søndag 21. oktober 2012

Three Becoming One: The New Alloyed Being (You)

"Let me tell ya, yesterday started out magical and maintained that energy thru the entire day, at least in my world.  Ok, every day is magical, but some are definitely more apparent than others!!

My first lady in the field…. holy wonder woman!!  She appeared as everyone else seems to do these days, within the threshold of her inner/outer field of life, but she was gigantic! Maybe about three times the size of your average human and her heart energy, wow!!  I swear the sun lives and breathes thru her heart.  It was the most intense radiating sun I had ever seen in a body, in a reading!  As I tried to orient myself to how I was seeing her and understand what this means, suddenly two tiny flowers emerged into her “doorway” from the right side.  These flowers were so small compared to her, I had to squint to make them out.  But, I do know the energy of Shambhala flowers when I feel them!!  But that big constant question…. what the hell does all this mean to you… it took a little while to really understand it, but I got it!!

I think the only way I have to share this is thru a metaphor story… it is important for all of us to really understand within ourselves.

In any given garden there are three key things that must be present… the sun (sirius energy,)  water (Pleiadian energy) and the soil (earth energy.)  If any one of these elements are missing… the garden is going to be hard pressed to grow in abundance.

So lets break these three things down even more.  Water, hydrating, nurturing, always associated with Love.  The Earth.  Where things are planted in dark, damp places as one form (seed) and thru the dark density and host of living organisms within the soil springs to life as something completely unlike its original form (the seed.)

Then there is the sun. the true magician as it beams from so far away in our solar system, yet rays connect to lifes garden and starts to change and enhance the elements of water. soil and seed, and life blooms and blossoms from the connection.

Thru this stage of growth on our planet, we have been dependent on each one arriving exactly at the time we needed it to see the fruits of our labor.  Well, now… something even more exciting is happening and well underway in our magical landscape called earth.  The three elements are now blending together as one whole energy.  Just like when you blend copper and tin you create the alloy metal bronze… so are we turning into an alloy Being.  But with an interesting twist I would have not seen without this precious lady upon our lifes field.

Not all Alloy Beings are energized/created the same.  With my lady of yesterday morning, she is made from 50% sirius energy, 25% pleiadian and 25% human. She is a master magician and takes on so much of the sun energy that as she cools into her new form. she will need to connect with a lot of people… very much like impregnating them with the pure energy of the sun.

She had even asked about the Divine counterpart and I was so surprised to see three men show up side by side.  Now I have known for a while some of us have several divine counterparts in the wings of time…. but they were not staggered thru time, instead, stood shoulder to shoulder.  Three of them happening at the same time.  Each one so important to unlocking aspects within her, and she in turn unlocking aspects with each of them.  The combined energy building a stronger and more viable pathway within each.  (Please don’t take that to mean they are all in the same bed at the same time with her… just dating all three at about the same time.)

But thru her, I also understood we are being… hmmm, geez not even sure what the word is really… alloyed in our own unique combination to serve the greater good with our presence and permanence.  But no matter the combination, we are all our own garden in our own rite.  Having all combined ingredients to create from the Self for the Self (no little s’s involved there.)" forts.

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