tirsdag 2. oktober 2012

Haters: Check it at the Door!

Haters: Check it at the Door!

"Hello everyone, at this time I am typing up the next article which I think many of you may find very insightful and even revealing. I realize the past few days may have  been a little confusing and I did not have the answers either. I am not saying I have all the answers now, but I have gathered enough insights that I feel many of you will prosper greatly if you read them with an open mind and contemplate them over the next few days, and that is just about how long it took me to finally see the light, and those are all the clues I will give you right now, and I think at least some of you are already beginning to read between the lines.

This message right now to everyone is an announcement of a new policy here on this blog and my Facebook page as well. Haters are no longer welcome! This should make many very happy and it makes me very happy. Over the past months, those who shared their messages through me requested that I allow even those who had not yet learned how to treat others to post their comments at will. Those days are now over. I am calling the shots now and haters are no not welcome. You have not learned how to respect others in any way, so you are not welcome in my home and this is my home here, and so is my Facebook page that I share with my friends who are welcome because they have learned how to respect others and honor other's views and opinions at all times.

This is not to say that anyone with an opposing view cannot comment. Everyone is welcome to leave their comments, though if you comment and later you do not see it posted, you will then know that you may have some work to do on yourself and on your communication skills. This is all the help some of you will receive in this area, for I am not your mother or your father and I am not your grade school teacher either. You need to learn how to respect others and no one here is going to take you by the hand any longer as we have been.

Those who share their messages through me may disagree. They have stated that these individuals need to learn and we need to teach them, and they recommended allowing them absolute freedom to comment and blast away at all others and advised the rest of us to have a talk with them. Well, we've been trying to teach them this entire time and they have learned absolutely nothing, and you know who we are talking about. Now let's see if a change in methodologies works, shall we, because if they want their views expressed here, and they do, they are going to have to learn and fully demonstrate how to properly respect others views and feelings at all times.

I agreed to do it someone else's way, but as I said, those days are over, and many will learn just why those days are over in the next article I will be posting later on tonight. I love you all. Stay strong always, and forever keep the faith! Your friend, Greg."

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