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Golden Age Messages from the Masters through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School October 2012

Golden Age Messages  from the Masters through the founders of the
Ascended Masters Mystery School  October 2012  Part I  

"The Joy of Remembering" 

"Your Presence is always connected into your heart and now it awaits your invitation to become totally one with the whole of your being so you can live as a singular force of the Divine. In that blessed union, joy becomes a natural part of your consciousness, as well as all of the other Divine Qualities you would attribute to the Creator. Each of your Spiritual Centers was originally designed to support one or more of these magnificent qualities so you would always have access to their attributes. These are gifts that come naturally when you are one with Source and one with the builders of the form worlds known as the Elohim who are coming forward during these times to expand your abilities to focus the Love and Light of Source into your Golden Age creations on the Earth. We applaud you as the creators you truly are and support you in remembering that joy is ~ without question ~ a natural attribute of your True Self." 
~ Saint Germain and Lady Nada in Council with the Elohim ~

"We are delighted to share with you that thousands of sincere Lightworkers all around your world are opening up their capacities to see the part their egos have been playing in maintaining the fabricated limitations of the separate self and all of the archaic information that has been supporting those limitations for thousands upon thousands of years. Streams of misinformation are now being exposed so all of those false foundations can now make way for what will truly support everyone in your new Golden Age.

You can see this unfolding not only within the mind of the individual, yet also within the mind of the greater collective that makes up the overall ego structure of humankind. The Light that is exposing the limited ways you have been living in your world is becoming so blinding in its brilliance that one can no longer hide in the shadows of their personal or collective ignorance.

It was inevitable that you would one day be able to see the play of the limited self that has been living in fear, separation, spiritual poverty and survival for many centuries. Shifting out of everything that might be supporting these old paradigms is now of upmost importance to your ascension into your unlimitedness, as well as to the further embodiment of your Presence. Any unwillingness to look at yourself objectively during this ascension cycle could easily trigger pain in the emotional or physical bodies, undue stress in the mental body, and unnecessary armoring around the heart.

Once you see everything in the greater Light, life will not go on as usual. In many cases, changes will just naturally start taking place and those changes will ultimately—and in many cases immediately—create more room for joy in your everyday lives. Some of you may be asking how joy can ever really become a major part of your reality since you are living in a world that was mostly founded on false hopes and promises and that now seems to be going through various stages of chaos as it adjusts to moving into a completely new dimension of freedom.

We are happy to report that changes are already taking place in thousands of people around the world and they can begin within anyone who is willing to ask themselves simple questions such as:

Is what I am thinking, feeling, eating, seeing and hearing really in harmony with my Presence or God Self?

Now extend these kinds of questions to include your communications with others so all of your relationship dynamics are in harmony with your Presence. Awareness expands in direct relationship to how willing you are to assimilate the information you receive from the deep inner knowing of your heart as well as your willingness to act upon what you receive.

Turn your attention to the Eternal Self that is not bound by the limited, conceptual mind of the ego or in any way burdened by financial, personal or family responsibilities. You might be thinking, “That sounds wonderful, yet what does that have to do with my life?” The answer is everything. It has everything to do with how deeply connected you are to your internal, spiritual life and whether or not you are really living as your True Self, which is always in a state of joy.

In the last Golden Age of Atlantis, there were no victims. Everything that took place, took place within a cooperative sphere of a shared reality. Everyone was aware of their Divine Blueprint and so they knew what their service was in the world. Your Earth sustained all of the frequencies that were continuously nourishing life on every level and you accepted that you were always being supported by a Greater Power that was seeded in every heart.

What more important thing at this pivotal time of your extraordinary journey could you be doing than living in the joy of your True Self in freedom from the confines of all 3rd dimensional, survival-based thinking and feeling? This is the most profound choice that a soul will ever make and it is now before each of you. Those of us within the ascended realms will oversee a four-day Initiation process on 12-12-12 to initiate you in embodying and living as your Presence."

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