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Classroom Time for Sensitive Children

Classroom Time for Sensitive Children
08/20/20120 Comments

"With the shifting of the planet, more and more sensitive children are on the way to help balance and heal planet earth. These children are arriving knowing who and what they are as well as their direct mission; what we call the soul's purpose.  

Often the concentration for a sensitive child in the classroom becomes somewhat difficult. The corrective conversation usually goes like this, "You need to focus and pay attention to what the teacher is saying and teaching. Focus! Focus!" As a child, I heard this conversation repeatedly. Every time my mom would go in for a parent-teacher conference, it was mainly the same message, "He needs to focus, pay attention, and stop talking during class time." I was a talker; I was just preparing to be a talk show host, and I was not wasting time. Training always starts early for a sensitive child. Most sensitive children from a very young age are connected with clear visions of their soul's purpose.  

Why is it hard for a sensitive child to focus in the classroom? Imagine if you will, walking into a room full of people and everyone is having a conversation at the same time. There is lots of noise from everyone physically talking and carrying on. For a sensitive child it is the same thing with being in the classroom, the only difference is no one is physically talking other then maybe the teacher. The sensitive child is hearing or feeling twice as much conversation all at the same time. The sensitive child is feeling or hearing everyone's thoughts, feelings in the room, including conversations coming from Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Deceased Spirits and the list goes on.  

Along with all the noise, this can be physically exhausting. As a child reading and taking tests in the classroom were mind blowing for me. Along with all the non-physical noises, I could hear everyone reading to themselves and their analytical and creative thoughts; therefore, with all of this activity going on it would leave me drained of energy. This was my experience, and I have heard these same stories repeatedly from sensitive children throughout the coaching program that I offer. Imagine for a moment, trying to focus with that much noise and energy going on. The issue then becomes, just what do I focus upon?  

Over the next several month's I will be blogging in this newsletter about sensitive children, such as how they are different, the signs and how to keep their awareness open etc. My own childhood was spend being lost in my gift and being wide open to my sensitivities, although I knew that I was different, I really didn't understand why. I longed to be like everyone else around me. Years later, I would learn that being sensitive was the greatest gift that I could have ever received."

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