onsdag 10. oktober 2012

'The Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated'

'Oppstigning' dreier seg kun om vår egen evne til å forstå.  Forstå hva ordene sier til oss.  Det er ingen som vil geleide oss inn på en skiltet veg!  Det gjelder da heller ikke å ta seg fram i terrenget, men i fantasien.  "Se det for deg", heter det.  Lag bildene slik Du tolker det du leser, og dermed skaper du din veg og ditt sted til enhver tid.  Stadig vekk blir vi minnet om å være årvåkne.  Vær det!

Greg Giles skriver idag:

'The Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated'
"“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain sent those words in a cable message to the American press after his premature obituary was mistakenly published. I cannot top that one, though I can honestly say, the reports of my ascension have been greatly exaggerated. There are a few channels, and we will tread lightly around that term for now as yes, they may indeed be receiving information from somewhere else, but how truthful or accurate that information is would be quite difficult for any of us to ascertain, would it not? So these ‘receivers of information’ erroneous or not, have reported that I have indeed experienced ascension, which would account for my temporary disappearance from this scene, what I shall refer to as a ‘spiritual cocktail with an extraterrestrial chaser.’

So have I indeed ascended? We’ll, we must first closely examine in review what we all can agree is ascension anyway. Most of us are in agreement that ascension would entail the rising or freeing of a being from their current reality. Can we agree on that? Many of us also are in agreement that our current reality is a mere illusion, can we agree on that as well? I certainly believe it is an illusion, and I feel many of you would agree also. So therefore we, at least most of us that is, can agree that ascension would entail the freeing of a being from the confines of their illusion.

Now that we have agreed to some ground rules here, let us talk about where it is I speak to you all from today. Yes, I have freed myself from, or have risen above, the confines of my illusion. I have not though left you, my friends, and I have not left my family or the home that I share with my brother and our faithful companion Rico. I am still here with you. I have not left anywhere physically. Is this the ascension that awaits us all? Well, this is up to all of you to figure out for yourselves. I can only share with you my experience and even lead by example, and the example that I am leading by is that I have experienced something that virtually all of you reading these words will experience, if you have not already, in the days ahead.

How soon will you experience what I have experienced? Well, just like we have been told all along by the Galactic Federation of Light, and yes, you could take just about 99% of what they said and toss it right out the window as most of it was not nearly the truth. It’s an important lesson to remember that a lie always takes two, does it not? A lie takes the speaker and it takes the listener, and we all listened. Yes, I do feel they believe they needed to lie to teach what they wanted to teach or lead where they wanted us to follow, but like I have made clear, I do not support such teaching methods and this is my biggest disagreement with them, although there exists another area where we certainly do not see eye to eye." forts.

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