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Transcript Part 3 of Integrating MDOS The Arcturians Multidimensional Operating System Part 3 - 10-17-12

Transcript Part 3 of Integrating MDOS  

The Arcturians
Multidimensional Operating System Part 3  -  10-17-12

Welcome to Integrating your Multidimensional Operating System Part 3.

"In Part 2 we integrated our beingness into our 4th dimensional self to allow our 4th dimensional frequency of experience to be our primary, predominant self. We are in the process of expanding our consciousness into higher and higher frequencies. However, we will not lose connection with our 3rd dimensional self, at least within this moment of what we have left of time.

On the other hand, our third dimensional Self will no longer be our predominant expression. Instead, our third dimensional reality will be the reality that we visit, but we will live within the higher frequencies of our Multidimensional SELF. I now ask the Arcturians to assist us with Part 3 of integrating our Multidimensional Operating System."

The Arcturians Speak: 
"Our Dear Ascending Ones,
We are very joyous to assist you with this endeavor, for we are increasingly a part of your life within each moment of your NOW. When we say “we,” we don’t mean just we the Arcturians, we mean, “we the Galactics, the Celestials, the Ascended Masters and Gaia.”

Gaia is returning to Her new, marvelous 5th dimensional expression of “New Earth.” We say return, for the 5th dimension is not ruled by time as you know it in your lower worlds. Hence, something is not created; it just is, for ALL is infinite.

We will begin with a short journey into 5th dimensional Earth. So pack your psychic bags, and open your Heart and Third Eye. Then, you can better perceive this wonderful reality that you are in the process of creating. Allow the Multidimensional Operating System that you have integrated so far to direct you to see New Earth…

Now, how do you get to New Earth? You get to New Earth by expanding your consciousness into that frequency of reality. Take some long, slow, deep, breaths, while making sure that your exhale is twice as long as your inhale.  Slowly relax into the lovely images of peace, calm, safety, unity and joy. 

Begin by imagining the favorite components of your reality.  As you experience these favorite components, let’s say, being in nature. Envision yourself in your favorite place in nature. That nature could be your backyard, your patio, or the wilds of a Wilderness Area. 

Nature is more ascended than most humans, for humans are the dear, brave volunteers who have taken on the strongest polarity. Because of this extreme polarity, they have had to deal with the greatest fear, as well as the greatest separation from the One.  All of Gaia, Her planet, Her Nature, Her plants, Her animals, Her atmosphere wait for the humans’ ascension. Fortunately, many humans are listening to Gaia and allowing Her to assist them. You have all assisted Gaia so very much. NOW, it is time for you to allow Gaia to assist you.

Right now, in your mental image, connect via your consciousness to a beautiful place on Gaia’s body. Remember that your body and Gaia’s body are the same.  For example, visualize your body sitting by the edge of the ocean. Your body and Gaia’s body are ONE. Experience how expanded you feel when you actually realize that YOU are Gaia…

Just as each grain of sand is Gaia, just as each pebble on the beach is Gaia, just as every drop of water, every fish, every cetacean, every boat, every person, every cloud, every sunrise, every sunset, just as they are all Gaia, you are Gaia, as well. When you realize this fact, you began to feel how you are at ONE.

You are at ONE with each pebble, at ONE with the sand, with the water and with the sky. You are a great Multidimensional Being. As you remember that, you feel that you are not only your physical self. Just as you can perceive that Gaia’s Earth expands into higher and higher frequencies, you can feel how your Multidimensional SELF expands into higher and higher frequencies.

Picture how the physical self that is sitting in whatever physical room you are in, is also your 4th and 5th dimensional self who is using the great power of your imagination to place you into this beautiful place in Nature…

The place is real. From within this beautiful place in nature, feel how you are every component of Nature…
Observe how this Nature expands into the 5th dimension…
As you feel Gaia’s 5th dimensional expression, allow it into your High Heart…

Listen as your High Heart tells your Third Eye, “It is fine now. This ONE is ready to experience New Earth.” 

Then, your Third Eye, which includes your pituitary gland, tells your pineal gland, “Go right ahead and let the higher light in, as this being is ready to experience multidimensional perceptions. This being is ready to experience Ascension.”

Now, from within your 5th dimensional expression of SELF, you can perceive many multidimensional expressions of life. You can perceive how our many Starships are within the sky, as well as how we have landed, will land, are in the process of landing.

