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We Are Now In An Accelerated Green House Of Growth: What Does Your Seeds of Creation Resonate With?? By Lisa Gawlas

"It is interesting to watch the field shift and change so rapidly now.  it is almost a feeling of… ok, you got this, now to the next thing…. sometimes, before a full day is even done!!  What I am hearing, it does not null and void what has been seen, we are now keeping up with the rapidly changing/enhancing landscape of our lives. (Ya know, I don’t know that I feel like I am keeping up all that well!!!)

But there is no doubt something important happened these last two days (truthfully, every day… but hey, you know what I mean!)  The day before yesterday, the last reading of the day started to show a shift, or maybe, an addition to the landscape we call October.  The imagery was so incredibly beautiful and so funny to witness. There was this lady standing on her cylinder facing the north (which is also the direction of the future) doing this sultry dance back and forth on the cylinder.  It looked half like a dance from out of Egypt with a lot of super slinky sexiness added to the movement.  (Imagine the video to the song “dance like an Egyptian.”)  As I tried to figure out what on earth she was doing… obviously very well tuned to her own core energy music… suddenly these big globs of golden energy balls started shooting out of her heart and solar plexus area towards the future.  What really surprised me was, as I followed the energy globs they seemed to hit an emerging covering at the end of October.  Whatever this covering was, started at the end of October and was moving in a dome-shaped energy over the field of October.

Yesterdays readings started to baffle me even more.  Not one was even close to the same as the other.  It is only today that I see the inter-relatedness of all three readings and how super energized, highly important these next two weeks are.

The first reading of the day was the creator of my apple tree pendant.  The moment she was on the phone with me the imagery was so present that I didn’t even need to put my antenna out in the field… usually the visual do not start until I give the cue to start them.  But I was about to realize, this was not going to be an ordinary reading (not that any of them are ordinary…. at all!!)

For the last week or so, there has been pretty much one color theme for each and every reading.  A mix of a deep golden/bronzy color.  The field, the cylinder  even people’s biology were set in this color scheme, showing us the arrival in the new landscape in the new vibrational bodies of our lives.

So when I immediately seen this intensely blue energy starting to encircle the inner field of reading, my eyes were completely taken in by the vibrancy.  It was a blue like I had never seen… the bluest sky would pale in comparison!  I realized this was actually a moat around the inner landscape of our lives (heart field.)  As I started to orient my vision to that vibrant mote I realized there I was actually in her reading with her.  We were walking together from the West field heading to the North area of this vast circle of energy holding hands like two children going happily on their way together.  I was actually shocked to see myself in her reading, I am actually grateful that she was happy to see me there with her.

We were coming up to the north area, which also represents our future and I had this overwhelming feeling that she need to pay attention to what was about to be shown to her from the wide-screen (that I could not see, yet knew was about to be turned on) that she will pass.

I kept wanting to say it is a “review” but that pesky field that took over control of my use of words kept slapping that word back in my mouth.  It is not a review… that keeps us connected to our past.  I never did come up with a word to use… this morning I think I shall use the word… preview!  A preview of the things that will become important in the next two months (and beyond for sure) of her life.  It doesn’t matter if you understand the preview, the point is to take in the energy.

It took me a while (actually a meditation) to understand what that mote really was.  It was liquid for sure.  I even laughed with her because we were walking on water… together.  Man, if this doesn’t confirm and show ascended energy… nothing will.

So that love frequency has many aspects to it.  Not only is it a cylinder within our core energy within our bodies, it is also a very fluid, vibrant blue energy around our heart fields (think of the double torus image and the inner torus area.)  Now keeping in mind water energy serves many purposes, as does the use of a moat.  Firstly, it is a massive field of protection so that nothing less than those who vibrate and live within the field of Love can pass thru into your core energy stream.  But also, water is a massive conductor of energy and keeps everything hydrated for full and continued growth on all planes of existence.

I still didn’t understand why I was walking with her in her reading… her heart energy and field of life.  Nothing is ever without a larger reason.  It is only this morning do I understand some of it… starting with that apple tree pendant, which is also reflective of the tree of life.  I see her as an extension of the earth mother herself, harnessing the energy and power of the elements of earth to form a connective band of energy.  Very much like the connective energy of an apple orchard… all those with this pendant are literally connected to the apple orchard of life and streaming energy, wisdom, and so much more thru having it.  Whatever the bigger meaning really is of this understanding was activated within the shift commencing on Oct 9th.  No doubt, we have work to do together!!

I am just so excited!!

My second reading… man oh man oh man!  I swear some of you should come with a warning that says “massive energy flow underway, buckle in!”  But nooooooo… instead, there I am standing in your massive flow of energy trying to catch my breath and keep up with the intensity of words flowing from my breath.  Phew!!  All the while having spirit alter my darn words that I use!!  Geez Louise!!   Excuse me, “reform” my words…. see what I mean!

So my second lady opens up with this torrential down flow of energy directly at her west field area (where heart meets creation) like a rapid waterfall.  It was creating a massive rift in her west field and present moment.  Phew baby!  I am not even sure what the words are to describe this.  It was not a portal or vortex or opening or anything I could relate to what may be happening.  Instead, imagine you have a large piece of saran wrap and started to flow with force, water onto it… it will create deep indent or impression where the water is plummeting the point of connection.  Instead of seeing saran wrap tho… I was seeing a V shape with wings (put a slight curve on each of the tops of the V sides.  Again, what I didn’t even think to understand was that was showing the curvature of space/time and the down pour of this highly intense energy was splitting the past from the future.  The past and all that emotional connection to it… shall be swept away in the current.

