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Conversation with My Higher Self ‘The Ascension Question’ 10/13/12

I wish to speak to my higher self and no one else at this time. Is this possible?

"Yes Greg. It is always possible. What would you like to discuss today?
I have received many requests that I ask you about ascension and what it means for humanity.

(Higher Self) A very good choice for our topic today Greg, as there are those of your world at this time, not many, let us be clear about this, just some, that are concerned, or we shall even say preoccupied with this subject of ascension. I say preoccupied, because ascension is not something that requires conscious thought or conscious deed, no, not at all. Ascension happens when it is time for the individual and it is time for this experience for the individual when the individual is ready or prepares him or herself for this journey to higher states of existence. There is no such thing as planetary ascension, or the ascension of an entire populace or race of beings that inhabit a planet. There is no such thing as a planet ascending either, as many of you have come to believe throughout this recent period of your history.

(Higher Self) The people that believe this have been led to believe many fallacies in the last few years, we shall say, although this kind of misinformation goes back even further, but we shall just say it has been magnified in the past three or four years. The people of your planet, and I do not wish to even speak of everyone, as you're not all in the same boat, let us say, but there are many individuals on your planet and each and every individual deserves their own discussion with their own guides and with their own higher self who is also one of their guides and may be their main guide, but let us stay on point today. Each individual is a separate entity and he or she will move on in their journey according to their own individual progress and not the progress of an entire race of beings or even an entire populace that is made up of different races of beings. So you can forget all this about raising the collective consciousness or the planetary consciousness as this does not matter at all in regards to the ascensions you are interested in discussing.  

(Higher Self) What matters right now is the individual, although when we discuss the individual, we do not mean it is every man or woman for themselves. This is not what we are speaking of at all. It is poetic and it is charming and it may be a very educational tool to speak of the collective consciousness, and there are those who are trying to mold or shape, and one may even say, advance the human race as a collective and there is nothing wrong with this, although this does not mean that the end justifies the means. Let me explain what that means for those who might not be aware or familiar with this phrase. If one believes that the end justifies the means they also believe that any route they take to get to the end is okay, meaning, it does not matter what one does to another or does to themselves as long as they reach their goal. Many of you immediately recognize that this, of course, is not a proper, suitable or appropriate means to reach an end or to fulfill an agenda or to complete a project, program or plan, and this is where we would draw a line in the sand.

(Higher Self) When I say we, I mean I and my soul extension which you are Greg, and I also mean all of us within what you may perceive as the ‘higher realms’. Yes, you can use that term. There are different ‘dimensions’ of your reality. They may not be precisely layered or stacked as some of you have envisioned as the grades of an educational school system, perhaps grades one through twelve, but for the purposes of our discussion it is easier to explain who we are and where we are relative to you when we use the term dimensions. Many of your world have begun to understand this term, and although you are being misled a little as to its true interpretations, its true meaning, we will go along with this use for now as it suits our purposes and yours as well.

(Higher Self) So here we are in what you could say is a higher dimension, or you could say we are in another dimension or you could simply say that we are somewhere else than where you are, and that is the most appropriate way to say this. We are somewhere else, but more precisely, we are ‘somewhen’ else. Yes, we are your future selves. We are not your higher dimensional selves or your lower dimensional selves or your other dimensional selves. We are your future selves, so we are in your future. You may refer to your future as another dimension, but it is not in another dimension. We are right here in the same universal space as you all. We are simply ahead of the game, that's all. So from our perspective, we help those of you who are experiencing the earlier hours of this spinning clock. Yes, we certainly can help you.  

(Higher Self) Now let me ask you a question Greg. Can you change the route that you have taken to get where we are today, or let's just make this easier and say; Greg, can you change the route that you are taking to get to the spot where I stand today? And I remind you, I am you. I am your higher, future self. So my question to myself is; can you change the route you have taken to get where I stand today?

I would say that yes, I can change the route that I've taken to get where you are today.

(Higher Self) And that is a fair answer, but it would be inaccurate. Do you see Greg how you are getting specific answers to your questions, not like it was before?

Yes I do, and I appreciate that.

(Higher Self) There's nothing to appreciate, as it is you yourself who is giving you yourself these answers and sharing them with others, but let us continue. The correct answer is, and yes, there is a correct answer. Let's stop this balancing act on top of fences, shall we say. There are so many of your world now that are so concerned with avoiding using terms like right or wrong or correct or incorrect, when there certainly is correct and incorrect answers to questions. The correct answer to this question Greg is no, you cannot change the path you have taken to get here, from my perspective. From your perspective you can change your path or alter your course at any moment throughout any given day, but from my perspective there has been one path that has led you to where I stand today, and yes, I stand here. I have a physical body, of course. There are those of your world who believe that once you ascend you are some kind of nonphysical cloud entity floating around. Forget that talk. Forget all the conjecture and just focus on reality, as what is real is I stand here and I am within form. Yes, I can change my form and so can you, but again, let us stick to our discussion today.

(Higher Self) So here I am in a physical form. I am the future Greg, and I do not look anything like Greg, as Greg will shed his body and be born anew into a new body. He may shed that one as well, though that is up to him, and continue this process for many more lifetimes in what you know as the physical, though the physical can mean many places and you can refer to where I stand today as the physical too, but again, let us stick to our point. So Greg, you will, and I know you dislike this so, but you will grow old, but not like you think, and you will pass away. Yes die, but of course, you will sprout wings again and be born anew into a younger body, to live again, and you will never really die."
Posted by Greg Giles 

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