You can now understand how we are interfacing with all of the humans and how the humans are saying, “Welcome, we are so happy to meet you. We are so joyous that you are here.”  You can also hear us saying, “We are so happy that you can embrace us in this wonderful, loving fashion.” 

And now, bring that picture of your interaction with us, the higher expressions of your SELF, into your 4th dimensional aura. Your 4th dimensional aura has been integrated throughout your entire body and into each and every cell and atom of your body.

Thus, your 4th dimensional aura is ready to be your current, primary expression of SELF, so that it can assist in integrating your Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain. 

Feel the Multidimensional Operating System as it moves into your heart, your emotions and your body to amplify the experiences of your 4th dimensional aura. You can hone in on the details of these multidimensional perceptions by looking through your Third Eye to focus on the details of any perception, reality and/or expressions of SELF. Highlight these details and you can pan back to get the entire image.

The Multidimensional Operating System integrates all your perceptions, thoughts, emotions and experiences into your body via your neural, electrical and light synapses. Your third dimensional self experiences these synapses as your neurons firing. Your fourth dimensional self experiences these synapses as electricity, and your fifth dimensional self experiences these synapses as light.

These synapses are connected from the Multidimensional Operating System into the matrix of each reality. For example, view your vision of the 5th dimensional Earth through your Multidimensional Operating System to perceive the synapses of the Matrix for the lovely area of Nature you just visited in your imagination. 

Feel the synapse within your beingness as they resonate and connect the matrix of this reality to you Multidimensional Operating System so that you can experience that reality in a multidimensional manner.

If you observe these synapses with your Third Eye, you can hone in on the exact ley lines of each dimension. From this perception you can see how the ley lines are connected to your Multidimensional SELF.

Via your Multidimensional SELF these synapses also connect to your 4th dimensional aura. See the vague matrix around your 4th dimensional self. Look at the matrix of your physical form from this perspective.

The secret of connecting your Multidimensional Operating System to your 3rd dimensional brain is that you don’t connect it to JUST your 3rd dimensional brain. You connect your Multidimensional Operating System to your entire 3rd dimensional matrix. In this way you will not overload your brain, as your entire earth vessel will be the receiver of these images, thoughts, and emotions.
Because you can now see the matrix of your 3rd dimensional body, you can see how these synapses are connected to the 4th dimension and to 5th dimensional New Earth. Your third/fourth dimensional reality is intertwining with your fifth dimensional reality!

Feel how this fifth dimensional reality moves into each and every area of your body. Observe how this connection moves into each and every synapse of your entire physical body, eventually extending into the 97% DNA that is activated by this fifth dimensional light.

When this DNA is fully activated, you will regain more and more of your united right/left brain functioning. When you are functioning at 100% brain capacity you can fully utilize your Multidimensional Operating System to function, not just with the 5% of your brain, but with 100% of your brain.

Your right and your left hemispheres, joined as One, will allow you to master both imagistic and analytic thought. When the 97% DNA is turned on, the full Multidimensional Operating System can finally integrate into your physical brain.

However, you will feel that connection throughout all of your body before you begin to send it to your physical brain. Imagine how the synapses of the 97%DNA is turning on and influencing all of your body before affects your brain.

Allow these synapses to gradually enter the brain and then enter a little more quickly, then even more quickly…

Your brain is in your body, but your body is in your mind.
FEEL how your brain has become your mind… 
Breathe into that mind and allow your mind to breathe into you… 
Allow the two to intermingle and Become One… 

You are a Multidimensional Being. Your Multidimensional Operating System is fully connected to your third/fourth dimensional brain. 

Now, just as you restart your computer after you change Operating Systems, you will restart your brain. Allow yourself time to rest, to sleep, and to relax.  Therefore, put this process on pause. 

Sometimes when you are downloading a big file into your computer it starts to go very slowly when you hit 97%. When you get to that 97% mark, pause the process and wait until there is a time to be completely still.

Then, click on that process and allow that last bit of multidimensional information to completely be downloaded and integrated. At that point, Power Down the process. In other words, turn OFF by going into a very deep state of meditation.

When you restart and come online after your meditation, your Multidimensional Operating System will be fully integrated.

Then, you will be YOU, your Multidimensional SELF."

Blessings Be ~ We See Your Glorious Light
The Arcturians

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