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Medical Intuitive Observations About 2012 - Laura Bruno's Blog

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"As the energies continue to ramp up on planet Earth, I thought I’d share some of the most common patterns I see developing during Medical Intuitive Sessions:

1) If you have something unwanted growing in you (i.e. cancer, tumors, cysts, bacteria, viruses), it is far easier to amplify health right now than to eliminate dis-ease.

The intense energies arriving from CME’s (coronal mass ejections) and the Galactic Equator have an expansive rather than contracting force. People who envision unwanted things shrinking find themselves fighting a losing battle. These energies are bigger than you are! You can use them to your advantage as highly creative catalysts for change. Instead of trying to “go back” or “reduce” infection/spread of dis-ease, use these energies to create something entirely new. Build yourself a new body hologram and then gradually imagine yourself moving into your new temple. Far easier. Far more effective. The old ways no longer work … so allow yourself to create health and ease rather than futilely trying to eliminate dis-ease.

2) Light healing techniques have surged in power.

The light frequency on planet Earth continues to rise. When I initially share light meditations with clients, they often dismiss these techniques as offhand extras. Not so! Imagining yourself saturated with white, golden, electric blue, rainbow, and/or green light can heal and transform your cells from the inside out. You can also ask corresponding angels to support your visualizations. Please do not dismiss the power of light healing. Human evolution involves becoming less dense, i.e. more translucent. Light fills those emptying spaces, and light heals any unresolved shadows. How do you eliminate the darkness in a room? Vacuum it out? No! You turn on the light.  You can do this in your body as well.

3) Converse with your body as a respected equal.

The body elemental (the being who operates your physical body) lives closer to the Earth than “you” do. Earth will ascend regardless of humanity’s decisions; Earth remains on track for a massive upgrade. If you’d like to participate in this tremendous opportunity, then doesn’t it make sense to respect the part of you most naturally and effortlessly connected to the ascending planet? We live in a culture that normally views the body as inferior and the lower chakras as somehow “less than.” Healing will require a reintegration of our various parts, including some long overdue respect for the physical realm. Your body has learned a thing or two, and it has far less resistance than the mind right now. Listen to your body as a trusted friend, partner and companion.

Your most intimate relationship remains between body and soul. If you’d like to remain in body, then make amends. Just as Mother Earth could justifiably shake off parasitic, abusive humanity as a part of her healing, so, too, the body elemental could shake out the soul in order to free itself of the toxic effects of negative thinking, societal limitations and unnatural addictions. Ultimately, though, the Earth and your body love you; if you reestablish the relationship and foster positive connections, you’ll find win-win scenarios everywhere — and your health will improve as a result!

I’ve seen other patterns, too, but I’ve got an appointment now. I just wanted to share some of the most frequent shifts in consciousness that will help you navigate the 2012 energies. It’s actually much easier to thrive right now than to survive, so upgrade those thoughts and expectations! Peace and well-being to you and yours…"

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