lørdag 20. oktober 2012

Manifester det enkle

Stikkordet i vår tid, er forenkling. Vi trenger forenklingen for å holde på en viss orden, når all energien setter opp farten.  En artikkel som denne, kunne være nok til å fatte poenget i det meste.  Det er bare å tenke, mens vi leser.  Det blir ofte for mange ord å forholde seg til, da alle som formidler bruker sitt eget oppkomme på området. Det er viktig å få tak i poenget når informasjon tas inn.  Deretter gjenstår at du strukturerer, tolker og tenker enkelt.

Slow down and simplify …  Posted on October 20, 2012 


"Things are speeding up and the time lines are merging even more now, so it is time to step back and slow down and simplify. As things pick up speed we are going to be needed to hold the calm amidst the chaos. We need to go within and regroup with ourselves and make sure we are able to hold the calm by staying in our hearts and pushing fear aside. It requires us to be secure in ourselves and having complete trust and faith in ourselves that we can do this. There is virtually NO room for doubt to enter into the equation. We need to be quiet with ourselves this weekend and make sure we are strongly connected within to our beliefs, so much so we will not waver when the time comes. Have we done our work, have we found our centers, are we feeling secure in who we are and what we believe? Go within and take a peek and make sure. We are soon to be called upon and we need to know for sure.

Part of that security within comes from how we feel as well. Are we truly happy within? If not what is holding our happiness back? It is time to find the courage to make the changes needed to fulfill our mission with the light. Remember it takes both Joy and Love to bring creation to life. We have learned how to open our hearts up and we are practicing that now, but the Joy is harder, because if we are not happy with ourselves there can be no Joy. This is why I say we must find the courage to change, to let go of unwanted ways of being and do what is right and what our soul truly wants for us. If we are living the life we truly want to be living we will be happy within. If we are not, why not? Do it no matter what! Only our own doubts can keep us from doing what we want.

It is time to make time to discover what truly brings meaning to our life and make sure to bring that into our life daily. We need to sit down and ask what really makes us happy from the core and find ways to incorporate that into our lives. I know for me helping others and bringing others hope was huge for me. When I can do that I light up inside and so that is the reason this website was created, it supplies me with what I need to feel like my life holds meaning, at the same time it is fulfilling my love of writing. I am doing more than just existing. There is something in every one of us that we hold a passion for. Find that and indulge yourself in it and bring yourself Joy! If you are happy the energy of one is happy!

We must find a way to live our lives with meaning! Eating good foods and bringing back the rituals of eating meals together instead of on the run is so important to bring the strength of family back together and keep our health. Don’t eat GMO’s!  Simple walks in nature help us connect with the earth, please do this and turn off the TV. Read books that challenge your mind and expand them into new ways of thinking. I read a quote the other day which was so meaningful  “Don’t think outside the box, get out of the box!” If we don’t expand our minds and be open to new ways of thinking we remain locked in our tiny worlds and cease to live our  authentic lives.

Slow down, do not be pulled into the insanity going on around you. I listen to people talking on the street about who they are voting for and I am shocked! There is not one person running who is not just more of the same. Are these people still believing the lies they are being told? I guess so. Put a good candidate in there that truly wants to change this system from top to bottom and then I’ll vote, until then you won’t see me at the polls. If we want change we must BE the change and often that takes courage. If we continually accept more of the same the same will continue and we will never get out of the box!

Be calm, stay in your hearts, be happy, love yourself and be loving to all around you. That is all you have to do. Be true to yourself, live the life you desire and live it in Joy. That is what living in the light is really all about. I send you all love and peace and wishes for a happy weekend."

Blessings to you all,

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