tirsdag 16. oktober 2012


Beloved All,
"Yes, there are great light openings on Gaia, and it is very important to intentionally and consciously align with them! 

You must find the spot in your heart where you can locate these incoming showers of light and allow your heart to be connected to the information of that light! 

There is a fine thread of light to your heart through which you can feel this connection. To be connected is only a matter of your  free will and intention! It prevents interfering frequencies to manipulate you to draw you back to the old and non-functional world, the world that is not aligned to the Divine Will.

Worlds which are not aligned directly to Divine Will are naturally on a path of decline, ugliness and destruction, and as a result - of unhappiness.

A Divinely Aligned World however is expanding with the currents of light, with the abundance of Love and all the Wonders of Beauty which come with It. Joy and Happiness then naturally is the carrier of all events and creations.  In fact, they Are Joy and Happiness themselves, one with your own heart and essence of Being.

So when you experience unhappiness and distortion, shortcomings and dis-ease, things not working out, recognize that these are signs of a world, not aligned with the Divine Expanded Heart, and they are therefore illusions, collapsing on themselves! You do not need to suffer them anymore. You can see them as what they are and take your birthright back: the Freedom of your heart!

No longer, therefore, attach yourself to these illusions, these holograms of darkness and insanity, and do not allow them to influence you in the deep of your being! Step aside, cut off the ties that bind you to the unreal, and re-unite yourself with the Real, the messengers of light, the bearers of love. They are the agents  which are birthing without end the realms of beauty, of love and integrity, of your happiness, and the happiness of all beings and things.

Creations which are not based on that happiness, with a will to create separation and misery, are not creations of the Divine human soul. They are not truly your own fabrications, when you recognize who you really are, before you started to be confused by information from love-denying sources and took this mistakenly for  your own true Self.   

In Divine Reality, there ARE no problems. There ARE no dilemmas. They are manufactured by non-understanding, the not-knowingness, by the sheer ignorance of those who do not know the infinite Heart.

In the Heart there are no dilemmas! And all the rocks you once placed there and perhaps still are placing there, are made of this illusion your mind has been entangled with, as you allowed it.

Therefore it is only you, who can sever your entanglement with what does not feel  happy, which is not warming and filling up your love of heart, which does not enlighten the infinite path in the Light of Divine Consciousness.

Who is still asleep, unconscious in the nightmares of a decaying world of false and deceptive light, is dreaming that this light is the promise of happiness. But when you wake up, you suddenly know that it only delivers emptiness, which seeks to fulfill itself with endless, but never thirst-quenching  distractions.

It is so important to realize this, because if you do, the powers, which deny you your inborn Freedom, cannot confine you anymore.

Once you understood their mechanism and their quality of vibration, they have lost their influence on you. And you are free for the True Light which  manifests your Happiness.

There are still many, not recognized, pitfalls, even for those who desire to work for the light. The trickery is sophisticated!  To locate the Real Light requires again and again discrimination and alertness. Always fine tuning with that Real Light with the pure crystal of your heart is necessary.

But it becomes easier by the day, not to be deceived anymore and it is up to each one of us to help this beautiful planet to rise up in Her Own Divine Rights, free of the shadows of the pollution of false spirituality and all its sub-creations.

In  this great awakening process it is not enough to be one’s own light, a separate light in the ocean of Divine Light Itself. In  Truth there is no separation, and to unite with All-There-Is and It’s in-Love Devoted Messengers and Agents is the Great Event that truly lifts us all up together into Higher, Heart-Fulfilling Consciousness." 
Please also read update from 21.8.12                     

Together we are on a Bright Path!

From my heart to you,

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