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Nå lukkes syklusen fødsel-død-fødsel.  Avbruddene er over og vi lever evig.

10/18—10/21 -  Dear Arcturians,
Yesterday you sent me some information about meeting with the Galactics. Was I correct in receiving that message? If not, please correct me. If so, please give me more details.

The Arcturians Speak:

Dear Ascending One,
"We know that some of our information takes a while before it can work its way through your wounded ego. We wish to assist you in the final release of this ego, for it will be more and more of an interruption to our transmissions as we share increasingly unexplored topics and units of information.

Therefore, we wish to take you back to when the human was first born and you, the Arcturian, were training to download its circuitry into the form of this tiny infant. Why was this infant, a seemingly insignificant child of a dancer and a musician, chosen? Neither parent was awake, nor was the child slated to be special in any manner. She was just a normal, post-war baby in California, USA.

However, the body almost died of crib death at only six weeks. The constitution of the baby was still strong, and her soul still over lite her form, but had not yet entered it. Suzille, the Essence from Arcturus, saw a chance to enter this human form, which appeared to be healthy enough to survive until the Great Shift.

Hence, YOU the Arcturian, entered this form before it expired. There was minimal brain damage from the lack of oxygen, but you were able to repair most of it. The damage that remained was perfect, as the child had to think from her right brain in an imagistic manner.

You, Suzille the Arcturian, entered the form and faced many years of “time” as the grounded one worked through human issues of life on a hostile planet. Fortunately, the survival was so difficult that the human element had to surrender her fears to you, the Arcturian. Thus, at a very young age, you were her comfort and insight. However, the child did not know to whom she was surrendering.

Now you, the Arcturian, and the owner of the form have become ONE Being. Suzanne has become Suzille, and Suzille is returning Home to the higher dimensions of reality. Yet, the wounded ego still battles doubt. Because of this, we recommend that Suzille take the helm of this earth vessel in every way. How will this exchange occur?

This question is important, for the “changing of the Guard” of the earth vessel is a vital component of ascension. Of course, as with every process, this release of all ego can only be accomplished by total surrender.  Your Arcturian SELF will not abandon the small earth vessel that it inhabits. Nor will it abandon the wounded ego that suffered through many years of deep depression and over-whelming challenges?

Do you remember when the young child was allowed to go Home to Faerie? Do you remember when you the wounded teenager was lovingly sent to study in the Mystery Schools of the fourth dimension? Do you remember when you released 
the all-suffering wife who could not find her SELF while minding the rules of being married in her generation?

Do you remember how these releases allowed your human element to surrender these portions of wounded self to a higher frequency of reality, so that the earth vessel could be more fully inhabited by light?

Now you, Suzanne and Suzille, can release the last wounded portion of the human identity, the wounded ego. Just as Suzanne sent her children off the college knowing that her relationship with them would never be the same, you now send the wounded ego off to the higher Mystery schools of Venus. On Venus, this persona can be fully healed and transmuted into light.

Observe as the vapors of the ego, in fact all ego, drifts away? The one who suffered, but always continued, the one with courage and tenacity to fulfill her obligation to Earth in order to ascension, as well as many other traits, thoughts and emotions have been transmuted into the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.

These components of the human ego will remain with you, the SELF, because they have risen in frequency to the ever-escalating resonance of your true, Arcturian Nature. You, our Arcturian family member, have assisted the wounded one for 65 years. Now, much of that wounded has been transmuted and will remain in form for the final duties of ascension.

However, the frequency of ego that cannot survive the frequencies of reality to which you will return is being lovingly surrendered back to the ONE. In reality, without Suzille the Arcturian, the form would have expired long ago. Because the human element of the earth vessel was able to perceive the Arcturian, she could allow her Arcturian constituent to repeatedly heal her form of clay.

Suzanne now merges her human, clay form with her Arcturian body of light. Just as she sent off her children to college, she now surrenders her wounded ego to the Mystery Schools of her beloved Venus. YOU, human and Arcturian, can FEEL the unconditional love that escorts the wounded ego to Venus.

YOU both have embraced all the loving, human relationships and will happily continue them. However, YOU will no longer be encumbered by the wounded ego who was created by myriad incarnations. What remains, as the inhabitant/creator of the earth vessel is YOU, the composite of human and Arcturian.

YOU are the one who first took a form on Earth at the close of Atlantis. YOU are the ONE who has visited your other Galactic realities during meditations and in-between incarnations. Hence, YOU are the one to close this cycle of birth-death-birth to return to infinity.

Now, with the surrender of the doubts, insecurities and limitations of the wounded ego, all karmic debts are paid and all cycles are completed. Thus, YOU, Suzanne/Suzille, are FREE to assist others to release their wounded ego and return to their SELF."

Do you have any questions?
Suzanne/Suzille Speaks:  I have NO questions.  I am ready to meet with the Galactics NOW!

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