tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

Like A Kid In A Candy Store…

"Sometimes, ok, quite often (smile) I feel like a little girl in the greatest candy store on earth.  Like a child who just doesn’t have the built-in restraint not to sample every single thing in the store (of course, the store clerk said she could) I run around sampling as much as I can until I develop a belly ache and somewhere a mother must be near and takes me out of the candy store for a moment.  I do believe I woke up with that proverbial belly ache yesterday.  Of course, YOU are my candy pieces  and oh my god are you yummy to taste!!

Something surely happened to the candy store while I was off hugging my loved ones for 2 weeks… you became richer, sweeter and more filling than I could have even imagined you would be… or could be!  As my day progressed (which I really want to say, digressed) yesterday, both the store clerk and that mother took me by the arms and eventually put me outside of the candy store in time out!

I knew something was going awry within me yesterday with my first reading.  The visuals were crisp, clear and detailed yet I had the hardest time opening to understanding what we were seeing.  I have a feeling I hit a codec (thanks to you) that is now opened and still very much assimilating within my consciousness for understanding and eventual use.  Obviously it has everything to do with the addition of Sirian energy these days… and then some!

But I do want to share some important things that we did get together.  She appeared on her acceleration point carrying a freshly baked cake.  The cake was still in the pan and she was preparing for this global acceleration time to fully infuse her cake with as much energy as she could integrate (I just call it icing on the cake.)  What caught me as a bit odd, she was energetic.  Her form shaped like a human, but deep golden energy.  Her cake, so flipping real… tangible, eatable even.  As she emerged thru the downpour of energy icing her cake, I watched as she cut a really large piece of cake at the edge of her acceleration point before it went downwards to her next creation, and simply held it outwards.  It was so real I could see the crumbs from having cut it.  I looked out over her landscape that is the remaining months of this year and man oh man there was a line of people, all single file, spread completely across her timeline.  I could not, for the life of me, identity these folks or even why they are lined up in her reading.  There were mostly kept in shadow energy, meaning I could not see them clearly… very much like the way I see my own divine counterpart in meditation… blotchy at best and no connection (consciousness) of the energy they represent.  At least not yet!!  They have to represent the Sirian side of life… and I don’t even know what that really means!!

When she started to ask her questions, something amazing showed up in her reading.  Something I was actually able to understand!  She asked two questions almost at the same time… about her divine counterpart and about the potential of meeting her galactic family.  When she asked about her counterpart, I could see this man standing in this long line of people across her timeline of the rest of this year start to move and lift up out of the line.  From my view, he was located somewhere in later November.  My eyes became fully aware of that large piece of cake she had cut out of her pan and in her left hand, was holding it outwards and he was moving towards her piece of cake… up above all these people and was now floating in front of her.  Even tho he was now up close and personal in this reading, I still could not see what he looked like (too many shadows blocking out what he looks like… and shadow is not meant to mean anything dark at all, except maybe his hair (smile) but for sure, unseen aspects yet to be lit up.

When she started to talk about the potential of meeting her galactic friends (or in my words ET’s) something completely new was added to her field of energy.  This is important for all of us to really understand in magnitude of use!

A huge deep golden water wheel appeared right in the center of her timeline.  (Lets just call this timeline Oct. 13th thru Dec. 31st… subject to change as we change.)  The moment the energy of her hearts desire talked about the galactic start family, this wheel started to spin to the right (towards Dec ) and I watched as the liquid energy of her life’s potential was being kicked back towards her.  This energy was liquid gold… and thick.  I so realized the stronger your heart desire and focus, the quicker that which you desire arrives in your created world.   We are no longer playing a game of time… at all.  This golden water wheel is what is moving the elements of creation powered by y/our true heart desires to you.  Keeping your desires free of details is equally important too (how, what where, when… more or less.)

My second lady showed up and I could see her in full detail… but it was at this moment I felt the store clerk and that mother taking my hand off the candy!  In all my years of reading I have never felt the, I am not even sure what I want to call it… but the field and all that goes with the field, pulling me away from opening the candy wrapper!  It was actually kinda kewl… frustrating for sure, but kewl none the less.

By the time my third reading rolled around, I was pacing to have to tell her we might have to reschedule.  So I just didn’t.  Instead, I tried sneaking back into the candy store to have a little taste.  Not!!  For the first time ever, as I attempted to put that crazy antenna of mine out into the field, I couldn’t even get it out of my kitchen.  But what was amazing to my view… was the energy flowing back to me.  I am not even sure how to explain it… but like waves of golden energy beaming back at me instead of going out to the field where I “see” you.

What was beautifully strange as well, I could barely hear this lovely lady on my telephone line.  Her voice was coming thru more like music, notes instead of words.  I could barely make out most of what she was saying, yet, those notes came thru with an energy I could see and somehow assimilate into what she was saying.  We rescheduled.

Man, if my outer world is not completely reflecting my inner world.  My internet connection yesterday was almost non-existent.  I could not load a youtube video, my facebook, my calendar… hell even my email most of the day.  Now I was getting incoming messages (mostly on my phone,) I could not send an email most of the day to save my life.  Even my attempt to read anything (reading as in literally) my eyes were going crossed, the vibration on my forehead about drove me nuts.  No doubt showing me there was not even a little ounce left in me to take in any more…

Sadly, I have a feeling that is going to be the same theme today.  I feel it.

However, this moment in my time is very unlike any other moment I have ever experienced.  I am not in the void at all, not even a little bit.  It really does feel more like a “time out” but from consuming anyone else’s  energy as I realize my own.

When I came back from Virginia I started watching two of my own meditation advances.  It seemed that yesterday, they were placed back in my own visual awareness without actually going into meditation.  The one most pronounced is something I don’t fully understand yet… but does not keep the visual from progressing.

It is the one of the 13-14 year old aspect of me sitting on a sun dial looking at the liquid silvery swirly energy below, then walking into this energy… and then the other day in a quicky meditation I actually did do… this meditation was now so different.  Instead of being the young girl sitting on that sun-dial, I was now a semi-solid form of that amazing energy… kinda looking like a cross between a torpedo and a fish.  There was no recognizable features at all.  This image of myself was placed in front of me all day long yesterday… but not only with a visual, but a feeling… a feeling so indescribable I cannot even share it.

When I was actually in that meditation a few days ago, I also seen my two sets of doorways visual too.  It could have very well been a scene out of the exorcist (smile, but in a good way)  My bottom doors were all flying open and closed so quickly I couldn’t even discern what the hell they were doing or why.  But I did hear tones… music, sorta… it was so erratic that it wasn’t feeling musical at all… just loud.  I think I need a music instructor lol.  I got out of meditation.  This morning I realize it was representing something (or many things) coming on-line within me in my/our created reality.

Something happened in me for sure yesterday… and no doubt I am not the only one feeling this.  The shifting of the heart… deeper than ever before, maybe better stated, more plugged into the pure universal love of the all.  I spent most of the day yesterday so weepy.  I get an email from you, I cried.  I got a facebook post, I cried.  I looked at the landscape I live within, I cried.  The feeling… so encompassing, so deep, so utterly alive and filling.  It is so much more than feeling love, and god knows, I feel you!  It really is something more than that…. deeper really.  Alive and breathing.

So on that note, I am going to close for today.  Remember, your cakes are baked, ready for slicing and offering out to that which your heart desires.  Get that water wheel a spinning and know that Life will never be the same again… THANK GOD!"

(((((HUGZ))))) of loving gratitude to All!!

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