søndag 13. november 2011

Vi forlater 3d og dualiteten!

Vi er mange som har forlatt Dualiteten nå - og det lover godt for fortsettelsen!
In the Laura Tyco SaLuSa post, I mentioned this about my personal 11-11-11:
Poofness:   “…on the 11-11-11, at 1:11 PM, I was at a point above the ocean where I was “performing” a ceremony, where I was shown a large dome of Light over the ocean. It was actually a sphere of Light, half above, and half below, the ocean. A sphere of Light. A dome of Light. That’s what was being “done”, this sphere/dome of Light, was dissolving the protective glass dome which “the cabal” (with our cooperation) has put in place over our minds, for decades.”
And in the Carl Calleman post (which won’t be up until 1:13 AM HST (1113 UTC)), I said (or, “will say”):   “…which is why, I’m quite sure, many of us, who were born into, and learned to operate under, and to “deal with”, the duality “systems of dominance” (political, economic, relationships, et al.), find it very difficult anymore to continue to be “in” or “around” those systems (whatever “in” may mean to each) anymore… This “clearly a minority” ['who has taken an interest in the Mayan calendar and the spiritual fate of humanity'] group undoubtedly includes the “many of us” mentioned above (who are alsohumble enough to actually admit they are over 25). Many of us have dropped out of those “duality ‘systems of dominance’”, as much as we felt we could…
So that is my piece here. Today has reflected what I spoke of above, namely, feeling like indeed I have really “dropped out of those “duality ‘systems of dominance.’”" And the body today has been one of feeling physically completely out of it.
To bed at 1 AM, get up 8:30, feed kitties, go right back to bed, ’til 10:30, do some things, go back to bed at maybe 12:30, get up at 2:00, go back to bed at 3:00, then get up at 4:30, close my windows and door, and shut out the world, until making a nice thick avocado rice noodle Louisiana spiced doen-jang ko-choo-jang sausage soup at 7:00 PM. The latter a very non-vegan, highly Spiritual soup. Gets juices flowing.

"After Effects of the 11-11-11 …"
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