was gently told to lay back down, and I clearly had the sense that I was somehow being revived by this experience. It wasn't just a surface massage, it was as if somehow my entire soul was being rejuvenated.

Some months later, still battling constant fatigue, I had a near death experience. Since it did not occur in a hospital, but in my own bed, my belief is that my heart must have stopped in the middle of the night. All I remember is that I blanked out when my head hit the pillow. The next thing I knew, I was flying outside of our atmosphere. If you have ever had an out of body experience, it was quite similar, but even more tangible, more real. There was no doubt that I was "there" in another realm, and that my spirit was flying. I was being propelled and pulled forward at the same time by a magnificent force. 

LOVE was calling me, and the further I flew, the more deeply I entered into that realm of unconditional love. The love intensified beyond anything humanly possible to feel, and then the thought occurred to me, "I'm dying!" One might think that this would have been a terrifying revelation, but on the contrary, it was exhilarating and comforting. In fact, it felt so wonderful that this intense sense of joy and peace welled up within me, propelling me forward even faster. I had the thought that maybe I should go back, because my parents and children would be sad to learn that I had died. But, then, my whole being smiled as I surrendered into this eternal embrace of love, and decided, "Oh well. They'll get over it."

The next thing I knew I was literally headed for a "doorway" of light, though I would have to call it more of a vast cavern of light; a huge, magnificent, arched gateway of blazing bright white light. And, Who of all beings was there to greet me? Jesus! He was standing there with outstretched arms, and I was in ecstasy as I surrendered to the awareness that I was going home! Now, I must add a note here: I was not raised with deep Christian beliefs. In no way was the idea of "going home to Jesus" a part of my consciousness. But, I did have an amazing encounter with Jesus in 1996, when He visited me in the middle of the night, appearing three dimensionally, surrounded by brilliant blue, white and golden light. And, there He was again, greeting me upon my arrival to the other side!

But, as I raced towards the finish line, He took His outstretched arms and suddenly pushed His palms towards me, stating calmly, "No. It is not time. You still have work to do." It felt as if He had thrown a gigantic, soft pillow of energy at me, and it sent me tumbling backwards, back into my body. I sucked in a deep breath of air. My chest felt heavy as my heart began to beat again. I sat up in the stony cold dark room, tears streaming down my face. I was amazed by what I had experienced, and sadly disillusioned that I had to return to this human life after having been embraced by such love."

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