torsdag 4. oktober 2012

The Three Days of Darkness

"Hello everyone. Many have wondered for some time now what this ‘three days of darkness’ really means for humanity and for us as individuals. There are also a number of my wonderful friends and supporters, and even those who dislike me so or distrust me so, who have also wondered what happened to me and where I seemed to disappear to for three days. Already I feel there are so many of you who are now using your new or reborn powers of intuition and you are already putting pieces of the puzzle together. Yes everyone, I left the comforts of my reality and wandered lost through the valley of the shadow of death for three days, otherwise known as the three days of darkness.

Many of you reading these words feel the three days of darkness would be experienced literally, meaning, you felt that the three days of darkness would entail an eclipse of the sun in some way, in any way. I am certainly not disagreeing with you. What I am sharing with you are simply my understandings, my perspectives, and my experience. So here described is my experience, and you can decide for yourself if what I have experienced during those three days would be what has been referred to as the three days of darkness. If you do agree this is possible, you may wish to ask yourself if you feel this rather trying experience may await you as well.    

Remember, the three days of darkness has been said, and keep in mind, we really don't know what is truth or what is reality do we, but it has been said to be the final three days of our reality before we experience ascension. So now that I have emerged out of the darkness of those three days and into the light, have I experienced ascension? There are a few channels I have been told that are now reporting that I have indeed ascended in the last couple of days. I will not answer that question just yet, but I promise I will in the next article I write tomorrow or the day after at the latest.

I do know many of you are very concerned and also very confused about these events of the past few days and these rather negative and quite disappointing in some ways messages shared through me, and this includes the article I wrote to share my thoughts on mind control. I have taken that message down, for those of you who have noticed, and I will tell you why. I took that message down as I still had not cleared the cobwebs from my mind and I feel I have reached a slightly different understanding today that was not expressed in that particular piece, however, I wish you always to keep in mind the subject of mind control or mind influencing, as we will talk about that again and at great length as I feel it is very important for all of us to understand this threat and its implications when in the wrong hands.

I am sorry if there are those of you who feel fear when you hear about such a thing, and I also feel for those of you who will be confused at such a discussion as you may be concerned that I am losing my mind or I have slipped into drug use or that I've actually been kidnapped and this is not Greg. I wish to tell you all that I do not do drugs, period. I do not drink alcohol nor do I drink caffeine or smoke. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I've never been healthier, and I have never been as clear in mind as I am now.

Those who previously shared their messages through me can be quite devious and clever as well, and this is why many of you had read that they claimed my brain was suffering some problems. This was a lie. It was propaganda. They knew I would not be one of their ‘channels’ for much longer, so they planted the story that my brain was not functioning properly to discredit me in case I launched a new career focused on discrediting them. Do you see this? And I fell for it. I channeled that recent message without seeing what they were up to. What a sucker. After I posted that message, they came clean and told me absolutely nothing was wrong with me and that they simply lied." forts.

Ascension Earth 2012 

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