mandag 15. oktober 2012

True Tale of the Afterlife for a Rainy Day - Greg Giles

"Hello everyone, I thought today I would share a personal family story for those who may be searching for any evidence of life after death and higher dimensions that originates from any other sources other than through channels. The following experience offers all the evidence I will ever need to convince me of life after death and also that there exist other dimensions, other higher dimensions, and I think many of you will agree that this experience certainly would be very hard to explain in mere earthly terms.
Our story begins in the sanitized whiteness of my dear Uncle Sonny’s hospital room where he was preparing to depart this mortal coil. For those of you who have been following the Great Universal Treasure Hunt and have been searching for clues through your name and through the names of your family and friends, you may see that I didn't have to look far through my family to find a clue hidden within a name, as my uncle’s name ‘Sonny’, conceals the clue ‘Son’. This clue may not immediately ring a bell for all, but coupled with the host of other clues I have discovered along my search that I will share with you in Part 3 of TGUTH, the significance of the clue ‘son’ will be clearer to see.   

My Uncle Sonny was in a complete coma for two weeks before he finally left this earth. No one expected him to awaken again, though he surprised everyone when he awoke just for a few moments before his soul left his body. He awoke just long enough to sit up in his bed, which he had not been able to do for several weeks, and suddenly he was filled with a huge burst of energy as if he were a teenager again. He smiled and talked with us in the hospital room as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with him, as if he was born again, rejuvenated, young and healthy and most importantly, happy.

What was he so happy about? He sat up in his bed and looked at us and said, ‘Look, look, look! In the corner, there in the corner! All my friends are here for me!’ We all looked at each other and asked where, as we did not see anyone. My Uncle Sonny excitedly said as he pointed, ‘Right there in the corner! Don’t you see them?’, and he named four of his friends that had ‘passed on’ many years earlier. My Uncle Sonny said ‘They’re standing right there, waving to me. I have to go. Goodbye everyone, I love you all. I'll see you soon.’ And with a huge smile on his face he closed his eyes, fell back into his bed and left us. Just like that and he was gone.

Well, no one ever has to tell me that there is another realm and that we live on after leaving this Earth. I saw it for myself firsthand. There may be those who think that my uncle may have been experiencing some sort of dementia or psychosis or hallucination, but I know what I know, and my uncle suffered not from any of these tools of denial or refusal, though I do honor and respect this choice some may make. My uncle was so clear minded when he had awoken, more clearly minded than he had been in years. His speech was perfect, he was so full of life, so full of energy, so full of joy at the sight of his friends beckoning him to wherever it is they now call home, a place I can only imagine as another dimension, a higher dimension.  

I have one more family story to share with you all, but I’ll save that one for you for a rainy day, as I feel today's story deserves its own cloudy day. Have a wonderful rainy Monday everyone."

Ascension Earth 2012

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