Nothing will take root in this new field until the last of any aspect of yesterday is fully diffused and washed away.

Because we have landed in this new sacred space of connection to the God Head (interesting words there) all we have to do is let go as the energies flush thru us.  I looked around to see where my lady was… my vision went to the south point of her energy field and there she was, up to her neck in what looks like white water rapids.  The only thing I could see is her face bent upwards towards the sky and this massive glow of white energy radiating on her face.  Made her look a little like the guy in the movie “Powder.”

She is fully emerged in a massive cleansing and dehydration on every single level of existence.  I so love the humble heart… she said she feels like she is missing the party since she is too exhausted to move and her body just hurts.  Imagine inside of you, you are in a white water rapid journey without a boat… and each day you are doing all you can to keep your head above water… that’s exhausting and takes a toll on the biology.  Sometimes it is really hard to understand the depths of what is happening within our energy field because as I say so often… the days don’t seem to change at all.  Once again, this is an energy event.  Always remember that.  To the naked eye, very little seems to have changed… but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Everything has changed starting with YOU!!

My last lady of the day equally tripped me up!  But only for a moment!  She was on what looked like a gel-like substance covering only the field of October.  I knew it had nothing to do with that protective amber gel-like covering of the new earth… but what the hell is this??

I was watching her on her hands and knees directly at the top of this gel-like covering and she was poking multicolored energy seeds down thru the gel and I watched as the seeds turned into streams of energy as it met the ground.  Altho I could not see what was forming in the ground I kept hearing over and over again “what you are planting is already taking root.)

Suddenly I realized that October has turned into a super-duper green house!!  The energy of your heart desires (let me throw a word of caution out there… even your unresolved fears) are getting its own type of miracle grow thru these last two intense weeks of October.  There will be (at least) two more dumping’s of miracle grow in this greenhouse of our life’s garden one on the 19th and again on the 23rd.

OMG this actually makes sense of something that I heard at the tail end of my meditation yesterday.  Spirit sent me/us a warning flare that there is a storm brewing in the air and soon to arrive on earth.  I had assumed (bad on me) that this October greenhouse was souly for those in the new earth… not so.  It is for all of earth.  However, this new visual I am seeing should give us all something to anchor into.

You and I, we now live in the eye of the hurricane.  The beautiful center where the sun shines and there is no storm.  However, the storm feeds itself from the center… our love.  Love is an amazing thing really… a true system buster that has been established from the old energy of fear and greed and power.  We can look at this center as the tropical paradise in an otherwise stormy world.  Stay here.  Stay absolutely anchored in love.  Give not once ounce of energy to anything fear related… because in an instant you will be swept into the currents of the storm outside to choose again.

I am wondering now about a visual I had had in a reading about a week ago.  I could see what looked like intense rain… ya know when it comes down so hard it looks like sheets of water?  Only it was coming up from the ground and started at the end of November, intensifying and peeking (in height) mid-Dec.  No doubt all of this is related.

Please do not buy into anyone’s version of fear, no matter how wrapped up in sugar it may appear.  Stay centered in your heart, your love and love for all as well as all that you are doing.  Remember, chaos always precedes change… most of us arrived her because our own lives blew up in our face.  Honor those that are going thru their own version of chaos but don’t get caught up in it… it’s not your job!  Your job right now is to light up the Ballroom of Life… there is no shame in dancing while everything is changing… actually… it is an even bigger reason to dance… to celebrate this tremendous moment in Life.  Perhaps, some might even hear the music and choose to get out of the chaos and dance with us.  All things are possible ya know!

Now, back to the greenhouse and stuff… Thanks to a sudden facebook post, I just realized it is the new moon today.  Man oh man does this give understanding to the greenhouse, the planting of seeds… harnessing the full on energy of the new moon for the greater good.  You will surely see the fruits of your labor (of love) by the full moon on the 29th (an 11 vibration to boot.)  Please, please do not get weighted down by the brewing storm… fear is as welcome in this greenhouse as love is.  Both are growing bigger and faster than we can even imagine.

We have a moat of massive protection from the Love Frequency, held in place by the Pleiadians, focus on the new addition of sirian energy, plant Love in all you think, say and do.  The alchemist is awake (that’s You by the way) and actively creating.

Ohhhhh and I want to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of horse information, I sooo appreciate it very much.  Thru it all, I do understand something so vital to all of us.  My horse lady client said something that seemed to grow in importance with this visual of her standing on the horse.  Trust.  It takes tremendous trust for a ride to stand on the back of the horse, and so much trust from the horse to allow you to stand on its back.

Somehow, as we move thru time, we seem to lose our trust in all there is… the child tho, especially the curious tweenager coming alive in their body and life, not tainted by decades of (perceived) struggle, will try just about anything for as long as they have not let the fear seeds of their parents/caretakers to take root.

The first horse faces the south… where the garden of life is in full bloom.  The child standing on the horse faces the future with open arms and trust!

On that note, I am going to close and sprinkle oodles of love on all the planting going on.  May your heart desires exceed your wildest dreams come true!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of deep gratitude for the song of Your Life playing in our apple orchard.  We have some seriously happy apples ready for baking!!"

The Shift of Time and Energy!

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