onsdag 16. november 2011

marshmallow message

marshmallow message

You are dearly loved!
     The Lightworker is one who strikes the light and walks up those lighthouse stairs when the storm approaches.  They know how to put things in balance.  They know what to do with a dark energy.  Many say, "Kryon, what can I do with that darkness in my life?"  The Lightworker knows what to do with it.  Long ago, they put it in the back seat.  They don't let it drive anymore.  There's no more depression and there's no more worry.  Anger?  No.  
Against Human nature, the Lightworker is slow to anger, very slow to anger, and wise to respond.  They look at life far differently, as the masters of old did... even while they do the dishes.  
~ Kryon Book Eleven - as channelled by Lee Carroll ~ 

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