torsdag 10. november 2011

"At the moment of the opening you must completely surrender to the Portal."

Med tanke på 11. 11. 11.


"At the moment of the opening you must completely surrender to the Portal. You must fully release your old life and be "re-born" to your new. With this total surrender, you will release the fear and third dimensional thinking that bonds you to third/fourth dimensional Earth. Releasing the fear and third dimensional thinking means that every person, place, situation and thing that causes you fear and demands that you limit yourself to third dimensional, time-bound thinking needs to be released. Most important, at the same time that you release the old, fear-based components of the third/fourth dimension, you embrace the exact replica of the new, love-based expressions of your present reality that is resonating to a higher frequency expression within the NOW of the ONE.

In this manner, you will stay manifest within a form while allowing that form to transmute into Lightbody with your consciousness fully attached to it. When you "died" in past/alternate realities, you allowed your consciousness to detach from your form, so that the form could continue its death process without your needing to suffer that difficult transition. In some of your physical lives, you may have been afraid of death and clung onto your form even when it was no longer habitable. In other words, you had a difficult death. It is the unconscious memory of these difficult transitions that you must release."   Forts.

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Suzan Caroll
10. november 2011 
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