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~ Awakening the Child ~ ~ Scripting a New Story ~

From Steve:

Hi all.  This message was a powerful call to action.  The people in the room were sitting on the edge of their chairs as the group gave this channel. It was more than heartfelt it was direct.  I do believe that they are beginning to use small parts of deep contact when they speak to us. This message is an example of that connection. Enjoy and allow yourself to fill with love,

See you next month
Big hugs,


Greetings from Home

"We speak with you this day as you stand at the edge of a precipice; you are at the edge of a wave of energy that will change every single life on planet Earth. You have been aware of its coming and have created opportunities to experience the new light that is now coming into planet Earth. The wave is here as a result of your desire to see it. You are beginning to create a new reality for yourself to become more empowered, to live the way that you truly are when you are Home. This is one of the journeys that each and every one of you is starting to make now. It has already begun; you are in the process.
Creating Our Story

We have previously spoken of this in order to plant some seeds. Now, those seeds have grown, they have sprouted and they are producing fruit of their own. So, now we will take that to another level and explain the condition of pretending to be a human. When you were born, each one of you carried recollections of Home, vivid memories of who you really were and the path your soul was to take. You re-membered your own plans you set for yourself even though you quickly forgot them once you pretended to be the human. That was your job as a child, to look around and emulate everyone who was older than you. In doing so, you created the first version of your story. Do you re-member us speaking about your story? Each one of you has your own personal story and we wish to bring it to your attention today.  It is your vision of yourself that creates this story and it does not like to change. So, it is your story that can most experience growth pains as you move from one level to the next.

What is your story and what does it mean? You dislike having to have rules in your life, yet we tell you that each one of you has your own set of rules about what you expect in the world around you. You have rules for the people that enter your world, your friends, family, and coworkers. What do those rules look like? Well, if one of those people came up to you and slapped you in the face for no particular reason, it would violate your rules. What do you expect from people? That is what we ask you to look at. When you open your eyes, what is it you are looking for and what would allow you to be as free as the child that you once were? You have built your story, which was very important for you in order to build confidence. We know that humans typically learn anything through repetition, yet many times that repetition becomes its own trap. Even though it repeats success, sometimes that repetition keeps you from seeing even greater successes that are just beyond the scope of your own belief systems.

The Wave and the Story 

Now, the wave of energy is coming in and it is cleansing planet Earth and every spirit here. Suddenly, you will find that you do not have the need for the story in the way you once did. We hope you become conscious of your story, for that is all any creator needs to become conscious and aware. The biggest challenge you have on planet Earth is that you have total free choice, so you have the ability to doubt yourselves. What an interesting set of rules for planet Earth—a creator that can slap their own creations in the face and doubt themselves. How interesting is that? We never thought of making a rule like that, but you did. Now, what are the other rules in your life? What do you expect from people? Re-member, it is not wrong to have those rules. We simply ask you to become aware of your own story and rules. Many of those rules or your story’s circumstances will be changing as you move from one level to the next. You have seen it happening already, for several adjustments have been made and now you are just at the beginning of this wave of energy. 

You have created a magnitude wave that is beyond what you were originally expecting. It is because so many of you are awakening from the dream. Yes, it was  suggested earlier that only 5% of humans on planet Earth currently believe the way that you do, but we tell you that is not even close. More than 80% of humans share what you believe to some extent. You are much more united as human beings than you could ever know. It is only your stories that disunite you. Your stories make you pretend to be separate and have arguments with yourselves. It plays out on the large screen of Earth and ends up as a war that nobody really knows why you are fighting. It happens over and over again. Now you are in charge and you are holding your own responsibility. That is what we ask you to consider in making your new set of rules for yourself, in re-scripting your story to fit an empowered human." forts.

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