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Moon~thly Psychic Guide for Scorpio 2012 – from Zooey - Posted on October 27, 2012

"Happy Halloween, everyone! Do you have all your pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins out for the kiddies? This is such a fun time of year and that’s what I wanted to express first in this guide: have fun this moon-th!

As adults, I think we forget the excitement we used to feel as children too often. Yet at this time of year, we remember that feeling again. We see kids in colorful costumes and pumpkins on porches, and we recall what it was like to dress up and be silly, too. We think back on all the fun we had with friends and family, to jump when things went bump in the night, and what it was like to laugh out loud in spite of ourselves. Halloween was the time of year when anything seemed possible.

This is the feeling I would encourage everyone to experience this lunar cycle because, indeed, magick is afoot! On October 28th, a day before the moon goes full in Taurus, Venus enters Libra.

What a wonderful time to let our hearts be free to experience the Samhain holiday. A Libran Venus will bring out the love in everyone while the Taurean Moon reminds us to festoon our homes with festive decorations. I can’t express enough that we all should get out this year, do a little trick or treating of our own, and let our hearts be young again.

Jupiter has just gone retrograde in Gemini and it’s a good time to begin to expand our minds. To focus on things closer to home and what makes us—and life—tick. The Full Moon in Taurus tells us to start by being more playful. And when Mother Moon talks, you gotta listen.

As I mentioned in my solar guide for the month, we are about to experience a moment out of time. The day of the full moon itself, October 29th, Mercury enters Sagittarius while Venus opposes Uranus, Mars opposes Jupiter, and the Moon opposes both Saturn and the Sun. When the full moon rises, our fire-charged minds will be between six opposing pillars of Order and Chaos, Expansion and Contraction, and Masculine and Feminine.

The wise witch will be standing in the middle when those forces open a temporal portal on Gaia. The veil is especially thin this year (I think we have all felt that, or at least seen it—I know I have been seeing flitting shapes for over a month) and it will allow us to see forwards and backwards in our lives. Our center will become perfectly still for a few moments and we will know who we are and what to do. Afterward, we will be able to move forward with the perfect knowing of the next step.

It’s also the Witch’s New Year. It is a time for wisdom. It is also a time to listen; for the wise ones speak, but they only speak in whispers. When you see the Full Moon rise this moon-th, be attentive—it will reveal many things to you.

Venus trines Jupiter Rx on November 9th and 10th allowing us a couple of days for our hearts to grow. It’s a good time to plan ahead for the holidays, to enjoy the company of our close friends, and to let our love do the driving.

Finally, as it is the New Year, I would like all good witches to wish for something better this year—something better for everyone—and, in light of the holiday, something fun!

The Tarot card meditation for the moon-th is the VII of Cups to remind us of the choices in our lives, the paths we all take to get there, and how the best rewards are those closest to our hearts."

So mote it be.
Peace and Empathy,


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