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Whenever You Feel Attacked, You are Allowing the Unreal to Affect Your Mind 10/28/2012 by John Smallman

Saul, as channeled by John Smallman 

"One of the many delightful things that you will discover when you awaken from your rather long sleep is how bright, clear, and enthusiastically alive everything appears to be, and this will not just be due to appearances, for those are of the illusion.  And as you become more in alignment with being fully awake, fully conscious, the strength of those sensations will intensify as your ability to experience them grows.  It will not be an instantaneous awakening into the full brilliance of God’s Presence because that would be overwhelming for you at first; instead the brilliance will increase gently at the pace that is most suited to your growing abilities to align yourselves with them.

You will know that you are Home because you will know and experience the Reality of creation as part of yourselves, and yourselves as part of creation — eternally inseparable, one with your Creator — and the joy of that is beyond description.  Reality is a truly amazing experience from which you have collectively shut yourselves off for far too long, and that is about to be put permanently to rights.  You were created one with God; His Will and yours are eternally in alignment; misunderstandings of any kind are therefore utterly impossible; and your awakening will return you to that magnificent state.

Your path Home has been arduous because with your powerful collective imagination you were able to build into the illusion a vast selection of distracting “attractions.”  They only seemed attractive at first, until you began to discover the enormity of the chaos and confusion in which you had decided to envelop yourselves by immersing yourselves within it.  Now your collective desire to return Home has become far stronger than the desire to play at being deluded, and so that is where your are headed.

The state of delusion has long been one of the most distracting and confusing conditions that the illusion has imposed upon you.  You have all known someone whom you would happily describe as being at times deluded because you observed him behaving in ways that made no sense.  But, within the illusion, most of you have spent incredible amounts of time in a deluded frame of mind. Whenever you feel attacked, misjudged, or offended you are allowing the unreal to affect your mind.  It is a fact that you are each eternally one with God, utterly inseparable from Him or from each other, but you have become unaware of that because you chose to enter the illusory state, where nothing is as it seems.  Being one with God you are perfect divine beings, fully alive in Love, where nothing assails you or could even conceive of doing so.  The fact that you do not experience that state demonstrates quite clearly that you must be deluded.  And your awakening will put a permanent end to that unhappy condition.

Everything that disturbs your peace and causes you anxiety or fear will be gone because they are all totally unreal.  The suffering that you have been experiencing has played a major part in distracting you, and in making the illusion seem so real, because you could for the most part only experience happiness momentarily before some thought broke into your awareness and distracted you.  In the illusion you live in an almost constant state of “what if?” and worries and anxieties cloud your every moment and influence your every decision.

If you watch young children playing and completely absorbed in their games you can see that they are at ease and at peace; no anxieties disturb their focus.  As they grow, your various cultures impose increasing restrictions on them, leading them also to start worrying.  And how often have you told your own children not to worry, that they are worrying unduly, because to you their issues seem so inconsequential and unimportant?  Who is fooling whom?

You are divinely loved and cared for.  The illusion is just that — and you will awaken.  Focus on that truth; remind yourselves of it every time anxiety invades your peace and contentment.  When you do, it does bring you some peace because you know it is true.  Yes, while you remain within the illusion its distractions will continue to arrest your attention, but by reminding yourselves of its temporary and insubstantial nature you prepare yourselves for your awakening and your energy field has a peaceful and calming influence on those with whom you come in contact.  They see you as you are – a warm and loving soul offering comfort and stability in a world gone mad – and to be who you are is your reason for being embodied at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution. And for this, as you know, you are greatly honored."

With so very much love, Saul

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