onsdag 17. oktober 2012

Earthquake Energy, Obama, Romney and the White House - By Lisa Gawlas

"After I finished my sharing yesterday I really did go take a bath.  I really just wanted to settle the energy down that was bulging thru every strand of my consciousness.  Instead, I was just sitting in my tub, taking in everything that I had shared yesterday when all of a sudden, I swear to god my bathtub had an earthquake.  Ok it didn’t literally quake… but might as well have.  I could feel the energy shaking and rattling and moving and I thought… what the shit??  I sat there for what felt like a whole minute feeling this energy quake and then all of a sudden I had seen something spread open.  If this was an actual earthquake, I would have sworn it was the earth and maybe it was on some level.  The billowing of energy really caught me by the surprised heart-strings.

The energy billowing up from a massive fissure was a blend of yellow, orange and red… beautiful, thick and rising upwards and outwards.  For the life of me, I cannot remember what I may have asked, or what I may have thought because the next thing I know I am in Washington DC underneath the white house.  This same energy smoke started to billow up from beneath the ground under the white house.   The only difference was the energy in DC was not as deep or bright… it felt more like there was a lot of light in the energy..

At the very top of the white house, pretty much exterior to it, I could see a legion of angles holding a vortex open… where each strand of this vortex was connected to the top of the white house, it was held in place by a glowing ruby.   I suddenly remembered when Romney and Obama appeared at the bottom of my feet in my bath meditation a couple of weeks ago and Obama had a ruby in his opening heart energy.  In that same meditation spirit said we will see a sudden shift in Obama’s campaign to show his heart opening to the higher levels of energy that is now on earth.

Keep in mind, I am not watching any of the debates.  I tried to watch the first one, I had no internet juice to load CNN’s live streaming, but I tried and I thought I would throw up from the feeling and all it was doing was buffering trying to load the live stream.  So I share this next understanding from the mind of spirit and nothing that I personally witnessed.

In the first debate, Obama presented himself, his views, his desires (and whatever else he may have shared) without the first attack to his opponent.  He did not get caught up in a fight, in a demeaning of the other (and god knows, he had plenty of material to use had he chosen this old energy way of debating.)  Obviously baffling even his supporters.

At the conclusion of the absolutely surprising meditation, I had once again seen two very clear, very real potentials.  A healing, a unifying of a country… a world and lifting away from all the old karmic debt still in play.  Or… everything was cemented over.  No grass, no tree’s, just thick, solid, cold cement everywhere my eye could see.

Can you imagine a world, where you don’t have to attack anyone to say what is in your heart, to share your vision?

When I got out of the bath, I was cooked.  I couldn’t handle one more piece of anything opening up to my bulging consciousness.  I decided to go for a 50 mile ride to get my car detailed, might as well do the grocery shopping too.  I felt like I had squeezed into new clothes and I just needed to break them in.  So, I did.

When I got home, I knew something really strange remained in the air.  My phone and my laptop are both wifi dependent to use at all.  I have a wifi DVD player that allows me to stream movies on my TV that I actually have wired to the internet.  My internet signal to my TV strong and steady, but I had zero wifi signal.  I couldn’t get on the computer or use my phone.  How the hell does that happen?

This morning, as I scan everything I missed yesterday… seems the earth, the energy system was actually being quite literal in the earthquake activity of the day… right down to Maine.  Maine???

Something huge has happened in our energetic lives, because this morning as I was looking in the mirror as I washed my hands… I have a cluster of blood vessels in my left eye right near the iris that burst.  The last time I had burst blood vessels in my eyes I gave birth to my youngest child.

I am going to keep this sharing short but sweet today.  To all the colors of my life, I love you and am soooo thankful to be right Here, right Now with each and every one of you!!"


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