mandag 1. oktober 2012

SaLuSa 1-October-2012

SaLuSa  1-October-2012

"You enter another month, and look back and see how time has passed so quickly. During that period you have as Lightworkers done so much to lift the levels of consciousness, and a grand awakening is taking place. It is a great achievement against the background of the efforts of the Illuminati to distract you and create fear. You have not seen extensive arrests take place as expected, but nevertheless all the changes previously spoken about are proceeding. The delays have shown how much you have learnt, by keeping your focus upon the more important matters concerning your own evolution. It is not selfish to think about self, as no one else can prepare you for Ascension, although you can find plenty of advice.

The outer happenings are not essential to your progress, but present to you an opportunity to understand what the future holds for you. It is your entitlement that you have earnt by raising your vibrations, and reflects your greater upliftment into the Light. You cannot just decide you would like to ascend and be successful without first putting in the needed effort. It is unnecessary to absorb reams of information, although there is much available that will help your understanding. What is important is how you are inside and whether you have been able to look outwards and accept that you are All One. That will go a long way forward to helping you create a higher consciousness level.

Once you are on the path to becoming a Lightworker, you are well on your way to fulfillment. That does not mean you need become a teacher or administer to others, but that by your example become a shining Light. This way you can uplift others wherever you are with a kindly smile or word, and it has much more impact than you might imagine. You do of course have to make friends with your ego, that will still try to maintain the "old you" least you forget how you used to be. That is where your big changes occur as you are lifting out of the lower vibrations, and all that is part of it. It may even mean carefully choosing new friends, who are more compatible and understanding of the changes in you. Those souls of the lower vibrations are often very coarse and indulge in negative actions, and can be uncomfortable to be with. However, as you rise up you will also learn how to protect yourself against them.

Through the Law of Attraction you will naturally find yourselves gravitating towards souls of a similar vibration. These are friendships where you will help each other progress and that will most likely continue through Ascension and afterwards. Sometimes such attachments can be very strong and may indicate that you have been together many times before, and come from the same Star Family. Bear in mind that every soul has come to Earth from another civilization, and you are as much extraterrestrials as any others. Indeed, for that reason you feel very much at home with the idea of meeting us. You will be introduced to your true family in course of time, and they have followed your progress and will be overjoyed to meet you once again.

The Earth has been your testing place, and with its low vibration has had little chance to allow you to know your true self. Like any other soul you have at times become completely immersed in your life, without realizing you have been cut off from your true reality. That in fact was intended so that you fully experienced the lower dimension and all of its challenges. It would have been distracting and even depressing, to know about the life you left behind when you first incarnated upon Earth. Now it is different because you have moved back into the Light, and understand your true origin as a powerful soul with immense creative ability. When you have ascended you will be able to use those powers again, having become a trustworthy and knowledgeable soul.

So Dear Ones, press on with your upliftment and do not be deterred by what is happening outside of you, All is in reality proceeding to bring you completion of this cycle through Ascension, and you will benefit from all that has been promised. Do not waste your energy worrying about other matters, as all will come to a perfect end according to God's immaculate plan for you all. Rest assured that the cleansing of Earth is taking place even if you do not see or hear much evidence of it. There are joint actions occurring between us and our allies, and not only are we keeping the balance upon Earth but preventing damage from escalating. Soon progress will speed up immensely as new devices are making there way into the public domain, and will be even quicker once we arrive on your Earth.

As you can realize, we are still very much pushing for a result from the work our allies have put in to get the dark Ones out of the way. They can no longer put off the time for admitting that they have lost the battle, but arrogantly proceed with military actions that still cause death and destruction. We wonder how much longer your leaders need to understand that wars have never solved a problem. They simply enlarge it until as has often happened, a world war ignites with the loss of an immense number of lives. The answer to it is to send you Love and Light wherever the threat exists, and in particular to the leaders that are directly involved. It certainly does help and that it is where your total faith in the power of Light comes in.

Love is the most powerful energy of all and at your present level you have seen it in action for healing purposes, and in spite of the presence of the lower energies, it works. You need faith and understanding otherwise it will not carry the maximum power you can give. A mothers love is known to be healing and another example of what it can do. Each of you have a degree of healing ability within but often doubt it, so that it does not carry the full intent it might have done. Be positive and do your share to help uplift the Earth and all life upon it. Remember that you are to ascend with Mother Earth, and many other life forms are also ready to go forward. Not least of all are the animals, many of whom are your pets or have been domesticated to serve your needs.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send Love and Blessings on behalf of all of your friends and family on board our ships."

Thank you SaLuSa   Mike Quinsey

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